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Veto on the Maysville Road Bill.

[21st Cong. 1st Sess.

H. OF R.]

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the extent of the appropriations, should be made the sub-me in opposition to individuals as well as communities, ject of constitutional regulation. This is the more neces- whose claims upon my friendship and gratitude are of the sary in order that they may be equitable among the seve strongest character ; but I trust there has been nothing ral States ; promote harmony between different sections in my public life which has exposed me to the suspicion of the Union and their Representatives; preserve other of being thought capable of sacrificing my views of duty parts of the Constitution from being undermined by the to private considerations, however strong "they may have exercise of doubtful powers, or the too great extension of been, or deep the regrets which they are capable of ex. those which are not so; and protect the whole subject citing. against the deleterious influence of combinations, to carry, As long as the encouragement of domestic manufacby concert, measures which, considered by themselves, tures is directed to national ende, it shall receive from me might meet but little countenance.

a temperate but steady support. There is no necessary That a constitutional adjustment of this power, upon connexion between it and the system of appropriations. equitable principles, is, in the bighest degree, desirable, On the contrary, it appears to me that the supposition of can scarcely be doubted; nor can it fail to be promoted their dependence upon each other, is calculated to excite by every sincere friend to the success of our political in the prejudices of the public against both. The former is stitutions. In no government are the appeal to the source sustained on the grounds of its consistency with the letof power, in cases of real doubt, more suitable than in ter and spirit of the Constitution, of its origin being

No good motive can be assigned for the exercise traced to the asscnt of all the parties to the original com of power by the constituted authorities, while those for pact, and of its having the support and approbation of a whose benefit it is to be exercised, have not conferred it, inajority of the people; on wbich account, it is at least and may not be willing to confer it. It would seem to entitled to a fair experiment. The suggestions to which me that an honest application of the conceded powers of I have alluded refer to a forced continuance of the nationthe General Government to the advancement of the com- al debt, by means of large appropriations, as a substitute mon weal, present a sufficient scope to satisfy a reason for the security, which the system derives from the prinable ambition. The difficulty and supposed impractica- ciples on which it has hitherto beto sustained. Such a bility of obtaining an amendment of the Constitution in course would certainly indicate either an udreasonable this respect, is, i firmly believe, in a great degree, un distrust of the people, or a consciousness that the system founded. The time has never yet been, when the patri- does not possess sufficient soundoess for its support, if olism and intelligence of the American people were not left to their voluntary choice, and its own merits Those fully equal to the greatest exigency; and it never will, who suppose that any policy thus founded can be long when the subject calling forth their interposition is plainly upheld in this country, have looked upon its bistory with presented to them. To do so with the questions involved eyes very different from mine. This policy, like every in this bill, and to urge them to an early, zealous, and full other, must abide the will of the people, who will not be consideration of their deep importance, is, in my estimation likely to allow any device, however specious, to conceal among the highest of our duties.

its character and tendency. A supposed connexion between appropriations for in- lo presenting these opinions, I have spoken with the ternal improvement and the system of protecting duties, freedom and candor which I thought the occasion for growing out of the anxieties of those more immediately their expression called for, and now respectfully return interested in their success, has given rise to suggestions the bill wbich has been under consideration, for your fur. which it is proper I should notice on this occasion. My ther deliberatiou and judginent. opinions on these subjects have never been concealed

ANDREW JACKSON from those who had a right to know them. Those which May 27, 1830. I have entertained on the latter, have frequently placed



21st Cong. 1st Sess.]

Statement from the Treasury Department.

(H. OF R.

year 1829

STATEMENT FROM THE TREASURY DEPART. Of which sum, estimated to be in

MENT.-Annexed to the foregoing Message. the Treasury on 1st January Receipts for 1830, estimated at


1830, there are bad debts & Customs

mounting to

1,426,646 Lands


And there will be required by Bank dividends


the several Departments to Incidental receipts, including ar

complete the service of the rears of internal duties, direct

2,467,173 taxes, and canal tolle


Making the sum to be deducted as unvailTo which is to be added the balance estimat

able for 1830

8,888,719 ed to be in the Treasury on 1st January, 1830,

4,410,071 Leaving as applicable to the service of 1880 24,366,352

Expenditures: Making an aggregate of

28,250,071 Amount already appropriated up The expenditures for 1830 were estimated at 23,765,626

to 17th May 1830

11,938,305 Viz;

For payment of public debt 11,500,000 Civil, diplomatic, and miscella.

Amount of bills pending between Deous


the two Houses on amendments Military service, including fortifi

which will probably pass 436,544 cations, ordnance, Indian af

Amount of bílls that will probafairs, pensions, arming the mi

bly pass the preseot session 1,197,366 litia and internal improve

25,072,215 ments

6,528,189 Naval service, including the gra

Estimated deficiency

705,863 dual improvement

4,257,111 Public debt


Appropriations contained in bills that have

passed the Senate, and are now pending
in the House of Representatives

$1,276,201 Which would leave an estimated balance in

Appropriations in bills that have passed the the Treasury on the 1st January, 1831, of 4,494,545 House of Representatives, and are now

pending in the Senate

876,685 Amount of receipts for the year 1830, as es

Appropriations in bills of the Senate that timated by the Secretary of the Treasury $28,840,000 bave not as yet passed that body

6,784,127 Amount estimated to be in the Treasury op

Appropriations in bills of the House of Rethe 1st of Japuary, 1830


presentatives still pending in that House 2,085,271 $28,250,071










AN ACT making an appropriation for repairing and fit-year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, one ting out the frigate Brandywine :

hundred and one thousand seven hundred dollars ; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

For paying the Revolutionary pensioners, for the year tives of the United States of America, in Congress assem

one thousand eight buudred and thirty, pine hundred and bled, Íbat the following sums be and the same are hereby, sixty-six thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. appropriated, to be paid out of any unappropriated money thousand

eight hundred and thirty, one hundred and

For paying the invalid pensioners, for the year one in the Treasury, for repairing and fitting out the frigate ninety-one thousand four hundred and eighty-one

dollars, Brandywine, viz. For

repairing the said frigate, twenty thousand dollars ; in addition to a balance in the treasury of one hundred For wear and tear whilst in commission, eight thousand and seven thousand eight hundred and forty-nine dollars

and ninety-six cents. dollars ; For, pay and subsistence of officers and pay of sea

Approved, February 3d, 1830. men, thirty-six thousand three hundred and seventy-eight dollars:

AN ACT to alter the time of holding the Circuit Court For provisions, twenty-one thousand nine hundred and of the United States for the District of Maryland. ninety-one dollars ;

Be it enacted, &c. That the terms of the Circuit Court For medicines, hospital stores, and surgical instruments, of the United States for the District of Maryland, which one thousand dollars ;

are now directed by law to be held on the eighth day of For contingent expenses of every description, five thou- May, and the eight day of December in each year, shall sand dollars.

bereafter be held on the eight day of April and the first ANDREW STEVENSON,

day of November in each year, except such days shall Speaker of the House of Representatives. occur on Sunday, when the terms of the said Court shall JOHN C. CALHOUN,

commence and be beld on the next succeeding day. President of the Senate.

SEO. 2. And be it further enacted, That all process Approved, Dec. 29, 1829.

which may have issued, or which shall bereafter issue, ANDREW JACKSON.

returnable to the next succeeding terms of the said Cir.

cuit Court as beretofore established, shall be held returnRESOLUTION authorizing the purchase of fifty copies of able, and be returned to those terms to which they are

the sixth volume of the laws of the United States. severally changed by this act. Resolved, &c. That the Clerk of the House of Repre

Approved, February 11, 1880. sentatives be directed to purchase fifty copies of the sixth AN ACT Authorizing the Accounting Officers of the volume of the laws of the United States, to complete the sets in the Library of Congress wanting that volume, at

Treasury Department, to pay to the

State of Pennsylthe rate paid for former purchases of the laws, being four

vania, a debt due that State by the United States. dollars per volume.

Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of the Treasury

be directed to cause to be paid to the proper officers of Approved, Dec. 29, 1829.

the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the sum of thirteen AN ACT making appropriations for the payment of Re- mur cents, which amount now stands on the books of the

thousand seven bundred and ninety-five dollars and fifty. volutionary and Invalid Pensioners.

Treasury Department to the credit of the Agent of PennBe it enacted. &c. That the following sums be, and the bylvania, for paying the militia of that State, in the year same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any mo- one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four; to be paid ney in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for pay out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise approing the Revolutionary and Invalid Pensioners, viz: priated. For artéarages due to Revolutionary pensioners, for the Approved, February 11, 1830.


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DO more,

AN ACT to amend“ Ao Act to continue a copy-right of AN ACT for the relief of the Church Wardens of ElizaJobo Rowlett."

beth City parish in the State of Virginia. Be it enacted, &c. That, notwithstanding any thing con- Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of the Treasury tained in the last proviso of the “ Act to continue a copy pay out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise ap. right to John Rowlett," approved the twenty-fourth day propriated, the sum of one hundred and thirty dollars of May, one thousand eight bundred and twenty-eight, and fifty cents, to the Church Wardens of Elizabeth City only such of the printed books, entitled Rowlett's Tables parish, in the State of Virginia, to defray the expenses of of Discount or Interest, as were in the possession of the re-casting a bell, broke during the late war, while used by said Jobo Rowlett, at the time of the passage of the said direction of an officer commanding at that place, as an act, are, or shall be required to contain on the back of the alarm bell. title page of each, a copy of the record of the title of the

Approved, February 11, 1880. book in the office of the Clerk of the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

AN AOT for the relief of Joseph Dixon. Approved, February 11, 1830.

Be it enacted, &c. That the proper accounting officers of AN ACT to authorize the Surveyors, under the direc- the Treasury be, and they are hereby, authorized to pay

tion of the Secretary of the Treasury, to enrol and li- Joseph Dixon, the sum of thirty dollars, in full for the cense ships or vessels to be employed in the coasting damages done to his lot of land, in taking part of the soil trade and fisheries,

of said lot, to erect a fortification on Dixon's Point, on the Be it enacted, &c. That, after the passage of this act, be paid out of any money iw the Treasury, not otherwise

Eastern side of Piscataqua River, in the State of Maine, to the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, invested with powers to authorize the Surveyor of any port

appropriated. of delivery, under such regulations as he sball deem de.

Approved, February 11, 1830. cessary, to enrol and license ships or vessels to be em AN ACT for the relief of Orson Sparks, and John Watson. ployed in the coasting trade and fisheries, io like manner as Collectors of ports of entry are now authorized to do, Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of the Treasury under existing laws.

pay to Orsou Sparks, the sum of forty-five dollars, and to Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That ady Survey: John Watsop the sum of sixty dollars, out of any money or who shall perform the duties directed to be performed in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, the value of by the first section of this act, shall be entitled to re-two horses lost by them during the late war, while in the 'oeive the same commissions and fees, as are now allowed service of the United States. by law to Collectors for performing the same duties, and Approved, Feb. 11, 1830. Approved, February 11, 1830.

AN ACT for the relief of James D. Cobb. AN ACT for the relief of the widow and children of be, and he is hereby authorized and directed, to pay to

Be it enacted, do. That the Secretary of the Treasury Benjamin W. Hopkins. Be it enacted, de. That the Secretary of the Treasury of Light Artillery, out of any money in the Treasury not

James D. Cobb, late a First Lieutenant in the Regiment be, and he is bereby, authorized and directed to pay out otherwise appropriated, the full amount due for the pay, of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriat, subsistence, and other emoluments of a First Lieutenant ed, to Harriet Strong, widow, Edwin W. Hopkins, and of Light Artillery, from the day when the said James D, Marin A. Hopkins, children of Benjamin W. Hopkins, Cobb was last paid, to the time when the Regiment of deceased, the sum of thirteen thousand two bundred and Light Artillery was incorporated with the Artillery, by beventy dollars, being for damages sustained by the said ibé Act of the second of March, one thousand eight hunBenjamin W. Hopkins, ia consequence of the Govern- dred and twenty one. ment failing to furnish an Engineer to lay out the Fort at Mobile Point, at the time the coutract commenced. Pro

Approved, Feb. 11, 1830. vided, however, that from said sum of thirteen thousand

AN ACT for the relief of William Jacocks. two hundred and seventy dollars, there be deducted the amount of three judgments which the United States re

Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of War be, and covered in the Northern District of New York, before he is hereby, authorized and directed, to issue a warrant the District Court of the United States at the Japuary

for his military bounty land, to William Jacocks, who, term of said Court, in the year one thousand eight hun during the late war, enlisted for five years, as a musician

, dred and twenty-six, against Roswell Hopkins and Thad- in a company of bombardiers, sappers, and miners

, and deus Laughlin, sürelies of Benjamio W. Hopkios, on

who, after having served the period of bis enlistinent, was three different custom house bonds, amounting witb the honorably discharged. costs, to one thousand seven hundred and sixty-two dol.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the proper aélars and thirty-one cents ; and the Secretary of the Trea- counting officers of the Department of War do pay to the

of bury is hereby directed to discharge said judgments, and said William Jacocks all the arrears of pay, to release and cause to be re-delivered to the owner, any charged, and of commutation for clothing, which may

allowed by the United States to soldiers bonorably disand all property on which any execution or executions which have been issued on said judgments, or either of appear to be due and owing to him. them, has been levied.

Approyed, Feb. 11, 1830. · Approved, February 11, 1880.

AN ACT for the relief of Jobu Loog. AN ACT for the relief of Nascy Dolan, Be it enacted, &c. That the proper accounting officers Be it enacted, dc. That there be paid to Nancy Dolan, or of the Treasury Department, cause to be paid to Jobs Louisiana, out of any money in the Treasury not other. Long, of the State of Kentucky, or to bis legal represen wise appropriated, the sum of twelve hundred dollore, tative, the sum of one bundred and ten dollars, out of which shall be in full satisfaction of the claim of suid any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, in Nancy, for remuneration from the United Sttles for the full

, for a house list by him, while in the service of the loss of lot of groupd at Baton Rouge, io said State, United States, during the late var with Great Britaio. Approved, February 11, 1830.

Approved, February 11, 1880.



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AN ACT for the relief of Peter Ford.

tion of anouities wbile on visite of business with the dit, Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of the Treasury ferent superintendents, and agents, and when assembled pay to Peter Ford, out of any money in the Treasury, not on business, eleven thousand eight bundred and ninety otherwise appropriated, the sum of one hundred and thir. dollars. ty-three dollars, the value of that part of his team of oxen, For contingencies of the Indian Department, twenty with a sled and chains, impressed into the service of the thousand dollars. United States, on the twenty-first of January, one thou- Approved, February 27, 1830. band eight hundred and thirteen, by order of General Simon Perkins, and which were lost on the retreat of the guard AN ACT making appropriations for certain fortificationis having charge of the same, after the defeat of Gen. Win- for the year one thousand eigbt hundred and thirty. chester at the river Raisin, without any fault or negligence Be it enacted, dc. That the following sums he, and the on the part of said Ford.

game are hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any udApproved, Feb. 11, 1830.

appropriated money in the Treasury, for certain Fortifica

tions, viz: An act for the relief of the legal representatives of Benja

For Fort Adams, one hundred thousand dollars. min Clark, deceased.

For Fort Hamilton, eighty-six thousand dollars. Be it enacted, &c. That the proper accounting officer of

For Fort Monroe, ope bundred thousand dollars." the Treasury audit and adjust the claim of the legal repre

For Fort Calhoun, one hundred thousand dollars. ? sentatives of Benjamin Clark, deceased, for the loss of a

For Fort Macon, in North Carolina, sixty thousand Wagon, horse, and gears, while in the military service of dollars. the United States, during the late war, and allow them

For Fort at Oak Island, North Carolina, sixty thousand such compensation therefor as they are entitled to, on the dollars. principles and by the rules which have beretofore govern

For Fortifications at Charleston, South Carolina, twened the Department in adjusting claims for the loss of like ty-five thousand dollars. property, under the law of April pinth, one thousand eight

For Fort at Mobile Point, Alabama, pinety thousand hundred and sixteen, and the act amendatory thereto ; and dollars. that said sum, so found due, be paid out of any money in

For Fort Jackson, Louisiana, eighty-five thousand dolthe Treasury, not otherwise appropriated.

lars. Approved, Feb. 11, 1880.

For Fortifications at Pensacola, in Florida, one hundred

and thirty thousand dollars, AN ACT to continue in force an act authorizing the im

For contingencies of Fortifications, ten thousand dol

lars. portation and allowance of drawback on brandy in casks of a capacity not less than fifteen gallops.

For a purchase of a site for a Fort at Cockspur Island, Be it enacted, &c. That the act entitled "ad act to au

Georgia, five thousand dollars. thorize the importation of brandy, in casks of a capacity

Approved, February 27, 1880. not less than fifteen gallons, and the exportation of the AN AOT for the relief of Ezra Thurbur, and the legal same for the benefit of a drawback of the duties,” approved second March, one thousand eight hundred and

representatives of Gideon King. twenty-seven, be, and the same is hereby, continued in hundred dollars be paid, out of any money in the Trea;

Be it enacted, doc. That the sum of one thousand two force, Approved, February 27, 1830.

sury, not otherwise appropriated, to Ezra Thurbür, and the legal representatives of Gideon King, in full satisfaction

of the claim against the United States, for the capture and AN ACT making appropriations for the Indian Depart. detention of sloop. Essex, by the Britisb, om Lake Cham

ment, for the year one thousand eight hundred and plaio, during the late war. thirty.

Approved, February 27, 1880. Be it cracted, &c. That the following sums be appropriated, to be paid out of any opappropriated money in AN ACT for the benefit of Elijah L. Olarke, of Lovisiibe Treasury, for the Indian Department, for the year ove ana, and of the heirs and legal representatives of Lewis thousand eight hundred and thirty, viz :

Clarke, deceased. For pay of the Superintendent of Indian Affairs at St. Be it enacted, &c. That Elijah L Clarke, of the State Louis, and the several Indian Agents, as authorized by of Louisiana, be, and he is bereby, confirmed in his claim, law, twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars.

to a tract of land containing seven hundred and thirtyFor pay of sub agents, as authorized by law, nineteen three acres, to the extent of one mile square thereof, thousand and fifty dollars.

situated on the Lake St. Joseph, in the couuty of ConcorFor presents to Indians, as authorized by the act of dia, and State of Louisiana, adjoining the claim of one one thousand eight hundred and two, fifteen thousand dol- Durosset, on the South, being claim number sixty-eight, lars.

as entered for confirmation with the Register of the Land For pay of Indian interpreters and translators employed Office, north of Red River, is said State, by the said Elijah at the several surperintendencies and agencies, twenty-one L Clarke. thousand five hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the heirs and For pay of gun and blacksmiths and their assistants, legal representatives of Lewis Clarke, deceased, be, and employed within the superintendencies and agencies, they are hereby, confirmed in their Gitle to a tract of land under treaty provisions and the orders of the Secretary containing six hundred aod forty acres, situated on the of War, eighteen thousand three hundred and forty dol- Lake St. Joseph, in the county of Concordia, ad State of lars.

Louisiana, adjoining the claim of Durogget, on the north, For iron, steel, coal and other expenses attending the being claim number sixty-nine as entered for confirmation gun and blacksmith's shop, five thousand four hundred and with the Register of the Land Office, Dorth of Red River, twenty-six dollars.

in said State, by said Lewis Clarke. For expense of transportation and distribution of In. Sec, 3. And he it further enacted, That the Commisdian annuities, pine thousand nipe hundred and fifty-nine sioner of the General Land Office sball, upon being dollars.

presented with plats and certificates of survey of the For expeose of provisions for Indians at the distribu- 1 said,

tracts of land, legally executed by a proper officer,

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