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English Language.

READING-BOOKS. John Heywood's Manchester Readers. A New Series of Books of

rudimentary instruction for Elementary Schools of all grades and classes, specially prepared to suit the requirements of the New CODE, and affording the most efficient instruction in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, for the various standards of examination.

The READING AND SPELLING LESSONS will be found of inestimable value, being based upon a perfect system of gradation, and differing in style from any others published. WRITING LESSONS are introduced in the Primer and the First Book; those in the former being expressly designed for practice on the slate, the letters in the copies being white on black ground.

The LESSONS IN ARITHMETIC will be found adapted to the different standards, and an entirely novel feature is the introduction of a series of DRAWING COPIES for slate practice, instead of the inferior woodcuts which are generally found in reading books.

F'cap 8vo, bound in strong cloth. Primer or Elementary Reader

64 pp., Price 4d. First Book, adapted to Standard I........ 96 pp.,

6d. Second

II. ......128 pp.,

8d. Third

III, ...,160 pp.,

10d. Fourth

IV.. ...,192 pp.,

18, 0d. Fifth

V.&VI...224 pp.,

18. 2d. Koy to the Arithmetical" Examples in Johň Heywood's

Manchester Readers. In two Parts, cloth, Price 1s. each. (Part I.,

for Primer and Books I. and II. Part II. for Books III., IV., and V. John Heywood's New Code Readers. In Five Books. Designed to

supply the requirements of the Education Department for a second Series of Reading Books.

These books are compiled on the principle recommended in the •Instructions to Inspectors," that books for teaching reading should be of a nature to interest children. The earlier books consist of a number of simple tales specially adapted for the amusement and instruction of the young. Neither spelling, writing, nor arithmetic lessons are introduced, as the object of the New CODE READERS is simply to supply extra reading matter, and not to take the place of distinct manuals on other subjects of education. In the higher standards the books are varied in nature, and made up of lessons on subjects calculated to excite the interest of the children, while conveying to them valuable information. The lessons are carefully graduated, so that each standard is perceptibly more difficult than the previous one. Pieces of poetry are interspersed throughout, and care has been taken to exclude from each book any extracts which would be difficult of oomprehension to the child in the particular standard.

The compiler, impressed with the conviction that every series of reading books must finally stand or fall upon the simple issue whether they are found successful in teaching children to read, has striven to attain this object throughout, and it is hoped that by making these books interesting, instructive, and carefully graduated, the work of the teachers in securing Auency in reading may be greatly facilitated.

F'cap 8vo, bound in strong cloth.
First Book, adapted to Standard I. ........ 96 pp., Price

6d. Second ,

.128 p

8d. Thind



10d. Fourth Fifth

160 DO.

English Language.


John Heywood's Supplementary Readers. As many teachers have

expressed a wish to have more than one reading book in the MANCHESTER READERS suitable to the requirements of Standards V. and VI., the Publisher, in deference to their desire, has caused some Readers, on special subjects, to be prepared, which may be considered as Supplementary to the Fifth Manchester Reader, and which meet in every respect the requirements of the Standards to which reference has just been made. Thus, for the future, there will be no necessity for obliging learners to go over the same ground again and again, until teacher and pupil are wearied of the reiteration; but as soon as the Fifth Book has been thoroughly mastered the learners may pass onward to the Supplementary Manchester Readers, which will open up to them new fields of information of interesting and varied character.

The Historic Reader (Division I.) F'cap Svo. 240 pp. Cloth, ls. Od.

The Historic Reader comprises a series of selections from various histories by writers of acknowledged reputation, extending from the Invasion of Britain, by Julius Cæsar, to the death of Queen Elizabeth the last of the house of Tudor. To have extended the work over the whole period of English history to the present time would have made the volume too large and too expensive, or have compelled the adoption of extracts too short to be really useful. Under the circumstances, therefore, it has been thought better to choose the death of Elizabeth as a halting-place, and to reserve the remaining reigns for another volume if desired. One, and in some cases two or three important events or subjects, relating to the general state of society and the condition of the poople, have been selected for illustration; and each passage illustrative of the event, &c., chosen, has been taken from the pages of a wiiter of eminenc:. In order to maintain the chain of history unbroken from beginning to end, an Historical Epitome of the events of each reign has been prefixed to the selected portion of history in immediate connection with the reign. The epitomes are written in such a manner that the may serve the double purpose of Reading Lessons and a Chronological Summary of Events; and thus while the Historic Reader, chietly valuable for thé selected reading lessons that it contains, is in no way intended as a substitute for any existing school history of England, it will serve as a sufficient remembrancer of the principal events in our country's story, when no school history better adapted for the purpose is at hand. In a word, although it is a collection of historic pictures of different scenes and events selected from different authors, the chain of history is preserved unbroken throughout the entire period over which these pictures are spread, from B.C 55 to A.D. 1603. Although many of the selections have been abridged and slightly altered in some places from the originals, no liberty has been taken with the text that was not absolutely necessary.

English Language.


The Scientific Reader. F'cap Svo, 224 pp., cloth, price Is. 6d. Of these

Supplementary Reading Books the SCIENTIFIC READER is the first. In this will be found reading lessons in most branches of science to which it is desirable to call the attention of the youthful learner. It will be at once understood that the leading principles only of the varicus sciences that are brought under consideration are touched on, as it is manifestly impossible to do more in a lesson, which is intended rather for class reading than for private study, with a view to examination in Science subjects. The SCIENTIFIC READER is intended, in fact, to serve the purpose of a finger post to the sciences, and not that of a treatise or series of treatises on the sciences themselves. To show the range of subjects embraced in the Scientific Reader it will be sufficient to say that lessons bearing on Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Astronomy, Architecture, and Physical Geography are given in combination with others on the Properties of Matter, the Laws of Motion, Mechanics, the Pressure and Motion of Liquids, the Atmosphere, Sound, the Eye, Heat, Meteorology, Electricity, and Chemistry. The lessons are accompanied, when necessary, by notes embodying brief biographical sketches of eminent men whose names have been mentioned, with other information specially referring to points touched on therein ; and to some a Glossary of Difficult Words and Scientific Terms has been prefixed, while to others lists of words of a similar kind have been appended as Exercises in Meanings and Derivation for the pupil to prepare after the manner of the Glossarics.

The Scripture Reading Book. F'cap Svo, bound in strong cloth,

price Is. 6d. Containing a series of lessons from Holy Scripture for
the use of schools and private families. By Rev. A. ADAMS, M.A.,
Rector of St. Thonias's, Manchester. The SCRIPTURE READING
Book is to enable teachers to put into the bands of their scholars a
series of narratives, didactic and prophetical selections from Holv
Scripture, which will give a comprehensive view of the sacred vo.
without necessitating its constant use. At the same time it s
be remembered that it is not intended to attempt to drive the
from the school, but rather to form a basis upon which the f
study of the Bible may become more easy and profitable.

The SCRIPTURE READING BOOK, taken in its entirety, will n think, be found too difficult for the highest Standard in a Na. School, and a skilful teacher can easily adapt it to the capacit children in the lowest Standard by carefully choosing the sini, sections.

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It can also be used with equal propriety by families and individus' especially by those whose occupations are manifold, and wl leisure is too small to permit any very careful attention to t selections of passages for reading. Other volumes are under consideration, and will be added to the

from time to time as they may be required. Like the MANCHESTER READERS these books are printed in clear type on good strong paper, and issued in a stout binding.




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