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she was early deprived, sprung up, and bore good fruit, under the culture of affliction. She was endued by nature with quickness and brightness of intellect, as appeared from her conversation and epistolary correspondence; and to the latest period of her life she retained both the desire and the ability of improving her mind. But what was of far more consequence to herself, and to all who came within her sphere, she was blessed with great benevolence of disposition, which prompted her to a continual exercise of kindness and charity. Although for several years she had been in a great measure deprived of the use of her limbs, yet her last illness -made it apparent that the principle of life was still strong in her: and although the many and severe sufferings which were required to release the spirit from its house of clay, were afflicting to her friends; yet it is to be hoped that the memory of the patience and perfect resignation to the will of her Heavenly Father, with which she endured them, will afford them the truest consolation. Her husband and children have to deplore the loss of a dutiful and affectionate wife and mother, and the poor of Workington of a most kind benefactoress.


1819, AT Canton, on board the VanJan. 15.1 sittart East Indiaman, which he commanded, Capt. Rob. Stair Dalrymple, youngest son of the late Sir Hugh Dalrymple, bart. of Bargeny and North Berwick.

1820, Jan. 6. At Gorruckpore, in the East Indies, Philip Monckton, esq. Judge and Magistrate at that station, fifth son of the Hon. Edward Monck on.

Feb. 2. At St. George d'Elmina, on the gold coast of Africa, F. C. E. Oldenburgh, President, Governor of that fortress, and Commander in Chief of the Dutch settlements in Guinea.

March 31. At Paris, of an apoplectic fit, M. Balzac, a French architect, well known for his beautiful designs from Egyptian monuments, which appeared in a work published by order of the French government. He was an excellent man, and a skilful artist, animated by sincere enthusiasm for the advancement of art. He preserved the energy of youth to a very old age. M. Balzac also cultivated poetry with success. Besides a multitude of designs, and architectural plans, he has left behind him a collection of poems, published last year, also a comedy in verse, and other MS. works.

At Jamaica, Miss Popham, daughter of Sir Home and Lady Popham.

April 1. At Rheims, aged 86, M. Levêque de Pouilly, author of several esteemed works on Antiquities.

April 11. At Fairwood, near Wertbury, Wilts, in her 46th year, of an apoplectic seizure, Lucy, third daughter of the late Joseph Mortimer, esq. of Trowbridge; a pious Christian and a sincere friend.

April 16. On the coast of Cephalonia, suddenly, in his 18th year, Mr. Henry Hyde Fremantle, Midshipman of his Majesty's ship Glasgow. He was third son

of the late Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Fremantle, G.C.B. &c. &c.

April 19. At Ratisbon, in his 84th year, the Right Rev. Charles Arbuthnot, Lord Abbot of the Scots Monastery and College of St. James's, in Ratisbon.-This venerable Prelate was born in the parish of Longside, Aberdeenshire, from whence he was sent at an early age to the above seminary. So highly was this amiable man respected by the German Princes, that when the Diet of Ratisbon, at the

instigation, or rather command of Buonaparte, had resolved to secularize the Church lands of the Empire, they made an express exception in favour of Abbot Arbuthnot, permitting him to enjoy the revenues of the establishment during his life. It may not be improper to add, that the Monastery and College was founded above 1000 years ago, by one of those illustrious Scotsmen who bad been attracted to the Court of the Emperor Charlemagne, whose munificence to learned men has been so often estolled by historians.

April 22. At the Vicarage House, St. Austell, in her 30th year, Frances, wife of the Rev. T. S. Smith, and fifth daughter of the late John Ryle, esq. of Park House, near Macclesfield.

May 1. At his Diocese of Sabina, Cardinal Litta, born at Milan, in 1754, promoted to the Cardinalate in 1801.

May 6. Katherine, relict of Francis Robertson, esq. of Falmouth Trelawney, daughter of the Hon. John Cunningham, deceased, late Custos of St. James's, Ja


At Pisa, Millicent-Anne, daughter of the late P. Chandos Pole, esq. of Radbourne, Derbyshire.

May 7. Near the Western Isles, on his homeward passage from Bengal, in his 19th year, Mr. Edwin Smith, Midshipman in the Carnatic East Indiaman, fourth son of Wm. Smith, esq. formerly of Durham. While reaching over the taffrail he fell overboard; and, notwithstanding the most prompt and active exertions to save his life, he was onfortunately drowned. It may be useful to observe, that this melancholy catastrophe would have been avoided, had he possessed the slightest skill in the art of swimming.


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At the Rectory House, Oxwich, near Swansea, aged 46, of a fit of apoplexy, the Rev. David Evans, A. M., Rector of Llanfigan, Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Brecon, Rural Dean of the Northern Deanery of the third part of Brecon, Domestic Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Argyll, and one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the county of Brecon.

May 9. At 63, South Audley-street, aged 26, Mr. George Lockington. May 10. At sea, on board the Prince Ernest Packet, from Madeira, Frances Theodosia Lady Powerscourt.-Her Lady.ship was eldest daughter of Robert Earl of Roden, born August 1795, and married 1813. She has left issue a son, born in December 1815.

Aged 29, William Wilkinson, only son of James Dinwiddie, esq. of Pool, near Otley, Yorkshire.

In her 81st year, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. J. Hoppe, late of St. Paul's Churchyard.

Wm. Barnet Boultbee, son of W. Boultbee, esq. of Belmont-plaee, Wandsworthroad.

At Richmond, Surrey, at an advanced age, Mrs. Sarah Mackrill.

May 14. At Liverpool, aged 63, Hannah, relict of the Rev. Caleb Rotheram, of Kendal, Westmoreland, and youngest daughter of the late John Thomson, esq. of the former place.

At Torquay, Devonshire, in his 69th year, suddenly, whilst in conversation with a part of his family, Henry Foot, esq. of Berwick St. John, Wiltshire.

Catherine, relict of the late Mr. Aaron Wickens, of Dunmow, Essex.

In Great Ormond-street, Michael Bush, esq. Proctor, of Doctors' Commons.

May 15. At South Parade, Queen's

At Bromley, Kent, aged 96, Mrs. Mary Elis, Little Chelsea, in her 82d year, the Bayly.

At Lambeth, in his 59th year, Wm. Allenby, esq.

At Holloway, aged 33, suddenly, L. Dowton, esq.

At Clapham-rise, in his 63d year, John Newman, esq. of Finmere House, Oxon, upwards of 20 years one of the Justices of the Peace for Bucks.

May 12. At Croydon, in his 65th year, Mr. George Smith, many years an inhabitant of that place.

At Nairo, (N. B.) in his 70th year, the Rev. Isaac Ketchen, 40 years Pastor of the Associate Antiburgher Church in that


At Spring Garden, Eliza, wife of John Stephenson, esq. of Binfield Place, Berkshire.

May 13. G. M. B. Napier, esq. of East Pennard House, High Sheriff of Somersetshire. A few days ago he had a severe fall from his horse which caused bis death.

May 13. At Newport, Isle of Wight, Brevet Lieut. col. Henry Worsley, senior Major of his Majesty's 34th Regiment of Infantry, Captain of Yarmouth Castle, and Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath-This truly gallant and indefatigable Officer has departed this life in consequence of a complete exhaustion of all the animal power, induced by the fatigues, anxieties, and privations experienced by him on actual service in unhealthy climates, having completed only his 37th year in the mouth of February last, and having constantly suffered extreme ill health for nearly three years last past; "Sed dulce et decorum est pro patria mori."

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Baroness Anna Wilhelmina Van Grovestins.

In her 94th year, the relict of John Bell, esq. late Governor of the Royal Exchange Assurance Office.

Aged 63, the wife of Wm. Bragg, esq. of Moreton Hampstead, Devonshire.

Aged 52, Mr. John Taylor, of Bedfordstreet, Covent Garden.

At Icklingham, Suffolk, aged 69, the Rev. Robert Gwilt, of which place he had been nearly 40 years Pastor.

May 16. At Montrose, Mrs. Jean Straton. Besides leaving handsome legacies to her relatives, she bequeathed-To the Poor within the town of Montrose, 1,C007. -For the education of poor children, 1,000/-For the benefit of decayed gentlewomen in Montrose, 1,000l.-To the Episcopal Chapel in Montrose, 1,000.To purchase a house for the officiating Clergyman of the Chapel, 600/-To the Seamen's Box, 2007.

May 17. At Bellmoor House, Hampstead, Sir John Jackson, Bart. of Arsiey, Bedfordshire, one of the Directors of the East India Company. He was created a Baronet, Dec. 27, 1814.

At Sillwood Park, Sunning Hill, aged 48, Mary, wife of George Simson, esq. May 18. The wife of J. Clerk, esq. of Bownham House, Gloucestershire.

At Islington, aged 59, Sarah, wife of P. R. Poland, esq. of Bow-lane.

The Rev. Matthew Arnold, Garrison Chaplain of Portsmouth, who was drowned by the upsetting of a boat near Brown Down Point. Mr. Arnold was one of the Guardians of the Poor in the parish of Alverstoke, and devoted much of his time, his influence, and his property, to ame liorate the condition of his fellow creatures.

At Ashford, in the county of Kent, Mrs.


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Aged 75, the Rev. W. Perkins, M. A. Vicar of King-bury, Somerset, and 45 years Curate of Twyford, Bucks, senior Member of Lincoln College, Oxford, and one of the oldest Chaplains to his present Majesty. He has left a widow and 14 children to bewail his irreparable loss, May 19. At Paris, Geo. Dering, esq. of Barham Court, Kent.

In his 57th year, after an illness of only a few hours, John Lodge Batley, esq. of Masham.

At Farnham, Emma, widow of C. Barker, esq.

Aged 69, the Lady of Sir Thos. Frankland, bart. of Thirkleby, near Thirsk, Yorkshire.

May 20. At Barnet, Joseph, youngest son of W. S. Addington, esq. of Goldington Lodge, Bedfordshire.

In Rye-lane, Peckham, aged 68, Mr. T. Cracklow, of Great Tower-street.

At Luton, aged 76, the relict of the late Thomas Collett, esq. of Hemel Hempsted.

At Harberton, in his 88th year, the Rev. Ralph Barnes, Archdeacon of Totness, Chancellor of the Diocese, and Canon Residentiary at Exeter.

May 21. Aged 39, Sarah, wife of Bernard Ross, esq. of Little Trinity-lane, Upper Thames-street.

At Kentish Town. Isabella, daughter of John Smith, esq. of Hattou-garden.

At Kensington, aged 87, Mr. Wm. Hazelgrove.

In Gower-street, Bedford-square, Alex. ander Hendras Sutherland, esq. F.S.A. May 22. At Milton, Ayrshire, Lady Hunter Blair.

In Greenfield-street, Commercial-road, in her 64th year, Mrs. C. P. Farrington. In Austin Friars, in his 76th year, Geo. Vaux, esq.

At Brighton, Arthur, son of J. S. Loder, esq. of Tavistock-place, London.

Mary, widow of the late Mr. Joshua Brown, of George-street, Portman-square, and mother of John Brown, esq. of Upper George-street. May 23. At Chapel Allerton, in her 26th year, Margaret Brockden, wife of W. W. Brown, esq. banker, of Leeds.

At Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, in his 84th year, Mr. William Clifford, malster,

At Bury St. Edmund's, aged 73, Chas. Blackley, esq.

At Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, in her 71st year, Mary, widow of the late Wm. Adams, esq. of Knights House, Middlesex.

At the residence of her father, on Clapham Common, in her 22d year, Matilda, eldest daughter of Thos. Newton, esq. of Warwick-square.

May 24. In Abbey-street, Carlisle, Lieut.-col. Salkeld.-The early part of this gallant Officer's life was spent in India; where, as Adjutant-general, under the command of the late Lord Lake, he led successively through the several campaigns of that distinguished General.

At Kensington, in bis 26th year, Dr. Wm. Thomson, youngest son of the late Frederick Thomson, esq.

At Richmond, in ber 66th year, Mary, widow of the late Charles Arnold, esq. of Shenley Hill, Herts, and eldest daughter of Rob. Bicknell, esq formerly one of the Masters in Chancery.

In Bloomsbury-square, Richard Jackson, esq. only son of George Jackson, esq. of Kentish Town.

At Tooting, the wife of D. Blachford,


In her 81st year, Jane, wife of James Chapman, esq. of Paul's Cray Hill, Kent. Muy 25. At sea, on his return from Lisbon, T. S dart, esq. of Cardrona, N. B. At Laytonstone, in his 88th year, Geo. Lear, esq.

At Lisson Grove, in his 75th year, Wm. Walker, esq. late of Northaw, Herts.

May 26. In Suffolk-place, Islington, Sarah, wife of Thomas Barry, esq. of Bulidge House, Wilts.

Rev. Ashton Vade, of Hardingstone, Northamptonshire.

May 27. Aged 38, Captain Edwards Lloyd Graham, R. N. eldest son of the late Aaron Graham, esq.

At Little Green, Sussex, aged 70, Thos. Peckham Phipps, esq.

Aged 88, Mr. Thomas Ansted, of London Wall.

In Lincoln's Inn Fields, aged 39, Hen. Cline, jun. esq. one of the Surgeons, and one of the Lecturers in Anatomy and Surgery, to St. Thomas's Hospital.

After a few hours illness, Thos. Haines, esq. many years surgeon and apothecary at Godalming.

In Bedford-square, in his 76th year, G. Gostling.esq.Proctor, of Doctors' Commons. Of apoplexy (while on a visit to his daughter at Newport Pagnel), aged 64, Stephen Matthews, of Canterbury-buildings, Lambeth, a Member of the Society of Friends.

Aged 57, Mr. John Smith, of Harold's Park, near Waltham Abbey, Essex. May 28. In Mark-lane, in his 75d year, Jobe


Joba Greenside, esq. Cornfactor, and one of the oldest on the market,

At Wilton, near Ross, Herefordshire, H. Platt, esq.

In Doughty-street, Harry Clarke, esq. At Windsor, aged 82, Mrs. Starkiu, formerly housekeeper at Frogmore to her late Majesty.

May 29. At Stepney, in his 72d year, Thomas Marsh, of Mansell-st. Goodman'sfields, a Member of the Society of Friends.

At Windsor, in his 35th year, Mr. Chas. Wright, printer.

At Stafford, Mary, wife of the Rev. Rob. Anlezark, and eldest daughter of the late D. Warren, rector of Ripple, and Archdeacon of Worcester.

May 30. At Camden Town, aged 38, Mr. Geo. Monkhouse, of Charles street, Middlesex Hospital, chymist.

At Stoke parsonage, the Rev. Baily Wallis, D. D. rector of St. Mary Stoke, Ipswich, to which he was presented in 1782, by the Deau and Chapter of Ely. He was formerly of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, where he proceeded A. B. 1778, A. M. 1782, D. D. 1808.

Catherine, daughter of the late Richard Smith, esq. of Hill Moreton House, near Rugby, Warwickshire.

At Kensington, ju his 41st year, Mr. Elw. Hayley, formerly of Long Acre and Kentish Town.

In Great Pulteney-street, Bath, Christian Louisa, daughter of the Hon. Paul Horsford, his Majesty's Attorney General for the Leeward Islands.

At Elvastone Cottage, Devonshire, in ber 54th year, suddenly, Mrs. Sarah Cholerton, of Chadlestone, Derbyshire. May 31. At Market Weighton, Mr. Bradley, the Yorkshire Giant: when dead he measured nine feet in length, and three feet over the shoulders.

In Thayer-street, Manchester-square, Walter Williams, esq. late Surgeon in the East India Company's service, Bengal Establishment.

At Kingsdown, near Bristol, the widow of the late Thos. Rickards, esq. of Clapton, Middlesex.

Lately. In Gloucester-street, Reginald Bellingham, son of Sir Bellingham Graham, bart,

Bucks. At High Wycombe, in the 60th year of her widowhood, and 85th year of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Heather, relict of Mr. Thomas Heather, Master of the Royal Grammar School at that place.

Glocestershire. The wife of J. Clerke, esq. of Bownham House, sister to Lady Mildmay, of Shawford, near Winchester.

Hants. At Wickham, near Fareham, in his 70th year, Vice Admiral Sir Richard Grindall, K. C. B.

Kent. At Dulwich, in her 27th year (having been married but five months),

Martha Anne, wife of Mr. Edward Pattison, Oxford-street.

Norfolk. In King-st. Norwich, in her 104th year, the relict of the Rev. Benj. Laney, formerly rector of Mulbarton, who was lineally descended from Benj. Laney, D. D. successively Bishop of Peterborough, Lincoln, and Ely, and who died in 1674.

Staffordshire-At Barlaston, near Stone, Mr. Keeling, the Artist.-He was considered the Vandyke of the county; and had, perhaps, within the last 30 years, painted more portraits than any other Artist within the same space of time.

Suffolk-The Rev. Dr. Baily Wallis, Rector of St. Mary Stoke, Ipswich.

Sussex-The Rev. Mr. Harvey, Rector of Walburton: he went out fishing, and it is supposed, being seized with a fit, fell into a ditch, as he was found next day drowned.

WALES At his residence, near Haverfordwest, the Rev. Tho. Philips, M.A. Rector of Haroldston and Lambton, Pembrokeshire.

At Dolgelly, at a very advanced age, H. Parry, esq. Solicitor, father of the profession on the North Wales Circuit, and uncle to Chief Baron Richards.

SCOTLAND-At Port Glasgow, Mr. Hugh Richmond, one of the under Clerks in the Custom House of PortGlasgow. His funeral was attended by a party of Volunteers. He never recovered from the fatigue he underwent during the insurrection at Paisley, and from the bruises he received at Greenock on the 8th of April.

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IRELAND The Rer. Mr. Murphy, Parish Priest of Ballyheige, in the county of Kerry, was found dead in his bed a few days ago, without having manifested any symptoms of indisposition on the day previous. ABROAD nis O'Kelly.

At Paris, Col. Andrew Den

At Paris, aged 65, the famous Count Volney, author of the Ruins of Empires, and of many literary and political productions. He was a native of Crayon in Bretagne, a member of the French academy, and a Peer, created by Buonaparte. Volney was a correspondent of the Literary Society of Calcutta, and has bequeathed 1200 francs of rente for ever, to found a premium for the best Essay on the Oriental languages, and particularly on the simplification of their characters. His funeral obsequies were performed in the Church of S. Sulpice on the 28th, and his remains carried thence to the cemetry of Pere Lachaise.

On board the Henry Wellesley (on his passage from Jamaica), aged 22, John Gregory Scott, esq.

At Copenhagen, the Icelandic poet, J. Thorlaksen, who had translated into his

native la guage Milton's "Paradise Lost," aad Klopstock's Messiah." He had received a sum of money from England (particularly from the Literary Fund, see pp. 464, 465.), and enjoyed an annual pension from the King of Denmark.

June 1. At Cheltenham, in her 72d year, Rachel Worsley, wife of J. Ireland, esq. of Hampton Lodge, Herefordshire. She was daughter of the late Gen. Merrick, and niece of the late J. Leman, esq. of Northaw, Herts.

At Bonner's Hall, Bethnal Green, aged 32, Anna Maria, wife of Mr. R. Cranch, of Union-court, Broad-street, solicitor.

At Guernsey, in his 36th year, Lieu. A. N. Napier, R. N., second son of the late J. Napier, esq. of Tintin Hall, Somersetsh., and brother to Major Napier, R. A.

At Rusball, Wilts, aged 75, Sir John Methuen Poore, bart. He was created a Barouet July 8, 1795, with remainder to the family of his brother Edward.

June 2. In Berner's-street, in his 70th year, Thos. Wakefield, esq. of Wendover, Bucks, formerly Commander in the India Company's service.

In his 48th year, G. T. Kent, esq., of Brick lane, Spitalfields.

After a few hours' illness, aged 25, Maria, wife of Mr. C. Bowen, of Providence-row, Finsbury-square.

lu Aldermanbury, aged 54, Anne, wife of Mr. W. Seabrooke of the Bank of England. June 3. In his 77th year, Mr. J. Jones, of Cullum-street, wine-merchant.

Suddenly, the wife of A. Seward, esq. of Norton-street, Fitzroy-square.

At Killina, near Dublin, in his 78th year, Sir James Bond, bart. of Coolamber, co. Longford. He was created a Baronet in 1794.

June 4. In Lower Cadogan-place, Jas. Preston, second son of J. S. Broadwood, esq.

In Harley-street, aged 16, William, eldest son of W. Dickinson, esq. M. P.

Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr. Hippius, of Hackney.

At Great Stanmore, Middlesex, Maria Caroline, daughter of Thos. Wyatt, esq. of Woburn-place, London.

In his 72d year, Francis Drummond, esq. of Sloane-street, late captain of the 98th foot, representative of the ancient and respectable family of the Drummonds of Hawthorndean, in the county of Edinburgh, North Britain. He has left three sons and three daughters to lament his loss; his eldest son is now lieut.-colonel in the 3d regiment of Foot Guards.

At Boxted, Essex, in her 89th year, Aube, widow of the late Rev. R. Cooke, formerly Vicar of that place.

June 5. At Springfield-place, Essex, In her 48th year, Mrs. Brograve.

In North-street, Fitzroy-square, in his 70th year, John Hughes, esq.

At Richmond, Amelia, daughter of E. Henning, esq. of Weymouth, Dorsetshire, At Hackney, in his 79th year, Mr. Jas. Curtis, formerly of Mangotsfield.

At Dublin, Mary Trye, wife of Thomas Lester, esq. of the Royal Fusileers,

At Torquay, in his 20th year, Henry Couchman, third son of Mr. Peorice, of Salford, Warwickshire.

June 6. Mr. Clegg, engineer in the artillery, who has had the direction of the firing of the cannon, on days of rejoicing, in St. James's-park, and of those on the Lambeth shore when the King went to ineet bis Parliament, preceded the Royal procession at a short distance, carrying the large signal flag on his shoulder to the man on the Lambeth shore to discharge the cannon, accompanied by an artilleryman, carrying a small white signal flag with G. R. on it. One of the King's footmen was conversing with Mr. Clegg upon the state of the weather, when Mr. C. fell down and expired. The footman lifted his head up in his lap, and rendered every possible assistance. One of the blacks belonging to the military took off his turban and laid it under his head. The body was carried to the Star and Garter public-house, near the spot.

Aged 60, Mr. Robt. Newbald, of Kentroad, and of Potter's-fields, Southwark.

At Delrow, Herts, Lieut.-Col. Leighton Cathcart Dalrymple, C. B., of the 15th Hussars, second son of Gen. Sir Hugh Dalrymple, bart.

At Nelson Terrace, Stoke Newington, Amelia, wife of Mr. T. Bartlett, of Pilgrimstreet, Ludgate-hill.

Aged 73, Thomas Fowler, esq. of Court of Hill, Shropshire, and of Abbey Cwmbir, Radnorshire.

At White Windows, near Halifax, aged 70, Lydia, widow of Joseph Priestley, esq.

At Waterford, Wm. Newport, esq. the senior of one of the most ancient of all existing Irish Banks, a bank founded a century ago by his grandfather, and handed down through his revered father, late the respected patriarch of that city. Early in life he was a leading Member of the corporation, and served the office of Mayor in 1784. He was the younger and only brother of the Right Hon. Sir John Newport, bart. M. P. for Waterford.

At Chastleton, Oxfordshire, in his 90th year, Thos. Cranage, esq. late of Camber. well-grove, formerly a coal merchant at Hungerford-wharf, Strand.

Mr. John Black, of Epping, land agent and surveyor.

At Bath, Lieut.-co!. Flint, late of the Hon. East India Company's Service, on the Madras Establishment. This Officer's distinguished services and gallant defence of Wandewash, are detailed in Col. Wilkes' History of India.


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