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Hunticed, 1, D.autographotrait

Lord Howe, solicits votes for her Keese, William L., sketch of Charles Gerry, relating to affairs in Am-
son, Lt.-Col. Howe. 567.
Fenno Hoffman, 148.

erica, 275, 276; Chief Justice
Howe, Elias, original sewing- Keyes, E. D., fifty years' observa Marshall to George Washington,
machine invented by, 294 ; potrait tions of men and events, noticed, on the death of Judge Washing-
and fac-simile of autograph, 295. 479,

ton, 278 ; Col. Willet to Frederick
Howells, W. D., three villages, Kentucky, Daniel Boone, and the · Elmore, relative to expected at-
noticed, 191.

genesis of, 475; first survey for tack on Fort Schuyler, 1777, 284;
Huntington, E. B., genealogy of white settlements, admitted into Gen. Jackson to James Monroe,
the Lathrop family, noticed, 478. the Union, 508.

relative to the Seminole war, 310;
Huntington, William H., collection King, Horatio, battle of Bladens General Houston to J. M. Cal-

of Americana at the Metropolitan burg, and capture of Washing houn, on secession, 365; Henry
Museum, Elizabeth Bryant ton, 476.

Clay to Thurlow Weed, relative to
Yohnston, 550.

King, Rufus, candidate for the the Presidential nomination of
Hússar, derivation of the word, 74. Presidency of the U. S., 394 ; 1844, 410: H. Wheaton to William
Hutchinson, Thomas, letter to Dr. portrait, 395.

Beach Lawrence, 447 : Henry Clay
Lloyd, relative to property in Kings County, N. Y., the Pre to William Beach Lawrence, 448;
Mass., 462 ; diary and letters of, Revolution Surgeons of, Frank John Hancock to Elbridge Gerry,
noticed, 572.
B. Green, 464.

460 ; Timothy Pickering to El-
Huzzar, frigate, 90.

Kissam, Maj., John, sketch of, bridge Gerry, 460; George Wash-

ington to Elbridge Gerry, 461;
INDIANAPOLIS, IND., Green Know Nothing Party, the, nomi Benjamin Franklin and John
1 back convention, 884, 502.

nates Millard Fillmore for Presi Adams to the Council of Mass..
Ingle, Edward, Capt. Richard dent of the U. S., 483; their mode 462 ; from Thomas Hutchinson,
Ingle, the Md. pirate and rebel, of electioneering, 484.

462; Lafayette to Elbridge Gerry,
noticed, 383, 475; colonial county

463 ; Thomas Singleton to William
government in Va., 532.

TAFAYETTE, Marquis de, at L. Stone, relative to the will of
Ingle, Capt. Richard, the Md. L Lyme, Conn., 282; letter to Gen. Gates, 469: rebus letter from

pirate and rebel, noticed, 383, Elbridge Gerry, regretting his Henry Laurens to Lord Gordon,
inability to visit Boston, 463.

Indians, myths of the Iroquois, Lake Bomoseen, Vt., the etymology Lincoln, Abraham, nominated for
noticed, 191; massacre by, at
of, 467.

the Presidency of the U.S., 488,
Walla Walla, 201 : Gen. Jackson Lake Michigan, first steamboat elected 490 ; renominated 491 ; re-
defeats the, in the Seminole launched on, 50g.

elected 492 ; assassinated 492."
war, 308 ; aboriginal Indian Lal, a novel, noticed, 286.

Livingston, Edward, portrait of,
names, 354 ; Massasoit, 370: Lamb, Mrs. Martha J., a glimpse of presented to the N. Y. Gen. and
medals presented to the Ameri the valley of many waters, 193; Bio. Society, 92.
can, 476.

unsuccessful candidates for thé Livingston, Philip, portrait of, pre-
Inventious, curiosities of, a chapter Presidency of the Nation, 385,481. sented to the N. Y. Gen. and Bio.
on American industrial history, Landais, Capt. Pierre, biography Society, 92.

of, 377

Livingston, Robert R., prevented
Iroquois, myths of the, noticed, 191, Lathrop family, genealogy, noticed, by absence from signing the
Irving, Washington, and Sunny-


Declaration of Independence, 181.
side, Henry W. Hurlbert, 153; Laurens, Henry, portrait, rebus Livingston, William, Jr., duel with
view of Sunnyside, 155 ; portrait, letter from, to Lord Gordon, 551. Gen. Samuel B. Webb, 87.

Lawrence William Beach, Ochre Long Island Sound, w balebcat pri-

Point, and, Esther Gracie Law- vateers in, 1781, I65.
TACKSON, GEN. ANDREW, rence Wheeler, 444; portrait, 446. Louisiana, ceded to the Spanish,

defeats the Seminole Indians ; Ledyard, Captain William, in com 507; population and wealth ot,
captures St. Marks and Pensa mand 'of whaleboats in L. I. 508; the English ordered to be
cola, Fla.: two British subjects Sound, 1781, 164.

the legal language in, 509.
executed by order of, 308

Lee, Gen. Robert E., campaign Lyall, James, four-web loom in-
Jackson, Gen. Andrew, letter to against Pope in 1862, W. Allan, vented by, 206, shuttle invented
President Monroe relative to the 1 26.

by, 298 ; portrait and fac-simile of
Seminole war, 310.

Letters.-Gen. Greene to Colonel autograph, 299.
Jackson, Gen. Andrew, candidate Wadsworth, relative to the firm Lyme, Conn., Gen. Washington and

for the presidency of the U.S., of Barnabas, Deane & Co., 20, 22, Lafayette at, 282.
399, 401, 402; elected President of 24, 26; Capt. Marquard to Maj. de
the U. S.. 403; re-elected. 40.

Lancey, 73, 75, 163, 170, 172 ; Col. MCCLELLAN,Gen. Geo., sketch
Jacquard, Joseph Maria, inventor Robinson to Gen. Clinton, trans M of, candidate for the presi-
of attachment for the loom, 297. mitting secret information,

dency of the U. S., 491, defeated
Jamestown, Va., the founding of, 77; from Capt. Beckwith, 76,

492 ; portrait, 493.

79, 172 ; James Monroe to Gen. McCormick, Cyrus H., the reaper
Jefferson, Thomas, rare autograph Hamilton in regard to a duel, 80 ; invented by, 302; portrait. 303.
letter of, 280.

Benjamin Franklin to Paul Jones, McCosh, James, literature and his-
Jeniffer, Daniel, ancestry of, 184. 82 ; Captain William Clark to tory, 18o.
Johnston, Elizabeth Bryant, the Major Croghan, 83; William McIntosh, Gen. Lachlan, duel with

Huntington collection of Ameri Heron to Maj. De Lancey relative Button Gwinnett, 429.
cana, 550.

to negotiations with Gen. Par. McPheadris, Archibald, sketch of,
Jones, Charles C., Jr., Button sons, 163: Gen. Parsons to Wm. 472
Gwinnett, 424.

Heron, agent of Gen. Clinton, MCVicker, J. H., the theater, its
Jones. Commodore John Paul, let 166: Li.-Col. De Wurmb to Maj. early days in Chicago, noticed,

ter from Benjamin Franklin to, Kissam, in regard to William 383.

Heron, 168, 169; Gov. Trumbull Maine, a historical review of litera-

to Washington relative to Conn. ture in, 92 ; early voyages to. 266.
VALB, MAJ.-GEN. JOHN, Life troops, 169; Gen. Hamilton to Maine Historical Society. May
K of, noticed, 287.

John Jay in regard to Baron meeting, papers on a historical
Kansas, Col., life on a ranche, Steuben, 176; same to Elbridge review of literature in Me., by
noticed, 384.

Gerry, 177 ; Samuel Adams to Joseph Williamson, and Wi-wur
Kapp, Friederich, life of Maj. Gen. Elbridge Gerry, 177. Aaron Burr na, by Rufus King Sewall, do-
John Kalb, noticed, 257,

to Elbridge Gerry, 178; George nations, 92.
Kay, John, inventor of the flying Washington to Dr. Cochrane, Malmaison, Archibald, a novel,
shuttle for the loom, 297.

255; John Adams to Elbridge noticed, 288.

Mamaroneck, N. Y., formerly of New Hampshire Historical Society, the Acadians before their re-
the Manor of Scarsdale, 162.

annual meezing, portrait of Na moval, 470; a gentle reminder
Mangum, Willie P., candidate for thaniel G. Upham presented, from the Centinel, 470.
presidency of the U. S., 406.
election of officers, 94.

December--Soliciting votes in
Marquard, Captain, letters trans- New Jersey Historical Society, 1758, 567 ; sulky little Rhody, 567;
mitting secret intelligence, 1781, semi-annual meeting, necrology Franklin Co., Pa., 567 ; no more
73, 74, 75, 78, 162, 170, 172 ; no paper on Samuel Allinson, by J. war, a prophecy for 1761, 568 ;
ticed, 172.
F. Hageman, 94.

the country editor, 568; the art of
Marshall, Chief-Justice John, por- New Mexico, first printing press listening, 568 ; the Garfield monu-
trait, 1; extract from the life of, and newspaper in, 511.

ment fund, 568.
Sallie Ewing Marshall, 62 ; un- New Orleans, La., first sugar mill Numismatic and Antiquarian So-
published letter from, to George in America at, 507; Zamba's plot, ciety of Phila., annual report, 188.
Washington, contributed by Wm. a chapter in the history of, 513.
Alexander Smith, 278; first presi- Newspapers, first west of the Al-
dent of the Va. Historical Society, leghanies, 508 ; in New Mexico,

'CONOR, CHARLES, resolu-

tions on the death of, 91;can-

511 : on the Pacific coast, 512.
Marshall, Orsamus H., death of, New York, first English tavern-

didate for the presidency of the

U.S., portrait, 495 ; declines the
279; portrait, 283; tribute to, keeper in the Province of, 181;
William L. Stone, 348.
slavery in, 473.

Democratic nomination for presi-

dent of U. S., 407.
Marshall. Sallie Ewing, extracts New York City, coins in, a century
from the Life of Chief Justice John ago, 88; the frigate Hussar 90;

Ogden, Moses, an emissary of Gen.

Clinton, 77:
Marshall, 52.

history of the Bank of N. Y., 95;
Maryland, Captain Richard Ingle,

Onderdonk, Isaac, bill of sale o. his
proposed attack on, 1781, 167; the
pirate and rebel, noticed, 383; first English tavern-keeper, 181 ;

negro, 473

Oneida Historical Society, to dedi-
history of, 475; noticed, 575.

Washington's telescope at King's
Maryland Historical Society, Oc College, 181 ; libraries plundered

cate the monument to Gen. Herki-
tober meeting, publications of, by the British, 181 ; annual meet-

mer, 91.
ing of the Society of Cincinnati,

Oregon, first newspaper, 512.
Massachusetts, slavery in, 89.

185; Appleton's dictionary of, 382;

Original Documents -- Sir Henry
Massachusetts Historical Society, Democratic convention of 1868

Clinton's original secret record of
annual meeting, necrology, 91. 492 ; the Huntington collection of

private daily intelligence, 72, 162;
Massasoit, R. W. Allen, 370.

Americana, 550 ballot-box stui-

letters from Alexander Hamilton
Mather, Frederic G., the Schuyler fing in, 565; Harlem Heights

to John Jay, 176; Samuel Adams
House at Albany, i.
property for sale, 569.

to Elbridge Gerry, 177 ; Aaron
Mathews, William, address on New York Genealogical and Bio-

Burr to Elbridge Gerry, 178 ; let-
William Wirt, by, 92.

ters from John Adams to Elbridge

graphical Society, annual meet-
Maunsell, General John, sketch of, ing, address on William Wirt, by

Gerry, 275, 276 ; letter from Chief
William Hall, 558.
Prof. William Mathews, portraits

Justice Marshall to George Wash-
Meads, Orlando, memorial tributes of Edward and Philip Livingston

ington, 273 ; letter from Gen.
to, noticed, 287.
presented, 92.

Houston to J. M. Calhoun on se-

session, 365 : letter from Henry
Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y., New York Historical Society, June
the Huntington collection of Am meeting. paper on the French

Clay to Thurlow Weed, 410; let-
ericana, at, 550.
spoliations before 1801, by James

ters of John Hancock, Timothy
Michigan, report of the Pioneer So W. Gerard, resolutions on the

Pickering, George Washington,
ciety of, noticed, 382.
death of Charles O'Conor, 91;

and Lafayette to Elbridge Gerry,
Mississippi River, the aboriginal October meeting, paper on Daniel

462, 463 ; Benjamin Franklin and
name of, 355.
Boone, by John H. Heywood,

John Adams to Council of Mass.,
Missouri River, the aboriginal name resolutions on death of Royal

462 ; letter from Thomas Hutchin.
of, 357.
Phelps, 475

son to Dr. Lloyd, 462 ; extracts
Mitchell, Donald G., bound to- Nickels, Thomas, bill of sale of his

from the order book of Col. David

Waterbury, 1776, 555.
gether, noticed, 191.

slave, 89.
Mitchell, W. A., thé frigate Hussar Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N. Y.,

Oriskany monument, 91, 97.

88; origin and list of the, 182, 282.
Monhegan Island, Me., something Norton, Charles Ledyard, political DAGE, REV. BERNARD, the
about, E. H. Goss, 266, 275.
Americanisms, 561.

I first Church of England minis-
Monroe, James, challenged by Alex North, S. W. D.the story of a ter in Wyoming Valley, 471, 476.
ander Hamilton, 80, 183; and the monument, 97.

Parkman, Francis, the Acadians be-
Rhea letter, James Schouler, 308. Notes-July-Nazing, 87; Webb fore their removal, 470.
Moore, M. V., did the Romans col Livingston duel, 87; central New Parsons, Enoch, his father, Gen.

onize America ? 113, 354, 473;. York, 87; coins a century ago, 88. Parsons, requests his appointment
Moutray, J. V., ancestry of William

August- The past and the pres in the British navy, 164.
Moultrie, 471.

ent, 179; Burgoyne's orderly Parsons, Gen. Samuel Holden, ne-
Moultrie, William, ancestry of, 471. book, 179 ; André's prison at Tap gotiates with an agent of Gen.
Murillo, portrait, 193; his influence pan, 180; literature and history Clinton, 163, 166; requests his son
on American art, 281, 377.

be appointed in the British navy,

September-Orsamus H. Mar 164 ; sketch of, 170.
NAZING, ENGLAND, descrip shall, 279; William A. Whitehead, Parton, James, captains of indus-
N tion of, 87.

279; a rare autograph of Thomas try, noticed, 477.
Nerbury, Dr. John, resident of Jefferson, 280; Gen. Custer's last Patton, J. Harris, the Democratic
Kings Co., 466.

charge, 280 ; the study of history, party, its political history and in:
Newell, R. 8., story of there was 281.

fluence, noticed, 286.
once a man, noticed, 191.

October - Boston notions, 375; Penhallow, P. W., sketch of Archi-
New England almanacs, 476.

the Saratoga monument, 375; bald McPheadris, 472.
New England Historic, Genealogi Monhegan, 375; family history, Pennsylvania, early Connecticut
cal Society, fall meeting, paper on

claims in, 234; the insurrection in
the great American desert, his-

November-A curiosity of the western, 332.
torically considered by William embargo, 467; death of Mrs. Perry, Amos, New England alma-
Barrows, 380 ; October meeting. George W. Cullum, 467; Lake nacs, 476.
necrology, paper on the battle of Bomoseen, 467; Florida discov- Philadelphia, the loyalists of, 1871,
Bladensburg and capture of ered in 1513, 468; the two plum 77; Republican convention of
Washington, 1814, by Horatio puddings, anecdote of Gov. Ty 1872, 496.
King, 476.

ler, 469; Gen. Gates' will, 469; Pickering, Timothy, letter to El-

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New England

the mountain

bridge Gerry, relative to the Con-

tinental army, 460.
Pilgrim Fathers, memorials of the,

noticed, 96.
Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, can:
didate for the presidency of the

U.S., 394.
Pittsburgh Gazette, first newspaper

west of the Alleghanies, 508.
Pittsburgh, Pa., the Prohibitionists'

convention, 1884, 502 ; tirst news-

paper, 508 ; first steamboat, 509.
Political Americanisms, Charles

Led yard Norton, 564.
Ploetz, Carl, epitome of ancient,
mediæval and modern history, no-

ticed, 95
Pollock, Oliver, biographical sketch

of, noticed, 95.
Pope, Gen. John, Gen. Lee's cam

paign against, 1862, 126.
Porter, Admiral David D., Allan

Dare and Robert le Diable, no-

ticed, 478.
Porter, Robert P., protection and

free trade to-day, noticed, 382.
Prentice family, genealogy of, no-

ticed, 383
Presbyterian Historical Society, re-

port, noticed, 180.
Price, Rev. Daniel, extract from

sermon preached 169, by, relating
to Va., 262.
Protection and free trade, noticed,

QUERIES. — July. - Dutchess

County, 89; American Knight-
Tiood, 89 ; why Delaware is called
the Blue Hen's Chicken, 382.

August -The first English tav-
ern-keeper in the province of N.
Y., 181; Washington's telescope,
181; Robert R. Livingston, 181.

September-Murillo, his influ-
ence on American art, 281; family
of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 282; Gen.
Lafayette's visit to Lyme, Conn.,

October-Capt. Pierre Landais,
377 ; roster of troops at Fort Ti.
conderoga, 377 ; the Indian fight
at Fort Morrison, Mass., 377; ar-
tillery at battle of Monmouth, 377;

th, 377;
military button of the Revolution,

November - William Moultrie,
471; Thomas Buchanan, 477; Rev.
Bernard Page, 471; Greycourt,
*December - Capt. Washington,
569 : publications of the Continen-
tal Congress, 569; Harlem Heights
property, 509.

378 ; smoke, a poem 378; Colonel Scott, Gen. Winfield, candidate for
Dayton, 379.

presidency of U. S., portrait. 412.
November-Archibald McPhea- Scudder, Horace E., history of the
dris, 472 ; slavery in the Colony U.S., noticed, 384.
and State of N. Y., 473 ; schooner, Seminole War. 304.

Sewall, Rufus king, Wi-wur-na and
December-Greycourt, 569; his speech at the treaty of George-
election expenses in the last cen town, Me., 1717. 92.
tury, 570.

Seymour, Horatio, portrait, 97;
Republican party, formation of the, candidate for the presidency of

482 ; nominees of the, for Presi the U.S., 493; sketch of, 404; de-
dent of U. S., 483, 488, 491, 492,

feated for the Presidency, 494.
496, 498, 501, 502.

Shinn, Charles Howard, California's
Reynolds, Sir Joshua,family of, 282. golden prime of forty-nine, 433.
Reynolds, Sheldon, Rev. Bernard Singleton, Thomas, letter to William

Page, the first Church of England L. Stone. in regard to the wills of
minister in Wyoming Valley, 476. Gen. and Mrs. Gates, 49.
Rhea, John, letter to president Slavery, in Mass., 89; in Ń. Y. Col-
Monroe relative to the Seminole ony and States, 473.
war, 319.

Smith, Erminnie A., myths of the
Rhode Island, family history of, Iroquois, 191.

376 ; July 4th, 1787, not observe Smith, Green Clay, candidate for
in, 567.

the Presidency of the U.S., 408.
Rhode Island Histcrical Society, Smith. William Alexander, unpub-

July meeting, paper on the voy lished letter from Chief Justice,
ages and wreck of the Ann and Marshall to George Washington,
Hope, by Moses J. B. Goddard, contributed by, 278.
185; October meeting, a paper on Smith, William Henry, Charles
New England almanacs, by Amos Hammond, and his relations to
Perry, 476.

Henry Clay and John Quincy
Richards, William C., the mountain

Adams, 93.
anthem, 575.

Smoke, a poem. 378.
Richardson, Charles F., an old Society of the Cincinnati, the trien-
colonial college, 414.

nial meeting of the general, 93;
Ricdesel, Baron, portrait, 1o.

election of officers, 04 : of N. Y.
Ricdesel, Baroness, portrait, il. annual meeting, election of offi-
Robinson, Col. Beverly. furnishes cers, 185 : of N.J. annual meeting,

information of the movements of election of officers, 185.
the Continental army to Gen. Stanwood, Edward. history of pres-
Clinton, 75, 77.

idential elections, noticed, 478.
Romans, did the, colcnize America, Stockbridge, J. C., one pbase in the
113, 354, 473.

early history of Va., 261.
Roof Garrett L., services of Col. Stone, Gen. Charles P., Washington

John Brown in the Revolution in 1861, 56.
noticed. 384

Stone. William L., tribute to the
Rosenthal, Lewis, Rousseau in Phila. late Orsamus H. Marshall, 349.
delphia, 47

Sunnyside, residence of Washington
Rousseau, J. J., his influence on Irving, 153 ; view of, 185.

American politics, 47, 283.
CABLE, Jean Baptiste Point, first TAPPAN, N. Y., Maj. André's

h ouse in Chicago, the property 1 prison at, i&o.
of his claims, 504.

Tariff, the U.S., 1986-1884, H. G.
Sacramento, Cal., view three miles

Cutler, 519.
below, 435; view of, 1850, 441. Tarrytown, N. Y., residence of
St. John, John P., candidate for the Washington Irving at, 153; view
presidency of the U.S., 502.

of Sunnyside, 155.

Texas, cotton' introduced, 1750,
vention'at, 1877, 408.

sugar mill in, 507.
Salisbury, Mrs. Edward Elbridge, Ticonderoga, N. Y., roster of the

ancestry of Thomas Buchanan, troops at, 377,

Tilden, Samuel J., candidate for the
Salt Lake, Utah, first cannonat, 509. presidency of the U. S.. 498;
San Francisco, Cal., view of, 1850 portrait, 499.

51, 437; formerly called Yerba Todd, Sir Alpheas, memorial notice
Buena, first house in, 504 : growth of, 92. .

Tourgee, Albion W., an appeal to
Santa Fe, New Mexico, first house Cæsar, noticed, 480.
erected, 1540, 504.

Tracy, Charles, address at the Ce
Saratoga monument, 375.

tennial of Whitestown, N. Y.,
Schooner, origin of the word, 378, Truman, Maj. Benjamin C., the

field of honor, noticed, 575.
Schouler, James, Monroe and the Trumbull, Gov. Jonathan, issues
Rhea letter, 308.

commissions to whaleboat pri-
Schuyler, Catherine Van Rensse vateers, 166; requested to with-
laer, portrait, 3.

draw the same by Congress, 767
Schuyler House, the, Albany. N.Y. letters to Washington relative to

Frederic G. Mather, I-16: view the trouble in the Conn. troops,
of, 2; drawing-room, 5; the his 169.
toric staircase, 6: the notable Trumbull, J. Hammond, Barnabas
chamber, 7.

Deane & Co., a business firm in
Schuyler, Gen. Philip, portrait, 4. the Revolution, 17.


mility at battle of Mass., 377 ; ar:

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of. 505.

FORMS, their difficulties and
N possibilities, noticed, 574.
Replies.-July-Slavery in Mass.,

89; James Van Cortlandt, 89; the
frigate Huzsar, 0o; chowder, 00.

August-Nine partners, 182; blue
hen's chicken, i82; the leaden
plate, 182; Burr, Hamilton and
James Monroe, 181 ; the Monroe
letter, 183 ; first piece of artillery,
183; an army duel, Jeniffer
Gassoway, 184.

September-Nine partners, 282;
American Knighthood, 282; Rous:
seau in Phila., 283; how did Gen.
Herkimer spell his name, 283.

October--Murillo, 377; schooner

Tyler, Gov. John, anecdote of, 468 ; W ADSWORTH, Col. Jeremiah, West, significant beginnings out,

letters and times of, noticed, 4z7. V member of the firm of Barna- W. Barrows, 503.
Tyler, John, President of the U.S., bas Deane & Co., in the revolu- Western Pennsylvania, the insurrec-

letters and times of, noticed, 477. tion, 18; appointed commissary. tion in, 1794, 332.
Tyler, Lyon G., the letters and general, 19.

Whaleboat privateers, 1781, 164, 165.
times of the Tylers, noticed, 477. Walcott, Charles, H., Concord, Wharton, Francis, Rousseau in
Mass., noticed, 96. ..

Phila., 283
I INITED STATES, French Walker, George Leon, history of Wheaton, H., letter to William
U spoliations before 1801, 29; the first church in Hartford, Beach Lawrence, 447.
the amount of money expended Conn., noticed, 189.

Wheeler, Esther Gracie Lawrence,
by France in aiding the, during Walla Walla city, Washington Ochre Point, and William Beach
the Revolution, 30 : the Declara Territory, incorporated, 193; view

Lawrence, 444.
tion of Independence of Anglican of first house in, 194; court house, Whipple, A. B., history of Hancock,
origin, 47 ; list of the Historical 195: scene of the Indian massacre, Mass., 381.
Societies in, 186: the Democratic 107: Methodist Church, 198: view Whiskey insurrection,
party, 286: curiosities of inven of farm, 199; grave of Dr. Whit- White, Hugh L., candidate for
tion, 280: the Seminole War, 303; man and his'murdered associates, presidency of U. S.
Florida ceded to the, 309; a bit 200: Whitman Seminary, 202; Whitehead,“ William A., death of,
of secret service history, 323 ; the cultivation of fruit and wheat, 279
nation's first rebellion, 332 ; his 203, 201; city stores, 206 ; public Whitestown, N Y., centennial of,
tory of, 384 ; unsuccessful candi school, 2073 view of a home in, 82.
dates for the presidency of the 208 ; the military post, 209.

Whitman, Dr. Marcus, missionary
nation, Mrs. Martha Lamb, Walla Walla valley, a glimpse of to Oregon, 194; murdered by the
385, 481; a curiosity of the en. the valley of many waters, Mrs.

Indians, 201.
bargo, 466 ; history of the presi. Martha Y. Lamb, 193.

Whitman Station, Washington Ter-
dential elections, 478; repeal of War of 1861, Washington, D. C., in ritory, view of, scene of the
the Mo. compromise, 482 ; forma 1861, 56; Lee's campaign against Indian massacre, 197.
tion of Republican party, 482; Pope in 1862, 126; a bit of secret Whitney, Eli, inventor of the cot-
mode of electioneering by the service history, Allan Foreman, ton gin, 290 ; portrait, 291 ; sketch
Know-Nothing party, 481; signifi 321; Gen. Houston on secession, of, 292.
cant beginnings out W23t, 503 ; 365.

Wilhelm, Lewis W., Sir George
first sugar mill, 507; Kentucky Wardman, George, a trip to Alaska, Calvert, noticed, 477.
admitted into the Union, 508; noticed, 288.

Willett, Col. Marinus, letter to
orders the English language to be Washington, Capt., a privateer, Frederick Elmore, relative to the
the legal language in La., 509; the 1763, 569.

attack on Fort Schuyler, 1777,284.
tariff, 1789-1884, 519.

Washington, D. C., in 1861, Charles William and Mary College, Va.,
P. Stone, 56; the capture of, 1814,

| Charles F. Richarson, 4I4.
VAN BUREN, Martin, elected

Williamson, Joseph, historical re-
V President of U.S., 407; can Washington, George, his estimate view of literature in Me., 92.
didate for re-election, is defeated, of Gen. Greene, 19; army of, in Winters, W., memorials of the Pil-

want of provisions, 25; discarded grim Fathers, noticed, 96.
Van Cortlandt, James, notice of the by Mary Cary, 65; strength of Wirt. William, address on, by Prof.
death of, 89.

the army under, 1781, 74, 75; reso William Mathews, 92; candidate
Vander Beeck, Paulus, surgeon in lutions on the near approach of for the Presidency of the U, S.,
King's Co., 461.

the completion of the monument portrait, 405.
Van de Water, G. R., the past and to, 03: reconnoiters the British Wi-wur-na, and his speech at the
the present, 179.

posts, 174 ; telescope of, 181 : let treaty at Georgetown, Me., 1717,
Van Horne, Eventhus, election ter to Dr. Cochrane, 255: Chief
expenses, 1738, 575.

Justice Marshall's letter to, on Wyoming Historical and Geological
Virginia, Lee's campaign against the death of Judge Washington, Society, September meeting,

Pope in 1812, 126 ; map of north 278; at Lyme, Conn., 282; letter paper on Rev. Barnard Page, by
eastern part of, 127; map of route to Elbridge Gerry, relative to the Sheldon Reynolds, and medals
of the armies between Washington condition of the army, 461; por.

presented to the American
and Court House, 129; roads be trait, 550, 552.

Indians, by Horace Edward
tween Centerville and Manassas Waterbury, Col. David, extracts

Hayden, 475.
Junction, 131; one phase in the from the original order book of, Wyoming, Pa., the massacre at,
early history of, 7. C. Stockbridge, 1787, 555.

1781, 77.
261 ; proposed early colleges in, Waterston Robert C., memoir of Wyoming Valley, Pa., the first
415; colonial county government George Barrell Emerson, noticed, Church of England minister in,
in, Edward Ingle, 532.

Virginia Historical Society, May Weaver, James B.. candidate for the
meeting, portrait of Maj. James presidency of U. S., 502.

Gibbon presented, resolutions on Webb, Gen. Samuel B., duel with Y

Y Park, discovery of the, 83.
the near approach of the comple William Livingston, Jr., 87.

Yerba Buena, former name for San
tion of the Washington monu. Webster, Daniel, candidate for
ment, election of members, 93;

Francisco, first house in, 504.
presidency of U.S., 406 ; chowder,
August meeting, election of mem-

473; portrait, 481.
bers, the Dinwiddie papers, the Weise, Arthur 'James, the dis 7 AMBA, negro, plot of, to de-
first president of, 381;' October coveries of America. noticed, 192; L stroy the French, at New
meeting, 571.

history of Albany, noticed, 574. Orleans, 1730, 513.




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