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whose eyes God and the Saviour have put that. And while he should enjoy his part of Bliss, light angelical; that ineffable loveliness, as With thoughts of what may be, destroys pure from taint as the beauty of the rose what is.

Drydea. blushing on her lily breast, which she gathered

CARE-Corrosiveness of. in the dewy garden a few hours ago, amongst the earliest songs of birds, while yet the Care is no cure, but rather a corrosive, pensive expression had not time to leave her For things that are not to be remedied. countenance, still lingering there from the

Shakspeare. piety of her soul-breathed prayers ? Shocking to hear the ugly monster coarsely canting to Care when it once is enter'd in the breast, such a creature of her-corruption! She Will have the whole possession ere it rest. knows that she belongs to a fallen nature.

Johnson. Oftentimes her tears have flowed to think how CARE-Descriptions of. undeserving she was of all the goodness Rude was his garment, and to rags all rent, showered on her head from Heaven. Often Ne better had he, ne for better cared; bas she looked on the lilies of the field, and with blister'd hands amongst the cinders brent, envied their innocence. Meek and humble is

And fingers filthy, with long nayles unpared, she, even in her most joyful happiness; con. Right fit to rend the food on which he fared : trite and repentant, even over the shadows of

His name was Care; a blacksmith by his trade, sin that may have crossed her spirit, as the That neither day nor night from working spared, shadows of clouds suddenly over “a stationary But to small purpose yron wedges made : spot of sunshine." Even for her sake she

Those be unquiet thoughts that careful minds knows that “Jesus wept." With what a


Spenser. reverent touch do these delicate bands of hers turn over the leaves of the New Testament ! I am sure care's an enemy to life. Shakspeare. Her father and her mother intensely feel themselves to be Christians, while she reads to them In care they live, and must for many care; the story of the crucifixion. She remembers And such the best and greatest ever are. not the time when she knew not Him who

Lord Brooke. died to save sinners. Professor Wilson.

Still though the headlong cavalier CARDS-Duty on.

O'er rough and smooth, in wild career, It is quite right that there should be a Seems racing with the wind, heavy duty on cards : not only on moral His sad companion, ghastly pale, grounds; not only because they act on a social

And darksome as a widow's veil, party like a torpedo, silencing the merry voice Care keeps her seat behind.

Horace. and numbing the play of the features ; not only to still the hunger of the public purse,

To carry care to bed, is to sleep with a pack which, reversing the quality of Fortunatus's, on your back.

Haliburtox. is always empty, however much you may put

CARE-Effects of. into it; but also because every pack of cards is a malicious libel on courts, and on the Care seeks out wrinkled brows and hollow eyes, world, seeing that the trumpery with number And builds himself caves to abide in them. one at the head is the best part of them; and

Beaumont and Fletcher, that it gives kings and queens no other companions than knaves.

Southey. O'er that fair broad brow were wrought

The intersected lines of thought; CARDS-Folly of.

Those furrows which the burning share It is very wonderful to see persons of the Of Sorrow ploughs untimely there; best sense passing away a dozen bours together Scars of the lacerating mind in shuffling and dividing a pack of cards, with which the soul's war doth leave behind. no other conversation but what is made up of

Byron. a few game-phrases, and no other ideas but those of black or red spots ranged together in Danger, long travel, want, or woe. different figures. Would not a man laugh to

Soon change the form that best we know ; hear any one of his species complaining that For deadly fear can time outgo, life is short ?


And blanch at once the hair.

Hard toil can roughen form and face, CARE-a Clog.

And want can quench the eye's bright grace ; All creatures else a time of love possess, Nor does old age a wrinkle trace, Man only clogs with care his happiness, More deeply than despair. Sir Walter Scotl.

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CARE-Origin of.

CARES-Created. Cares, both in kind and degree, are as innu- But human bodies are sio fools, merable as the sands of the seashore; and the For a' their colleges and schools, iable which Hyginus has so pleasantly con

That when nae real ills perplex them, structed on this subject, shows that man is They make enow themselves to vex them. their proper prey. “Care," says he, "crossing

Burns. a dangerous brook, collected a mass of the CARES-to be Dispensed with. dirty slime which deformed its banks, and

Be wise, cut off long cares moulded it into the image of an earthly From thy contracted span. being, which Jupiter, on passing by soon after- Een whilst we speak, the envious time wards, touched with ethereal fire, and warmed Doth make swift haste away : into animation ; but, being at a loss what name Then seize the present, use thy prime, to give this new production, and disputing Nor trust another day.

Creech. to whom of right it belonged, the matter was referred to the arbitrament of Saturn, who CARES-Transient. decreed that his name should be MAN, Homo

Quick is the succession of human events; ab humo, from the dirt of wbich he had been

the cares of to-day are seldom the cares of tonade; that care should entirely possess his

morrow; and when we lie down at night, we mind 'while living ; that Tellus, or the earth, may safely say to most of our

es, Ye should receive his body when dead; and that have done your worst, and we shall meet no Jupiter should dispose of his celestial essence

Cowper. sooriing to his discretion. Thus was man made the property of care from his original CARICATURE-Evil of Drawing. formation; and discontent, the offspring of care, bas ever since been his inseparable com

The great moral satirist, Hogarth, was once panion."


drawing in a room where many of his friends

were assembled, and among them my mother. CARE-Palliatives for.

She was then a very young woman. As she Man is a child of sorrow, and this world,

stood by Hogarth, she expresed a wish to learn la which we breatbe, has cares enough to

to draw caricature. “ Alas, young lady,” said plague us;

Hogarth, “it is not a faculty to be envied ! Bat it hath means withal to soothe these cares;

Take my advice, and never draw caricature; And be who meditates op others' woe

by the long practice of it, I have lost the Shall in that meditation lose his own.

enjoyment of beauty. I never see a face but

Cumberland. distorted : I never have the satisfaction to CARE-Providential.

behold the human face divine." We may sup| What is man, that thou shouldest magnify pose that such language from Hogarth would him and that thou shouldest set thine heart

come with great effect; his manner was very upon him! and that thou shouldest visit him earnest, and the confession is well deserving of every morning, and try him every moment ?


Bishop Sandford. Job.

CASTE-Ill Effects of. I have been young, and now am old : yet

Up to the present time, each caste among bare I pot seen the righteous forsaken; nor

the Hindoos has not only been self-governed, his seed begging bread.

and separa

organized, but may be looked CARES-Alternation of.

upon as a separate nation, unconnected by Thus sometimes hath the brightest day a cloud, blood, pursuits, or sympathies, with the popu

lation around it. Hence it is that there is no And after summer evermore succeeds Parten winter with his wrathful nipping cold; such thing as Hindoo public opinion. So long So cares and joys abound as seasons fleet.

as a man preserves the good opinion of his Shakspeare.

caste, he may commit the gravest crimes CARES-Appearance of.

against the general public, the grossest perAll cares appear as large again as they are, juries or frauds that would demand exclusion oring to their emptiness and darkness, it is from society : still, if his caste is uninjured by so with the grave.


him, he is not deemed to bear any blot on his escutcheon.

Perry. CARES-Compensations for. Providence has given us hope and sleep, as a

CASTLE-in Ruins. compensation for the many cares of life. All ruin'd and wild is their roofless abode,

Voltaire. | And lonely the dark raven's sheltering treo;

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And travell’d by few is the grass-cover'd road Takes pleasure to report his neighbour's faults,
Where the hunter of deer and the warrior trode Judging with rigour every small offence,
To his hills that encircle the sea. Campbell. And prides himself in scandal. Few there are

Who, injured, take the part of the transgressor, CAUSE-a Just.

And plead his pardon, ere he deigns to ask it. I would seek unto God, and unto God would

Haywood. I commit my cause.

Job. CEREMONY-Insincerity of.

Ceremony was but devised at first God befriend us, as our cause is just !

To set a gloss on faint deeds, hollow welcomes,

Shakspeare. Recanting goodness, sorry ere 'tis shown; CAUSE-a Noble.

But where there is true friendship, there needs A noble cause doth ease much a grievous none,

Shakspeare. case,

Sir Philip Sydney.


their Furniture. Small causes are sufficient to make a man

With three of the four rooms we have nouneasy, when great ones are not in the way: thing to do. Two were bed-rooms, and in the for want of a block, he will stumble at a straw.

third and dreariest snuffled a restless boy,

Swift. something proud of his dignity of clerk, CAUTION-learnt from Experience.

something interested in the last number of

the “Avenger of Blood,” yet something pining It is a good thing to learn caution by the for the undignified pitching and tossing, misfortunes of others. Publius Syrius. carried on by mere boys, who were not clerks, CAUTION-in High Rank.

in a yard behind. Sometimes the clink of the 1

copper and the instant clamour of the antago. High-reaching Buckingham grows circum

pists were too much for him, and he left tbe spect.

Shakspeare. Avenger roasting his father's murderer, and CAUTION-Watchfulness of.

went sulkily to the window to gaze on the

plebeians, and to wish that he had not risen More firin and sure the hand of courage strikes, from the ranks. Then dobler thoughts came When it obeys the watchful eye of caution. over him ; he remembered his salary, and the

Thomson. occasional order for the Adelphi, from his CAUTION-Wise.

good-natured masters, and he went back to the Beware equally of a sudden friend and a

half-cooked assassin who was being so signally slow enemy

Home. served out by filial retribution. But the prin

cipal chamber was a pleasant one, handsomely CENSURE-sometimes a Commendation. carpeted, pictured from various collections,

and not without its easy chairs for its owners, The censure of those that are opposed to

and similar accommodation for any friend. us, is the nicest commendation that can be Philip Arundel's tastes were a little in the given us.

St. Evremond,

way of the Epicurean's above-mentioned; but

anything like fastidiousness had been corrected CENSURE-the Tax paid by Eminent in Philip at College; and though there were Men.

some engravings, statuettes, and knick-knacks Censure, says an ingenious author, is the

which the elegant gentleman would not have tax a man pays to the public for being eminent. disdained, they were interspersed with articles It is a folly for an eminent man to think of that he would have removed with a pair of escaping it, and a weakness to be affected with tongs via the window. Pipes of all kinds hung it. All the illustrious persons of antiquity, about, or littered the mantelpiece, which was and, indeed, of every age in the world, have further encumbered with quaint tobacco jarz, passed through this fiery persecution. There in which terriers' heads, and even the feininine is no defence against reproach but obscurity; form, were profaned into receptacles for the it is a kind of concomitant to greatness, as maligned weed. There was, against a wall, a satires and invectives were an essential part of noble stag's head; but on its branches hung a a Roman triumph.

Addison. travelling cap, a shot flask, a Highland dirk, and

other disfigurements, that made it resemble CENSURE-of the World.

a stern Christmas tree. A Gothic bookcase was O that the too censorious world would learn not ill furnished; but between a Lucretius This wholesome rule, and with each other bear; of 1511 and the “Pickwick Papers" was But man, as if a foe to his own species, cigar cabinet; and the last volume of "Boswell"




would have fallen as flat as Jemmy himself did unhappy, alas ! to imagine that a deep and on the parement of that assize town where he heartfelt grief can either be eradicated, or even got so terribly tipsy, but that a pair of fencing- assuaged, by change of place or scene, is but gloves buttressed the book, and made you to mock a sorrow, the intensity of which we look round for foils and masks. These you are incapable of comprehending. sought not in vain, for they were set as an

Mrs. Maberley. appropriate halo around a bracket, from which, CHANGE-Rapid. and from the sea, rose Venus Anadyomene.

Gather the rosebuds while ye may,
Shirley Brooks.

Old Time is still a-flying;
CHANCE-Argument against.

And that same flower that blooms to-day, Can that which is not, shape the things that To-ncrrow shall be dying.

Herrick. are ? Is chance omnipotent-resolve me why CHANGES-Bodily. The meanest shell-fish, and the noblest brute, Transmit their likeness to the years that come ?

Our bodies are at all times like the fire which Dilnot Sladden.

was shown to the hero of the Pilgrim's ProCHANCE-Characteristics of.

gress in the Interpreter's house, which had

water poured on it on one side of the wall Chance is but the pseudonyme of God for against which it blazed, and oil on the other. those particular cases which He does not

Here one tissue is burning like fuel, and there choose to subscribo openly with His own sign- another is becoming the depository of commanual.

Coleridge. bustible matter. We have, as it were, millions

of microscopic wind-furnaces, converting into CHANCE-a Double.

carbonic acid, water-vapour, and other proIn my school days, when I had lost one shaft, ducts of combustion, all the combustible I sbot another of the self-same flight,

elements of the body; and millions of blastThe self-same way, with more advised watch, furnaces, reducing the starch and sugar of the To find the other forth.

Shakspeare. food, and the sulphates and phosphates of the

body, into inflammable oils and other fuels, CHANGE.

which are finally transferred to the wind.

furnaces, and burned there. Burning, and, Ships, wealth, general confidence,

what we must call in contradistinction, unburnAll were his :

ing, thus proceed together; the flame of life, He counted them at break of day;

like a blowpipe flame, exhibiting an oxidizing · And wben the sun set! where were they?

and a reducing action, at points not far distant

Byron. from each other. Such is the human bodyCHANGE-not always Curative.

ever changing, ever abiding ;—a temple always It is too common an opinion that change of complete, and yet always under repair, a manscene is the best restorative of an unhappy sion which quite contents its possessor, and mind. With some temperaments it may suc- yet bas its plans and its materials altered each eod, but, surely, not with all : and yet, how moment;-a machine which never stops workulifersally is the remedy suggested for almost ing, and yet is taken to pieces in the one twinkevery species of mental ailment, notwithstand- ling of an eye, and put together in the other; ing its being so seldom productive of the effects --a cloth of gold, to which the needle is ever attributed to it. What lasting amelioration of adding on one side of a line, and from which our condition can be rationally expected from the scissors are ever cutting away on the other. yielding to what is but the mere impulse of Yes. Life, like Penelope of old, is ever weavthe moment-a sensation of restlessness, arising ing and unweaving the same web, whilst her from our own ill-regulated feelings, and a vain grim suitors, Disease and Death, watch for her desire to escape from ourselves and our own halting; only, for her is no Ulysses who will tboughts, which is mistaken for an aversion to one day in triumph return. Dr. George Wilson. the places and objects that have been the unCuscious witnesses of our sufferings ? From CHANGES-The Mind accustomed to. whatever source our uncomfortable feelings bay arise, they would perhaps be alleviated, or

To the mind subdued, by a little firmness and determination which is itself, no changes bring surprise. on our part; and this, if we chose, could be


CHANGES-Necessary. easily summoned to our aid at home, instead of setting out on our travels to seek for conso- The same stale viands served up o'er and o'er lation we know not where. And to the really | The stomach nauseates.





Without dimension, where length, breadth, Changing hands without changing measures,

and height, is as if a drunkard in a dropsy should change and time, and place, are lost; where eldest his doctors, and not his diet.

Saville. Night

And Chaos, ancestors of nature, hold CHANGES-Social and Political.

Eternal anarchy, amidst the noise

Of endless wars, and by confusion stand; The great trading companies were not insti- For hot, cold, moist and dry, four champions tuted for selfish purposes, but to insure the

fierce, consumer of manufactured articles that what Strive here for mastery, and to battle bring he purchased was properly made and of a

Their embryon atoms: they around the flag reasonable price. They determined prices, Of each his faction, in their several clans, fixed wages, and arranged the rules of appren: Light-arm’d, or heavy, sharp, smooth, swift, or ticeship. But in time the companies lost

slow, their healthy vitality, and, with other relics of Swarm populous : unnumber'd as the sands feudalism, were in the reign of Elizabeth Of Barca, or Cyrene's torrid soil ; hastening away. There were no longer trades- Levied to side with warring winds, and poise men to be found in sufficient number who were

Their lighter wings. To whom these most i possessed of the necessary probity; and it is

adhere, impossible not to connect such a phenomenon He rules a moment: Chaos umpire sits, with the deep melancholy which, in those And by decision more embroils the fray years, settled down on Elizabeth herself. For, By which he reigns; next him, high arbiter, indeed, a change was coming upon the world, Chance governs all.

Milion. the meaning and direction of which even is still hidden from us-a change from era to CHARACTER-Acquirement of a. The paths trodden by the footsteps of

The way to gain a good reputation is to ages were broken up; old things were passing away, and the faith and the life of ten centuries endeavour to be what you desire to appear.

Socrates. were dissolving like a dream. Chivalry was

CHARACTER-Appreciation of. dying; the abbey and the castle were soon

It is a common error, of which a wise man together to crumble into ruins; and all the forms, desires, beliefs, convictions of the old bour by his conduct towards ourselves. How

will beware, to measure the worth of our Leighworld were passing away never to return. A new continent had risen up beyond the western knowledge of, were it not for our pride!

many rich souls might we not rejoice in the The floor of heaven, inlaid with stars,

Richter. had sunk back into an infinite abyss of im

CHARACTER-Assumed. measurable space; and the firm earth itself, unfixed from its foundations, was seen to be

Thase who quit their proper character to but a small atom in the awful vastness of the

assume what does not belong to tbem, are for universe. In the fabric of habit in which they they leave and of the character they assume.

the greater part ignorant of both the character had so laboriously built for themselves, mankind were to remain no longer. And now it is


CHARACTER-Decision of. all gone-like an unsubstantial pageant faded; and between us and the old English there lies

He who, when called upon to speak a disa gulf of mystery which the prose of the his- agreeable truth, tells it boldly and has done, is torian will never adequately bridge. They both bolder and milder than he who nibbles in a cannot come to us, and our imagination can

low voice, and never ceases nibbling. Lacater. but feebly penetrate to them. Only among the aisles of the cathedrals, only as we gaze

Decision of character is one of the most upon their silent figures sleeping on their important of human qualities, philosophically tombs, some faint conceptions float before us

considered. Speculation, knowledge, is not the of what these men were when they were alive; chief end of man; it is action. We may, by a and perhaps in the sound of church bells, that fine education, learn to think most correctly, peculiar creation of mediæval age, which falls and talk most beautifully; but when it comes upon the ear like the echo of a vanished world. to action, if we are weak and undecided, we

Froude. are of all beings the most wretched. All man

kind feel themselves weak, beset with infirmi. CHAOS-Description of.

ties, and surrounded with dangers; the acutest Before their eyes in sudden view appear minds are the most conscious of difficulties; The secrets of the hoary deep; a dark, and dangers. They want, above all things, a Illimitable ocean, without bound,

leader with that boldness, decision, and



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