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Sweet swan of Avon, 119
Sweetest thing that ever grew, 268
Sweetness long drawn out, linked,


Sweetness on the desert air, 229
Sweets compacted lie, 122
Sweets, feast of nectared, 146
Sweets of forgetfulness, 242
Sweets to the sweet, 104
Sweets, wilderness of, 140
Swift expires, a driveller, 219
Swift, race not to the, 9

Swifter than a weaver's shuttle, 4
Swimmer in his agony, 320

Swine, pearls before, 14
Swinish multitude, 364
Swoop, at one fell, 88

Sword has laid him low, 289
Sword, famous by my, 130
Sword, pen mightier than the, 332
Sword, take away the, 332
Swords into ploughshares, 12
Sybil, contortions of the, 365
Sydneian showers, 126
Syllable men's names, 144
Syllable of recorded time, 90
Syllables govern the world, 358
Sylvia in the night, 28
Syrups, lucent, 325

Syrups of the world, drowsy, 110

[blocks in formation]

Take him for all in all, 92

Take mine ease in my inn, 58

Take no note of time, 206

Take, O take those lips away, 32
Take physic, pomp, 75

Take ye each a shell, 198

Tale, an honest, speeds best, 66

Tale as 't was said to me, 292

Tale, every shepherd tells his, 149
Tale, makes up life's, 284
Tale of Troy divine, 148

Tale, round, unvarnished, 106
Tale, schoolboy's, 308
Tale so sad, so tender, 224

Tale, tedious as a twice-told, 53
Tale that is told, 6

Tale, the moon takes up the won-

drous, 171

Tale, thereby hangs a, 45, 48

Tale, 't is an old, 294

Tale, to adorn a, 219

Tale told by an idiot, 90
Tale, unfold a, 94.

Tale which holdeth children, 351
Talk, I never spent an hour's, 38
Talk, ye gods, how he will, 165
Tall oaks from little acorns, 267
Tam was glorious, 259
Tame villatic fowl, 144
Taper to the sun, 258

Tapers swim before my sight, 196
Task is smoothly done, 146
Taskmaster's eye, 150
Taste of your quality, 97
Tattered clothes, 76
Taught us how to die, 200
Tawny lion, the, 141
Teach me to feel, 196
Teach the young idea, 215
Tear a passion to tatters, 99
Tear, betwixt a smile and, 310
Tear, every woe can claim, 312
Tear for pity, 61

Tear forgot as soon as shed, 225
Tear, he gave to misery a, 230
Tear her tattered ensign, 344
Tear in her eye, 294

Tear, law which moulds a, 331
Tear, man without a, 290
Tear, some melodious, 147
Tears, baptized in, 253
Tears, beguile her of, 106

Tears down Pluto's cheek, 148
Tears, flattered to, 325
Tears from despair, 334
Tears hinder needle, 329

Tears, idle tears, 334
Tears in piteous chase, 44
Tears of dotage, 219

Tears, pensive beauty in, 288

Tears, prepare to shed, 72
Tears, sacred source of, 226

Tears such as angels weep, 133

Tears that speak, 227

Tears, too deep for, 276
Teeth are set on edge, 12
Teeth, skin of my, 4
Tell it not in Gath, 2
Tell me, my soul, 197
Tell-tale women, 66

Tell truth and shame the devil, 58
Temper justice with mercy, 142
Temper whose unclouded ray, 184
Temple built to God, 167

Temple, nothing ill can dwell in
such a, 26

Temples, groves were God's first,

Temples, solemn, 27
Ten low words, 186
Tender-handed, 214

[blocks in formation]

They laugh that win, 110
Thick and thin, 390
Thick-coming fancies, 89
Thief doth fear each bush, 65
Thief in the night, come as a, 22
Thief of time, 206

Thievery, example you with, 81
Thing, acting of a dreadful, 70
Thing devised by the enemy, 66
Thing enskyed, 30
Thing, in awe of such, 69
Thing, never says a foolish, 164
Thing ever grew, sweetest, 268
Thing we like, we figure, 335
Things, contests from trivial, 188
Things done at the Mermaid, 119
Things, God's sons are, 220
Things left undone, 23
Things that ne'er were, 186
Things unattempted, 131
Things, unutterable, 216
Things without remedy, 86
Think nought a trifle, 211
Think of that, Master Brook, 29
Think that day lost, 387

Think must govern, those that, 234
Think too little, talk too much, 159
Thinks most, lives most, who, 336
Thin-spun life, 147
Thirsty earth, 128

Thirty days hath November, 385
Thorn, withering on the virgin, 35
Thorns that in her bosom lodge, 95
Thou art the man, 3
Thou little valiant, 53
Thought, almost say her body, 117
Thought, armour is his honest, 116
Thought deeper than speech, 346
Thought, like a passing, 262
Thought, like a pleasant, 271
Thought, not one immoral, 222

Thought, wish father to that, 61
Thoughts, dark soul and foul, 145
Thoughts, great, 327
Thoughts, hospitable, 140

Thoughts of men are widened, 333

Thoughts shut up want air, 207
Thoughts that breathe, 227
Thoughts that wander thro' eter-
nity, 135

Thoughts too deep for tears, 276
Thoughts transcend our wonted
themes, 151

Thought, pale cast of, 99

Thought, the dome of, 308

Thought, the power of, 314

Thought, to have common, 183

Thought, whistled for want of, 159

Thousand, one shall become a, is
Thread, feels at each, 177

Thread of his verbosity, 39

Threats, no terror in, 73

Three poets in three ages, 163

Three removes as bad as a fire, 361
Three years' child, 280
Thrice he assayed, 133

Thrice he slew the slain, 157
Thrice is he armed, 64

Thrift may follow fawning, 100
Thrift, thrift, Horatio, 92
Throne, my bosom's lord sits lightly
in his, 80

Thrones, dominations, 140
Throng, the lowest of your, 139
Throw physic to the dogs, 89
Thumbs, pricking of my, 87
Thunder, leaps the live, 309.
Thunder, lightning, or in rain, 81
Thwack, with many a stiff, 153
Thyme blows, the wild, 36
Tickle your catastrophe, 60
Tickled with a straw, 180
Tide in the affairs of men, 73
Tidings when he frowned, 236
Tie, the silken, 293

Tiger, in war imitate the, 62
Tilt at all I meet, 192

Timber, seasoned, never gives, 122
Time adds increase to her truth,


Time and the hour, runs, 82
Time, break the legs of, 344
Time, count by heart-throbs, 336
Time elaborately thrown away, 211
Time, footprints on the sands of,

Time, foremost files of, 333
Time hallowed and gracious, 91
Time has laid his hand gently, 343
Time has not cropt the roses, 223
Time is for ever, his, 128

Time, how small a part of, 129
Time is out of joint, 96

Time is still a-flying, 124

Time, noiseless foot of, 50, 291

Time nor place adhere, 84

Time, not of an age, but for all,


Time, now is the accepted, 20
Time, rich with the spoils of, 228
Time robs us of our joys, 240
Time, scorns of, 98

Time shall throw a dart at thee,

Time, syllable of recorded, 90
Time to every purpose, 8
Time to mourn, lacks, 335

Time toiled after him in vain, 220
Time, tooth of, 211

Time, we take no note of, 206
Time, what will it not subdue, 224
Time, whirligig of, 52

Time, with thee conversing I forget

all, 139

Time writes no wrinkle, 311
Time's noblest offspring, 204
Times of need, 160

Times that try men's souls, 367
Tinkling cymbal, 20
Tints to-morrow, 314
Tipsy dance and jollity, 144
Tired he sleeps, 180
Tire of all creation, 374
'Tis greatly wise, 207
Title long and dark, 158
To be or not to be, 98

To be weak is miserable, 131
To-day, be wise, 206

To each his sufferings, 226
To err is human, 187
To every one that hath, 16
To forgive divine, 187
To point a moral, 219
To sport with Amaryllis, 147
Toad, ugly and venomous, 43
Tobacco, sublime, 318
Tocsin of the soul, 321
Toe of the peasant, 104
Toe, on the light fantastic, 149
Toil and trouble, 87


Toil and trouble, why all this, 275
Toil, envy, want, the jail, 219
Toil, must govern those who, 234
Toil, verse sweetens, 167
Tolerable, not to be endured, 34
Toll for the brave, 249
Tomb of all the Capulets, 365
Tomb, no inscription on my, 369
Tomb of him who would have made
glad the world, 336

Tomb, sorrows encompass the, 306
Tombs, hark, from the, 213
To-morrow, already walks, 286
To-morrow and to-morrow, 90
To-morrow, boast not thyself of, 8
To-morrow cheerful as to-day, 184

To-morrow, do thy worst, 162
To-morrow, the darkest day, live
till, 251


To-morrow to fresh woods, 147
To-morrows, confident, 278
Tongue, braggart with my,
Tongue dropped manna, 135
Tongue, give thy thoughts no, 93
Tongue in every wound, 72
Tongue, let the candid, 100
Tongue, music's golden, 325
Tongue Shakspere spake, 270
Tongue, win a woman with, 28
Tongues, evil, 140
Tongues, envious, 68
Tongues in trees, 44
Tongues, slanderous, 35
Tongues, whispering, 283
Too early seen unknown, 78
Too late I stayed, 291
Too poor for a bribe, 230
Tooth for tooth, 2

Tooth of time, 32, 211

Tooth, sharper than a serpent's, 75

Toothache, philosopher that could
endure the, 35

Top of my bent, 101

Torrent and whirlwind's roar, 233
Torrent of a woman's will, 214
Torrent of his fate, 219
Torrent's smoothness, 290
Torrents, motionless, 284
Touch harmonious, 221
Touch not, taste not, 21
Touched nothing that he did not
adorn, 221

Tower of strength, 66

Towered cities please us, 149

Towering passion, 105

Towers, the cloud-capped, 27
Toys of age, 180

Toys, we spent them not in, 128
Trade's proud empire, 220
Train, a melancholy, 234
Train up a child, 7

Traitors, our doubts are, 30
Traitors, our fears make us, 88

Transmitter of a foolish face, 173
Trappings and suits of woe, 91
Traps, Cupid kills with, 34

Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart, 77
Traveller from New Zealand, 372
Tread a measure, 39

Treasure is, heart be where your,

Treasures, the good man's, 285
Treasures up a wrong, 316
Tree falleth, where the, 9
Tree is known by his fruit, 14
Tree, like a green bay, 5

Tree of deepest root is found, 252
Tree's inclined as the twig is bent,

Trees, tongues in, 44
Trencherman, valiant, 33
Tresses like the morn, 146
Tribe, richer than all his, III
Tribe, the badge of our, 41
Tribute, not one cent for, 368
Tribute of a sigh, 229
Tribute of a smile, 292
Trick worth two of that, 56
Tricks, fantastic, 31
Tricks in simple faith, 72

Tried, she is to blame who has

been, 120, 202

Trifle, think nought a, 211
Trifles light as air, 109
Trifles, unconsidered, 49
Trim gardens, 148

Triton blow his wreathed horn, 274

Triton of the minnows, 69
Triumphal arch, 290
Triumphant death, 143
Trodden the wine-press, II

Troop, farewell the plumed, 110
Troops of friends, 89

Trope, out there flew a, 152
Tropic, under the, 129

Trouble, war, he sung, is toil and,

Troubles, arms against a sea of, 98
Troubles of the brain, 89
Trowel, laid on with a, 43
Troy, fired another, 157

Troy, half his, was burned, 60
True as steel, 79

True as the dial, 156

True, dare to be, 122

True ease in writing, 187

True hope is swift, 66

True love's the gift, 292

True, so sad, so tender, and so,


True to thine own self, 93

True wit is nature, 186

Trust in all things high, 335
Trust, unfaltering, 338
Truth and daylight meet, 357
Truth and pure delight, 276
Truth and shame the devil, 58
Truth, bright countenance of, 356
Truth crushed to earth, 338
Truth denies all eloquence to woe,

Truth, doubt, to be a liar, 96
Truth from his lips prevailed, 236
Truth from pole to pole, 171
Truth has such a face, 179
Truth impossible to be soiled, 355

[blocks in formation]

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, 202
Twice-told tale, 53
Twig is bent, 183

Twilight, disastrous, 133

Twilight grey, in sober livery, 139
Twinkling of an eye, 20

Two blades of grass, 175

Two ears of corn, 175

Two eternities, 298

Two single gentlemen in one, 264
Two truths are told, 82

Twofold image, 278

Type of the wise, 272

UNA with her lamb, 276

Unadorned, adorned the most, 216

Unanimity is wonderful, 257

Unassuming commonplace, 271

Uncertain, coy, 294

Uncertain glory of an April day,


Uncle, O my prophetic soul! 95
Unconquerable will, 131
Unction, flattering, 103
Under the hawthorn, 149
Under the tropic is our language
spoke, 129

Under which king, 61
Underlings we are, 70

Underneath this stone doth lie, 118
Underneath this sable hearse, 118
Undevout astronomer, 210
Undiscoverd country, 99

Understanding, but no tongue, 92
Undivulged crimes, 75
Uneasy lies the head, 61
Unexpressive she, 46

Unfeather'd two-legg'd thing, 158
Unfit, for all things, 237
Unforgiving eye, 257.
Unfortunate Miss Bailey, 264
Unfortunate, one more, 328
Unhabitable downs, 174
Unhouseled, disappointed, 95
Union, once glorious, 369
United yet divided, 243
Uniting we stand, 265
Unity, to dwell together in, 6
Universe, born for the, 237
Unknelled, uncoffined, 311
Unknown, argues yourselves, 139
Unknown, live unseen, 197
Unknown, too early seen, 78
Unlamented let me die, 197
Unlettered, small-knowing soul, 37
Unlineal hand, 86
Unpaid-for silk, 74
Unpleasing sharps, 80
Unreal mockery, 87
Unrespited, unpitied, 135
Unripened beauties, 170
Unseen, born to blush, 229
Unskilful laugh, 100
Unsought be won, 141
Unstable as water, 2
Untaught knaves, 56
Unutterable things, 216
Unvarnished tale, 106

Unwept, unhonoured, unsung, 293
Unwhipped of justice, 75
Up and quit your books, 275
Upon this hint, 107

Urania, govern my song, 141
Urn of poverty, 327
Urns, sepulchral, 249
Urs, those dreadful, 344
Use doth breed a habit, 28
Uses, to what base, 104
Utica, no pent up, 306
Utterance of the early gods, 325

VAIN pomp and glory, 67
Vain was the sage's pride, 193
Vain wisdom all, 136

Vale, meanest floweret of the, 230
Vale of life, 229

Vale of years, 109

Valiant taste death but once, 71
Valiant, thou little, 53
Valley so sweet, 300

Vallombrosa, the brooks in, 132
Valour is oozing out, 256
Valour, the better part of, 59

Vanity and vexation of spirit, 8
Vanity of vanities, 10
Vantage, coigne of, 83
Vantage ground of truth, 353
Variety, her infinite, 74

Variety's the spice of life, 245
Vase, you may shatter the, 301
Vault, fretted, 228

Vault, the deep damp, 208
Vaulting ambition, 83

Vein, I am not in the, 66

Venice on her hundred isles, 310
Venice, I stood in, 310
Verbosity, thread of his, 39
Verge enough, 227
Verge of heaven, 207
Verge of the churchyard, 330
Vermeil-tinctured lip, 146
Vernal bloom, 138

Vernal seasons of the year, 356
Verse, cursed be the, 191

Verse, married to immortal, 149
Verse may find him, 122
Verse sweetens toil, 167

Verses, rhyme the rudder is of, 153
Very like a whale, 101

Vestal's lot, happy is the, 196
Veteran, superfluous lags the, 219
Vice is a monster, 179

Vice itself lost half its evil, 364
Vice prevails, 170

Vices, our pleasant, 77

Vices, small, 76

Victims play, the little, 226

Victors, to the, belong the spoils,

[blocks in formation]


Vienna, looker-on here in, 32
View, landscape tire the, 217
Vile man that mourns, 178
Village bells, 247
Village Hampden, 229
Villain and he miles asunder, 80
Villain, one murder made a, 241
Villain, smile and be a, 96
Villain with gyves on, 59
Villanous saltpetre, 56
Vine and fig-tree, 12

Vines, foxes that spoil the, 10

Violet by a mossy stone, 269

Violet, nodding grows, 36

Violet, throw a perfume on the, 54
Violets blue, 39,

Violets, upon a bank of, 50

Violets plucked ne'er grow again,


Virgins soft as the roses, 314

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