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(1.) Shakespeare: The First Folio Edition of 1623. Reproduced, undor the im-

mediate supervision of Howard Staunton, by Photo-lithography. 1864.

(2.) An Historical Account of the New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Last

Residence of Shakespeare. By J. 0. Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S. London:

Printed by J. E. Adlard. 1864.

13.) Shakespeareana Gcnealogica. By Geo. R. French. Hacmillan and Co. 1869.

4.) The Life of William Shakespeare. By J. 0. Halliwkll, Esq., F.R.S., &e.

London: John R. Smith. 1848.

(5.) William Shakespeare: A Biography. By Charles Knight. 1851.

(6.J Shakespeare: His Inner Life. By J. A. Heraud. London: J. Maxwell

and Co. 1865.

(7.) Shakespeare: His Birthplace, Home, and Grave. By Rev. J. M. Jephson,

B.A., with Photographic Illustrations. Lovel, Reeve, and Co. 1854.

(8.) Shakespeare's Sonnets, never before Interpreted. By Gerald Masset.

London: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1866.

(9.) Shakespeare: Some Notes on his Character and Writings . By E. Forsyth.

Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas. 1866.

(10.) The Sonnets of Shakespeare Solved. By Henry Brown. London - J R

Smith. 1870.

(11.) The Worthies of Warwickshire. By Rev. F. Leioh Colvillb, M.A.

London : J. R. Smith. 1870. Article, 'William Shakespeare,' pp. 635-576.

(12.) Shakespeare: A Critical Biography. By Samuel Neil. London: Houl-

ston and Wright. 1861.

(13.) Some Account of the Life of Shakespeare. By Howard Staunton.

Prefixed to the Works of Shakespeare. Routledge and Co. 1860.

(14.) The Bibliography of Shakespeare. By H. G. Bon*. Printed for the

Philobiblion Society. 1866.

(15.) The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded. By Delia Bacon,

with a Preface by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Lnndon: Groombridge and

Son. 1857.

(16). Biographic Sketches Prefixed to the Editions of Shakespeare. Superin-

tended by .1. P. Collier, Rev. A. Dyce, Rev. H. N. Hudson, W. C.

Hazlitt, R. Grant White, Mary Cowden Clarke, Sheriff Henry Glas-

Ford Bell, S. W. Sinoer, Robert Bell, Ac. ByTHOMASDE Quincy,

in his ' Works,' Vol. XV., and by Dr. Dunham, in ' Lives of the Drama-

tists.' (Larduer's Cyclopedia, Vol. I.)

(17.) On Shakespeare's Knowledge of the Bible. By C. Wordsworth, D.C.L.,

Bishop of St. Andrews. London: Smith, Elder, and Co. 1864.

(18.) Genius, the Gift of God: a Sermon on the Tercentenary of William

Shakespeare. By R. W. Dale, M.A. 1864.

(19.) Illustrations of the Life of Shakespeare. Part I. By J. O. (halliwkll)

Phillipps. London. 1874.

(20.) Shakespeare's ' Centurie of Pray6e.' By Dr. C. M. Inoleby. London:

Triibner. 1874.


III. The Future of the English Universities 8G

(1.) Report of the Commissioners appointed to Inquire into the Property and

Income of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Three Vols. 1874.

(2.) Correspondence with the Universities' Commission, together with a Beprint

of a Letter addressed to the Right Hon. 3. H. Walpole, M.P., and A. T.

B. Beresford Hope, M.P. By Rev. Robert Phelps, D.D., Master of

Sidney-Sussex College. Cambridge: Macmillan. 1873.

(3.) Cambridge University and College Reform. By William Rann Kennedy;

B.A., Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. Macmillan. 1870.

(4.) The Tenure of Fellowships, considered especially with reference to College
Tutors and Lecturers. By Rev. H. A. Morgan, M.A., Fellow and
Tutor of Jesus College. Cambridge: Rivingtous. 1871.

IV. Sin and Madness from a Physician's Point of View 114

Responsibility in Mental Disease. By Dr. Hen.iy Maudsley. Henry S.

King and Co. 1874.

V. Church and State in India 127

(1.) The History of Christianity in India. By J. W. Kate. London: 1S59.

(2.) Orissa. By W. W. Huntek, LL.D. Smith, Elder, and Co. 1872.

(3.1 The Church Missionary Intelligencer. 1857-9.

(4.) Hansard's Parliamentary Debates.

VI. Mr. Disraeli as Minister 175

The, Timet, February to Jnne, 1875.

VII. Edgar Allan Poe 194

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe. Edited, with Memoir, by JonN H.

Ingram. In Four Vols. Adam and Charles Black.

VIII. Contemporary Literature 218

History, Biography, and Travels.—Symond's Renaissance in Italy. Ban-

croft's Native Races of the Pacific States. Macrcady's Reminiscences,

Letters, and Diary. Autobiography of Thomas Guthrie, D.D. Arnold's

Our Bishops and Deans. Kington Oliphant's The Duke and the Scholar.

Pennington's Life and Character of Erasmus. Autobiography of Mrs.

Fletcher. Mullen's Twelve Months in Madagascar. Warburton'a

Journey Across the Western Interior of Australia. Miss Bird's Hawaiian

Archipelago. The North Star and the Southern Cross. Ramseyer and

Kuhne's Four Years in Ashantee. Rae's Land of the North Wind.

Lang's Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales. Largo

Game, and Natural History of South Africa. Miscellaneous.

Politics, Science, and, Art.— Cobden Club Essays. Kaufmaun's Socialism.
Marriott's Grammar of Political Economy. Smcdley's Boarding-Out and
Pauper Schools. Griffith's Memorials of Milbauk. Croll's Climate and
Time. Page's Economic Geology. VogePs Chemistry of Light. Fungi:
then- Nature, Influences, and Uses. Heath's Fern Paradise. Miscellaneous.

Poetry, Fiction, and Belles Lcttres. — Browning's Aristophanes' Apology.
Baildou's Rosamund. Sydney Dobell's Poetical Works. Norris's Poems.
Songs of Two Worlds: Third Series. Tennyson's Poems, Vols. I. and II.
Blackmore's Alice Lorraine. Bethara-Edwards's Felicia. Black's Three
Feathers. Elliot's The Italians. Fisher's His Queen. Mrs. Spender's
Jocelyn's Mistake. White's Te Rou. Eglantine. Iseulte. Rae-Browne's
Edith Dewar. Lane's Gentleman Verschoyle. Gervinus's Shakespeare
Commentaries. Jacox's Shakespeare Diversions. Marshall-s Interna-
tional Vanities. Miscellaneous.

Tlicoligy, Philosophy, and Philology. — Dale's The Atonement. Bittney's
Sermons, 1829-i869. Matzner's English Grammar.

I. 'Religious Art' 297

Christian Art and Symbolism. By the Rev. R. St. John Tyrwhitt. Smith,

Elder, and Co. 1872

II. The Atomic Theory of Lucretius 335

(1.) Lucretius: De Rerum Natura. Books I. and II.

(2.) Address delivered before the British Association at Belfast, by John Tyn-

Dall, President. Longmans. 1874.

(3.) Molecules: A Lecture delivered before the British Association at Bradford,

by Professor Clerk-Maxwell, F.R.S. 1873.

(4.) The Mystery of Matter, and other Essays. By J. Allanson Picton. Mac-

millan. 1873.

(5.) The Atomic Theory of Lucretius. 'North British Review," Vol. XLVTII.

III. The Poetry of Alfred Tennyson 377

(1.) The Works of Alfred Tennyson. Author's Edition. 5 Vols. Henry S.

King and Co.

(2.) The Works of Alfred Tennyson. Cabinet Edition. 10 Vols. Henry S.

King and Co.

(3.) Queen Mary: a Drama. By Alfred Tennyson. Henry S. King and Co.

IV. The Etruscans and then-Language 405

(1.) Ueber die Sprache der Etrusker. Von W. Cobbsen. Erster Band.

Leipzig: Teubner. 1874.

(2.) Etruscan Researches. By Isaac Taylob, M.A. London: Macmillan and

Co. 1874.

(3.) Peruvia Scythica. By Robert Ellis, B.D. London: Triibner and Co.


(4.) Etruscan Inscriptions Analysed, Translated, and Commented upon. By

the Eael Op Crawford And Balcarreb. Murray. 1873.

V. The Boarding Out of Pauper Orphans 437

(1.) The Report of the Local Government Board, 1873-74.

(2.) The Children of the State. By Miss Florence Hill.

(3.) Observations on the Report of Mrs. Senior to the Local Government Board.

By E. C. Tufnell.

VI. Modern Necromancy 455

(1.) Spiritualism Viewed by the Light of Modern Science. By William

Cbookes, F.R.S. Reprinted from the 'Quarterly Journal of Science,'

July, 1870.

(2.) Psychic Force and Modern Spiritualism. By W. Cbookes, F.B.S. (Fourth

Thousand.) Longmans: 1872.

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