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they sitt by ou’ Fyres, wee finde them in ou’ Dye fatt washouse and poulderinge tubb, they share wtb. the Butler in his box, they haue markt & seale vs from head to foote.

*!, vires M'. Speaker, they will not bate vs a pinne wee may not buy ou' owne Clothes wth:out their brocage, theise are the Leeches that haue suckt the Commonwealth soe hard that it is almost become

Some of theise are shamed of their right name, they weare a Vizard to hyde the brand made by the good lawe of the late Parliam'. of Kinge James, they shelter themselves vnder the name of Corporačon, they make by lawes wch: serve their turnes to squeaze vs, and fill their purses, vnface theise and they will proue as badd cards as any in the packe, theise are not pettie Chapmen but wholesale men.

ST: Geo: vic. Callan young' Sonne of the E. of Denbigh.
ST: James L: Strange Sonne et hrs of E. of Derbye.
ST: Charles Los Cramborne Sonne et h' of ye E. of Salisb:
St. Charles Lo: Herbert, Sonne et h' of ye E. of Montgomery.
S. ...... Lo: Rich, Sonne et hof ye E. of Warwicke.
S. Basill Lo: Feildinge, Sonne et h' of the E. of Denbigh.
St. Oliuer Lo: S. John of Bletso, Sonne et h' of ye E. of Bullinbrooke
So..... Lo: Burgherst, Sonne et h' of the E. of Westmerlande
St. Henry Lo: Pawlett, young' Sonne of ye Marq: of Winton.
Sr. Edward Montague, Sonne & h' of the vic Mãdeuill.
St. John Carye, Sonne et hof the vic. Rochford.
Sr. Charles Howard, Sonne et h' of ye vic: Andover.
Sr. Willm Howard, yonger Sonne of ye E. of Arundeli.
St. Rob'. Stanley, yonger Sonne of the E. of Derbie.
Sr. Pawlet S. John, yong' Sonne of the E. of Bullinbrooke.
St. Francs Vane, yong'. Sonne of ye E. of Westmerland
Sr. James Howard, Sonne et h' of the Lo: Walden.
Sr. Willm Cavendish, Sonne et h' of ye Lo: Cavendish
St. Tho: Wentworth, Sonne et h' of ye Lo: Wentworth.
S'. Willm Pagett, Sonne et h’ of ye Lo: Pagett.
S. Willm Russell, Sonne et h' of ye Lo: Russell."
S'. Henry Stanhop, Sonne et h’ of ye Lo: Stanhop of Shef:
S. Richard Vaughan, Sonne et h' of ye Lo: Vaughan.
S'. Christ: Neuill, brother of ye Lo: Aburgavenny.

S' Roger Bartue, yong' Sonne of y Lo: Willoughbie.
S'. Thomas Wharto, yong' Sonne of ye Lo: Wharto.
S'. John Blount, brother of the Lo: Montioy.

All theise sate att one Table

M'. Pim was sent from the house of Comôs wth about 200 Knightes

& Burgesses, to the vpp house to accuse the Leevetenn'. of Ireland

of high Treason. MY LORDS

The Knights Citizens & Burgesses now assembled for the Commons in Parliam':, have Receiued informacon of diuerse Trecherous dessignes & Practises of a great Pere of this house, and by vertue of a Command from them, I doe here in the name of Commons now assembled in Parliam', and in the name of all the Commons of England, accuse Thomas Earle of Strafford Lord Leevtent. of Ireland of high Treason. and they haue commanded mee further to desire yo: Lo.shps that he maye be sequestred from Parliam'. and forthwth. comitted to prisson, they haue further comanded mee to lett you knowe, that they will wihin a few dayes report to yo' Ld.shps, the pticuler gounds & artickles of his accusacon, and they doè further desire that yo' Lordshps. would thinke on some convenient and fitt way, that the passage betweene Ireland & England for his Maties, subiects of both Kingdomes may bee free not wthstandinge any Restraint to the Contrary

Then my Lrd Leevetenn'. was brought to the bar, to whom the La.

Keeper said.

My Ld

The house of Commons in theire names and in the name of the whole commons of the Kingdome of England, haue this day accused yo Lordshipp to the Lords of the higher house of Parliam of high Treason, The Artickles wch. a very few dayes pduce, in the meane time they haue desired of my Lrds., and my Lrds. haue accordingly resolued, that yo' Lrdshp shall be committed to saffe custodie to the gentleman vsher, and be sequestred from the house, vntill yoʻ Lordshp. can cleare yo’selfe of the accusacons that shall be laid against you.

He was then Committed to the gentlem of the Blacke rodd, and

since close prissoner in his Custodie.

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The Declaration of the Lords GentlCittizens & Freehouldro: of this once hapie

Kingdome of Englande. Since it hath pleased the Almighty to suffer the spirit of division to continue in this distracted Nation, and to leave vs without any settled foundation of religion, liberty or prosperity; the Legislatiue power Vssurped & continued at pleasure, the Army raised at first for our deffence abussed, & mislead into vnwarrantable actions, by the cunninge & ambition of some of the superio' officers, noe face of Goverment appearinge either in any single person, or body of men in Councell lawfully constituted, to whom the Greivances of the people may with any probability of successe be pperly adressed,

We beinge conscious of our duty & sensible of our owne & the Nations ruine if these distractions continue, or resolve into a more fixed oppression, by some Corrupt settlement inconsistent wth. Lawes, peace & interest of the Nation; haue taken Armes in deffence of our selves & all others who will ptake wth. vs, in the vindication of the freedome of Parliams. against all violence whatsoever of the knowne Lawes liberty & propriety of the good people of this Nation wch. at this p'sent groane vnder illegall Arbitary & insupportable taxes & payments vnknowne to c. Ancesstors or fforefathers. This being our dutyes to God & man, & our only designe; we cannot dispaire of the blessinge of him that giues victory, of the chcarefull concurrance of all good men; nor of the vndeceiued pte of the Army, whose arreares increase of further pay & Advanceni!. to higher Comands, We shall by all meanes procure, sufferinge no imposition or force of any mans conscience, to this we doubt not but all English men will say


An Act of the Attainder of Thomas Earle of Strafford of High Treason, voted

xxij. April 1641. WHEREAS the Knights Cittizens and Burgesses in this p'sent pliant assembled haue in the name of themselues, and all the Commons of England, Impeached the said Earle, of High Treason for endevouringe to subvert the ancient fundamentall lawes and gouernment of his Maties. Realmes of England and Ireland, and to introduce an arbitarie & tyrannical gouernment against lawe in the said Kingdomes, exerciseinge tyrannous and exorbitant gouernment and power aboue and against the laws of the said Kingdomes, ouer the

liberties estates and liues of his Maties, subiects. And likewyse for havinge by ' "his.owne authoritie commanded the levyinge & assessinge of souldiers on his Maties: subiects in Ireland against their consent to compell them to obey his vnlawfull summons & orders made vpon paper petičons in cases betweene ptie & ptie weh accordinglie was executed vpon diuers of liis Maties: subiects in a warlike manner wthin the said Realme of Ireland, and soe doeinge did levy warr against his Matie: and his liege people in that Kingdome.

And alsoe that hee vpon the vnhappie dissolution of the last pliam' did slander the house of Commons to his Matie. and did councell and advise his Matie: that hee was loose & absolued from all rule of gouernment, and that hee had an Armie in Ireland wch: hee might imploy to reduce this Kingdome, for wch. hee deserved to vndergoe the paynes & forfeiture of High Treason. And the said Earle hath beene alsoe an incendiarie of the warrs betweene the two Kingdomes of England and Scotland, all wch. offences haue beene sufficientlie proued against the said Earle vpon his Impeachm.

Bee it therfore enacted by the Kings most excellent Matie: and by the Lords and Commons of this p'sent pliam' assembled and by the authoritie of the same, that the said Earle of Strafford for the heynous Crymes afforesaid shall stånd and bee adiudged attainted of High Treason, and shall suffer such payne of death and incurre the forfeiture of his goods and Chattles, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments of anie Estate of ffreehould or Inheritance, in the said Kingdomes of England and Ireland, wch. the said Earlé, or anié other to his vse, or in trust for him, haue or had the daie of the first sitting of this p'sent pliam'

. or anie tyme since. Provided that noe Iudge, or Iudges, Iustice, or Iustices, whatsoeư shall adiudge or interprett, anie act or thinge to bee Treason, nor heare or determine anie Treason in anie other manner then hee or they should or might haue done before the makeinge of this Act, and as if this Act had neuer beene had or made, saueinge alwayes vnto all and singular psons & bodies politique and corporall their heires & successors: (other then the said Earle and his heires and such as clayme by, from, or vnder him) all such right, title & interrest, into all and singular such the said Lands, Tenemts, and hereditamts, as they or anie of them had before the first dai of this p'sent pliam', anie thinge herein conteyned to the contrarie notwithstandinge.

Provided that the passinge of this Act, and his Maties, assent thereunto shall not bee anie determinačon of this prsent Session of pliam', but that this p'sent Session of pliament and all Bills and matters whatsoeu dependinge in pliam': and fullie enacted & determined, and all Statutes and Acts of pliament web haue their continuance vntill the end of this pósent Session of pliamt shall remaine, continue & bee in full force, as if this Act had not beene.

A Catalogue of the Names of such as gaue their Votes against the passinge of this

Act in the house of Commons. Lord Digbie

Mr: Hollis

Doct Parry Lord Compton

M": Godolphin M". Arundell Lord Buchurst

Mr: Cooke

Mr: Newport Sr. Robt. Hatton


M'. Holborne Sr. Tho: ffanshaw

MT: Weston

M": Nowell Sr. Edw: Alford

M: Seldon

Mr. Kirton St. Nich: Staininge MT: Alford

M'. Pollard Sr. Tho: Danbye 2 Mr: ffloyds

M'. Price 2 St. Geo: Wentworths Capt. Digbie

Mr. Trauanion Sr. ffred: Cornwallis

Serieant Hide

M. Ione Sr. Willm. Carnabie

M: Herbert

Baron Kinderton Sr. Rich: Wynne

M' Taylor

M'. Edgcombe Sr. Gervas Clyfton 2 M": Gryffiths M'. Chidgley Sr. Willm. Widrington M': Scowen

M'. Mallory sen* St. Willm. Pennyman

M: Bridgeman

Mr Porter Sr. Patricius Curwen

M": ffettiplace M' White La Dorcet's Sr. Richard Kee M": ffenwicke

secretary Sr. Hen: Slingsbie

Doct* Turner

Mr Venables Sr. Willm Portman

Capt: Price

M. Barwicke

The Queenes Mother is sicke, Sr. Peter Killowey hath been wth the Prince of Oringe & hath gotte 600£ by his voiage.

M' Williñ Aorrey sent to ye Prince of Oringe to get leaue for the Queenes Mother to passe.

Mi ffines made a Reporte from the Committee to ye house of Commons that ye conspirators, in the now treason intended first to seise on the Tower. 2d to betray Portsmouth 3d a risinge against the Parlament by working ye Army against it.

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