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The latter arrived at Genoa, where a Bri. April 9. Last week, owing to an extraortish force is stationed, on the 30th ult. ; dinary high tide, the Severn in the neigti. and the former had reached Leghorn, on bourhood of Gloucester, overflowed its banks his way thither, on the 29th. Murat had The embankment lately formed on a part certainly not entered Milan on the 2d inst.; of Col. Berkeley's estate at Slim Bridge, though a Vienna article, of the Sth'instant, called the New Ground, was forced down; says he has thrown off the mask, and that and 60 sheep and lambs were drowned. blood bas flowed.

1o. the tything of Berwick and Northwick, AFRICA.

adjoining the New Passage, a long extent There has been another revolution at . of sea wall was thrown down. Dart, the Tunis. The old Bey, Sidi Ottomanns, was boatman, at the New Passage, and his assassinated on the 20th of January by daughter, escaped only by climbing to his cousin, Sidi Mahmoud Plassen, who the top of a tree, from which he saw his had long enjoyed his confidence and fa dwelling house and premises swept comvour. The two sons of the unfortunate pletely away. old Bey, who were in the apartments of From among the many excellent and their wives at the moment of the assassi. beautiful designs presented by different pation of their father, fled, but were over artists for the monument to be erected at token and dragged into the presence of Yarmouth, to the memory of the late Sidi Mahmoud, who instantly caused Lord Nelson, that of an Athenian Doric their heads to be struck off. He was then Column, by Mr. W. Wilkins, has been recognised as absolute chief of the Re selected.-Mr. W.'s correct and classical gency. Jussuf Roggia, his miuister, com taste is particularly exhibited in the erecmenced his functions with causing Ma. tion of Downing college, Cambridge. This riano Stinka, who enjoyed great favour gentleman is the author of that splendid under the old government, to be impaled, work intituled “Magna Græcia.” and the Renegado Mahmet to be strangled. It appears from “ the Report of the The latter had formed a conspiracy against Proceedings of Earl Nelson's Trustees," the new Bey.

dated the 18th inst, that they have at AMERICA.

length, by their Agent, Mr. Litchfield, Dispatches from Sir Alex. Cochrane entered into an agreement for the pur: have angounced a successful attack made chase of an Estate, Mansion-house, and by the troops under Major.gen. Sir John Park, at Standlynch, Wilts, the property Lambert, on the 11th of Feb. on Port Mo of the late H. Dawkins, esq. comprising the bile, situate in West Florida, on the Gulf manor of Standlynch, the extra-parochial of Mexico. Our loss was about 30 men. bamlet of that name, a large and respecto Soon after it was taken,' intelligence was able mansion-house and offices, pearly 1900 received of the Peace between the two acres of land, of which about 1290 acres countries. The forces were consequently are freehold, 515 copyhold of inheritance, withdrawn, and sailed for the Havannah, subject to certain small fines, and 93 acres, whence they will return to Europe. copyhold, for lives, with a fishery in the

Mr. Madison, it is said, has signified a River Avon, and a water coro-mill, and wish to resign the Presidency of the United

the right of appointing the Curate of States.

Standlynch. The whole of the land-tax,

with a very small exception, is redeemed. COUI TRY NEWS.

The price which the trustees have agreed March 27. The Alexander country to give for this estate, including the time ship, from Bombay, was driven on shore ber, which is considerable, is 93,4501. ; in the course of the night, close by the and it has been reported to them by their village of Wyke, near Portland. All on architect, who surveyed the buildings, that board unhappily perished, with the excep about 30001. will be wanted for repairs. tion of four lascars and a woman. By The trustees being aware that they could the Bombay Courier, of the 22d of October, not be warranted in entering into an agreeit appears that the ship Alexander, Capt. ment for the payment of any purchase Ugle, sailed thence for London, with money beyond the amount of the grant of the following persons on board as passen: 90,0001. thought it necessary, before they gers: Mrs. Auldjo ; Dr. and Mrs. Dun- `authorized their Agent to enter into the Þar; Miss Toriano, Major Ramsay; Capt. negociation, to require from Earl Nelson, Campbell, of his Majesty's 47th regiment; with whose approbation and concurrence Lieut. and Mrs. Deverel, of bis Majesty's the negociation was entered upon, an un47th regiment ; Lieut. Wade; Lieut. Ba dertaking that he would, in the hope that ker; Lieut. Bennet; Lieut. Godby.- Parliament might think proper to make Children: Charlotte Elphinstone; John good the same, pay the excess of price Elphinstone; Wm. Richard Russell; Ed- beyond the sum of 87,0001. ; a portion of mond Deverel ; Lydia Deverel; Frances the estate equivalent in value being, in Deverel.--Thomas Mathews, invalid from case no such grant shall be made, conibe artillery.

Yeyed to his Lordship as his private pro

perty i

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to add, 368 DOMESTIC OCOURRENCES. [April, peris; by which arrangement, 30001. was drunk with great applause. The enwould be set apart for the repairs, ac tertainment concluded by a ball. cording to the esumate.

Thursday, March 30. s,

The young Gentlemen educating at St. DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. Paul's School, too their respect for Windsor Castle, April 'i. – His Ma the Rev. Dr.

lately resigned jesty has passed he last month in an uni the situation of High Master, after remainform state of tranquillity, bt his Majesty's ing it for upwards of 45 years, presented disorder cont nuies unaltered."

to him as a mark of their grateful esteem, Friday, Mārch. 3.

an elegant silver Vase, inscribed with A dreadful fire broke out at four o'clock suitable and appropriate devices and inthis morning, in Northumberland-court, scriptions. The Scholars of the head class, Strand, which entirely destroyed the with a deputation from each of the other Printiug-office of Mr. Clowes, with all the classes, presented it to the venerable Masmaterials, and a number of valuable works. ter at his house at Kensington ; when Mr. The contracted situation, and the inten H. Hastings; the senior Scholar, delivered sity of the flames, at one time occasioned an affectionate and animated address, in the most serious alarmi; nor was it but by the name of the School; to which Dr. R. the most assiduynis extitions that Nor. returned an answer expressive of his feel. thumberland buuse was preserved; the ings, exhorting his young friends to perse. stables of which were, at one time, on fire. verance in their classical pursuits, and The next bouse only. h wever, was con expressing his convictiop that the young sumed; and two others, on the opposite gentlemen educated at St. Paul's School șide, much damaged.

would always prove an ornament to their Monday, March 27.

"country, and to mankind. Dr. Roberts This day, according to annual custom, afterwards entertained his young friends the children of Christ's ane Bride well with a handsome collation. Hospiials, followed by the Lord Mayor,

Thursday, April 13. Aldermen, Şueniffs, City - Officers, and The Annual Orations were this day detheir Ladies, proceeded ti Christ Church, livered by the Senior Scholars of St. Paul's Newgate-street, where the state of the School, in the presence of a very nume. City Hospitals, was read; and the Spital rous company, among whom were the Sermon was preached by the Bishop of Rev. Dr. Hall, Master of Pembroke ColOxford. Afier Divine Service, his. Lord- lege, the Rev. Dr. Burney, and other ship and the Members of the Corporation distinguished persons. The day comreturned to the Mansion-house, to a most menced with three orations in commemo. sumptuous dinner; and though the coin ration of the Founder: one in Geek pany bad not to boast of any of his Ma iambicss' by 'Mr. Hastings, the senior jesty's Ministers, except the Solicitor-Ge- scholar; the second, by Mr. Goode, in neral, yet it was bonoured with the pre Latin ; and the third, by Mr. Lane, in sence of several distinguished personages. English verse The compositions were The Bishop of Oxford, Lords Kinnoul and alike creditable to the taste and feelings Lynedock, and the Dean of Winchester, of the Scholars and the High Master. were placed near hiş Lordship; and after After dwelling with appropriate eulogy on dinner Lord Lynedock (Gen. Graham) the character of Dean Colet, and his al. was presented with the freedom of the most unparalleled 'munificence, the wellCity and an elegant, Sword, yoted him by earned tribute of respect was gratefully the Corporation ; accompanied with an offered to the late High Master the Revo energetic speech by the Chamberlain, to which the gallant Officer made a suitable casion gave additional interest to the day: reply. On the health of Lord Nugent be these allusions, it is ing drauk, his Lordship complimented the

applause. Lord Mayor on the peace and quiet which Two Poems were then recited, one, in had been preserved in the city, while other Latin, . by. Mr. Olivant, the other, in parts of the metropolis had been disc English, by Mr. Mawe; to each of whom tracted by riot : and proposed the health a valuable prize of books was presented of the Lord Mayor, united with the Magis- by the Rev. Dr. Sleath. Recitatipn's from tracy of the City of London., The Lord "Greek, Lalin, and English authors, by Mayor returned thanks in an appropriate Messrs. Steele, Boileau, Walsh, Goode, speech; coqpplained of his being misun Cathcart, Backler, Lane, and Hastings, derstood or misrepresented avowed his concluded the classic entertainment, intention of supporting, as far as he was Burlington-House has been sold by

able, the interests of his fellow-citizens anction for 15,2001. The purchaser is and fellow-subjects throughout the king. supposed to be a -Nobleman, who means dom; but avoided pressing topics of a po to make this princely ma sion his own relitical nature at a meeting intended for sidence, without any alteration in its preconvivial purposes. Mr. Baring's health seat magnificent order or structure.



Rev. J. Cumming, M. A. of Trinity Col. DRURY-LANE THEATRE.

lege, Cambridge, Professor of Cbemistry, March 29. The Unknown Guest; an vice Dr. Tennant, deceased. Opera.

Rev. James Metcalf, of Appleby, Mas. COVENT-GARDEN THEATRE.

ter of Kirkby Stephen Free Grammar
March 27. Zembuca, or, the Net-maker School with the Curacy of Soulby.
and his Wife; a Melo-Dramatic Romance,
formed on an Eastern tale. The music EccLESIASTICAL PREFERMENIS.
by Mr. Ware.

Rev. H. D. Roundell, Friagford R.
March 31. Love in Limbo ; a Parce. Oxon. vice Greenbill, deceased.
April 7. The Noble Outlaw ; an Opera. Rev. Jobu Fox, Barton Mills R. Suffolk,

vice Dove, deceased.

Rev. James Rudge, M. A. P. P. S. Lec-
Whitehall, April 1. Earl of Clancarty turer of Limehouse, Sunday Evening Lec-
(one of his Majesty's Plenipotentiaries at turer of St. Lawrence Jewry.
Vienna), a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. Rev. H. Hoper, M. A. Haogleton R.

Howard Elphiustone, esq. (Lieutenant- Suffolk, and Portslade V.
Colonel in the Corps of Royal Engineers) Rev. Henry Gauntlett, Olney V. Bucks.
a Baronet of the United Kingdom.

Rev. D. Evans, B. A. Chaplain of the April 7. The under-mentioned Knights Royal Hospital at Haslar, Simoubouru R. Commanders of the Bath to be Knights near Hexham, Northumberland. - The Grand Crosses: Lieut.-gen. Hon. Sir offspring minor Rectories adjacent of John Abercromby, vice Lieut.-gen. Sir 5001. a year each, conferred on Rev. J. Jobn Stuart (Count of Maida), deceased; Davis, now Curate of Catherington, Rev. Major-gen. Hon. Sir Cbarles Colville, vice E. Holliday, Rev. W. Salter, Rev. W. Major-gen. Hon. Sir E. M. Pakenhamn, dec. Evans, and Rev. W. Jones, Chaplains in

The following Officers to be Knights the Royal Navy. Commanders : Lieut.-gen. Moore Disney, Rev. Thomas Green, Hawkburst Perpevice Lieut.-general Hon. Sir John Aber tual Curacy, Keot. cromby; Major-gen. William loglis, vice Rev. Edward Robt. Raynes, ArchdeaMajor-gen. Sir Samuel Gibbs, deceased ; conry of Lewes, vice Rev. M. D'Oyly, res. Major-gen. James Lyon, vice Major-gen. Rev. Charles Taylor (head-master of Hon. Sir Charles Colville.

the College school, Heretord) Long Sian.
The following Officers in the service of ton V. Salop.
the East India Company to be Koights

Rev. Jobu Lowe, jun. Ardley R. Oxon.
Commanders, viz. : Lieut.-gen. John Rev. R. Fawcett, M. A. Curale of Arm.
Macdonald; Major-generals Robt. Blair, ley, Leeds R.
George Wood, Hector Maclean, Thomas Rev. John Hume Spry, M. A. of Oriel

Dallas, John Chalmers, John Horsford, College, Bampton Lecturer.
Henry White, Gabriel Martindale, George Rev. T. H. Gawthrop, B. D. Marston
Sackville Browne, George Holmes, and Morteyne R. co. Bedford.
David Ochterlony ; Cols. Sir J. Malcolm, Rev. John Hudson, M. A. Fellow and
Augustus Floyer, and Robert Barclay. Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge,

April 8. Major.gen. Sir G, T. Walker, Kendal V. Westmoreland.
Lieut.-Goverror of the Island of Grenada, Rev. Dr. Charles Burney, Rector of St.
vice Sir J. Stuart, deceased.

Paul's Deptford, Cliffe R. Keut.

Rev. John Koight, Petrockstow R. Dev,

Rev. S. R. Drummond, Swarreton R.
Hon. Hugh Lindsay (East India Direc Hants.
tor), Marshal of the Admiralty, vice Mr. Rev. Frederick R. Barker, Little Bar-
Robert Thornton.

ringtou V. Gloucestershire.
March 18. Thos. Dunbar, esq. M. A.

of Brazenose College, Oxford, Keeper of Rev. Wm. Casson, A. M. Thrussington
Ashmoleau Museum, vice Lloyd, resigned. V. with Norton juxta 'Twycross R. both

Rev. Francis Rowden, M. A. Fellow of co. Leicester.
Merton College, and Rev. Rich. Stephens,
M. A. Fellow of Brazenose College, Ox.

ford, Proctors. - Rev. John Radcliffe, March 13. In Dublin, the wife of the
M. A. Vice-Principal of St. Mary-Hall, Dean of St. Patrick's, a dau.-15. lo Ca--
Rev. Thos. Dunbar, M. A. of Brazenose dogan-place, the lady of Major Baron
College, Rev. Arthur Matthews, M. A. Linsengen, a dau. — 22. At Oak-bill,
Fellow of Brazenose College, Rev. Chas. Herts, the lady of Sir Simon Clarke, bart.
Rose, M. A. Fellow of Lincoln College, a dau. — At Shiplake-house, Oxon. the

wife of James H. Byles, esq. a dau, Rev. Evan Davies, Master of Dorchester 24. The wife of S. H. Whalley, esq. of the Free Grammar School,

Priory, Bury Si. Edmund's, a day. Gent. MAG. April, 1815.


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87. In Portland-place, the wife of Wm. 27. Mr. Vernon, eldest son of the ArchCurtis, esq. a son. The wife of the late , bishop of York, to Lady Eliz. Bingham, John Baker, esq. of Waresley-house, co. eldest daughter of the Earl of Lucan. Worc. a dau. 'and heiress.-29. At River C. H. Barrett, esq. late Major in the head, Kent, the wife of Hon. anu Rev. J. ilth Light Dragouns, 10 Miss Charlotte Evelyn Boscawen, a dau.

Villebois, of Feltham-place. Lately. - In Upper Harley-street, the 28. At Brighton, Lieut.-col. Down lady of Sir C. Colville, a son. At Bromp man, Royal Horse Artillery, to the only ton, the lady of Sir Geo. Cayley, a dau. - daughter of J. Marsh, esq. late Chairman The wife of Capt. Manby, R. N. a day.- of the Victualling-Board. At Ashley Park, Surrey, the lady of Sir 29. To the Isle of Wight, W. W. An. H. Fletcher, a son.-At Winchester, Lady wyl, esq. M. D. of Oswestry, to Elizabeth, Mary Ling, a dau. — The wife of Adm. eldest daughter of the late Hon. Mi, JusYoung, of Barton-End house, Gloucester tice Grose, of Priory. shire, a dau. - At Weymouth, the lady 30. John Gottlieb Anthony, esq. of Koof Sir W.W. Yea, bart. å dan. --A Sheer- nigsberg, to Betty Maria, second daughter ness,

the lady of Rear-adm. Sir C. Rowley, of Francis Henry Tyler, esq. of Bediorda dau.At Courteenhall, the lady of Sir street, Bedford-square, and piece tu Lord Wm. Wake, bart. a dau. - At Lincoln, Teynham. the wife of Rev. G, T. Pretyman, a dau. Major Calor, Royal Horse Artillery, to - At Greenwood lodge, Wicklow, the wife Miss Faibaby, only daughter of the late of Flon. Matthew Plunkett, a dau. - The Sir John Farnaby, bart. of Wickham Wife of E Thornton, esq. English Envoy Court, Kent. at Stockholm, a son.

At Baih, C. H. Van Baerle, esq. of DeApril 7. In Stratford place, the Duchess merara, to Miss Anna Margaretta Caroof St. Alban's, a son and heir.-10. At tbe line Torte, of Suydall Hall, York. British Museum, Mrs. H. Ellis, a son. Lately. Lord Edward O'Brien, to the At Arbuthnott-house, Viscountess Ar. youngest daughter of Mr. Methuen, of buthuott, a dau.-13. In St. James's. Lower Grosvenor-street. place, the wife of James Colquhoun, esq. Rev. R. Boodie, reetor of Radstock, a day.-20. Rt. Hon. Lady G. Beresford, Somerset, to Mary, eldest daughter of E. a dau,- In Upper Charlotte-street, Fitz.

Boodie, esq. roy.square, the wife of Thos. Cadell, esq. Rev. W. Pulling, B. A. Master of Chud. a dau.

leigh Grammar School, to Mary ElizaMARRIAGES.

belh, eldest dau, of Rev. R. Reihan, N. A. 1814, Dec. 26. At Quebec, Lieut..col. rector of Hemingsby, co. Lincoln. Smelt, 1031 regiment, to Miss Robinson, James Farrer. esq. Lituto-col. 31st foot, daughter of Commissary-gen. Robinson, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of W. Helyar,

1815, Feb. 10. At Palermo, Lieut.-gen. esq. of Cuker-couri, Somerset. R. Henry M.Farlane, to Maria Gertrude, At Teignmouth, Capr. R. Withiams, R.N. eldest dau, of G. Héory Vankemper, esq. to the eldest dau. of Wm. Whitmore, Captain in the Dutch Navy and Consul of esq. of Dudmastou, Salop. the Netherlands at Tripoli.

At Bruxelles, by special licence, Lieut.. March 1. Col. Alexander Hind, Bengal col. Sir G. H. Berkeley, to Miss Sution, eld. Artillery, to Mrs. Thornton, widow of est daughter of Lady Sutton, of MoleseyMajor Thornton, same establishment. house, Surrey.

10 At Ematrus Church, co. Monaghan, April 3. Capt. Thos. Bligh, Colds ream Lord Cremorne, to Anne, third daughter Guards, to Helen, third daughter of Thos. of John Whaley, esq. by Lady Anve, eld- Patterson, esq. of Upper Seymou street. est dau. of John first Earl of Clanwilliam. 4. At Great Saxham, Suff.ik. Edward

13. At Edinburgh, P. Hay, esq. to Harman, esq. of Clay Hill, Middlesex, to Elizabeth Wellwood, only child of the late Maryanne, turd daughter of Thomas Brigadier-gen. French.

Mills, e:q. of Great Saxham Hall. 15. Rev. Dr. J. F. Bond, Dean of Ross, 12. Rev. Thomas Mills, third son of to Miss Croker, sister to the Secretary of Thos. Mills, esq. of Great Saxham Hall, the Admiralty.

Suffolk, to Anne, second daughter of Na. H. Warren, esq. of Great Bromley thaniel Barnardiston, esqof the Ryes Lodge, Colchester, to Miss Maria Bur- Ludge, near Sudbury. • rows, of Scarbro' Castle, Surrey.

16. Mr.J. Willis, of East-gate, Ro18. ' A. Norder, esq. nephew to the chester, to Miss S. A. Brayfield, of Cam. Countess of Liverpool, 10 Miss Hobart, den House, Peckham. niece to the Earl of Buckinghamshire. 20. C. Marett, esq. of Southampton, to

20. At Kensington, James Boggis, esq. Miss Frances Rouse, youngest daughter of - major in the West Essex regiment, to the late benjamin Rouse, esg. of New : Mary Cecilia, second daughter of Edward Bridge-street. - Stephenson, esq. of Queen-square, and Mr. Thomas Griffin, of Rotterdam, to Farley ball, Berks.

Miss Lydia Field, of Brixton Riser

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scribed age.

MEMOIR OF THE Rev. JOHN HEY, D.D. Died, March 17, John Hey, D. D. ; aged order to be re-elected within the pre80. He was born in July 1734. 1o 1751 he was admitted of Catharine Hall in the When Tutor in Sidney College, he gare University of Cambridge, and he conti Lectures in Morality, which were attended nued a Member of that College till 1758, by several persons voluntarily (amongst when be removed to a Fellowship in Sid. whom were the late Mr. Pilt and other ney ; of which College he continued a persons of rank), besides those pupils Member till he quitted the University in whose attendance was required. These 1795. He took the following degrees : Lectures have not been printed. His B. A, in January 1755, of Catherine Lectures in Divinity are before the pubHall; M. A. in 1758, of Sidney; B. D. lick ; having been printed at the Univerin 1765; D. D. in 1780. But in 1775 he sity Press, 1796 – 1793, and published performed his exercise for his Doctor's in four volumes octavo, He also pubdegree : in which he gave an instance of lished seven Sermons, at different times; that mode of disputation which is not and a Poem on the Redemption, which usual, and is called a Public Act. He gained Seaton's Prize in the University in was a Tutor of Sidney College from 1760 1763; and Discourses on the Malevolent to 1779; and was one of the Preachers of Sentiments, in one volume, in 1801. And his Majesty's Chapel at Whiteball. in 1811 he printed, without publishing,

His Fellowship in Sidney became vacant General Observations on the Writings of by his accepting, from Lord Maynard, the St. Paul. Rectory of Passenham in Northampton In 1814 he divested himself of the whole shire, near Stony Stratford. Not long of his ecclesiastical preferment: which afterwards he obtained the adjoining Rec was merely the iwo livings mentioned tory of Calverton, by exchange for a dis- above ; and he removed to London in tant living offered to him by the late Earl October; having resigued Calverton at of Clarendon, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lady-day, and Passenham on the 10th Lancaster. On these two livings he be of October, From that tiine he continued stowed assiduous pastoral care: the small in London to his death : growing feeble extent of the whole, and the thin popula. in body, till, without painful disease, he tion, enabling him to attend to every dis suvk under that feebleness ; retaining to tinct family in both parishes. From the the last a soundness of mind, and giving, time of his getting Pa ham till about to every business that came before bim, a five months before his death, bis ordinary remarkable degree of that persevering residence was there; except the time attention which had evidently been, with which the duties of his Professorship re him, a matter of strict duty through a quired him to spend at Cambridge. long course of years. Had a mitre been

In 1780 he was elected the first Nor. placed on his head (which was at least once, risian Professor of Divinity in the Uni- from good authority, understood to be versity. In 1785, and again in 1790, the highly probable), he appears likely to Professorship became vacant, by the will bave discharged the duties imposed by it of Mr. Norris, the founder: and he was, with the same steady and principled pereach time, re-elected. In 1795, he ceased severance,

He is buried in the buryingto be Professor: being too old, by the ground of St. John's Chapel, St. Jobo's will, to be re-elected, and having declined Wood, in the parish of Mary bone : 1 to vacate the Professorship, ina 1794, in which parish he died.

MEMOIR OF GEORGE ELLIS, Esq. F. R. S. F. S. A. April 10, died in Connaught place, aged tion. These mild and refined qualities 70, G. Ellis, esq. of Sunning hill : by were in him combined with spirit and which event Society and Literature bare pleasantry. One of his earliest attempts been deprived of one of their ornaments, in literature was the share which he took and his friends have lost a man peculiarly in the celebrated series of political satires formed to feel and to inspire the warmest entitled, “ The Rolliad," and “ Proba. sentiments of friendship. Perhaps no man tionary Odes," &c. This is not mentioned of his time better united the character of to revive long-extinguished enmities, but a gentleman with that of a man of letters. partly to introduce an anecdote which is It is soothing at least, and might be an an example of the generosity, or rather useful exercise, if it were not a duty, to good sense, with which a great man withdraw for a moment from the storms treats hostilities which arise merely from which threaten the world, and to human- political, difference. Mr. Ellis was the ize our feelings by the contemplation of writer of that severe, and (it need not now the moral fruits of tranquillity and re be concealed) very unjust invective against finement in his elegant talents and attain. Mr. Pitt, in the second number of the ments, in bis equally gentle and polished Rolliad, which begins

(sage." manners, and in his most amiable disposi “ Pert without fire, without experience

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