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THE Summary for the Year 1843 is unavoidably postponed, on
account of the illness of the Conductor, who hopes he may be
able to give it early in the year 1844.


- 584

- 581





Descriptive Notice of some of the Gardens

and Scenery around Stirling, the Strath of

On the Theory of Manures

1 Monteith, and Strathearn

Comparative Physiology. By R. Lymburn 190 Notice of Dalvey, the Seat of Norman Mac-
Vital Stimuli; Heat as a Vital Stimulus; Leod, Esq.

Evolution of Heat in Vegetables ; Sources ; Notes made during a Horticultural Tour from
Light as a Vital Stimulus; Developement

Lowther Castle in Westmoreland to Exeter
of Light in Plants; Electricity as a Vital in Devonshire
Stimulus; Pressure of the Atmosphere - 333 A Classical Garden of the Mason School of

Laws of Organic Developement; General Design, prevalent about the Middle of the
View of the Functions of animated Beings, last Century, exemplified in the Grounds
and their mutual Relations -

381 of Stoke Park, near Windsor, the Seat of
Special and Comparative Physiology:

John Penn, Esq.


Ingestion and Absorption of Aliment in Bicton Gardens, their Culture and Manage-


. 461. 509 ment. In a Series of Letters to the Con-

Absorption in Vegetables ; Circulation of ductor -- continued.
the Nutritive Fluid generally considered ;

Letter W. House for New Holland

Circulation in Vegetables ; Interstitial Abo

Plants. List of New Holland Plants



557 Letter V. The Orange and Camellia

On the Food of Plants, and its Transforma- House, Vineries, Pineries, and Peach-


397. 471

houses, Back Sheds, &c. List of Camellias 23

On Bottom Heat

Letter VI. Chrysanthemums. Manured

On Horticultural Exhibitions

Water. Properties of Charcoal, &c.


On the Exhibitions of the London Horticul-

Leller VII. The Conservatories, and

tural Society, and on various Matters con-

List of Plants in them. The Orchideous

nected with Horticultural Exhibitions 222

Houses and Stoves. Lists of Orchidea and

Notes taken during a Twelve Days' Tour in of other Stove Plants


Brittany and Normandy, in July, 1842:-

Letter VIII. The Flower-Gardens. List

Dinan; Rennes ; Nantes; Angers; Le

of Plants


Mans; Lisieux (Calvados) ; Honfleur

- 224

Letler 1x. Importance of Cleanliness.

Recollections of a Gardening Tour in the Manure Water. Charcoal -


North of England, and Part of Scotland,

Letter X. The Rockery. The American

made from June 22. to Sept. 30. 1841 -



continued :

Letter XI. 'The Trees in the Park. The

Stirling to Edinburgh ; Edinburgh to Lake, and the Aquatic Birds


Stranraer; Culhorn House : Castle Ken-

Letter XII. Reasons for following the

nedy ; Broadstones ; Stranraer to Ayr;

Business of a Market-gardener

Ayr; Alloway Kirkyard; Dounbrae Cot-

Letter XIII. Growing Mushrooms . 234

tage; Newark Castle. By the Conductor . 250 Letter XI. Growing, Training, and

Notices of some Gardens and Country Seats general Management of Ericas

in Somersetshire, Devonshire, and Part of

Letter XV. The Rust in Grapes


Cornwall continued and concluded :-

Letter XVI. Culture of the Potato. Mis.

Sidmouth; Peake House; Nutwell Court; management it is subject to. Cause of Curl

Killerton Park; Silverton Park; Poltimore and Dry Rot -


House ; Winslade House ; Heanton Park,

Letter XVII. System of Kitchen-Gar.

near Torrington ; Stevenstone, near Tor- dening. Culture of the Strawberry, As-
rington ; Roads Cottages; Agriculture of paragus, Sca.kalc, Celery, and Cauliflower 497

Devonshire. By the Conductor

Letter XVIII. On the Gooseberry Cater-

Hints for the Improvement of the Town of pillar


Southampton, with a short Notice of the

Letter xix. Crane-necked Short-handled

Vineyard at Shirley:-



The alternate System of Burying ; Cover-

Letter XX. The Crane or


ing the Bay with Water when the Tide is at Hoes: Objections to them answered. Masa

the lowest; Sewerage ; Direction of Streets ; Cavendishii, M. Dacca, and M. sapiéntuin 539

Architecture of Street Buildings; Public

Letter XXI. System of Kitchen Garden-

Walks ; Additional Supply of Water to the ing continued. Culture of the Cabbage,

Town; Vegetable and Fruit Market ; Even- Broccoli, Pea, Bean, Onion, Carrot, Pars-

ing shelters for Working Men ; Naming nep, and Spinach

- 540

the Streets and numbering the Houses;

Letter XXII. The principal Causes of

Regulating the Charges made by Cabs, Canker in Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots 601

Flies, &c.; Shops ; Vineyard at Shirley. By

Letter XXIII, Notes on the One-Shift

the Conductor

System of Potting, and on Charcoal 605

Dinbur Castle, its Gardens and its Gar- Letter XXI. System of Cucumber-


106. 413. 578 | Growing


A 2

. 589

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Notice of a Visit to Bicton Gardens in Au. Extent, on level Ground, exemplified in

gust, 1843, with Remarks on the Culture one now being formed at Cambridge

practised there, and on the State of some of VI. Design for a Cemetery on Hilly

the Plants

546 Ground


Notice of a Visit to Bicton Gardens, in Oc- VII. The present State of the London

Cemeteries, considered chiefly as Cemetery

Report on rare or select Articles in certain Gardens ; Turkish Burying-grounds, Per-

British Nurseries and private Gardens. sian Cemeteries ; Chinese Cemeteries 400

Drawn up from personal Inspection, or

VIII. Country Churchyards; their pre-

from communications received:

sent State and Means of Improvement:

Cornwall : Carclew. Devonshire: Exeter Want of Order ; Want of Perpendicularity
Nursery; Mount Radford Nursery ; Sum-

in the Monuments and Gravestones; slo-
merland and City Nursery, Exeter. Dor- venly State of the Grass and Herbage; De-
setshire: Merriott Nurseries, near Crew-

secration; Want of Trees and Shrubs ;

kerne. Gloucestershire : Durdham Down Want of Monuments; Laying out and

Nursery, Bristol ; Cirencester Nursery. planting a new Churchyard; Situation and

Hampshire : Rogers's Nursery, Southamp-

Soil ; Size of the Church, and Extent of the

ton. By the Conductor

3+ Churchyard ; Site of the Church; Ground

Hertfordshire: Sawbridgeworth Nursery. Plan of the Church; Boundary Fence;

Kent : Dartford Nursery. Middlesex: Hor. Walks of a Churchyard ; Grassy Surface of

ticultural Society's Garden ; Abney Park a Churchyard ; Trees in Churchyards ;

Cemetery, Stoke Newington; Fulham Nur. System of Interments in Churchyards;

sery ; Exotic Nursery, King's Road, Chel- Church ; Parsonage House and Grounds

sea Norfolk : Great Yarmouth Nursery.

IX. Lists of Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial

Somersetshire : Taunton Nursery. Stafford- herbaceous Plants, adapted for Cemeteries
shire: Cliff Vale and Prospect Nurseries, and Churchyards; Supplementary Engrav.
near Leek. Surrey: Clapham Rise Nur- ings; Appendix
sery ; New Cross Nursery ; The Deepdene, Some Account of the principal Cemeteries
near Dorking. Warwickshire : Birming- in the United States, particularly those in
ham Botanic Garden ; Stoneleigh Abbey,

the Neighbourhood of Philadelphia

near Coventry. Yorkshire: Hope Nursery, Hints for the Improvement of 'Kensington
Leeming Lane, Bedale ; St. John's Nursery, Gardens and Hyde Park. By the Con-
Wakefield; Beverley Nursery Island of


- 285
Jersey : St. Helier's' Nursery. — Scotland. Ground Plan and Perspective Elevation of a
Edinburghshire: Lawson's Nursery, Edin. Portion of improved Landscape Scenery,
burgh. Roy's Nursery, Aberdeen. - Ire- intended to point out the Errors which are
land. Glasnevin Botanic Garden, Dublin ; frequently committed by Persons who have
Carton, the Seat of the Duke of Leinster - 55 little Knowledge of Landscape Composi-
Phrenology for Gardeners and their Patrons 662 tion
Notice of a Snow-Plough for Walks and On Laying out and Planting the Lawn, Shrub-

bery, and Flower-Garden. By the Con-
On making Garden Besoms

ductor 166. 258. 306. 371. 442. 497. 547. 634. 667

On pulverising Soil

. 115 Remarks on one of the Designs in the Article

Notice of a heating Apparatus in the Gardens * On Laying out and Planting the Lawn,

of His Grace the Duke of Wellington at Shrubbery, and Flower-Garden"


. 177

On Grouping Trees in Parks and Pleasure.

Description of a Propagating-House heated Grounds

. 118

by hot Water circulated in Brick Troughs 266

Hints to Proprietors who intend planting

On the Squirrel -

. 117

Pleasure. Grounds, Shrubberies, or other
The Squirrel

ornamental Plantations. By the Conductor 553
The Roller called Pica marina in Italy

18 Remarks on a Design for a Flower-Garden

What Gardeners might learn by attending to on Gravel, with Hints for the Grouping of

the Habits of Birds

• 613

Plants in Flower-Gardens


On the Hornet

- 409

On the Superiority of Span-roofed Green-

Some Account of the Insects which attack



the Raspberry

411 Design for Five Suburban Dwellings, form.

ing a continuous Range, with their Gar-



LANDSCAPE-GARDENING, AND GAR- How to make the most of a Cottage of only
Two Rooms


The Principles of Landscape-Gardening and

of Landscape. Architecture applied to the

Laying out of Public Cemeteries and the


Improvement of Churchyards ; including

Observations on the Working and General

Notice of a Collection of Spiræas, North Ame.

Management of Cemeteries and Burial-

rican Oaks, Abiétinæ, and Cupréssinæ,


made in the Spring of 1843. By the Con-

I. The Uses of Cemeteries. By the Con-



ductor -

On the white Oak of the United States (Quér.


II. The Laying out, Building, and Plant-

cus alba L.)


ing of Cemeteries ; Situation ; Soil; Extent;

The Holly


Boundary Fence; Laying out the Interior;

Dimensions of large Trees and Shrubs, col-
Situations of Graves; Roads, Walks, and

lected with a view to a Supplement to the

Green Paths; Chapels; Yard and Sheds;

Arboretum Britannicum :-

Large Trees

Trees and Shrubs; Flowers; Buildings;

at Strathfieldsaye, the Seat of His Grace
Entrance Lodge; Vaults ; Catacombs;

the Duke of Wellington

Brick Graves ; Earth Graves ; Sepulchral

Arboricultural Notices 181. 269. 442 474.637. 668

Monuments ; Cenotaphs ; Walls ; Drains ;
Grave-Boards; Grave-Box ; Grave-Plat-
form; Grave-Cover; Grave-Mould ; Clergy-

man's Shelter ; Roots and Plants

III. The Working and Management of Botanical, Floricultural, and Arboricultural


Notices of the Kinds of Plants newly intro-

IV. Certain Innovations suggested re- duced into British Gardens and Plantations,

lative to the Selection of Ground for Ce- or which have been originated in them

meteries, Mode of performing Funerals, &c, 292

445. 499. 614

V. Design for å Cemetery of moderate On the Culture of the Chinese Primrose

- 126

Result of an Experiment made by Messrs.

On the Rotation of Crops in Kitchen-Gar- W. Drummond and Sons, to show the


On the Rust in Grapes

proper Depth of Covering for Grass Seeds

• 449

and Clover

. 670

. 308


- 313

. 133

Horticultural Essays

• 279 and Tenantry of England, Scotland, and

Speede's Indian Handbook of Gardening 281

Loudon's Laying out, Planting, and Ma. Liebig's Animal Chemistry:

naging of Cemeteries, &c.

314 Solly's Rural Chemistry

- 282

Smith's Treatise on the Management and Glover's History and Directory of the Bo.

Cultivation of Forest Trees .

612 rough of Derby


Hamerton's Paper on Arboriculture - 643 Sopwith's Account of the Museum of Econo-

Antoine's Die Coniferen


Whitley and Osborn's Catalogue of Hardy

mic Geology, and Mining Records Office - 504

Hosking's Introductory Lecture, delivered at

Trees and Shrubs.


Prince's Annual Catalogue for 18+1 and 1842,

King's College, London

The Builder -


of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Kittoe's Illustrations of indian architecture 645


80 The Country House (with designs)

Rendle's Catalogue for 1843 :

. 271

313 Martin's Thames and Metropolis Improve-

Curtis's Glazenwood Catalogue for 1843, of ment Plan

American and other Hardy Shrubs, &c.


- 282 Restoration of the Church of St. Mary, Red-

Thorburn's Catalogue for 1843


cliffe, Bristol


Parson's and Co.'s

Catalogue for 1843 313 Hay's Natural Principles and Analogy of the

Remarks on the Management of Orchideous Harmony of Form


- 130

- 310 The British Almanack of the Society for the

Mott's Flora Odorata

- 643

Diffusion of Useful Knowledge for 1843 81

Bainbridge's Guide to the Conservatory .. 645 Companion to the Almanack, or Year. Book

Pfeiffer and Otto's Abbildung und Beschrei. of General Information for 1843


bung blühender Cacteen, &c.

79 Gutch's Literary and Scientific Register and

Link, Klotzsch, and

Otto's Icones Plantarum

Almanack for 1843


rariorum Horti Regii Botanici Berolinen. The Quarterly Journal of Meteorology and



Physical Science


Sowerby's small Edition of English Botany 79 Reports of Special Assistant Poor Law Com-

Baxter's British Flowering Plants 80. 503

missioners on the Employment of Women

Babington's Manual of British Botany . 377

and Children in Agriculture

• 374

Paul and Sons. Catalogue of Roses - 643 Yarrell's History of British Birds

Hogg's Catalogue of Sicilian Plants


- 312 The Zoologist :


Dillwyn's Hortus Collinsonianus .: 312 Van Voorst's Naturalist's Pocket Almanack

Manetti's Catalogus Plantarum Cæsarei Regii for 1843


Horti prope Modiciam ad Annum 1842 • 643 Joplin's Sketch of Furness and Cartmel

- 504

Buist's Catalogue of Plants

282 Dieffenbach's New Zealand and the New

Catalogue of the Fruits cultivated in the


- 126

Garden of the Horticultural Society of Dieffenbach's Travels in New Zealand ; with



Roberts's comprehensive Practical Treatise

Contributions to the Geography, Geology,

on the Culture of the Vine under Glass,

Botany, and Natural History of that Com-


- 126


645 Backhouse's Narrative of a Visit to the Aus-

Sutton's Culture of the Grape Vine in Aus-

tralian Colonies

- 182

tralia and New Zealand

- 644 Butler's Emigrant's Hand-Book of Facts,

Mears's Treatise on the Culture of the Vine

concerning Canada, New Zealand, Aus-

in Pots

- 643

tralia, Cape of Good Hope, &c.


Smith's Treatise on the Growth of the Peach

Freese's Latin Governess


upon the open Wall .


Duhring's Art of Living

- 376

Rendle's Treatise on the Tank System 309

Forbes's Inaugural Lecture on Botany • 377

Low's Elements of Practical Agriculture - 614

Stephens's Book of the Farm


The Farmer's Calendar and Diary of Agri-


culture and Gardening for 1843


Lawson and Son's Treatise on the cultivated

DeCandolle's Prodromus


Grasses, and other Herbage and Forage

Plants, with the Kinds and Quantities of

Loudon's Remarks on the Laying out of

Seeds for sowing down Land to alternate

Cemeteries, and the Improvement of



Husbandry, permanent Pasture, Lawns,


183 Loudon's Arboretum Britannicum


Henslow's Letters to the Farmers of Suffolk 313 Smith's Treatise on the Management and

Cultivation of Forest and Fruit Trees 284

Three Prize Essays on Agriculture and the
Corn Law

80 Booth's London Nuisances

Prices of Books

Timely Hints, addressed to the Landlords

• 133

A 3

- 184



New Method of potting Plants, or Onc-Shift


System, 318; Disbudding Shoots with the
Leaves on, 648; A new Plough for raising Pota- Horticultural Society of London's Show, 378 ;
toes, 137 ; Stephens's Plant-protecting Flower- Exbibitions in the Horticultural Society's
pot, with double Rim, 136 ; Saul's Fountain Garden, 453; The new Royal Gardens at
Flower-pot, 136 ; Brown's Pot with hollow Frogmore, 1:38 Royal Botanic Society of
Sides, 135 ; Garden Pots, 616; Hunt's improved London's Exhibition, 378 ; Second Exhibition
Garden Pots and Saucers, 317; Improvements

of the Royal Botanic Society, 454 ; Waterer's
in Garden Pots, 316; Covered Garden in Paris, Exhibition of American Plants, 378; Botanical
647; Articles of Cream-coloured Clay: Paving

Section of the Tower Street Mutual Instruction
Tiles for Walks, and Edgings for Beds in

Society, 326; The Lane-End Horticultural
Flower-Gardens, 507; Johnston's improved

Society, 139; The Chislehurst Horticultural
Portable Garden Engine, 316;. A Pocket Society for Cottagers, 139; Kew Gardens,
Plant Case for Ladies, 134 ; Welch's Bricks

454 ; Naming of the Trees and Shrubs in Ken-

for forining circular Flues, 134; Draining- sington Gardens, 649; Grounds of the Chis.

Pipes, 675; Edging of Seyssel Asphalte, 507; wick Villa, 453; Bowood, Wiltshire, 677;

Parchment Labels, 646; Baillie's rounded Bicton Gardens in February, 1843, 138; Lea-

enamelled Case Locks, 453; Rendle's Tank mington Spa, Warwickshire, $28; Metropolitan

System of heating by hot Water, 505; To dry

Model Institution for improving the Dwellings

moist Air, 647; Asphalte Walks, 452 ; Turf

of the Industrious Classes, 85; Smoke given
Drains, 134; Wooden Houses, 647; Scott's off from the Chimneys of manufacturing Esta-
Patent Improvements in Cast-Iron, Wrought-

blishments in the Neighbourhood of the Metro-
Iron,and Soft-Metal Pipes, 321 ; Juckes's Smoke- polis, 327; Pinus Sabiniàna, 86; Picea spec-
consuming Furnace, 314; The Oropholíthe,

iá bilis, 86 ; Araucária Cunninghàmi, 85 ; Mag-

83; Wirework, 83 ; Consuming the Smoke ndlia conspicua at Wormleybury, 85; Oak at

of Hothouse Furnaces, 451; Distribution of

Hazel Grove, Castle Cary, Somersetshire, 86;

Sea Water all over the Country, 675 ; Distribu-

Missletoe on the Oak, 86; Pauldwnia impe-
tion of filtered Sewer Water, 675; Application ridlis, 649; Verbena Melindres and V. Tweedie-
of the Principle of the Balloon to Landscape-

ana, 86 ; American Aloe, 649; Melons grown
Gardening, 646; Rockwork in the Walion

in Leaves, 86 ; Cucumbers, 86; Gigantic Rasp-
Nursery, Liverpool, 452; Forcing Hyacinths so berries, 328 ; Victoria Rhubarb, 328 ; Mush-
as to bloom at Christmas, 676; Conservatory

rooms, 86; Practical and Scientific Associa-
Climbers, 676; Dámmara orientalis, 184; The

tion for the Promotion of improved Street

Scotch Pine, a Substitute for Candles. Distil- Paving, 327; Royal Agricultural Society of

Jation of Oil of Turpentine from its Roots, 137 ;

England, 455 ; Warping Lands on the Thames,

Grafting and Budding the Rhododendron, 647; 326 ; Draining, 326; Tile-Draining in North

Clematis azàrea grandiflora, 42 ; Cytisus Adami amptonshire, 327.

(purple Laburnum), 315; Best Time for eating


Pears, 649; Manuring Vines, 619; The most

economical Mode of dividing a square Plot of | Testimonial to Dr. Neill, 455; Bust of Dr.

Ground, 321 ; Gregson's Green-Flesh Melon, Neill, 87; Sir Walter Scott's Monument, 649;

84; Trap for the Wireworm, 646; Palmer's Tablet for the Indication of the Name of a

Universal Steamer, 507; To prevent Mice from Street, or a Guide Post to a Cross Road, 88 ;

Destroying early sown Peas, 184 ; Destroying Kirkintilloch and Campsie Horticultural So.

Wasps, 42; Wireworm destroyed by the Mole, ciety, 328 ; New Public Cemetery at Edin-

315; The Tree-Creeper (Cérthia familiaris) burgh, 459; Pine Cones a valuable Fuel, 328;

and the green Fly thai infests Geraniums, 315; Remarkable Mountain Ash, 329; Foreign
Verbenas and Petunias, 619; The Stimulus of Trees which thrive in Shetland, 88; Yucca
Competition in Agriculture, 137; Use of Sul-

gloridsa, 556 ; Glasgow Cathedral' saved by a
phate of Ainmonia in Agriculture, 82; Agri- Gardener, 677; Highland and Agricultural
cultural Implements, 82, Palmer's Improved Society of Scotland, 459.
Economical American Oven, 507 ; Cicer arieti.


num L., 316; A Statesman become a Farmer,

676; Imperishable Bread, 648; The “Rule" Agricultural Improvement, 89.

and the “ Rcason," 647 ; How a young Gar-

dener should travel by Railroad, 646; Ap-


proaching Similarity of Manners all over the

World, 647.

Cemeteries, 379; The Volume on Cemeteries,

329; Thoughts on modern Burying Grounds,


90; Cemeteries and Churchyards, 380; Ceme-

teries, 185 ; Improving Churchyards, 329;

Improvements in Kensington Gardens, 650 ;


Study of Bees, and of Chemistry and Vegetable

Grafting the Vine, 322; Camellias, 322.

Physiology, 508 ; Charcoal and Charcoal Dust,

110 ; Use of Charcoal in the Culture of Plants,

195; Professor Henslow's Lecture on Ma.


nures, 139; Garden Walks, 331 ; Double

U'Imus fúlva, 84 ; Nelúmbium tibetiànum, 84 ;

Flower-Pots, 187; Yellow Glass suggested for
Exotic Trees and Shrubs at Monza, $22.

Plant-houses, 332 ; Saul's Potato Planter, &c.,
91 ; Lime-water for killing Worms, 90, Ha-

bitations for the Poor, 44; Nutritive Proper-

ties of Elm Leaves, 332; Transplanting large

Trees, 43; Roots and Tops of Trees, 90; The

Indigenous Trees of North America not yet in- Bokhara Clover, and Physospermum cornu-

troduced, 324 ; State of the Country, 324; biénse, 187; Preservation of Grapes, 186;

Culture of American Vines in Germany, 325. Preservation of Fruits, 330; Cato's Method of

Shepherdia argentea Nutt., 42; Philadelphia preserving Grapes, 331 ; The River Delaware,

Horticultural Society, 85; Doryanthes excelsa, 459; Errata, 89, 90, 459, 677.




New Zealand Horticultural Society, 325; Wel. Kent, the Landscape-Gardener, 91; Larch Plan-

lington Horticultural and Botanical Society, tations at Linley, 332; Whether the Larch


can be propagated by Cuttings, 92; Evergreen

Larch, 2; The Reason why Bees sometimes

OBITUARY. die while they have plenty of Food, in answer Sir John Robinson, K.H., 188 ; John Penn, Esq., to a Lady Bee-keeper, 187; Curious Cater- 380; John Milne, 580; William Sawrey Gilpin, pillar, 652; Caterpillar on Geraniums, &c., 459. Esq., 332; Mr. Robert Lymburn, 677.


Page No.


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• 135

- 43

- 498

- 548

- 550

- 309


DIAGRAMS. & Cloth for tying over the Surface of Pots

69. Plan of the Serpentine River with suggested Alterations

287 when syringing the Plants


70. Plan of the Basin in Kensington Gardens 1489 7. Mode of placing Plants in Pots when syringing them.

73. Plan of a Flower-Garden surrounded by

51 10. Berry of the Hubshee Grape

a Shrubbery 67

- 307

89. Plan of an Elizabethan Flower Garden 572 13. Bricks for circular Flues

134 14. Section of a Turf Drain

100, Plan of the Roccoco Garden of Baron 15. Peat covering for a Turf Drain

Hügel, at Hietzing

- 135 16–18. Sections of Flower-Pots

111. Plan of a Garden for the Natural Ar

136 52. Illustrative of a Mode of binding Birch

rangement of Herbaceous Plants

118. Plan of a Flower Garden for a Hill with Besoms

· 178 58–55. Sections of Flower-Pots

a sandy Soil

187 119. Plan of a Flower Garden adapted for a 74. Illustrative of the Growth of Grass Seeds

Hollow with a peaty Soil sown at different Depths

308 79. Illustrative of the most economical Mode

125. Plan of a Flower-Garden with angular

Beds of hurdling off a Field of Turnips . 321


126–128. Ground Plan and views of 80. Section of the Hedge and Ditch Fences

Garden at Garstang


Scenery, intended to point out errors 101. Section through Ground, showing the

in Landscape-Gardening - 658-661 advantage of laying it in Beds, to ex.

135. Plan of a Flower Garden prevalent about pose it to the action of the Atmosphere 474

the Middle of the Seventeenth Century 667 GARDEN STRUCTURES.


HOT-WATER, 67. Plan and Section of a Propagating House 267 75. Section of a House heated according to

51. Hot Water Apparatus in use at StrathMr. Rendle's Tank System

fieldsaye .

- 177



OF WHAT IS REQUIRED IN THEM. 2. Lancashire Potato-Dibber


19. Mode of Laying out a Cemetery in 3, 4. Saul's Potato Planting Machine 41

imaginary Squares 5. Besom in use in Bicton Gardens


20. Manner of marking the Stones at the 12. Snow-Plough for Walks

. 117
Angles of the Squares -

145 76, Section of Johnston's portable Garden

21–28. Plans of Beds and Borders for Engine

- 316

Flowers and Shrubs for each side of a 77, 78. Hunt's improved Garden Pot and

Cemetery Walk

. 150, 151 Saucer

- 317

29. Ground Plan of the Entrance Lodge to 108–110. Views and Elevations of Crane

the Tower Hamlets Cemetery necked Hoes

495, 496

30. Section of a Vault fitted up with Cata


31. Section of a Brick Grave and a common GROUND PLANS AND VIEWS OF

32. Pedestal on an under-ground Pier

156 8. Ground Plan of a Cottage

53 33. Double Foundation for Head-Stones 157 9. Improved Ground Plan of a Cottage 54 34. Monumental Tally of Cast. Iron - 157 58–62. Views of Cottages in different Styles

35. Double Bed for two Rows of Graves

- 158 254, 255 36. Section of a Cesspool

158 71. View of the Fountain in the Serpentine 37–44. View, Plan, Elevations, and Sections River in Kensington Gardens - 291

of Grave-Boards used in Cemeteries 120-122, Ground Plans and Elevation of

159_161 Five Suburban Dwellings with their

45, 46. Screw Lever and Plank Hook

- 162 Gardens 123, 124. Side and End View of Chimney-top: 611

- 608, 609 56, 57. Concealed Brick and Tile Edging for Cemetery Walks

- 217 72. Mr. Jukes's Truck-Hearse


81. Ground Plan of Cambridge Cemetery - 357 GARDEN SCENERY.

89, 83. Sections of the Ground at the Cambridge Cemetery

$59 11. Plan of a Flower-Garden on Gravel 70 84. Ground Plan of the Chapel at the Cam47. A Lawn laid out in the Gardenesque

bridge Cemetery

359 Style

85. View of Entrance Lodge designed for 48. A Lawn laid out in a mixed Style - 169 the Cambridge Cemetery

$60 49. Plan of a Flower Garden in the Geome- 86, 87. View and Section of the Chapel detric Style

171 signed for the Cambridge Cemetery 360 5. Plan of an Architectural Flower Garden 173 88. Isometrical View of the Cambridge 63. Plan of a Flower-Garden on Turf - 262


361 64, 65. Plans of Gardens for American 90. Design for Laying out and Planting a Plants - 264, 265 Ceinctery on hilly Ground

- 400 61. Plan of a Garden for Dahlias and Holly 91, 92. Views of the South Metropolitan hocks


402, 403 68. Plan of the Serpentine River in Ken- 93, 91. Views of Turkish Cemeteries

404, 405 sington Gardens

- 286
95. View of a Chinese Cemetery

- 406

- 153

- 154

- 155

- 168

- 266

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