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FREMONT, GEN. J. C., 26; appointed to command | GOODING, GEN., taken prisoner, 220.
of Mountain Department 1:8; ordered to intercept GORDON, GEN. J. B., mortally wounded near
Jackson. 186: his march across the mountains, 186-7; Richmond, 674.
fails to head off Jackson, 187; fight with Ewell at

GORDON, GEN. G. H., extract from his report of
Cross-Keys, 188; recalled from pursuit of Jackson, 140;
refuses a command under Gen. Pope, 172; his proc.

attack on Banks's rear-guard at Winchester, 135; com-
lamation modified by order of the President, 289;

mands a brigade at Antietam, 206.
nominated for President at Cleveland, 658; withdraws GORDONSVILLE, Va., 173; Jackson at, 176.
from Presidential canvass, 670.

GORMAN, GEN. W. A., at South Mountain, 198.
FRENCH EMPEROR proffers his services as me-

GOVAN, GEN., at Chickamauga, 417; captured,
diator between the North and South, 484.

with most of his brigade, at Jonesboro', Ga., 636.
FRENCH, GEN. (Rebel), commands a division at

GOVE, COL., Mass., killed at Gaines's Mill, 157.
Antietam, 207; at Fredericksburg, 845; is repelled
from Allatoona by Gen, Corse, 699.

GRAHAM, MAJOR, his train récaptured at Phila-
FRONT ROYAL, Va., fight al, 133-4.

delphia, Tenn., 431.
GRANBURY, BRIG.-GEN., killed at Franklin, 683.
GRAND ECORE, La., Rebels beaten Dear, 545.
GRAND GULF, Miss., burned by Gen. Williams,

101; attack on, 802.
GAINES's Mill, Va., battle of, 154 to 158; map GRANGER, GEN. GORDON, at Chickamauga, 421;
of the field, 156; Porter's defeat, 157 ; losses sustained,

captures Fort Morgan, 653; in attack on Mobile, 721.
157-8; McClellan's dispatches, 158.

GRANT, GEN. U. S., captures Fort Henry, 45-6;
GAINESVILLE, battle of, 181; retreat from, 183-7. invests and captures Fort Donelson, 47 to 51; moves
GALLATIN, Tenn., Union défeat at, 213.

bis army to Pittsburg Landing, 08-9; arrives on the
GALVESTON, Magruder's foray, and our losses at,

battle-field, 63 ; his remarks on the line of retreat, 65;

66: 68: bis report of losses at Pittsburg Landing. 70:
822; 823; 825; naval encounters at, 828 to 827.

in command of the district of West Tennesser-informs
GANO, GEN., surprises a Union outpost, 555.

Rosecrans of the movements of a large Rebel force, 222;
GARDNER, Gen., his defense and surrender of orders Rosecrans to attack luka, and sends him reen-
Port Hudson, 818; 331 to 837.

forcements, 223; he réenforces Corinth so as to resist
GARFIELD, GEN. JAMES A., drives Marshall from

the besieging army under Van Dorn, 230; his attempts

to flank the Mississippi, 295; he crosses the Big Black,
Kentucky, 42; at battle of Mill Spring, 42; 43; 44; at

809; changes his point of attack on Vicksburg, 300;
Chickamauga, 422.

directs a naval attack on the batteries of Grand
GARLAND, BRIG.-Gex., his brigade cut up at Gull, 802; crosses his army near Port Gibson, 803;
South Mountain, and himself killed, 596.

his attack, 804; his captures and loss, 304; changes his
GARNETT, BRIG.-GEN., killed at Gettysburg. 389. base of supplies, 804; wins the battle of Champion
GARRARD, GEN., cooperates at Mobile, 723.

Hills, 807; bis captures and losses, 808-9; fall of Haines's

Bluff and Yazoo City. 810; his grand assault on Vicks-
GEARY, GEN. JOHN W., his charge at Cedar

burg a failure-he begins a regular siege-negotiations
Mountain, 177; triumphs at Wauhatchie, 485.

for surrender, captures and losses, &c., 810 to 816;
GEORGIA, British-Confederate cruiser, captured

selected for chief command in Tennessee, 432; is re-
by the Niagara, 646.

enforced by Sherman at Chattanooga, 437: drives

Bragg froni Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga Valley,
GERMANTOWN, Va., skirmish at, 188.

and Mission Ridge, 438 to 445; his official report, 443;
GETTYSBURG, 367: battle and map of 378: Gens.

losses on both sides, 446; is appointed Lient.-General-
Hancock and Sickles arrive at, 879; preparing for the his advance on Richmond, 562; his qualifications and
decisive charge at, 883; second battle and map of, 884; ideas, 568-4; he crosses the Rapidan, 567; fights Lee
the Rebel grand charge at, 385.

at the Wilderness, 667 to 570; advances to the North
GETTY'S DIVISION at the battles of the Wilder Anna river, 577; bis flank movement to Cold Harbor,
ness, 669 to 571.

679; his grand assault at Cold Harbor, 581: he crisses
GHOLSON, GEN., of Miss., killed at Egypt, 696.

the James river, 588; end of his campaign of 1864 and

losses, 597; remarks on the results of the campaign,
GIBBON, BRIG.-Gen., at South Mountain, 198; 698: letter to Butler regarding the capture of Wilming-

wounded at Vicksburg, 847 : at Chancellorsville, 862; ton, 712; before Petersburg, 729; 780; compels Lee to
at Gettysburg, 880 to 887; at the Wilderness, 567 to surrender, 743-4; visits Sherman at Raleigh, 753; issues
671; at Cold Harbor, 581.

general order congratulating the troops on the end of
GIDDINGS, Hon. J. R., on the Slave-Trade, 237. the Rebellion, 758.
GILBERT, Gen., in battle of Perryville, 220. GREAT Run, Va., Sigel fights Rebels at, 179.
GILLEM, Gex., captures 300 prisoners from Duke GREATHOUSE, BRIG.-GEN. LUCIEN, killed near

at Kingsport, Tenn., 688; captures 200 men and 8 guns Atlanta, 631.
from Vaughan at Wytheville, Va., 688.

| GREELEY, HORACE, writes to the President on
GILLMORE, GEN. QUINCY A., routs Pegram near Slavery in the War, 251; at Niagara Falls, 664 5.

Somerset, 427; his plan for bombarding Fort Pulaski GREEN RIVER, Ky., railroad communication re-
adopted, 456: 457; fall of Fort Pulaski due to, 458:

opened to, 270.
succeeds Gen, Hunter in command of the Department

GREEN, COL., wounded at Fort Wagner, 477.
of the South, 473; condition of his army and plan of
operations, 478-4; establishes the marsh battery, which

GREEN, GEN., wounded at Wauhatcbie, 435.
opens on Charleston, 478-9; captures Fort Wagner, 481;

stops blockade-running at Charleston, 432; occupies

GREGG, GEX., taken prisoner at Farmville, 743.
Jacksonville unresisted, 528; 630.
Gist, GEN., at Chickamauga, 417; killed at Frank.

GREGG, GEN. (Union), attacked, and 500 men
lin, Tenn., 688

captnred from him near Jefferson, VA 898
GLADDING, BRIG.-Gen., killed at Shiloh, 70.

GREGG, BRIG.-GEN. (Rebel), wounded at Antie-
GLENDALE, Va., battle of, 161 to 163; extracts

| tam, 210; at Gettysburg, 889."

GRENADA, Miss., cavalry raids to, 615.
from various reports of, 162–3; Sam. Wilkeson's ac-
count of retreat from, 164.

GRIERSOX, COL B. H. (since Gen.), raids from
GOLDING'S FARM, fight at, 160.

Lagrange to Baton Rouge, 801; raids toward Mobile, 6e5.
GOLDSBORO', N. C., Schofield enters, 716; Sher-

GRIFFIN, Gex., at Gaines's Mill, 156; at Malvern
man arrives, 708.

Hill, 165; captures 1,500 Rebels at Five Forks, 188.
GOLDSBOROUGH, Com. L. M., with Burnside's GRIFFITH, SERGEANT, 22d Iowa, captures 13

expedition, 18; relieved from command, 76; 121. prisoners, 312.
GOODING, COL. 0. P., encounters a Rebel force GRNES, SEXATOR JAMES W., of Iowa, his bill for
near Red river, 589.

| the education of colored children, 266




GROVER, GEN. C., rëoccupies Baton Rouge, 327. | HAWKINS, COL. R. C., at Roanoke Island, 76; 79,
GROVETON, Va., battle of, 183.

HAYES, GEN. ALEX., killed at the Wilderness, 569.
GUNBOATS, captured and destroyed by the ene- | HAYTI recognized as a Republic, 265.
my on Red river, 550.

HAZEN, GEN., with Sherman on his great march,
GUNTOWN, Miss., Sturgis routed at, 621.

659; storms Fort McAllister, 693.
HEINTZELJAN, GEN., commands a corps in Army

of the Potomac, 108; at Yorktown, 120; in battle of
Williamsburg, 122 to 125; at Fair Oaks, 142, 145-6:

his report of the battle of Glendale, 169; commands a
HABEAS CORPUS, Vallandigham's case, 489;

corps at Malvern Hill, 165; he rëenforces Pope's army,
President Lincoln 'on, 491.

179; ordered to cooperate with McDowell, 181; pres-
HAGERSTOWN, Md., Longstreet advances to, 196. ent at Gainesville, 185; gallant conduct of his brigade
HAINES'S BLUFF, Miss., Sherman's feint on, 303 ;

at second Bull Run, 169.
capture of, 810.

'HELENA, Ark., attack by Holmes on, 319; Rebels
Hall, Col. A. S., 105th Ohio, defeats Morgan

defeated at, 821.
on Vaught's Hill, 284.

HENDERSON, Ky., seized by guerrillas, 212.
HALLECK, GEN. H. W., allusion to, 26; 35; 58; HENDERSON'S HILL, La., Gen. Warner surprises

his army occupies Corinth, Miss.. 71-2; summoned to and captures guns and prisoners at, 637.
Washington to act as General-in-Chief, 72; department

HENRY, PATRICK, on the Slave-Trade, 233.
of, extended, 113; his suggestions to Gen. McClellan,
169-70-71; his communications with Gen. McClellan,

HERRON, GEN. F. J., routs Rebels near Fayette-
ordering him to withdraw his army from the Peninsula,

ville, Ark., 37, 38; at Prairie Grove, 88 to 41; extracts
190-1-%; his order relating to fugitive slaves, 241;

I from letters from, 88; 41; at Vicksburg, 314; his Yazoo
orders Burnside to concentrate his army on the Ten-

expedition, 818.
nessee. 480: his apprehensions as to Rosecrans's army HETH, GEN. (Rebel), defeated at Lewisburg, Va.,
at Chattanooga, 432; Grant relieves him as Comman 140; at Gettysburg, 880 to 887; wounded, 389; repulsed
der-in-Chief and appoints him chief of staff, 564.

at Petersburg, 735.
HAMILTON, GEN. S., cooperates in the attack on HIGGINSON, COL. T. W., takes Jacksonville, 449.

Price at luka, 223; his report as to Corinth, 225; with HILL, GEN. A. P., his attack near Mechanicsville,
Sherman on his great march, 639.

repulsed, 153 ; cooperates with Jackson, 181; moves to
HAMILTON'S BATTERY, at Olustee, 531.

Harper's Ferry, 200; at Fredericksburg, 344; at Chan-
HAMPTON ROADS, gunboat fight in, 116 to 120.

cellorsville, 859; at Centerville, 895; killed at Peters.

burg, 785.
HAMPTON, GEN. WADE, wounded at Gettysburg,

Hill, GEN. D. H. (Rebel), at Richmond, 142;
889; surprises Kilpatrick near Fayetteville, 705.

148; his attack, near Mechanicsville, repulsed, 153;
HANCOCK, GEN. WINFIELD S., in battle of Wil at Malvern Hill, 165; commands the right division at
liamsburg, 125; succeeds Gen, Richardson at Antietam, second Bull Run, 188; at South Mountain, 196: his
20s; at Fredericksburg, 845; at Gettysburg, 880 to 887; report of the battle, 197; at Gettysburg, 880 to 887;
wounded, 887; commands 2d corps of the Army of the Foster repels himn at Washington, N. C., 483 ; at Chick:
Potomac, 564; he marches on Chancellorsville, 566; amauga, 415; at the Wilderness, 567 to 571.
at the Wilderness, 667 to 571 ; captures Gen. Johnson HILL, MAJOR, 2d Indiana, defeats raiders, 271.
and staff, with 8,000 men and 30 guns, at Spottsylvania,
571-2; at Cold Harbor, 580 to 582; north of the James,

HINDMAX, Gen. T. C., 36; 37; in command at
599; his fight at Reams's Station, 608; advances to

Prairie Grove, 88 to 41; retreats from Prairie Grove,
Hatcher's Run, 595.

40; at Chickamauga, 422.
HANOVER COURT HOUSE, Va., fight at, 141-2. HINKLEY, COL. (Rebel), killed at Hartsville, 447.
HANSON, GEN. ROGER W., Ky. (Rebel), killed at

HITCHCOCK, GEN., his report of strength of force
Stone River, 282

reserved for defense of Washington, 180.
HARDEE, GEN., commands a corps under Bragg, HOBSON, GEN., his surrender in Kentucky, 623.

218; commands a corps at Stone River, 274; his flank | HOKE, GEN., besieges Plymouth, N. C., 533-4.
attack at Decatur, near Atlanta, 632, his attack at
Jonesboro', a failure, 636; evacuates Savannah, 694;

HOLLINS, Com. (Rebel), 55; in command of fleet
evacuates Charleston, 701.

at New Orleans, 84; superseded by Com. Whittle, 87.
HARDIN, COL., wounded at 2d Bull Run, 189. | HOLLY SPRINGS, captured by Van Dorn, 286.
HARDING, COL. A.C., defends Fort Donelson, 283. HOLMES, LT.-GEN., his failure at Helena, 321.
HARPER'S FERRY, battle and map of, 199; 200; HOLT, BRIG.-GEN. (Rebel), killed at Benton, Ark.,
in the hands of the enemy, 203.

by scouts under Capt. Inez, 504.
HARRINGTON, COL., killed at Stone River, 281. HONEY SPRINGS, Cooper defeated at, 449.
HARRIS, Gov. ISHAM G., 52.

Hood, GEN. John B., attempts to turn the right
HARRIS, COL., at Perryville, 220.

of our army at Thoroughfare Gap, 183; commands a

division at Antietarn, 200; at Gettysburg. 880 to 889:
HARRISON'S BAR, scene of operations, 167;

wounded at Chickamauga, 422; leads the attack at
map of McClellan's position, 168; interview between Kenesaw Mountain, 629; succeeds Johnson in com-
President Lincoln and Gen. McClellan at, 169.

mand of the Rebel army at Atlanta, 630; his first at.
HARRISON, COL. M. L., defeats Cabell at Fayette tack on Sherman, at Decatur, repulsed-losses, 631: he
ville, Ark., 448.

abandons Atlanta, 637; his movements, 639-40; his
HARRODSBURG, Ky., Bragg abandons supplies

Tennessee campaign, 677; he invests Athens (Ala-
at, 221.

bama), 677; operates on Sherman's line of communica-

tions up to Chattanooga, 678; intrenches before
HARTSUFF, BRIG.-Gex., at South Mountain, 198;

Nashville, 678; composition and organization of his
is wounded at Antietann, 206.

arıny, 679–80; he attacks Schofield at Franklin, 681:
HARTSVILLE, Tenn., fight at, 271; disgraceful his account of the battle, 683; bis position at Nash-
surrender of Col. Moore at, 271-2.

ville, 684; worsted by Thoinas, at Nashville, 655; he
HARTSVILLE, Mo., fight at, 447.

is chased out of Tennessee, 687; Is relieved of com-
Hatch, GEN., he fails to carry out his instruc-

mand at his own request, 689.
tions and is relieved from command, 175; commands

HOOKER, GEN. JOSEPH, in the battle of Williams-
King's division at South Mountain, 197; is wounded, burg, 122 to 126; extract from his report of battle of
198; at Nashville, 684.

Williamsburg, 125; advances on Richinond, 149; or.
HATCHER'S Run, Hancock advances to, 595.

dered to Fair Oaks, 149; commands a division at tho

battle of Malvern Hill, 165; drives the Rebels from
HATTON, Gen. ROBT. (Rebel), killed, 158.

Malvern to White Oak Swamp bridge, 170; defeata
HAWES, RICHARD, appointed Rebel “Provisional Ewell's force at Bristow station, 181; cooperates with
Governor of Kentucky," 217.

the army at Gainesville and South Mountain, 135; 197;

his gallant conduct at 2d Bull Run, 189; at Antietam, his hazar ons movement from the Rappahannock, 180;
200; 206; receives a severe wound in the foot, and his evacuates Manassas, 161; is presentat 20 Bull Run, 157;
command assigned to Gen. Sumner, 207; at Freder his report, 188-9; he rēcrosses the Potomac and cap-
icksburg, 345; succeeds Burnside in command of the tures Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry, 199-200; 201:
army. 352: Lee concentrates bis forces on his front, commands the left wing at Antietam, 206; ordered to
855 stunned at the battle of Chancellorsville, 861; his attack the right wing in flank and rear, but declines,
loss, 364; rēcrosses the Rappa hannock, 864: is suc 209; at Fredericksbury, 844: he routs Howard's corps
ceeded in command by Gen. Meade, 875; visits Wash at Chancellorsville, 857; his death, 359.
ington without lenve, and is placed in arrest by Gen.

JACKSON, GEN. JAS. S., killed at Perryville, 219.
Halleck, 375; is transferred from the army of the Po-
tomac, with 11th and 12th corps, to Middle Tennessee,

JACKSON, GEN. C. F., killed at Fred'ksburg, 347.
under Grant, 433, he carries Lookout Mountain, 489; JACKSON, COL., 76th Pa., at Fort Wagner, 477.
advances on Chattanooga, 441: Cleburne turns on him

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., rëtaken by Unionists, 459;
at Ringgold, 445; defeats Longstreet at Wauhatchie,
485-6; in the Atlanta campaign, 626.

Union Convention at, 459, 532.

JACKSON CITY, Miss., captured by McPherson,
HOVEY, GEN. A. P., captures a Rebel camp, 288;

306; Sherman drives Johnston's army out of, 317.
wonded at Fort Hindman, 293; good service at

JAENSEN, MAJOR, killed before Vicksburg, 290.
Champion Hills, 808; at Vicksburg, 812.
HOWARD, GEN. 0. O., wounded at Fair Oaks, 148; |

| JAMES RIVER, scene of operations and map of,

16s; crossed by Grant, 583; Sheridan bafiled at bridges
at Antietam, 207; at Fredericksburg, 345; his corps

over, 728.
routed by Jackson at Chancellorsville, 857; at Gettys-

JEFFERSON, Va., Unionists routed near, 395.
burg, 880 to 387; in the Atlanta campaign, 626; with
Sherman in his great march from Atlanta to Savannah, JEFFERSON City, Mo., Price threatens, 559.
689 to 695; advances on Columbia, S. C., 700.

JENKINS, GEx., wounded at Gettysburg, 389.
HOWE, GEN. A. P., at Chancellorsville, 363 ; his JENKINS'S FERRY, Ark., fight at, 553.

narrative of the pursuit of Lee, 890; his testimony in Johxson, ANDREW, nominated for Vice-Presi-
relation to Gen. Meade, 402.

dent, 660: his letter of acceptance, 660; sneceeds to the
HUGER, Gen. (Rebel), at Seven Pines, 143; hiy Presidency, 750; offers reward of $100,000 for arrest of

position in front of Richmond, 160; is present at the Davis, 750.
battle of Malvern Hill, 165.

JOHNSON, Hon. Geo. W., killed at Shiloh, 70.
HUMPHREYS, Gex., at Vicksburg, 345; at Get JOHNSON, MAJOR-GEN. EDWARD, captured by
trsburg, 392 to 887; at Farmville, 742.

Hancock at Spottsylvania, 572.
HUNTER, GEX., his order on Slavery annulled by Johnson, GEN. R. W., at Chickamauga, 415;
the President. 246-7; he defeats W. E. Jones at Pied-

cooperates against Bragg at Lookout Mountain, Chat-
mont. 600; miscarries at Lynchburg, 601; is succeeded

tanooga Valley, and Mission Ridge, 488 to 442.
in command by Gen. Sheridan, 607.
HURLBUT, GEN., 59, 64; at Corinth, 230.

Johnson, ZACHARIAH, on the Slave-Trade, 233.
JOHNSON'S ISLAND, Lake Erie, plot to seize, 624.
JOHNSONVILLE, Tenn., assaulted by Forrest. 679.

JOHNSTON, GEN. JOSEPH E., succeeds Beauregard
ÎMBODEN, GEx., captures Charlestown, Va., 396.

in command of Ariny of Virginia 112; evacuates Ma-

nassas, 112; attacks Casey at Fair Oaks, 142; wounded
IMMELL'S BATTERY, at luka, 224.

at Fair Oaks. 145: his report of losses at Fair Oaks,
INDEPENDENCE, Mo., garrison at, captured, 36. 145: Sherman drives bim out of Jackson City. 317:
INDIANA, Morgan's raid into, 405.

opposed to Sherman in Georgia, 625; organization of

army, 625, abandons Dalton and Resaca to Sherman,
INDIAS CAMPAIGNS, Sibley's and Connor's, 455.

626; retreats from Adairsville, 626; Kingston, 625;
INDIANOLA, iron-clad, destroyed, 299.

Kenesaw Mountain, 630; is superseded by Hood,
INDIANS, slaveholding among the, 32; at Fort

680-1; takes command of lood's army, 699; attacks

Slocum at Bentonville, 707: surrenders to Sherman,
Smith, 33; in battle of Pea Ridge, 33-4.

INGRAHAM, CAPT. D. N., his iron-clad raid from

ing Green, 51; his retreat to Corinth, 52; reasons for
Charleston, 465.

leaving Kentucky. 59; 60; in command at Pittsburg
INXES, COL., Ist Michigan Engineers, his defense Landing, 60; killed, 64.
of Larergne, 281.

JONES, GEN. D. R., at Thoroughfare Gap, 133;
IRISH BRIGADE, services of, 162; great loss of, wounded at Antietam, 206
at Fredericksburg, 845.

JONES, GEN.THOMAS N., evacuates Pensacola, 459.
IRON-Clads in service at Fort Sumter, 466; at JONES, MAJOR-GEN. SAX., at Wytheville and Lew-
Morris Island, 475.

isburg, 403.
ISLAND No. 10, assailed, 54; captured, 55-6. JONES, MAJ.-GEN. J. M., wounded at Malvern
IUKA, Miss., battle and map of, 223.

Hill, 166; moves to Harper's Ferry, 900; wounded at
IZETTA, STEAMBOAT, aids in capturing raiders, 404.

Gettysburg, $S9; killed at the Wilderness. 568.
JONES, COL., 24th Ohio, killed at Stone River, 281.
JONESBORO', operations of Sherman's army at, 635.
JOURNALISTS (New York) on the Liberty of the

Press, 495.
JACKSON, GEN. STONEWALL (Rebel), promotion

of, 107-9; operations of, in West Virginia, 108: in
Shenandoah valley, 114; 115: 182 to 140; defeated at
Kernstown, 115; at McDowell, 183; captures garrison
at Front Royal, 182–4; moves toward Winchester, 184;

KANE, LT.-COL. T. L., Penn. Bucktails, wounded
strength of his army, 134; forces Banks from Winches and captured, 137.
ter, 135: his losses and captures in the Valley, 185: KEARNY, GEN. PHILIP, at Williamsburg, 124;
140; his reasons for failing to crush Banks, 186; ex. at Malvern Hill, 165; arivances on Gainesville, 181-3;
tract from his report, 186; retreats np the Valley, 1867: killed near Chantilly, 188.
repnlses Fremont with Ewell's corps, 138; at Port Re-

KEARSARGE, TRE, sinks the Alabama, 646.
public, 139; his army summoned to Richmond, 140;
arrests McDowell's march, 151 ; his report of losses at

KEENAN, MAJ., killed at Chancellorsville, 358.
Gaines's Mill, 157: operations near Glendale, 161; Mal KEMPER, BRIG.-GEN.,wounded at Gettysburg, 389.
vern Hill. 165: his loss. 166; reenforced at Gordons- KENESA W MOUNTAX Sherman rannieod at 699
ville, he follows Gen. Ewell, 176: attacks Crawford's

KENLY, COL. J. R., surprised at Front Royal, 133.
hatteries at Culpepper and defeats Banks at Cedar
Mountain, 177: prisoners and guns captured by, 177;


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KENTUCKY, 41; Buell moves on Bowling Green, 1 Grant, 566: fights Grant in the Wilderness, 567 to 571:
51; invasion of, by Kirby Smith, 218; raiders captured

at Sputtsylvania, 672-3; Cold Harbor, 580; defense of
trom, 404; Morgan's last raid into, 623; President Lin-

the massacre at Fort Pillow, 629; attacks Warren and
coln in relation to, 655.

Sheridan, 781 ; notifies Davis to evacuate Richinond,
KERNSTOWN, Va., Jackson defeated at, 114.

785; crosses the Appomattox, 741; solicits an inter-

view with Grant, 744; surrenders his army, 744; takes
KERSHAW, BRIG.-Gen., at Malvern Hill, 165; |

leave of his army, 745.
takes Mary land Heights, 201.

LEE, Gex. Fitz HUGH, encounters Gregg, 393.
KEYES, GEN. E. D., commands corps in Army of

| LEGAREVILLE, S. C., transport captured near, 465.
the Potomac, 108; surprised at Fair Oaks, 142; on the
James river, 159; at Malvern Hill, 165; retreats on

LEWISBURG, Va., fights at, 140; 403.
Washington, 394.

LIBERIA AND Hayti recognized, 265.
KILPATRICK, GEN. JUDSON, attacks Lee's rear LIDDELL, COL., killed at Antietam, 210.

guard under Pettigrew, 892-8; captures gunboats near LIDDLE, GEN., at Chickamauga, 417.
Fredericksburg, 394; worsted by Stuart and Fitz Hugh

LIGHTFOOT, Col., killed at Fair Oaks, 148.
Lee, 896: his raid on Richmond, 565-6; is wounded at
kesaca, 626: with Sherman in his great march, 689 to LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, 26; 82; orders a general
695; advances to Waynesboro', 691; threatens an ad advance, 108: orders riorganization of the army, 109:
vance on Augusta, 697; skirmishes with Wheeler, 697: to McClellan, concerning routes of advance to Rich-
surprised by Wade Hampton near Fayetteville, N. C.; mond, 109; defers to McClellan's plan, 110; order re-

lieving McClellan from general command, 112; his
KIMBALL, BRIG.-Gen., at Antietam, 208.

want of confidence in McClellan, 118; order as to pro-
KIMBALL, GEN. NATHAN, at Franklin, Tenn., 682.

tection of Washington, 129; as to withdrawal of Blen-

ker, 129; orilers & corps to remain near Washington,
Kixo, Gen, RUFUS, his information, 151; on Vir 130; to McClellan, as to the strengthening of his army,

ginia Central railroad, 173; bends a brigade to Cedar 131; sends Franklin to McClellan, 182; visits McDow-
Mountain, 175; retreats on Manassas Junction, 183; ell, 186; rēen forces McClellan, 149; letter to McClellan,
fights Jackson near Gainesville, 183.

152; 158; visits the army, 169; his letter to McClellan,
KINGSPORT, Tenn., Gillem takes 300 prisoners

192, as to the Slave-Trade, 240; as to slave contrabands,

243; reply to II. Greeley's letter, 249; reply to Eman.
at, 688.

cipationists, 251; his proclamations of Freedom, 258;
Kingston, Tenn., abandoned hy Buckner, 429.

proposes aid to emancipation, 259; on slare coloniza-
KIRK, BRIG.-GEN., drives Wheeler out of La tion, 257; as to recognition of layti and Liberia, 265;
vergne, 291; wounded at Stone River, 279.

on the Habeas Corpus, 490 to 492; to the Ohio Democ-

racy, 493; replies to Gov. Seymour on the Draft. 008:
KIRKLAND, GEN., wounded, 396.

on protectiny negro soldiers, 525; arnnesty proclaros-
KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, THE, 19; 556. tion of, 528; he appoints Grant ('ommander-in-Chief,
KNOXVILLE, Occupied by Kirby Smith, 213; 562-3-4; allusion to Kentucky, 653; letter to Hodges,
Burnside delivers, 429; Longstreet besieges, 432.

656; last message, 673; on Peace negotiations, 675; bis

second Inaugural, 676-7; thanks to Sherman, 695; at
KOLTES, COL., killed at second Bull Run, 189.

City Point and enters Richmond, 746; instructs Weit-
zel as to Virginia (Rebel) Legislature, 746; is les two

proclamations, 747; assassinated by Wilkes Booth, 748.

LITTLE OSAGE, Mo., fight at, 561.
LAFOURCHE, La., occupied by Gen. Weitzel, 104. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Steele captures, 451; moves
LAMAR, COL. J. G., defends Secessionville, 461.

southward from, 552; Steele retreats to, 555.
LAMINE, Mo., A. J. Smith stopped at, 560.

LOAN, GEN. BEN., 35; 36.
LANDER, GEN. F. W., at Blooming gap, 108;

LOCKWOOD, Gen., at Gettysburg, 380 to 387.
denth of, 114.

LOGAN, GEN. JOHN A., at Port Gibson, 305; at
LANDRUM'S BRIGADE at Vicksburg, 312.

Champion Hills, 30s; at Vicksburg, 815; 816; in the
LANGDON'S BATTERY at Olustee, 531.

Atlanta campaign, 631.
LAUMAN. GEN.. at Vicksburg. 314. Jackson. 317. | LOMAX, COL., killed at Fair Oaks, 148.
LAVERGNE, Tenn., capture of, 280; Gen. Kirk

LONGSTREET, GEN. JAMES, at Fair Oaks, 142-3;

repulsed at Mechanicsville, 153: at Gaines's Mill, 155;
drives Wheeler out of, 271; Innes's defense of, 281.

at Malvern Hill, 165; his movements, 180; advances
LAWLER'S BRIGADE at Vicksburg, 312.

to support Jackson, 183; at second Bull Run, 187; re-
LAWTOX, GEN., at second Bull Run, 188; moves

enforces Hill at South Mountain, 197; at Fredericks-
to Harper's Ferry, 200; at Antietam, 206; wounded, 210.

burg. 344; baffled by Peck at Suffolk, 367; at Gettys-

burg, 380-387; at Chickamanga, 422; against Burnside
LEBANON, Ky., capture of, 212; burned by Mor-

in East Tennessee, 431-9; abandons the siege of Fort
gan and his raiders, 405.

Sanders, 432; at the Wilderness, 569-571.
LE DUC, GEN. VICTOR, on slowness of the Army

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, carried by Hooker, 439.
of the Potomac, 171.
LEE, GEN. A. L., on Red river, 536 to 546.

LORING, MAJ.-GEN. W. W., at the Yazoo, 296.
LEE, LT., killed at Galveston, 324.

LORING, COL., disloyalty of, 19.
LEE, GEN. ROBERT E., at Fair Oaks, 143; in com-

Louisville Courier, The, citations from, 43.
mand of the Rebel army, 152; increases the army of

LOVEJOY, Hox. Owen, on fugitive slaves, 257.
Virginia, 153 ; on battle of Glendale, 163; menaces LOVEJOY, Ga., Sherman's army at, 634.
McClellan's right wing, 172; his letter intercepted,

LOVELL, GEN. MANSFIELD, in command at New
179; on the Rappahannock, 180; victorious at Gaines-

Orleans, 85-95.
ville, or second Bull Run, 198; his oflicial report, 167:

LYNCHBURG, Va., Hunter miscarries at, 601.
his captures from Pope, 189: his losses, 189; his ad-
vance into Maryland, 193; address to Maryland, 193-4: LYNDE, MAJ., 19; treachery of, 20.
his general order, 194-5; Harper's Ferry his object,

LYONS, LORD, on Democratic leaders, 484-5-6.
195; divides his armıy. 196; at the battle of South
Mountain, 198: on Antietam creek, near Sharpsburg,

LYTLE, COL., killed at Perryville, 220.
204; his report of the battle, 210; rēcrosses the Poto-
mac, 210: moves to Bunker Hill and Winchester.
211; fights Burnside at Fredericksburg. 848 to 349;

fights Hooker, 355; Sedgwick on his rear at Chancel-
lorsville, 863; his order. 865; his ariny on free soil, MACON, Ga., Stoneman's disastrous raid to, 633.
867: he enters Pennsylvania, 873: fights Meade at MAFFITT, J. N., commander of the Florida, 643.
Gettysburg, 880 to 2.8; retreats to the Potomac-his

| MAGILTON, COL., at South Mountain, 198.
loss 391 ; chases Meude up to Centerville, 495; re-
crosses the Rappahannock, 396; prepares to fight 'MAGRATH, Gov., S. C., orders conscription, 697.

Petreat to Harrison

na 190; he remonding Pope,

MAGRUDER, GEN. J. B., at Yorktown, 120; on from, about McDowell's corps, 150, 151: his dispatches
siege of Yorktown, 121; abandons Yorktown, 122: re-

to the President, 151: inactivity of, 151; to the War
port on the Seven Days' struggle, 159; at Malvern Hill,

Department, about Jackson's movements, 152; his
165; at Galveston, 823.

over-estimate of the Rebel strength, 154-5; dispatches
MAHONE, GEN., at Malvern Hill, 165.

to the Secretary of War, after his defeat at Gaines's

Mill, 158: retreats to the James river, 159, 160–1; at
MAJOR. LT.-Col., 1st N. C., killed at Olustee, 531.

Malvern Hill, 166-7; his report of losses during the
MAKALL, GEN., surrenders Island No. 10, 55. Seven Days' fighting, 168; asks for reenforcements
MALLON, COL. JAMES E., 42d N. Y., killed, 396.

169: ordered to Acquia Creek, 170; his army at Fort-

ress Monroe, 171; the causes of his failure, 172; his
MALLORY, COL., demands fugitive slaves from retreat to Harrison's Landing, 172; ordered to with-
Gen. Butler, and is refused, 238.

draw from the Peninsula, 190; he remonstrates, 190:
MALVERN Hill, battle of. 164 to 167; map of the

correspondence with Halleck as to rienforcing Pope,
field, 165; losses sustained, 166; testimony in regard

190–2; letter of the President to, 192; his conduct cen.

snred, 192: concentrates to resist Lee, 198: crosses the
to, 166-7; is rötaken by Hooker, 170.

Potomac, 198; discovers Lee's plans, 195; his move-
MANASSAS GAP, Gen. Meade's fight at, 393.

ments hesitating, 196; battle of South Mountain, 198–9:
MANASSAS JUNCTION, operations near, 179; Rebel marches westward. 109; condition of his army. 202-3:
attack on, 180; Lee encamps at, 212.

fights Lee at Antietam, 205; statement of his own, and
MANIGAULT, GEN., wounded at Franklin, 683. estimate of the enemy's strength, 209; his losses, 209;

his captures from the enemy at Sonth Monntain,
MANNING, COL., wounded at Antietam, 207.

Crampton's Gap, and Antietam, 210; reenforced with
MANSFIELD, GEN. J. K. F., killed at Antietam, 206. 14,000 inon, 210; sends Gen. Williams to retake Mary-
Manson, BRIG.-GEN. MAHLON D., defeated by land Heigbts, 211: fails to prevent or ponish Stuart's
Col. Preston, 214; wounded and taken prisoner, 215;

raids into Pennsylvania, 211; crosses the Potomac, and
his report and losses, 215.

advances to Warrenton, Va., when he is relieved by
MANSURA, La., attack on Banks repulsed at, 531.

Gen. Burnside, 212; bis views on Slavery, 237-8:

248-9; Domination for President, and platform, 609–
MARIETTA, Ga., taken by Sherman, 628.

defeated by Lincoln, 678.
MARITIME LAW, in relation to belligerents, 642. McCLERNAND, GEN. JOHN A., at Fort Henry,
Marks's Mill, Ark., Fagan triumphs at, 553. 45-6; at Fort Donelson, 48-9: in battle of Pittsburg
MARMADUKE, GEN. M. M., defeated at Spring-

Landing, 59 to 71 : captures Fort Hindman, 298: his

losses. 294: at Port Gibson, 804: at Champion Hills.
field. Mo.-repulsed at Hartsville-driven out of Bates-

307; at Vicksburg, 811; at Alexandria, Red river, 550.
ville. 447: retreats into Arkansas, 448; defeated at
Little Rock, 451: benten again near Columbia, Ark.,

McCook, GEN. A.D., at Perryville, 218; at Nash-
551; captured by Pleasanton, 561.

ville and Stone River, 273-5; at Chickamanga, 421.
MARTINDALE, GEN. JOHN H., at Gaines's Mill, McCowx, GEN., at Stone River, 275.
156; at Malvern Hill, 165.

McCULLOCH, GEN. BEN., allusions to, 18; 27; 33;
MARTINSBURG, Va., occupied by Jackson, 199. at battle of Pen Ridge, 28 to 31; killed at, si.
MARYE'N HEIGHTS, heroic assaults on, 345. McCULLOCH, GEN., attacks Milliken's Bend, 319.
MARYLAND, Lee's advance into, and proclama McDONALD, GEN., killed at Hartsville, 447.
tion, 193-4.

| MCDOWELL, GEN. IRVIX, to command a corps in
MARYLAND HEIGHTS, held by Ford, 196; pris Army of the Potomac, 10s; retained for defense of
oners and guns captured at, 202.

Washington, 130-1: position of, during MeClellan's
MASON, J. M., allusion to, 81.

advance, 186; ordered to the Valley, to intercept Jack-

son, 186: his testimony relative to pursuit of Jackson,

187; in the Army of Virginia, 172; be marches on
more, 514.

Gainesville, 181; retrents on Manassas Junetion, 183:
MATHEWS, COL. STANLEY, routs Wheeler, 272.

fights at Gainesville, 185; general order respecting
MAURY, Gen., defends Mobile, 721; his retreat Slavery, 237.
and losses, 724.

MCDOWELL, Va., battle at, 132–3.
MAX MEADOWS, Gillem destroys railroad at, 688. McELROY, COL., killed at Fort Sanders, 432.
MCARTHUR, GEN., at Corinth, 226.

McIntosh, GEN., killed at Pea Ridge, 28; 30.
MOCALL, GEN., at Gaines's Mill, 155; at Malvern McKEAN, GEN., at Corinth, 225.
Hill, 562; taken prisoner, 563.

MCKEE, COL., killed at Stone River, 287.
MOCALLUM, GEN. D. C., as military superintend McLaws, Gex., at Malvern Hill, 165; at Harper's
ent of railroads, 433-4.

Ferry, 200; attacks Maryland Heights, 200; at Antie-
MCCANDLESS, GEN. W., at Gettysburg, 382-87.

tam, 207; at Chancellorsville, 363 ; at Gettysburg, 880
MOCLELLAN, GEN. GEO. B., allusion to, 35; 81; to 887; at Chickamauga, 422.

82; inaction of, 107; fails to open the Potomac. 107; MCLEAX, MAJOR, wounded at Manassas Gap, 393.
ordered to advance to Manassas, 108; urged to open the MCLEAN, COL., killed at Gaines's Mill, 157.
Potomac, 108; to the President, on rëorganizing Army

MCNAIRY, COL., killed at Fort Donelson, 283.
of the Potomac, 108; his plan of advance, 109; to the
Secretary of War, on merits of advance by Manassas,

MCNEIL, COL. Joux, routs guerillas at Kirks-
109-10; on merits of Peninsula route, 110; change of ville, Mo., 85–6; cooperates against Price, 560.
plan ofadvanceconsequent delay, 110; 112; his esti MCPHERSON, GEN. JAMES B., at Corinth, 230;
mate of Rebel force at Manassas, 112; command of at Lamar, 286; triumphs at Raymond, 805; captures
restricted to Army of the Potomac, 112, 113; ordered Clinton and Jackson. 306; at Champion Hills, 307; at
to move by some route, 113; route changed by the corps Vicksburg, 812; in command ot Vicksburg, 137; com-
commanders, 118; orders Banks to Manassas, 113:

mands Army of Tennessee under Sherman, 361; killed
another change of plan, 115: 129; at Fortress Monroe

before Atlanta, 683.
120; his estimate of Rebel force on the Peninsula, 120; MCRAE, CAPT., heroic death at Valverde, 23.
delny at Yorktown, 121; 122; extracts from report and
dispatches of, on battle of Wulian sbnrg. 124: 121-6:

MCRAE, COL., at Antietam, 206.
his advance reaches the Chickahorniny, 127; his gen MEADE, GEN. GEORGE G., at Gaines's Mill, 156;
eral plan of operations, 128: forces required by, 128-9; at Malvern Hill, 162: at Sonth Mountain, 193; at
plan of, agreed to by the President, 129; his estimate Antietam, 205–0; at Fredericksburg, 847; st Chancel-
of Rebel force in Northern Virginia, 129: his estimate lorsville, 361; succeeds Gen. loker in command, 310;
of Rebel force at Yorktown, 180; remonstrates against fights Lee at Gettysburg, 830-888; his caution, S89:
depletion of his forces, 130; 181; calls for rüenforce holds a conncil of war, 892; crosses the Potomac and
ments, 130, 131-2: fails to attack Gloucester Point, 182: fights in Manassas Gap, 893 : Lee chases him up to Cen-
operations of, on the Chickabominy, and retreat to Mal terville, 396; his advance to Mine Run, 399 to 419;
vern Hill, 141-170; bis report of Fair Oaks, 146; 147-8; advances into the Wilderness." 266: at Cold Harbor.
opportunity lost by, after battle of Fair Onks, 147: dis 553: fails to hold the Weldon road, 657; pursues Lee,
patches from, after battle near Fair Oaks, 149; dispatch


delny.ches of, ohes the
dispanyance reachtions, 125

forces "169; his e

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