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A New Journal of Literature, Politics and Criticism. Being the latest addition to W., S. & A.'s line of Edited by CHARLES G. D. ROBERTS, daintily bound poetical works.

PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AT $3.00 PER ANNUM. Limp parchment, design in red,

$1 00 The first issue of THE WEEK will appear DecemPale blue cloth, novel design in gold,

1 00 ber 6th. THE WEEK will appeal by a comprehenHalf calf, new colors,

2 50 sive table of contents to the different tastes which exist Tree-calf, new colors,

4 50

within the circle of a cultured home, and will endeavor Uniform with this in style and price are

faithfully to reflect and summarize the intellectual, FREDERICK Locker's POEMS.

social and political movements of the day. Mr. GoldW.M. THACKERAY'S POEMS.

win Smith will be a regular contributor. Mr. Edgar CHARLOTTE BRONTE's POEMS.

Fawcett, author of “An Ambitious Woman,” A
GEORGE Eliot's Poems.

Gentleman of Leisure," etc., contributes to THE

WEEK a novel of New York society, entitled, “ The Each one vol. 16mo, printed on finest laid paper,

Adventures of a Widow." Principal Grant, of Queen's wide margins, bound in same styles as “Goethe's University, will write, among other valuable papers, a Faust,” at same price.

series descriptive of a tour taken by him during the

past summer “ Down the Kicking Horse and Across MRS. MARTHA J. LAMB's story for boys and girls, the Selkirks." There will be contributions in prose SNOW AND SUNSHINE. and verse from many of the most popular American

and Canadian writers. Art, Music and the Drama Fully illustrated. Price, cloth, $1.75 ; boards, $1.25.

will receive abundant and careful attention. AdverFor sale by your bookseller, or sent to any address at

tisers will find THE WEEK a specially good medium our expense on receipt of price as above,

through which to reach the educated classes of Canada.

For terms and other particulars apply to WHITE, STOKES & ALLEN, Publishers,

C. BLACKETT ROBINSON, Publisher, 182 Fifth Avenue, New York.

5 Jordan St., TORONTO.

THE AMERICAN Journal of Literature, Science, the Arts, and Public Affairs.

PHILADELPHIA : Weekly Editions, SATURDAYS. Established October, 1880.

Fourth Year began October 13th, 1883. THE AMERICAN has established for itself a more than national repute. Its contents consist of original matter, written expressly for its columns. It is not the reprint of a daily newspaper.

Among the regularly maintained Departments are : Review of the Week.

Art. A department under the oversight of a comEditorial Articles. Temperate but earnest discus- petent critic and trained teacher of art. sion of important public questions and themes.

Music. Weekly Notes. Minor editorial comment.

The Drama, Special Articles. On a wide variety of topics,

Authors and Publishers. A concise summary of including the phases of Social Life, Art, Science, Literature, etc., etc.

interesting data relating to books, periodicals, announceSpecial Correspondence.

ments of publishers, the work of authors, etc. Reviews of Books.

Financial and Trade Review. A summary report Science. A department regularly furnished under of definite and trustworthy data in finance and trade. the editorial charge of Professor Angelo Heilprin, of Drift. Scientific, Archæological, Personal, and the Academy of Natural Sciences.

other timely and interesting items. THE AMERICAN has 16 to 20 pages, handsomely printed on toned paper.

Subscription, $3.00 per annum; $1.50 per six months. All communications should be addressed to

THE AMERICAN, Office, 1018 Chestnut Street,

Post-Office Box 1690, Philadelphia, Pa.




“Every person who has a taste for the Fine Arts should subscribe for it."- The Home Journal.


A Richly Illustrated and Varied Record of the Beauties of Ancient, Mediæval and Contemporary Taste.

PRICE, 35 CENTS, MONTHLY. $3.50 PER YEAR. The New Volume Commences with the December Number, 1883,


A Beautiful Original Etching by R. W. MACBETH, A.R.A., Entitled "Lady Bountiful." A Prospectus, giving full details of the Contributions to appear in the New VOLUME, will be sent by mail to

any address on application. PECIAL.-We have arranged with MR. HENRY FARRER, well and favorably known as one

of the leading Etchers of this country, for an Original Etching, entitled “EVENING BY THE River.” Size (of etched surface, 12 x 18), printed on plate paper, 19 X 24 inches.

We shall forward, postage prepaid, a copy of this Etching, printed on first quality of Fine Etching paper, to SUBSCRIBERS TO THE MAGAZINE OF ART FOR 1884.

This Etching will not be offered for sale under any circumstances. The only way to obtain a copy will be to send us your subscription to THE MAGAZINE OF ART.




Price, 15 Cents Monthly. $1.50 per Year. COMMENCED WITH THE JANUARY ISSUE, 1884. The increased demand for copies of CASSELL's Family Magazine during the past year has induced the publishers

to issue a special American Edition, at a price so low as to insure its success from the start. While pure and well-selected fiction is always plentifully provided, the range of Cassell's Family Magazine is by no means confined to that department. In addition to the two serial stories, and the short complete stories always to be found in the pages of every monthly issue, the magazine comprises a large and varied scheme of recreative reading and useful information.

No topic of interest in the Home Circle is ever lost sight of, and such practical subjects as HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT, Domestic COOKERY, GARDENING, EDUCATION and RECREATION are respectively treated by acknowledged experts.

The Family Doctor's papers have long been an invaluable feature of the Magazine, and the editor is h ankful to say that an incalculable amount of good has been done through this most useful agency.

Increasing interest has been developed in the proceedings of the FAMILY PARLIAMENT, which has been opened for the discussion of questions of social interest in the present day.

A more recent department, but one which in its way has attracted no little attention, is that of REMUNERATIVE EMPLOYMENT FOR GENTLEWOMEN, in which a special correspondent of large practical experience furnishes information and hints to those ladies who, from choice or necessity, are impelled to seek suitable occupation for their spare time.

THE GATHERER is the distinctive title of a department which has long earned for the Magazine a high reputation as a prompt and trustworthy record of the great and useful inventions and discoveries of modern times, as they are developed day by day. There is scarcely a country in the world in which this important section of Cassell's FAMILY MAGAZINE is not eagerly looked for every month. The ILLUSTRATIONS have long been a distinguished excellence of the Magazine.

Prospectus sent Free on application. Send 10 Cents for Sample Copy.

COMPANY, LIMITED, 739 and 741 Broadway,


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-72, 162

The Schuyler House at Albany...

..Frederic G. Mather,

A Business Firm of the Revolution.

J. Hammond Trumbull, LL.D. 17

French Spoliations before 1801

- James W. Gerard. 29

· Rousseau in Philadelphia

. .Lewis Rosenthal. 46

Washington in 1861

.Gen. Charles P. Stone. 56

Chief-Justice Marshall..

. Sallie Ewing Marshall. 62

Sir Henry Clinton's Original Secret Record of Private Daily Intelligence, continued. Con-

tributed by Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet. Introduction and Notes by Edward F. De

Lancey (begun in October, 1883). Conclusion......

Burr, Hamilton, and James Monroe ; Letter from the latter to Hamilton. Contributed by L.

J. Cist...

Letter from Benjamin Franklin to John Paul Jones.


John Colter ..

James D. Butler. 83

Notes, Queries and Replies

.87, 179, 279, 377, 467, 567

Societies ....

.91, 185, 380, 475, 571

Book Notices..

.95, 189, 286, 382, 477, 572

Announcements .

96, 384, 480

The Story of a Monument .

.S. W. D. North. 97

Did the Romans Colonize America ?

M. V. Moore. 113, 354

Lee's Campaign against Pope in 1862..

.Prof. W. Allan. 126

Charles Fenno Hoffman ....

William L. K’eese. 148

Sunnyside and Washington Irving

.Henry W. Hulbert. 153

Unpublished Letter from Alexander Hamilton to John Jay. Contributed by Gen. Charles

W. Darling....


Unpublished Letters from Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams and Aaron Burr, to Elbridge

Gerry. Contributed by I. J. Austin ....


List of the Historical Societies in America. Collated by Gen. Charles W. Darling .


A Glimpse of the Valley of Many Waters..

..Mrs. Martha J. Lamb. 193

Francisco José De Cáldas....

John Dimitry. 211

Early Connecticut Claims in Pennsylvania

T. J. Chapman, A.M. 234

Medical Department of the Revolution

.Gen. John Cochrane. 241

One Phase in the Early History of Virginia

.Rev. 1. C. Stockhridge. 261

Something about Monhegan......

.E. H. Goss. 266

Two Unpublished Letters from John Adams to Elbridge Gerry. Contributed by I. J. Aus-

tin ......

.275, 276

Unpublished Letter from Chief-Justice Marshall to George Washington. Contributed by

William Alexander Smith.....


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