exhortations, 21 y Who shall A. D. 64. thing by prayer and change our vile body,

supplication with fa y ICo. 15. 43. thanksgiving let your

Col. 3. 4. shioned like unto his Lind requests be made glorious body, z ac- z Ep. 1. 19. Know cording to the work al Co.15.26.17 And k the peace ing whereby he 18 a cb. 1.8.

of God, which passeth able a even to subdue

all understanding, all things unto him

b 2 Co. 1.14.
i Th, 2.19. SU

sball keep your hearts self.

and minds through d ch. 2. 2.

Christ Jesus.

& 3. 16. 18 Finally, brethren. 1 THEREFORE, myle Ro. 16. 3. whatsoever things brethren dearly be- f Ex. 32. 32. are true, whatsoever loved and a longed Ps. 69. 28. things are honest, for, b my joy and Da. 12. 1. whatsoever things crown, so stand fast 10. 20. are just, whatsoever

Re. 3.5. in the Lord, my dearly

& 21. 27. things are pure, whatbeloved.

Ro. 12. 12 soever things are 2 I beseech Euo-1° 1 Th.5. 16. lovely, whatsoever dias, and beseech iPo.4. 13. things are of good Syntyche, d that they h He. 10. 25. report; if there be be of the same mind! Ja. 5. 8, 9. any virtue, and if in the Lord.

1 Pe. 4.7. there be any praise, 3 And I intreat

2 Pe.3.8, 9. think on these things.

2Tb. 2. 2. thee also, true yoke-li Ps. 55. 22.

9 m Those things, fellow, help those

Pr. 16. 3,1

which ye have both women which ola Ma. 6. 25. learned, and received, boured with me in Lu. 12. 22. and heard, and seen the gospel, with Cle-l, Pe. 5. 7. in me, do: and the

IL Jno, 14.27.1 God of peace shall be ment also, and with

Ro. 5.1.1 other my fellowla- Col. 3. 16. with you. bourers, whose names + Or, T10 But I rejoiced are in fube book of venerable. in the Lord greatly. life.

11 Th.5. 22. that now at the last 45 Rejoice in the mch. 3. 17. your care of me Lord alway: and a-In Ro. 15. 33. hath I flourished again I say, Rejoice. 1Co.14.33. gain; wherein ye

5 Let your modera- 1 2 (0.13.11. were also careful, but tion be known unto

1 Th.5.23.

3. ye lacked opportu

He. 13. 20. all med. b The Lord

lo 2 Co. 11.9. pity. is at hand.

11 Not that I speak

1 Or, Se careful for is revived. in respect of want : nothing; but in every

' for I have learned, in


Liberality of

PHIL. IV. the Philippians. whatsoever state 1, A. D. 64. desire a gift : but I am, P therewith to be a

desireu fruit that content.

p 1 Ti. 6. 6. may abound to your 12 I know both q 1 Co. 4. 11. account, how to be abased, and

18 But + I have all, I know how to a

and abound: I am bound : every where

Ir Jno. 15. 5. 1

full, having received

e 2 Co. 12.9.11 and in all things I).

of x Epaphroditus the am instructed both to

sch. 1.7.

things which were sent be full and to be + 2 Co. 11. 8. from you, Y an odour hungry, both to a Ro. 15. 28. of a sweet smell, za bound and to suffer. Tit. 3. 14. sacrifice acceptable, need.

1 + Or, I have wellpleasing to God. 13 I can do * all received all."

an. 19 But my God things through Christ|sch. 2. 25. shall a supply which strengtheneth y He. 13. 16. your need baccording me.

z 2 Co. 9. 12. to his riches in glory 14 Notwithstanding a Ps. 23. 1. by Christ Jesus. ye have well done, 2 Co. 9. 8. 20° Now into God that sye did com-b Ep. 1.7. and our Father be municate with my & 3. 16. glory forever and affliction.

Ro. 16. 27. ever. Amen. 15 Now, ye Philip-Ga. 1.5. 21 Salute every saint pians, know also, a Ga. 1. 2. in Christ Jesus. The that in the beginningle ch. 1. 13. brethren d which are of the gospel, when It Ro. 16. 24. with me greet you. departed from Ma

02 All the saints cedonia, i no church ver. 13- salute you, e chiefly communicated with * All things they that are of Cæme as concerning with his da, sar's houshold. giving and receiving, tv: not by 123 The grace of our but ye only.

natural abi. Lord Jesus Christ be 16 for even in lity, but by with you all. Amen. Thessalonica ye sent strength

It was written to once and again unto

the ceived from

Philippians my necessity.


from Rome by 17 Not because 1


daily re

The author of this Epistle had been driven by persecution from Philippi, but afterwards visited this city, Acts xvi. & xx. It is evident from the manner of the Apostle's writing, that the church of Philippi were very exemplary in their conduct for, wbile he cautions them against deceivers, not one censure is passed on them. It was written about 12 years after the foundation of their church, and during the latter part of the Apostle's imprisonment at Rome, A. D. 64.


The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the


wmumun CHAP. I. A. D. 64. bringeth i forth fruit,

= as it doth also in you, 1 PAUL, a an apos

since the day ye heard tle of Jesus Christ by bico.4.17.of it, and knew kthe the will of God, and c Ga. 1. 3. grace of God in truth: Timotheus our bro- a 1 Co. 1.4. 7 As ye also learnther.

Ph. 1. 3. led of 1 Epaphras our 2 To the saintse Phm. 5. dear fellowservant, and b faithful breth-f He. 6. 10. who is for you ma ren in Christ which , 2 Ti. 4. 8. (faithful minister of are at Colosse : i Pe. 1. 4. Christ; Grace be unto you, b Ma. 24. 14.) 8 Who also declarand peace, from God Mar.16.15. ed unto us your n love our Father and the i Mar. 4.8. in the Spirit. Lord Jesus Christ. Jno. 15.16. 9. For this cause

3d We give thanks k 2 Co. 6. 1. we also, since the to God and the Fa. Tit. 2. 11. day we heard it, do ther of our Lord 1 Phm. 23. not cease to pray for Jesus Christ, praying m 2 Co. ll. you, and to desire always for you,

23. that p ye might 4 e Since we heard I Ti. 4. 6. be filled with the of your faith in Christ n Ro. 15. 30. knowledge of his will Jesus, and of ftheo Ep. 1. 15. linr all wisdom and love which ye have to p 1 Co. 1. 5. Ispiritual understandall the saints,

5 For the hope Eo. 18110 s That ye might which 6 is laid up lor, Ep. 4.1. Lord tupto all pleas.

walk worthy of the you in heaven, where- 15.2. 12. Lord

ye heart before in Thailing, ubeing fruitful the word of the truth.

u Jno.15.16. in every good work, of the gospel;

| 2 Cor. 9.8. and increasing in the 6 Which is comel He. 13. 21./knowledge of God; unto you, has it is in Ep. 3. 16.11 Strengthened all the world; and

er with all might, ac

of you, and we have to p. 12. 12. 2.1040


of th

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exalted nature. cording to his glori- A. D. 64. head of the body, the ous power, y unto all

Church : who is the

y Ep. 4. 2. X patience and long

beginning, n the firstsuffering with joy-12 AC. .9. born from the dead: fulness;

a Ep. 5. 20. that Iin all things he 12 a Giving thanks b Ac. 26. 18. might have the preunto the Father,c Pe. 2. 9. eminence. which hath made us He. 2. 14. 19 For it pleased meet to be partakers d iTh.2. 12. the Father that in of b the inheritance + Gr. the him should all ful. of the saints in light :Son of his ness dwell : 13 Who hath de


1 20 And, op having

e Ep. 1. 7. livered us from c the

made peace through

elf He. 1. 3. power of darkness,

the blood of his cross, andd hath transla- & Re. 3

Is Re. 3. 14. by 4 him to reconcile ted us into the king-h Jao. 1. 3. all things unto himdom of this dear i Ro. 8. 38 self; by him, I say. Son :

k Ro. 11.36 whether they be things 14 In whom weli Jno.1.1.3. in earth, or things in have redemption ml Co. 11.3. ne through his blood,l.

: Ac. 26.23.

21 And you, that even the forgiveness:

were sometime alien

It Or, of sins:

ated and enemies tin 15 Who is f the im

among all.

your mind t by wickage of the invisible

10 Jno. 1. 16. ed works, yet now God. & the firstborn Or, making hath he reconciled of every creature:

peace. 22 u in the body of 16 Forb by him P Ep. 2. 1. his flesh through were all things cre-192C0.5. 18. death, to present ated, that are in rEp. 1. 10. you holy and unheaven, and that ares Ep. 2. 1, 2. Iblameable and unrein earth, visible and tt Or, by proveable in his invisible, whether your mind in sight: they be thrones, or wicked

23 If ye continne dominions,i or prin

in the faith Ygrounded cipalities, or powers:

t Tit. 1. 15. and settled, and be all things were crea u Ep. %. 15.not moved aw ted k by him, and > La. I. 75. from the hope of the for him:

y Ep. 3.17. gospel, which ye 17 ! And he is be. 15.6. have heard, and fore all things, and

19 which was preached by him all things con

to b b ver. 6.

every creature Bist.

c Ac. 1. 17, which is under hea. 18 And m he is the le

l ven; ewhereof I



to stedfastness. Paul am made a, A. D. 64. minister;

CHAP. II. 24 d Who now re

d Ro. 6. 3.

• 1 For I would that joice in my sufferingsl: p... ye knew what great

rindel. Ep.3.1, ve for you and fill 2 Co. l. 5, conflict a I have for up that which is

you, and for them at behind of the afflic

8 Ep. 1. 23. tions of Christ in my

Laodicea, and for as flesh for his body's

many as have not b1 Co.9.17.

seen my face in the sake, which is the 1 Or,

+ Or, fully flesh;

to preach the church :

word of God 2 b That their hearts 95 Whereof I am Ro. 15.19. might be comforted, made a minister, ac-li Ro. 16. 25. being knit togecording to h the dis.

k Ma. 13.11.

ther in love, and pensation of God

I 2 Co. 2. 14.

unto all riches of the which is given to me

full assurance of unfor you, to fulfil the m Ro. 9. 23. dersi

derstanding, d to the word of God; 11 Or,

acknowledgment of

the mystery of God, tery which hath been 1 Ti. 1. 1. and of the Father, hid from ages and o Ac. 20. 20. and of Christ; from generations, lp 2 Co. 11.2. 3 tte In whom are butk now is madela 1 Co. 15. hid all the treasures mapifest to his saints:1 10. of wisdom and know27 ITo whom God ch. 2. 1. ledge

ke known, Ep. 1. 19.1. 4 And this I say, what is n the riches Or fear.

Flest f any man should of the glory of this lor, care.

beguile you with enmystery among the Ph. 1. 30. ticing words. Gentiles; which is

b 2 Co.). 6.1.

5 For 5 though I be Cbrist Iin you, the

absent in the flesh, hope of glory :

• ch. 3. 14. |

* yet am I wish you in 98 Whom we preach,

a Ph.3. 8. Ehes

the spirit, joying and warning every man, tt Or, beholding hyour orand teaching every wherein. Ider, and the istedman in all wisdom; 1 Co.1.24. fastness of your faith that we may pre-f Ro. 16. 18. in Christ. sent every man per- lg 1 Co. 5.3.: 6 k Asye bave fect in Christ Jesus : h i Co. 14. therefore received 29 q Whereunto I

40. Christ Jesus the Lord, also labour, strivingi i Pe. 5. 9. so walk ye in him : according to his k i Th. 4.1.) 7 1 Rooted and built working, which work-li Ep2.21. up in him, and staeth in me mightily. = Iblished in the faith,

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