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Barnacle, a shell-fish; from which the barnacle-goose, a sea-bird, was vulgarly supposed to be derived.

Base, dishonoured.

Base, or Prisoner's base, a rustic game.

Bases, a mantle, usually embroidered, worn by knights on horseback, and reaching from the waist to below the knee; also hose, and the housings of the horse. Basilisk, a huge piece of ordnance.

Basimecu, a contemptuous epithet, meaning base or counterfeit crown, applied by Jack Cade to the French Dauphin.

Basta (from the Spanish), enough.

Bastard, a sweet wine, made from raisins.
Bat, a staff or club.

Bat-fowling, catching birds with a clap-net by night.
Bate, strife, contention.

Bate, to flutter as a hawk; to abate, to blunt, to except.
Batlet, a small bat for beating clothes with.

Batten, to feed grossly, to fatten.

Battle, an army, forces in position.

Bavin, a faggot of brushwood, used in contempt of anything worthless.

Bawcock, beau coq, a fine fellow.

Bay, the space between the main timbers of the roof.
Bay-window, bow-window.

Be naught awhile, a mischief on you!

Beadsman, one who offers prayers (by beads) for another. Beak, the prow of a ship.

Bear a brain, to remember well.

Bear hard, to rein in from mistrust or fear.

Bear in hand, to encourage or buoy up with delusive promises.

Beard, to defy, to oppose in a hostile manner.

Bearing-cloth, a mantle, in which children were carried to the font.

Beat, to flutter as a falcon; to meditate, to consider earnestly.

Beating, hammering, dwelling upon.

Beaver, the lower part of a helmet, sometimes used for the entire helmet.

Because, in order that.

Beck, a bow.

Becoming, self-restrained.

Be-dashed, dashed or sprinkled.

Bed-fellow, an intimate companion, a friend.

Beetle, a mallet; beetle, to overhang.

Beg a fool, to petition for wardship of an idiot or lunatic.
Begetter, one who gets or procures.
Beguiled, masked, disguised.

Being, dwelling, abiding; being, since, inasmuch as.
Belike, to favour, to approve.

Be-mete, to beat with a yard measure.

Be-moiled, daubed with dirt.

Bench-hole, forica.

Bending, unequal to the weight.

Benefit, a beneficiary.

Benvenuto, welcome.

Bequeath, to give, to place in another's care.

Bergomask, a rustic dance.

Bermoothes, the Bermudas.

Beshrew, evil befall.

Besmirch, to befoul, to blacken.

Best, best one, bravest, an epithet of endearment.
Bestraught, distraught, distracted.

Beteem, to give, to pour out, to allow.

Betid, happened.

Better part, the spiritual part.

Better penny, a proverbial phrase.

Bevel, crooked.

Bewray, to disclose, discover, make known.
Bezonian, beggarly fellow.

Bias, a swelling out.

Bid, to invite, to pray; bid forth, invited out.
Bid the base, to challenge in the rustic game of "base."
Biggin, a coif, a night-cap.

Bilberry, the whortleberry.

Bilbo, a sword; from Bilboa, in Spain, where that kind of sword was made.

Bilboes, fetters, or stocks, used in the navy.

Bill, a bill-hook or weapon; a label or advertisement, articles of accusation, a promissory note.

Bin, for been, are.

Bird-bolt, a bolt for shooting from a cross-bow at birds. Birding, hawking at partridges

Bisson, blind.

Biting the thumb, a contemptuous action.

Blank, the white mark in the centre of a target; hence metaphorically the object aimed at.

Blear, to deceive.

Blench, to start aside, to flinch.
Blind-worm, the slow worm.

Blistered, puffed out like blisters.

Blood, ancestry, natural disposition, high spirits.
Blood-boltered, besmeared with blood.

Blood, in, in good condition, a hunting term.
Blow, to inflate, to swell.

Blue-caps, the Scotch.

Board, to accost, address.

Bob, a blow, a sarcasm; bob, to strike, to ridicule.

Bodge, to botch, to bungle.

Bodikin, a corrupt word used as an oath, as Od's Bodikin,

God's little body.

Bodkin, a stiletto, small sword or dagger.

Boitier vert, green box.

Bollen, swollen.

Bolted, sifted, refined; bolter, a sieve.

Boltered, clotted, besmeared.

Bolting-hutch, the bin into which flour is sifted.

Bombard, or Bumbard, a barrel, a large vessel, sometimes of leather, for holding drink; a drunkard.

Bombast, a kind of padding for filling out dresses.

Bond, that to which a person is bound.

Bonny, handsome, good-looking.

Book, a paper of conditions.

Boot, help, use; odds, advantage.

Bootless, without boot, without advantage.

Boots, bots, worms in horses' stomachs.

Bordered, restrained.

Bore, calibre of a gun; hence size, importance.

Bore, to wound, to thrust through, to undermine.
Borrowed, assumed.

Bosky, or busky, covered with wood.

Bosom, wish, heart's desire.

Bots, worms found in horses' stomachs.

Bottled, swollen, bloated, as "bottled spider."

Bottom, to wind round, or upon.

Bought and sold, entrapped, victimised.

Bourn, a boundary.

Bow, to give way, to succumb; bowed, bent.
Brace, armour for the arm, state of defence.
Brach, a she-hound.

Braid, false, deceitful.

Brake, a thicket, furze-bush.

Brave, handsome, well-dressed; brave, a boast.
Bravery, finery, boastfulness, audacious meddling.
Brawl, a kind of dance.

Breach (of the sea), breaking of the sea.

Break a day, to commit a breach of contract.

Break up, to carve.

Break with, to speak to another on some business.

Breast, voice, surface.

Breathe, to exercise; to cease fighting for a time, in order to take breath.

Breathed, refreshed, prepared for important work.

Breeched, sheathed, mired.

Breeching, liable to be whipped at school.

Breed-bate, a breeder of debate, a fomenter of quarrels.

Bribe-buck, a buck given away in presents.

Bridal, nuptial festivities.

Brief, a short account, letter, or enumeration.
Bring, to attend one on a journey.

Brize, the gad-fly or ox-fly.

Broached, spitted, transfixed.

Brock, a badger, a term of contempt.

Brogues, rough shoes, strengthened with clout nails.

Broken, toothless by reason of old age.

Broken music, the music of stringed instruments.

Broker, an agent, a pander, a procurer.

Brooched, adorned, decorated."

Brotherhood, trading company.

Brown bastard, a sweet wine.

Brown bill, a battle-axe.

Brownist, follower of Brown, an Independent.

Bruit, noise, report, rumour; bruit, to noise abroad.

Brush, rude assault.

Buck, suds or lye for washing clothes in.

Buck-basket, basket for conveying clothes to the washing. Buckle, to bend.

Buff, the dress of a sergeant.

Bug, a bugbear, an object of fear, a spectre.

Bulk, the chest, the body.

Bully-rook, a bragging character, a jolly dog.

Bung, a cutpurse.

Burden, the base, foot, or under-song.

Burr, the prickly head of the burdock plant.

Burst, to break."

Bury, to conceal, to keep secret.

Bush, the sign of a public-house, or tavern.

Busky, or bosky, bushy.

But, to boot; only, unless, except.

Butt-shaft, a light arrow for shooting at a butt.
Buxom, lusty, buoyant, spirited.

Buz, buz! an interjection of impatience.
Buzzard, a beetle.

By, beside, near to; according to, by means of.
By-and-by, immediately.

By day and night, at all times.

By-'rlakin, an oath, by our ladykin, or little lady.

By these ten bones, (fingers,) a common adjuration.

Caddis, worsted galloon.

Cade, a cask or barrel, as of herrings (500) or sprats (1000). Cain coloured, yellowish red, applied to hair.

Caitiff, a captive, a slave; a witch.

Cake is dough, your; your hopes have not been realised. Calculate, to prophesy.

Caliver, a hand-gun.

Call, "I'll call to you," meaning "I'll call on you."
Callat, or callet, a strumpet.

Calm, the word qualm mispronounced.

Can, to know, to be skilful in.

Canary, a wine from the Canary islands; a dance. Candle-wasters, persons who sit up all night to drink. Canker, the caterpillar; the dog-rose.

Canstick, a candlestick.

Cantle, a slice, a corner, a portion of anything.
Cap, the top, the principal; to cap, to uncover.

Capable, impressionable; capacious.

Capitulate, to confederate, to make head.

Cappochio, a simpleton, a shallow-pate.

Capricious, goatísh, lascivious.

Captain jewels, jewels of worth.

Captious, of large capacity.

Carack, see Carrack.

Carbonado, a collop cooked on the coals.

Carcanet, a necklace or chain.

Card, by the, exactly, according to rule.

Careire, or Career, a term of the menage.

Carlot, a churl, a peasant.

Carpet, an embroidered covering for the table,

Carpet consideration, favour rather than merit-as the

'Carpet knights" received their honours.

Carrack, a ship of considerable burden.

Carry coals, to submit to menial offices; of slavish spirit. Case, a skin; a brace, a pair.

Cassock, a horseman's great coat.

Castilian, a native of Castile; used in contempt.

Castle, a helmet.

Cataian, a sharper, a reproachful term.

Cataplasm, a poultice, a soft plaster.

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