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the American tre2 ish requires nearly two years, the first of July, by request of governor Don, who had

of an opulent old gentleman, at Vallatri, and after- it is said a corps of their army was within a few wards hung him, in consequence of their not hav. days march of Sante Fe de Bagota, the capital, ing received a ransom of 5 or 6,000 crowns with the A letter received in Baltimore from St. Thomas, punctuality they expected. A child in Rome bad dated Aug. 4, says—“You must know that Barcehis tongue taken out to prevent his telling tales. lona has fallen, and, Cumana, and the whole royal,

squadron are now in the possession of the patriots, It is reported that the emperor is assembling a and probably before this reaches you, Laguira, Por, great body of troops near St. Petersburg. to Cavello and Caraccas will also be subject to the

Many persons are emigrating from Wurtemberg rebels. for Russia. They go in divisions- 40 or 50 waggons together.

A certain person called John Davis, pretending It is rumored that Russia is about to go to war to be commissioned hy Aury, at Galvezton, and sewith the Turks.

veral of his accomplices, have been tried at Nassau, A Hamburg paper gives as the total of the ar- N. P.and sentenced to be hung as pirates. my and navy of the Russian empire, 863,000 men, of which number 75,000 are seamen.

President Boyer has presented 5001 sterling to Three camps are forming in Finland-the works the Wesleyan Methodist missionaries. in Riga are increasing. TURKEY.

CHRONICLE. By French papers received at this office, it ap We have some “war rumors" from Canada pears that the pacha of Turcomania, between the 12,000 tons of ordnance stores are said to have ar. Black sea and the Caspian, had revolted from the rived in the present year--and the Isle au Noix is authority of the Porte, and the troops of seven of fortifying. $$600 per day, are expended on the works. the neighboring pachalicks had been sent against Com. Perry and his squadron, was in the Oronoco him.

on the 13th of July, and soon expected to sail for

St. Thomas. London, June 26.--It is a serious fact, that in the Mediterranean squadron. It gives us pleasure last year 1817-18, the trade from America to China (says the New York Gazette) to have it in our pow. employed 7,000,000 dollars, and 16,000 tons of ship. er to give the following result of the late distur. ping; during the same time the British trade to Chi. bances at Gibraltar between the American and Brina occupied 6,500,000 dollars, and 20,000 tons ship- tish officers. We have seen a letter from an off.cer ping; consequently, allowing that the American of the American squadron at Gibraltar, stating, thni merchant receives his return in the course of one a court of enquiry was held on board the Guerriere on , while the

to China is already more ex. brought charges against the American officers for breaktensive than our own. We state this important facting the peace of the garrison. The court completely on the authority of Charles Assey, esq. late secre. exculpated our offices from any blame; and captain tary to the government of Java, author of an able Johnson, of the British army, had apologized for his pamphlet, «On the Trade to China, and the Indian concluct, and that of his fellow officers, in relation Peninsula."

to the late duels at Gibraltar.

A Middlelown, Con. paper of Aur. 19. says---AnunThe only rebel chief, as the “patriots" of Ceylon pleasant circumstance has lately occurred among are called, who have not submitted to the mild sway some of the principal officers of our squadron in of the British “invaders," it is charitably hoped, has the Mediterranean. Four captains and one lieut. *anticipated the sentence of the law, and killed bave been suspended by commodore Stewart, our himself!" O! rank and foul hypocrisy!

naval commander in chief upon that station. A letter from Colombo, says—«Upwards of 300 According to the best information, the four cap. men and more than thirty officers, fell victims to tains and the lieut. above mentioned were members the climate, during the late war with the Kandyans of a court martial, and pronounced a sentence which Many men lost their lives, from the bites of leeches, was disapproved by commodore Stewart, who also which swarm in the jungles; 25 men of the 18th |(by what authority we know not) reprimanded Madrass regiment, have lost a leg each, from the them The officers, conceiving that he had no right bite of this disagreeable and troublesome little ani- whatever to reprimand them, replied to him-he took mal, which, in spite of every precaution, will make offence at their reply and suspended them. its way into your boots, or under yourclothes, whilst This affair will, probably, be soon investigated marching during the night.

by some proper tribunal. Until that enquiry takes

place, it is better that public opinion should not be The slave trade is prosperous. Spanish papers permaturely formed or expressed. From a long are chiefly used by the American and British wretch- acquaintance, however, with captain Macdonougli

, es engaged in it.

who is one of the officers suspended, we cannot be.

lieve, unless we have strong evidence to prove it, The Caffree “patriots” have given much trouble that his conduct on this occasion has been either to the British “invaders" in this colony. But it ap- precipitate or improper. pears they have been driven back.

The U. S. brig Enterprize, captain Kearney, sail.

ed from New York on Saturday. Admiral Brion and com. Jolli by their quarrels, Baron Stackelberg, envoy extraordinary and mikad put Margaritta in an uproar. But the latter, as nister plenipotentiary from the court of Sweden to has been before observed, was arrested and would the United States, arrived at New York on the 18th be tried for mutiny.

instant, in the ship Martha, Freeman, from StockWe have long details of the movements of the holm. hostile armies in Venezuelathe only things which Brigadier general James Miller, has accepted the appear to be important just now are, that 400 na appointment of governor of the territory of Arkantive troops of Morillo hari joined the patriots, who sas, and has, of course, resigned his commission in were directing their attention to New Granada and the army.





The navy. We stated the other day, from au. Religion.—When religion is made a science, there thority which we deemed credible, that the navy is nothing more intricate; when made a duty there department had issued orders to double the num- is nothing more easy. ber of men employed in building ships of the line From the National Intelligencer. The military exin various ports. The same authority now informs pedition from the lakes to the Mississippi, consist. us, that the intelligence existed in misapprehening of the 5th regiment of infantry, under col. Leasion. Orders were given for the employment of venworth, arrived at Prairie du Chien about the 1st additional workmen on the 74 building in this port; of July, by the way of the Fox and Ouisconsin rivers, but it is not known that hands on the other ships with only a portage of two or three miles. A deof war have been increased. Franklin Gazette. tachment has also ascended the Mississippi from St.

Texas. We hear of small parties of men proceed. Louis, with provisions, clothing, ordnance, and ing to join the invaders of Texas, and learn that munitions. Our correspondent states that col. L. the U. S. troops in that quarter are put in motion will have it in his power to establish the post at the to check the expedition,

falls of St. Anthony this season, should it be deemed Black speculation. In anticipation of a transfer advisable to do so. of the Floridas, a large quantity of African slaves We also learn that the Missouri expedition, unare imported therein-no doubt by American citi- der col. Atkinson, was in advance of St. Charles on zens.

the 11th July, and, notwithstanding the delay occaLand privateering. Capt. James Riley (well sioned by some defects in the steam boats, there known to the public by his account of the wreck of was no doubt the troops would arrive at the Counhis vessel, and the sufferings of himself and his crewcil Biuffs, more than six hundred miles in advance in Africa) has recently given a statement, shewing of St. Louis, this season, well supplied with provi. that on his way to Pittsburg, Pa. and in passing sions, clothing and munitions of war, Scrub Ridge, he and others were assailed by a mob T'he characters of colonels Atkinson and Leaven. of Irishmen, calling themselves turnpikers, armed worth, warrant the belief that the arrangements of with axes, mattocks, &c. who in an ruffian-like the government will be carried into full effect with manner demanded toll, and exacted it at their own out collision with our citizens or the Indians. rate, when there was no right at all to demand any. Thus they have robbed many; among them a poor

REALTH OF OUR CITIES. countryman of their own, travelling west, from Boston. Some cases of malignant fever have apwhom they took his last guinea. It appears that peared in this town; for the week last reported there these rascally acts are well known in the neighbors were only seven deaths by it; but six persons died hood-some of the magistrates are afraid to act, of it during the next 24 hours: vessels from Boston and then the claw's delay" (for a person must wait are required to perform quarantine at New York three months to prosecute them)

prevents justice from and Richmond. being done. We hope that Pennsylvania will act promptly on this matter. It is believed that these sisting of 5 or 6 persons, were carried off by malig.

At Newport, R. I. it is said, a whole family conwretches have murdered one or more men, and they nant disease, in the course of last week. have killed or maimed the horses of several persons who have resisted their demands.

New York is reported free from any malignant or Sea serpent. The animal supposed to be a ser contagious disease. The same remark applies to serpent, has been seen by hundreds of persons, from Philadelphia. Nashant beach (between Boston and Lynn)-the Baltimore is unusually healthy, judging by the description is the same as that heretofore given. interments--only 59 last week, of whom but 9 died of Among those who saw it repeatedly, was James fevers, 7 bilious and 2 typhus; adults 21, children Prince, esq. marshal of the district of Massachu- 38. The corresponding week last year was 66;— setts, sometimes at less than 100 yards distant, mov- bilious, six. Besides, we have many foreigners just ing about the bay at an easy rate. The bead was arrived, a good many of whom have died. about three feet out of water, there appeared to be Some cases of a high bilious, perhaps it should thirteen bunches on his back, and the length from be called malignant fever, have appeared, and there the head to the last bunch, was estimated at 60 feet. are now a number of them, chiefly however, in one These bunches are supposed to appear from the neighborhood, though a few are scattered throngh undulatory motion of the animal. Mr. Prince, how the city. Some of the victims have been carried ever, does not undertake to say that this animal is off in two or three days; but it yields to medicin, of the serpent kind, though such was his general and most persons recover of it. This is evident from impression, and that of all the witnesses; intimating the interments—we bave the returns for Monday, that perhaps, its manner of propelling itself may Tuesday and Wednesday last-the amount for the give it the appearance of a snake. A fisherman three days 31, of whom twenty four were children, states that it rose within 20 feet of his boat, that he only two deaths by fever reported. We have not had a full view of it, and that it was a serpent. The any returns since that for Wednesday. No evianimal, be it what it may, is “an odd fish,” but seems dence is afforded that is has been contagious is a 90to be inoffensive. Its easiest motion is so rapid as litary case. Whether the discase will become geto occasion a foam in the water.

neral or not, a little time will make manifest. Ves. Pilisburg, Aug. 13-The depredations now com.vels from Baltimore are to perform quarantine at mitting by the grasshoppers in some parts of the Richmond, which has just now also interdicted the country, are truly singular and alarming. Many far-communication with Čuba, where the yellow ferer mers have commenced cutting their oats perfectly raged severely two months ago, but has now ceasgreen, and many meadows are shaved completelyed! smooth. Fortunately they do not fly high enough Charleston. The ferer does not appear to spread, to obscure the sun, as the locusts sometimes do in and the health of the city is generally very good. A Africa, in other respects however, they are nearly few malignant cases occur--5 deutlis by them in the as bad. An instance or two has occurred, where a last week. hat which was accidently left in the field, was en. Savannah is pronounced to be comowaty tirely destroyed before morning.









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his interesting report on military 40 1 instruction

3 Aleppo, religious persecutions at 186 Bibles, antique

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[ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]

Military Academy-West Point. ,stitution, and cannot fail to be useful to the cadets.

It is expected that the duties required by these Message from the president of the United States, additions will be performed by the chaplain em

transmitting a report from the secretary of war, in ployed in the academy. The performance of these compliance with a resolution of the senate of the duties, it is boped, will be an inducement with con. 25th of Junuary last, reqursting him "to cause to be

gress, when this subject shall again be brought laid before it, a copy of the rules and regulations under their consideration, to make the appoint. adopted for the government of the military academy ment permanent, not only at West Point, but at al "West Point; also, how many cadets have been such other establishments of that nature as shall admitted into the academy; the time of the residence be deemed necessary by that body. of each cadet at that institution; and how many of If, in the opinion of the academical staff, these them have been appointed officers in the army and branches of education can be advantageously pronavy of the United States."

secuted, at periods different from those fixed in February 5, 1819 --Printed by order of the senate the regulations, their suggestions will be attended of the United States.

to with pleasure.

The inducement to the other alterations, will To the senate of the United States:

readily suggest itself to your mind. That a cadet, In compliance with a resolution of the senate, of who, having been thrown into a class below him, the 25th of last month, requesting me "o cause to and subsequently in the course of his education, be laid before it, a copy of the rules and regula. finds bimself placed in the same situation, will not tions adopted for the government of the military be qualified for an engineer, may be readily conacademy at West Point; also, how many cadetsceived, but it by no means follows, that he may have been admitted into the academy; the time of the residence of each cadet at that institution; and in a higher degree, than some of those who greatly

not possess many of the qualifications of a general, how many of them have been appointed officers in excel him in his studies. The absolute dismission the army and navy of the United States.".. I trans. for that cause has therefore been changed into a mit a report from the secretary of war, which, with reference to the war department. the accompanying documents, will afford all the

These regulations will apply to all cases where information required by the said resolution.

the cadet presents himself for admission, after they JAMES MONROE.

are received at the academy, not withstanding their February 5th, 1819.

appointments may be of anterior date. Department of war, 4th February, 1819.

The regulation requiring the unmarried pro

fessors, teachers and assistants, to eat with the
The secretary of war, to whom was referred the caders, is believed to be conformable to the gene.
resolution of the senate, of the 25th of January last, ral usage of colleges, and ought not to be con-
" that the president of the United States be re. sidered onerous. I understand also, that captain
quested to cause to be laid before the senate a Putridge is himself a batchelor, and of course sub-
copy of the rules and regulations adopted for the ject to the regulation. From his signing some of
government of the military academy at West Point; his acts as superintendent of the academy, be may
also, how many cadets have been admitted into the have supposed that he was not embraced by the
academy; the time of the residence of each cadet rule. This however is a mistake. No officer, as
at that institution; and how many of them have been long as the law remains as it is, can be the super-
appointed officers in the army and navy of the Unit. intendent of the institution, but the principal off-
ed States," has the honor to transmit herewith a cer of the corps of engineers, or the next in com.
list of cadets, who have been admitted at the mili- mand of that corps, in case of his absence. If;
tary academy at West Point, in the state of New. however, in your opinion the proposition made by
York; the time of their admission, and promotion, the academical staff to attend ihe mess-houses, and
&c. and the time they remained at that institution; make daily reports of the fare, will protect the
and a copy of the rules and regulations adopted cadets from imposition, you are authorised to
for the government of the military academy at suspend the rule until further orders.
West Point.

I bave the bonor, &c.
The cadets are under the government of the

rules and articles of war, so far as they are appli: Gen. Joseph G. Swifi, New-York.
cable, and under the orders of the superintendent
of the academy

J. C. CALHOUN. (Copy.)

Adopted for the government of the military academy Department of war, 1st July, 1816.

at West Point, New York, Sist,- I have the honor to return the regulations

United States' military academy, defining a complete course of education, drawn up

West Point, Muy 22d, 1816. by the academical staff, and transmitted by you to

The following branches of science and instructhis departinent, which has been approved, with such modifications as have been judged necessary,

tion shall be considered as comprising a complete by the president

course of education at the military academy at From the age at which cadets are admitted into West Point, state of New-York. the academy, the study of the English grammar is

The English and French languages, and the review deemed indispensable to give them a correct and of the Latin and Greek langitages, mathematics, intimate knowledge of the structure of their own military drawing, natural and experimental pliitoso. langu:ge.

phy, including astronomy, engineering, geography, Although a critical knowledge of the Latin and history, ethics, military instruction, and the sword Greek languages is not considered essentially ne-exercises. cessary, yet, where the cadets have studied ihose English Language.-A course of English shall languages before their appointments, it is believed embrace English: grammar and composition. that the review of those languages during the last French Language.-A course of French shall year of study will add to the reputation of the in- consist in pronouncing the language tolerably, and Sur. To Vot. XVI,




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