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Both. 5 Lord, bid this work of love

Be crown'd with meet success;
May thousands yet unborn,

This institution bless :
Thus shall the praise resound to thee,
Now, and through all eternity.

HYMN 111.

(IIL 12

1 GLORY to the Father give,

God in whom we move and live;
Children's pray’rs he deigns to hear,

Children's songs delight his ear. 2 Glory to the Son we bring,

Christ our Prophet, Priest, and King;
Children, raise your sweetest strain,

To the Lamb, for he was sļain. 3 Glory to the Holy Ghost,

He reclaims the sinner lost;
Children's minds may he inspire,

Touch their tongues with holy fire, 4 Glory in the highest be

To the blessed Trinity,
For the Gospel from above,
For the word that " God is love."

[blocks in formation]

I WHEN Jesus left his heav'nly throne

He chose an humble birth;
Like us unhonour'd and unknown,

He came to dwell on earth;
2 Like him, may we be found below

In wisdom's paths of peace;
Like him, in grace and knowledge grow

As years and strength increase,
3 Sweet were his words and kind his look,

When mothers round him press'd ; Their infants in his arms he took,

And on his bosom bless'd : 4 Safe from the world's alluring harms,

Beneath his watchful eye, 0, thus encircled in his arms, May we for ever lie!

HYMN 113.

(L M.) I LORD, how delightful 'tis to see

A whole assembly worship thee:
At once they sing, at once they pray ;

They hear of heav'n, and learn the way. 2 I have been there, and still would go,

'Tis like a little heav'n below; Not all that earth and sin can say

Shall tempt me to forget this day, 8 O write upon my mem'ry, Lord,

The text and doctrine of thy word ;
That I may break thy laws no more,

But love thee better than before.
4 With thoughts of Christ and things divine,

Fill up this sinful heart of mine;
That hoping pardon through his blood,
I may lie down and wake with God.
HYMN 114.

(C. M.) I MERCY, descending from above,

In softest accents pleads;
O may each tender bosom move,

When merzy intercedes !
2 Children our kind protection claim,

And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name,

And their Creator love.
8 Delightful work! young souls to win,

And turn the rising race
From the deceitful paths of sin,

To seek their Saviour's face.
4 Almighty God! thine influence shed

To aid this blest design;
The honour of thy name be spread,
And all the glory thine.
HYMN 115.

(C. M.) 1 BLEST is the man whose soft'ning heart

Feels all another's pain;
To whom the supplicating eye

Is never rais'd in vain: 2 Whose breast responds with gen'rous warmth,

A stranger's wo to feel ;
Who weeps in pity o'er the wound

He wants the pow'r to heal.

3 To gentle offices of love

His feet are never slow;
He views, through mercy's melting eye,

A brother in a foe.
4 To him protection shall be shown ;

And mercy, from above, Descend on those who thus fulfil

The Christian law of love.

(C. M.)

HYMN 116. 1 RICH are the joys which cannot die,

With God laid up in store; Treasures beyond the changing sky,

Brighter than golden ore. 2 The seeds which piety and love

Have scatter'd here below, In the fair fertile fields above

To ample harvests grow.
3 The mite, my willing hands can give,

At Jesus' feet I lay;
Grace shall the humble gift receive,

Abounding grace repay.

(IIL 3.)

HYMN 117.
I LORD of life, all praise excelling,

Thou in glory unconfin'd,
Deign'st to make thy humble dwelling

With the poor of humble mind. 2 As thy love, through all creation,

Beams like thy diffusive light; So the high and humble station

Both are equal in thy sight, 3 Thus thy care, for all providing,

Warm'd thy faithful prophet's tongue; Who, the lot of all deciding,

To thy chosen Israel sung:
4 When thy harvest yields thee pleasure,

Thou the golden sheaf shalt bind;
To the poor belongs the treasure
Of the scatter'd ears behind.

These thy God ordains to bless,

The widow and the fatherless. 6 When thine olive plants increasing

Pour their plenty o'er thy plain,


Grateful, thou shait take the blessing,
But not search the bough again.

Chorus. These, &c. 6 When thy favour'd vintage flowing,

Gladdens thine autumnal scene, Own the bounteous hand bestowing, But thy vines the poor shall glean.

Chorus. These, &c. 7 Still we read thy word declaring

Mercy, Lord, thine own decree; Mercy, ev'ry sorrow sharing,

Warms the heart resembling thee. 8 Still the orphan and the stranger,

Still the widow owns thy care;
Screen'd by thee in ev'ry danger,
Heard by thee in ev'ry pray?r.

Hallelujah, Amen.

HYMN 118.
1 GOD of the seas! thine awful voice

Bids all the rolling waves rejoice;
And one soft word of thy command

Can sink them silent on the sand.
2 The smallest fish that swims the seas,

Sportful, to thee a tribute pays;
And largest monsters of the deep,

At thy command, or rage or sleep. 3 Thus is thy glorious pow'r ador'd

Among the watry nations, Lord!
Yet men, who trace the dang’rous waves,
Forget the mighty God who saves !

(L. M.)

HYMN 119.

(IV. 5.) “ Save, Lord! or we perish.St. Matt. viii. 25. 1 WHEN through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming,

[ing, When o'er the dark wave the red lightning is gleamNor hope lends a ray the poor seaman to cherish,

We fly to our Maker: “ Save, Lord! or we perish." 2 0 Jesus, once rock'd on the breast of the billow,

Arous’d, by the shriek of despair, from thy pillow,
Now seated in glory, the mariner cherish,
Who cries in his anguish, “Save, Lord! or we perish."

3 And O! when the whirlwind of passion is raging,

When sin in our hearts its wild warfare is waging, Then send down thy Spirit thy ransom'd to cherish, Rebuke the uestroyer; “ Save, Lord ! or we perish.” HYMN 120,

(C. M.) Which may be used at Sea or on Land. 1 LORD! for the just thou dost provide,

Thou art their sure defence! Eternal wisdom is their guide,

Their help, Omnipotence, 2 Though they through foreign lands should roam,

And breathe the tainted air
In burning climates, far from home,

Yet thou, their God, art there.
3 Thy goodness sweetens ev'ry soil,

Makes ev'ry country please :
Thou on the snowy hills dost smile,

And smooth’st the rugged seas!
4 When waves on waves, to heav'n upreard,

Defy'd the pilot's art;
When terror in each face appear'd,

And sorrow in each heart;
5 To thee I rais'd my humble prayer,

To snatch me from the grave!
I found thine ear not slow to hear,

Nor short thine arm to saye!
6 Thou gav'st the word--the winds did cease,

The storms obey'd thy will,
The raging sea was hush'd in peace,

And ev'ry wave was still !
7 For this my life, in ev'ry state,

A life of praise shall be ;
And death, when death shall be my fate,
Shall join my soul to thee,

HYMN 121.

(L. M.) 1 WHEN dangers, woes, or death are nigh,

Past mercies teach me where to fly:

When sickness grieves, and pains invade. 2 To all the various helps of art

Kindly thy healing pow'r impart;
Bethesda's bath refus'd to save,
Unless an angel bless'd the wave.

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