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Agreeably to the 10th Article of the Constitution, the following gentlemen were then chosen COUNCILLORS of the American Unitarian Association.

Francis Alger, Esq. Francis Parkman, D. D.
William T. Andrews, Esq. Rev. Ephraim Peabody,
Isaiah Bangs, Esq.

Hon. Jonathan Phillips,
N. A. Barrett, Esq. Hon. Stephen C. Phillips,
William Brigham, Esq. Rev. J. Pierpont,
George Bond, Esq. John Prentiss, Esq.
E. Cobb, Esq.

L. G. Pray, Esq. C. K. Dillaway, Esq.

Wm. Pomroy, Esq. Hon. S. Fairbanks, Rev. George Putnam, Rev. F. A. Farley, Rev. C. Robbins, Albert Fearing, Esq. John G. Rogers, Esq. Dr. J. F. Flagg,

Henry B. Rogers, Esq.
C. Francis, D. D.

Benjamin Seaver, Esq.
Rev. Ezra S. Gannett, W. R. Sumner, Esq.
Rev. F. W. P. Greenwood, Rev. C. Stetson,
S. Greele, Esq.

Hon. R. Sullivan,
Rev. James D. Green,

Robert G. Shaw, Esq. Rev. E. B. Hall,

Rev. Moses G. Thomas, Rev. Alonzo Hill,

Rev. J. W. Thompson, James Kendall, D.D. Alden Bradford, Esq. John Lamson, Esq.

James Walker, D.D. Peter Mackintosh, Esq. Henry Ware, Jr., D. D. Samuel May, Esq.

Rev. Jason Whitman, Rev. Henry A. Miles, Hon. Sidney Willard, John Owen, Esq.

Rev. A. Young

Rev. Mr. Barrett having declined a re-election, the following vote, presented by Rev. Mr, Hall, of Providence, was passed :

Voted, That the thanks of the Association be returned to the Rev. Samuel Barrett, for his long, faithful, and zealous services as a member of the Executive Committee.

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At half past seven o'clock the Association proceeded to the Federal Street Church to attend the public exercises of the occasion. Prayers were offered by Rev. Dr. Francis, of Watertown. After which the Report of the Executive Committee was read by the General Secretary.




By the blessing of Providence we are again permitted to assemble on this annual occasion. We have come together from different parts of the country as Christian friends and brethren. Professing a common faith, and animated by the same hopes, we have come to mingle our sympathies, to strengthen each other's hands, and encourage each other's hearts in the cause of truth and holiThis is the Sixteenth Anniversary of our Association. And in reviewing the period that has elapsed since its establishment — the opposition it had early to encounterits first comparatively feeble efforts - and its subsequent prosperity and constantly increasing usefulness, we find much to strengthen our faith in its objects, and to excite us to renewed exertions in the work in which we are engaged. We see new fields of usefulness opening from year to year; learn more of the condition of the churches, and feel more and more the importance of missionary efforts - of promoting the spread of the Gospel - of sending abroad to our less favored brethren in various parts of the country, those truths which we so highly prize which are the light and the joy of our souls.


The course pursued by the Executive Committee the past year is similar to that of the two or three preceding years. Their great object has been to learn the religious wants of the denomination, and, as far as possible, to supply them. The General Secretary has, accordingly, carried on an extensive correspondence. He has delivered addresses and formed associations; has attended to the Tract department, and to the financial concerns of the Association ; and has devoted a portion of his time to traveling and missionary labors.

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We have been desirous of diffusing abroad a spirit of hris earance and toleration - a disposition among Christians to allow to others the privileges they claim for themselves.

We have aimed to promote religious progress - progress in divine truth, in rightly understanding the pages of revelation ; and progress in the Christian life — in spirituality, in love to God, and love to man. And in the selection of our Tracts we have kept these objects in view.


We have published monthly between 5 and 6000 Tracts. They are on the following subjects : “The Doctrine of the Cross,” by Rev. J. W. Thomp

“ The one Thing Needful,” by Rev. Thomas B. Fox. The Scripture Doctrine of Regeneration,” by Rev. C. W. Upham. “The Power of Unitarian Christianity to Produce an Enlightened and Fervent Piety," by Rev. Dr. Channing. “An Individual Faith," by Rev. George E. Ellis. “How to Spend Holy Time," by Rev. Dr. Ware, Jr. “On the New Birth," by Rev. Frederick T. Gray. “On Prayer,” by Rev. John H. Morrison. “Reasons offered for his Opinions,” &c. by Samuel Eddy, LL. D. “Man born Upright,” by Rev. A. B. Muzzey. “Unita. rianism Defined and Defended," from the Liverpool Controversy. These, together with the Annual Report, constitute the 14th Volume of our Tracts.

There has been an increasing demand for our publications. And during the past year they have been very extensively circulated Applications have been made for them from all parts of the United States. And we have, by request, sent them to Canada, to England, to the Sandwich Islands, and the Society Islands.

By our correspondents we learn that they have been gladly and gratefully received, and have done much good.





The Book and Pamphlet Society has always, in a great measure, supplied its depository with selections of our Tracts, and has acted in concert with the Association. And we are happy to state that, by the recent efforts of its devoted President, and others, it has been revived, and promises to be extensively useful.

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It has been an important object with the Committee to multiply and give efficiency to Auxiliary Associations. The Secretary, has, therefore, devoted much of his time to delivering addresses, reviving and forming such Associations. In several of the Auxiliaries a new interest has been awakened. And they have afforded substantial aid to the Parent Association. Among the largest are those in Mr. Ellis's society in Charlestown, Mr. Miles's in Lowell, Mr. Gannett's in Boston, Mr. Putnam's in Roxbury, Mr. Hall's in Dorchester, Mr. Thayer's in Beverly, and Messrs. Hall and Farley's in Providence, R.I. Many more might be named, which, if not as large as these, have, according to their means, been as efficient and useful.

The number formed and reorganized the past year is twenty-five.

These Associations exert a good influence upon the religious societies in which they are established. We regard them as a means of promoting Christian knowledge and improving the Christian character, as well as a source of encouragement and strength in our missionary efforts.

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