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Ne quid falsi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.


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To sach article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in wbich it is to be found. 1789 April 28. A mutiny on board Commons a salary of 6ooc l. a.year, 173, the Bounty armed fhip, in the South Sea; 11. The Emperor of Morocco died at when the captain and eighteen otbers Sallee, 258. were put into an open boat, and after 14. Sir George Ramsay wounded in a traversing the occean for forty-Gx days, duel with Mr Macrae, at Muffelburgh arrived at Timor, p. 145.

links, and died two days after, 206. Aug. 23. The Vangstart East India. 14. Dr Andrew Coventry appointed man, witb a great deal of treasure on professor of agriculture in the univerfity board, lost in the straits of Billoton, 143. of Edinburgh, 208.

Dec. 20. The French National Aft-m. 15. The lines of Travancore, in the bly decree, that persons, though not Ro. Eatt Indies, formed and carried by Tipman Catholics, are capable of holding poo Saib, 561. employments civil and military, 44. 17. The celebrated Dr Benjamin

24.' His Majesty's ship the Guardian Franklin died at Philadelphia, 310. 483. damaged on an island of ice, and miracu. The French National Affembly go into loully got to the Cape of Good Hope, mourning three days for the Doctor, 305. after the greatest part of the crew had ta. 14. Decree passed by the French Naken to their boats and left her, 220. tional Affembly for the management of . 1790, Jan. 11. A congress of deputies the estates of the clergy, 196. from the states of the provinces in the 19. The House of Lords determine the Netherlands, met at Brussels, conclude a appeal relating to Scots fictitious votes, treaty of union, 90.

and reverse the judgement of the Court 20. Mr Howard, the celebrated phi- of Sefion, 229. 256. lanthropist, died at Cherson, 153.

28. The King of Sweden takes Kar. 11. j. Frith, a maniac, threw a stone rankosky; and kills near 2000 Ruflians at the ttate-coach as his Majesty was go- in an attempt they made to dislodge him, ing to the House of Peers, 47.

230. 25. The Edinburgh equeftrian Circus Nay 4. Warrants issued for imprelopened for the first time, 98.

fing seamen, 253. 31. Treaty of alliance between Prussia

s. His Majesty sends messages to both and the Porte figned at Constantinople, Honses of Parliament intimating the Spa193.

nith hoftilities at Nootka Sound, 253. Feb. 4. Trial by jury declared to be a 8. Officers ordered to join their regie fundamental part of the French constitu. ments, and the customary proclamation

offering bounties to seamen, 253. 4. The French King went to the Na.

12. The Courts of Session and Extional Affembly, and gave his unsolicited chequer met this day for the fummer and voluntary sanction to the new consti- fellion, agreeable to an act of parliament, tution, 91.

225. s. Dr William Cullen, first physician 13. The Swedes lose two ships of the to bis Majesty in Scotland, and professor line in an unsuccessful attempt on the of the practice of physic in the univer. port of Revel, 250. fity of Edinburgh, died at Edinburgh, 15. They gain a complete vi&tory over 102.

the Russian feet of armed veficls at Fre14. Monastic houses abolished in France, dericklam, 250. 142.

22. The French National Affembly, 20. Joseph II. Emperor of Germany "after some days debate, deprive the King died at Vienna, and is fucceeded by bis of the power of making war, 251. brother Leopold, Grand Duke of Tul 27. The General Assembly of the cany, 153

Church of Scotland appoint a committee Hoftilities between the East India

to take the proper measures to obtain a Company and Tippoo Saib, 454.

repeal of the test-act, 351. March 2. Mr Fox's motion in the

June 4. The Whig club of Dundee House of Commons, for the repeal of the fend an address to the French National teft-a&, negatived by 294 to 103. P. 117. Assembly, 457; and receive an answer, 19. The East India Company of France

458. fupprefled, 194.

11. The sixteenth parliament of Great April 1. The royal affent given to a

Britain dissolved, 330. bill to allow the Speaker of the House of

19. The French National Affembly


tion, 91.

annulled all titles of nobility, 305. 19. An armistice figned between the

July 3. The Swedish fleet totally de Austrians and Turks, 505. feated by the Russians at Viborg, and re 21. A great promotion of naval offiven ships of the line, besides some fri. cers, 467. gates, taken or destroyed, 403.

30. Leopold II. King of Hungary and 6. Lord Heathfield died at Aix-la-Cha Bohemia, elected King of the Romans, pelle, 412

sos 8. A fleet of Dutch men of war join. 08. 8. The city of Oran, on the coast ed the British at Spithead, 347.

of Africa, almost entirely destroyed by an 8. Rhyowick Williams the monster, earthquake. convicted at the Old Bailey : his case re II. The French National Affembly referred to the opinion of the judges, 347 ; quest the King to appoint commiffioners who find his crime only a misdemeanour, for restoring order and discipline in the 565. 613.

fleet at Breft, 558. 9. & 10. The Russian fleet of gallies Ir. A detachment of the foot-guards totally defeated by the Swedes, 403. ordered for foreign service.

14. Grand confederation of the French 16. Orders issued for railing roo inat the Champ de Mars in Paris, 345. dependent companies.

24. A declaration and counter decla. 27. Adm. Cornish, with a squadron of ration signed at Madrid, for accommoda- fix ships' of the line, sailed from St Heting the differences between Britain and len's, 514. Spain, 409

28. Convention between Great Britain 24. The clerks return only thirteen and Spain figned at the Escurial, 529. Scots Peers as duly elected to fit in the 563. seventeenth parliament of Great Britain, 31. The ministers of England, Prussia, and fix Peers with an equality of votes, and Holland, intimate to the deputies of 359.

the Belgic states, that only twenty-one 27. Preliminaries of peace in favour of days Thall be allowed to accept the paci. the Turks signed at Reichenbach, be- fic propositions of the Emperor, 555. tween the Kings of Prussia and Hungary, 24. Namur surrendered to the Empe404.

ror's troops, who soon re-established his 28. The Forth and Clyde navigation dominion over the whole Belgic states opened from sea to sea, 409.

607. Aug. 14. Preliminaries of peace be 25. The seventeenth parliament of G. tween Russia and Sweden, signed at Britain meets at Westminster, 521. Mr Werla, 451

Addington chosen Speaker of the House 17. The grand feet, consisting of of Commons, 522. thirty-one Mhips of the line, belides fri.

Nov.5. A society formed at Edinburgh gates, failed from Torbay, under the to promote the improvement of British command of Lord Howe, 409.

wool, 563. 26. The French National Assembly Dec. 23. A most violent storm of thun. agree to maintain the family-compact der, lightning, hail, and rain iu England, with Spain, and determine to augment several houses in London unroofed, and their navy to forty-five thips of the line, many people killed, &c. 614. 406.

24. The House of Commons, after a 28. The Turkish feet in the Black debate of three days, determined that Sea, under the command of the Captain Mr Hastings's impeachment should proPacha, defeated by the Russians, sos. ceed notwithstanding the diffolution of

Sepi. 18. Died at Cumberland house, parliament, 123 being for continuing, and his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumber- 30 againtt it. land, 466.

E R R Α Τ Α,

Pag. col. lin.

2 16 from foot, for 19th of July read 9th of June

10 from foot, for William read Robert







C O N T E N T. S. Account of Dr Joun Moore, and his wri. On the Reformation of Morals in Pato tings I.

SON$ 29. Account of an Interview with the GRAND On the STYLE of Dr Samuel JOHNSON 35. LAMA 3.

Poetry. Verses occafioned by the death of Governor Ellis's description of the Hurri Dr W. Leechman of Glasgow 37. The CANE 6.

origin of Grog, by Dr Trotter 38. Ode On the RECOVERY of persons APPARENTLY on No Ode, by Peter Pindar, ib.

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. Austrian NetherAccount of the Marquis de PellePORT 8. lands - Justificatory memorial of the BraPARLIAMENT. King's speech 9. Lords on bantine patriots 39. Union between the the address ib. Commons on the address ftates of Flanders and Br bant 40. 10 Corn, Slave-trade, Navy-estimates - France : Proceedings of the National Ar

sembly, &c. 40.–45. On the improvement of WOOL 12.

- East Indies : Slave-trade abolished in BenOn the utility of encouraging the breed of gal 45. Engagement with the Polygars 46. SWALLOWS 15.

England. Prince Edward arrives in LonNarrative of the melancholy fate of Mr D.

don 47

A stone thrown at the King HALLYBURTON and others 17.

when going to the House of Peers ib. Sakes charmed hy Music 18.

- Scotland : A piece of plate voted by the New Books. Reid on the active powers of Magistrates of E«inburgh to Dr Cullen, man 19. Transaaions of the society for &c. 47. Justiciary trials 48. the encouragement of arts 20. Catalogue Lists. Marriages, Births, and Deaths, 49.

Preferments 51.

Bankrupts, Prices of The PAILOSOPHICAL SHOEMAKER 31.

Grain, Meal, Stocks, &c. 52.



An Account of Dr John MOORE and his Writings
R MOORE is son of the Rev. Mr She was a woman of a most respectable
Charles Moore, a clergyman of character. diftinguished by the strength
the Church of Scotland, highly of her understanding, her piety, and the

esteemed for the purity of his benevolence of her heart, manners and his amiable dispofirion. He Dr Moore was educated at the Unia was many years one of the ministers at versity of Glasgow, and began the study Stirling, in North Britain, where Dr of medicine and surgery under the care Moore, the only son who survived him, of Dr Gordon, an eminent practitioner was born in the year 1730.

in that city, attending the anatomical His mother was daughter to John An. demonftrations of Dr Hamilton, and the derson, Esq; of Dowhill, near Glasgow. medical lectures of the celebrated Dr Cul

On the death of her husband, which len, at that time Professor of Medicine at
happened seven or eight years after her Glasgow, and to whom Dr Moore, as we
marriage, this lady left Stirling with her understand, is related.
children and returned to her native city In the year 1747 the late Duke of Cum-
of Glasgow, where the fortune left her by berland commanded the allied army in

Brabant; many British students of medi.


ber father lay. VoL, LII.

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