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Enlarging, deepening, mingling; peal on peal
Crush'd horrible, convulsing heaven and earth.

Down comes a deluge of fonorous hail,
Or prone-descending rain. Wide-rent, the clouds
Pour a whole flood; and yet, its fame unquench’d,
Th' unconquerable lightning struggles through,
Ragged and fierce, or in red whirling balls,
And fires the mountains with redoubled rage.
Black from the stroke, above, the fmouldering pina
Stands a sad thatter'd trunk; and, stretch'd below,
A lifeless groupe the blasted cattle lie:
Here the soft flocks, with that same harmless look
They wore alive, and ruminating till
In fancy's eye; and there the frowning bull, 1155
And ox half-rais'd. Struck on the castled cliff,
The venerable tower and spiry fane
Refign their aged pride. The gloomy woods
Start at the flash, and from their deep recess,
Wide-flaming out, their trembling inmates shake. 1162
Amid Carnarvon's mountains rages loud
The repercussive roar : with mighty crush,
Into the flashing deep, from the rude rocks
Of Penmanmaur heap'd hideous to the sky,
Tumble the fmitten cliffs; and Snowden's peak, 1165
Dissolving, instant yields his wintery load.
Far-feen, the heights of heathy Cheviot blaze,
And Thulè bellows through her utmost isles.

Guilt hears appallid, with deeply troubled thought. And yet not always on the guilty head Descends the fated flash. Young Celadon

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And his Amelia were å matchless pair ;
With equal virtue form’d, and equal grace,
The same, distinguish'd by their fex alone :
Hers the mild lustre of the blooming morn, 1175
And his the radiance of the risen day.

They lov’d: but such their guileless passion was,
As in the dawn of time inform'd the heart

Of innocence, and undissembling truth. 'Twas friendship heightèn’d by the mutual with, 1180

Th' enchanting hope, and sympathetic glow,
Beam'd from the mutual eye. Devoting all
To love, each was to each a dearer felf;
Supremely happy in th' awaken'd power
Of giving joy. Alone, amid the shades, 1185
Still in harmonious intercourse they liv'd
The rural day, and talk'd the flowing heart,
Or figh'd and look'd unutterable things.

So pass’d their life, a clear united stream,
By care unruffled; till, in evil hour,

1190 The tempest caught them on the tender walk, V Heedless how far, and where its mazes stray'd,

While, with each other bleft, creative love
Still bade eternal Eden smile around.
Presaging instant fate, her bofom heav'd

Unwonted fighs, and stealing oft a look
Of the big gloom on Celadon her eye
Fell tearful, wetting her disorder'd cheek.
In vain assuring love, and confidence
In Heaven, repress’d her fear; it grew, and shook
Her frame near diffolution. He perceivid


Th’ unequal conflict; and as angels look On dying faints, his eyes compassion fhed, With love illumin'd high. “ Fear not, he said, « Sweet innocence! thou stranger to offence, 1205 “ And inward storm! He, who yon skies involves " In frowns of darkness, ever smiles on thee “ With kind regard. O’er thee the secret shaft “ That wastes at midnight, or th' undreaded hour « Of noon, flies harmless: and that very voice, 1210 " Which thunders terror through the guilty heart, “ With tongues of seraphs whispers peace to thine. “ 'Tis fafety to be near thee sure, and thus “ To clafp perfection !” From his void embrace, Mysterious heaven! that moment, to the ground, 1215 A blacken'd corfe, was struck the beauteous maid. But who can paint the lover, as he sood, Pierc'd by severe amazement, hating life, Speechless, and fix'd in all the death of woe ! So, faint resemblance ! on the marble tomb, The well-diffembled mourner stooping stands, For ever filent, and for ever fad.

As from the face of heaven the shatter'd clouds
Tumultuous rove, th’interminable sky
Sublimer swells, and o'er the world expands 1225

purer azurę. Through the lighten'd air
A higher lustre and a clearer calm,
Diffufive, tremble; while, as if in sign
Of danger paft, a glittering robe of joy,
Set off abundant by the yellow ray,

1230 Invests the fields; and nature smiles reviv'd.


'Tis beauty all, and grateful fong around, Join'd to the low of kine, and numerous bleat Of flocks thick-nibbling through the clover'd vale. And shall the hymn be marr’d by thankless man, 1235 Most favour'd; who with voice articulate Should lead the chorus of this lower world? Shall he, fo foon forgetful of the hand That hush'd the thunder, and serenes the sky, Extinguith'd feel that spark the tempest wak’d, 1240 That fenfe of powers exceeding far his own, Ere yet his feeble heart has lost its fears ?

Chear'd by the milder beam, the sprightly youth Speeds to the well-known pool, whose crystal depth A sandy bottom fhews. A while he stands

1245 Gazing th’inverted landskip, half afraid To meditate the blue profound below; Then plunges headlong down the circling flood. His ebon truffes and his rosy cheek Intant emerge; and through th' obedient wave,

12go At each short breathing by his lip repeld, With arms and legs according well, he makes, As humour leads, an easy-winding path : While, from his polith'd fides, a dewy light Effuses on the pleas'd spectators round.

1235 This is the pureft exercise of health, The kind refresher of the summer heats; Nor, when cold Winter keens the brightening flood, Would I weak-shivering linger on the brink. Thus life redoubles, and is oft preserv’d,

1260 By the bold swimmer, in the swift illapse

Of accident disastrous. Hence the limbs
Knit into force; and the same Roman arm,

That rose victoricus, o’er the conquer'd earth,
· Fifft learn'd, while tender, to subdue the wave. -1265
Ev’n from the body's purity, the mind
Receives a secret sympathetic aid.

Close in the covert of an hazel copse, Where winded into pleasing solitudes Runs out the rambling dale, young Damon sat, 1270 Pensive, and pierc'd with love's delightful pangs. There to the stream that down the distant rocks Hoarse-murniuring fell, and plaintive breeze that play'd Among the bending willows, falfely he Of Musidora's cruelty complain’d.

1275 She felt his flame; but deep within her breast, In bashful coyness, or in maiden pride, The soft return conceal'd; save when it stole In fide-long glances from her downcast eye, Or from her swelling soul in stifled fighs.

1280 Touch'd by the scene, no stranger to his vows, He fram'd a melting lay, to try her heart; And, if an infant passion ftruggled there, To call that passion forth. Thrice happy swain! A lucky chance, that oft decides the fate 1285 Of mighty monarchs, then decided thine. For, lo! conducted by the laughing Loves, This cool retreat his Musidora fought : Warm in her cheek the sultry season glow’d; And, rob’d in loose array, she came to bathe 1290 Her fervent limbs in the refreshing stream.



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