fence, and not to the metalled part of the of whom, he added, the Moderator of the road only, as asserted by the trustees; and Church, Dr M.Farlan, would, of course, with regard to the builder, it was the opi. according to precedent, be one. The Comnion of the Jury, that as the practice was mission having assented to this inotion, four tolerated by custom, he could not be blam. other clergymen were proposed by the Mo. ed for availing himself of that privilege ; derator, as Commissioners for presenting although the trustees had no right to grant the address, whose names, he said, had it, and ought to have prevented it. A bill been suggested to him by his friends. And of exceptions was tendered by the counsel no objection being offered to the nominafor the trustees against the conclusions of tion, Dr Inglis moved, that the Procura. the Judge in his charge to the Jury; but tor, the principal law officer of the Church, if his charge be sustained, this decision should be added as an elder to the deputawill render it necessary for road trustees tion, which accordingly was appointed to generally to be much more particular than consist of the following members—the Mothey have hitherto been where buildings derator, Sir Henry Moncreiff Wellwood, are erecting on the sides of roads.

Bart. Dr Grant, Dr Inglis, and Principal Desperate Duel. On the 28th instant a Nicoll, ministers, and John Connell, Esq. duel took place in the Phænix Park, Dub. elder. Two of these clergymen were not lin, between Mr Gibbon, one of the young members of the Commission, but their apofficers of the unfortunate expedition to pointment was found to be justified by the South America, and Colonel Lyster, of D' precedent of 1760, which had been sancEvereux's Legion. The parties discharg- tioned by the Assembly, 1761. It was ed four pistols each, when the seconds re- afterwards resolved, on the motion of Dr fused any longer to act, and the principals Inglis, that a Commission, in due form, quitted the ground without a reconciliation should be prepared by a committee appointbeing effected. Colonel Lyster was slight- ed for the purpose, and be subscribed by ly grazed by three of the balls.

the Moderator, empowering the above-nam4. Commission of the General Assembly. ed Commissioners to present the address -It having been announced that a inotion which had been adopted by the Commission. for a dutiful and loyal address of condo. 6. Great Fire at Chatham..On the 3d lence on the death of the late King, and of instant, a most destructive fire took place congratulation on the accession of his pre- at Chatham. It broke at out two o'clock in sent Majesty, would be made in the Com- the morning, at the house of a baker in mission of the General Assembly, the sta- the main street, and the wind being exted meeting which took place on Wednes- tremely high, spread with great rapidity, day last, the 1st instant, was numerously crossing the street, which is extremely oar. and most respectably attended. Indeed, row, and overwhelming the houses on each the distance from which many of the mem- side in one common destruction. To add bers had travelled, in order to countenance to the confusion and distress of the moment, the measure proposed on this occasion, is a a heavy sleet began to fall, which, aided remarkable proof of the loyalty and attach- by the violence of the wind, and the exment to the constitution, by which the mi. treme cold, almost paralysed the exertions nisters of the Church of Scotland are uni. made to put a stop to the flames. versally actuated. The proposal for an ad- not till eleven o'clock that they were comdress, the grounds of which were stated in a pletely subdued, when it was ascertained very dignified and suitable manner from that the number of houses destroyed s. the chair, being unanimously agreed to, mounted to thirty-six ; but happily no lives after a few remarks by Dr Campbell, the were lost. This is, we understand, the third late Moderator of the Church-a commit severe visitation by fire which Chatham has tee was appointed to prepare the same; experienced within the last half century. and after a short adjournment of the Com- About twenty years ago a fire broke out mission, gave in a draught of the address, nearly in the same place as the present one, which being read and duly considered, was which consumed nearly seventy houses : unanimously adopted, and appointed to be and about twenty-one or twenty-two years subscribed by the Moderator, in name of before that period a fire happened in the the Commission. Dr Nicoll then rose and same street, to which eighty or ninety stated, as taken from the Commission re- houses fell a prey. cord, the procedure which had been follow. Glusgow Radicals. On Tuesday the 22d ed on the accession of each of the three last ult. a large party of radical reformers, which sovereigns; and as it appeared that in the met in a tavern in the Gallowgate, Glasgow, year 1760, when our late venerable mo were apprehended by a warrant of the Shenarch succeeded to the throne, a deputation riff of the county, and committed to jail. of five ministers and one elder had presente They were 26 in number, and consisted of ed an address to his Majesty from the Com. delegates from various places in the city mission of the Church of Scotland, Dr Ni. and suburbs, as also from different towns coll moved, that a similar deputation should and villages in the neighbouring countiesnow be appointed for the same purpose

When the authorities entered the house

It was

where the delegates were assembled, a girl men, who appear to be increasing both in rap screaming to the room where they were, numbers and audacity. They have had crying to them that they were all gone. several encounters with the police and with The men were thunderstruck, and, sub- the military, in which several lives have mitted quietly. One person tore a letter to been lost. In some cases the police have pieces, but not so effectually as to prevent been overpowered, and several of them its being again put together. Another let- have been killed. They are in the practer was thrown into the fire, and was so tice of binding the people to their plans by much spoiled as to be illegible. Several secret oaths, and their attacks are made, atheistical works were lying on the table. not to procure money, but arins. On the The appearance of the military, and the 25th they attacked several military posts in seizure of such a number of individuals, the county of Clare ; but they were driven collected a considerable crowd. The shop- back with the loss of two men killed, and keepers closed their shops, and for about one mortally wounded. The military an hour there was much bustle and con- force in that part of the country, neverthefusion in the streets. The military guard, less, seems quite inadequate to repress the in returning to the barracks, were followed violence of this banditti; as the Irish pa. by a crowd of disorderly persons, and as- pers are daily filled with accounts of new sailed with stones. Four of the most ac- outrages; of pcaceable Protestants being tive in the mob were laid hold of, and will visited by them, and abused or sworn to most likely be brought to trial for this attend mass ; and of gentlemen's houses daring offence.

being attacked, and in several instances On Saturday the 25th, the Fiscal went out burnt to the ground. to Calton with a military party, and search High COURT OF JUSTICIARY. was made in the smithy of Peter M'Nab, Sedition.—The case of Gilbert M‘Leod, Tureen Street, of James Johnston, in Park printer in Glasgow, editor of a periodical lane, and of Hugh Murdoch, in Clyde paper entitled the Spirit of the Union, has street, Calton. In M‘Nab's a complete lately occupied much of the time of this pike and screw, four pike screws and three Court. He was indicted at the instance of pike heads, were found ; and in Johnston's the Lord Advocate, charged with having a pike screw. Those persons, as well as a printed and circulated the said newspaper, son of Murdoch's, were apprehended and containing many seditious libels on his lodged in jail, save young Murdoch, who Majesty and his Government, calculated to was not taken from the Police Office; the bring the same into contempt, and to excite Murdochs were informed that they would the lieges to resistance of the laws. be admitted to bail. On the 28th, two ra On Monday the 14th February, M‘Leod dical orators, Brash and Armstrong, were was put to the bar, when his counsel, Mi apprehended at Parkhead, and brought to J. P. Grant, M. P. and Mr James Ivory, town in carriages; and at night a person objected to the trial proceeding, first, be was brought to the Police Office from the cause, as the diligence against the pannel same quarter, by a military guard, for was executed on the 29th January, the day, abusing a Magistrate while searching for on which his late Majesty died, and as no papers - The number of sentinels is in- hour was mentioned in this execution, the creased at the garrison as well as at the jail; pannel had a right to presume that it was and one of the hussars is placed at the jail executed in the reign of his present Majesas a sentinel, in addition to the foot sol. ty, although issued in that of his predecesdiers. The total number imprisoned on sor, which they contended rendered it a the Sheriff's warrant is 30. In addition to nullity ; and, secondly, because no indivi. these, three were apprehended on suspicion dual could be prosecuted by one king, for of making pikes, at the instance of the a crime committed, and under diligence Magistrates.

'issued, in the reign of his predecessor. On Thursday the 24th ult. at Paisley, After hearing the Solicitor-General in reply the civil authorities, accompanied by a to this argument, the Court adjourned:he case small party of the military, went to search to Friday the 18th, when their Lordships Beveral houses, and to apprehend certain delivered their opinions, repelling the objecpersons suspected of being connected with tions, upon the principle of Blackstone, those individuals who were apprehended at that the king never dies; and holding that Glasgow on Tuesday night last.-Only one a prosecution commenced in the reign of person was taken into custody, the others one king, may be lawfully carried on in being from home or having wilfully ab- that of his successor. M.Leod having then sconded. Although the town was greatly pleaded Not guilty, the diet was farther agitated during these proceedings, and con- actjourned to Monday the 21st, when a siderable crowds collected in different parts jury was chosen, and M‘Leod having been of it, nothing very remarkable occurred. proved the printer and editor of the paper

Ireland.-Connaught is still the scene in question, which he indeed admitted, the of most daring and atrocious outrage, by jury found a verdict of Guilty, but unanibends of those lawless ruffians called Ribbon- 'mously recommended him to the leniency



of the Court on the score of his previous thoroughly adapted to corrupt the minds of good character, of which satisfactory testi. the people. It attacks all public institumony had been given at the bar by many tions in general, but it particularly dwells respectable individuals from Glasgow. The on the manner in which the taxes are colsentence of the Court was next day delayed lected, which, it is therein stated, are both at the request of M-Leod's counsel, till they unfairly done, and in a brutal way; and he should be heard regarding the extent of advises the people to oppose force to force. punishment, which it was in the power of It also attacks the Manchester authorities the Court to award.

in the most uncourteous language. He is The case was again brought before the charged also with sedition at a public meetCourt on Monday the 6th inst., when Mr ing." In consequence of this complaint, James Moncreiff, and Mr Francis Jeffrey, Mr William Watson, printer of the Core appeared on behalf of the pannel, and con- respondent, appeared at the bar on the tended that the case in question was one of Monday following, the 21st February, by a simple publication of a libel or libels, and, order of the Court. He acknowledged himconsequently, a case of verbal sedition, self editor of the Correspondent, but was which came under the statute 1703, entit not author of the paragraph in question, led, “ An act anent leasing making and which was written and inserted without his slander ; ” and that by the said statute the knowledge, by Alexander Murray, one of punishment to be inflicted for such offences his compositors, who was in the habit of was restricted to tine, imprisonment, or sim- attending to take reports of trials before plebanishment. The Solicitor-General the Court. Murray, who was in Court, acreplied to this argument, and contended quiesced in this statement, and pleaded, as that the crime of which the pannel had a reason for the inaccuracies in the parabeen found guilty was far more extensive, graph, that, on the day in question, he had and characteristically different from that of been in a bad situation in the Court for leasing making, and for which none of the hearing the indictment read. Both parties statutes having provided, it consequently denied having any intention of infringing became a crime at common law. He then on the privileges of the Court, or of in. quoted several cases, and among others juring the case of M‘Leod, and expressed that of Fysche Palmer, tried at the Circuit their sorrow at having unwittingly given Court at Perth, where the jury found him offence to the Court, for which they beg. guilty of sedition, at common law, and the ged forgiveness. On the 28th February, punishment of transportation followed. the Judges delivered their opinions on this On Wednesday the 8th instant, the Judges case, when they acquitted Mr Watson of delivered their opinions upon this point, any share in, or knowledge of the offence ; and with the exception of Lord Gillies, but holding him, as editor of the paper, to (who considered the present to be a case of be legally responsible for whatever appear. verbal sedition,) agreed with the Solicitor- ed in it, they ordained him to pay a fine of General's argument, and repelled the ob- L. 5; and 'sentenced Alexander Murray jections of the pannel's counsel ; but, in to be confined one month in the jail of consideration of the jury's recommendation, Edinburgh. their Lordships agreed to limit the period Riot in Ross-shire.-An unfortunate riot of transportation to five years. Sentence took place at Culrain, in Ross-shire, on the to this effect was accordingly pronounced, 24 instant, which is thus described by an eye. with the usual certification.

witness. “ The proprietor, Mr Munro of Newspaper Report of Trials. In the Novar, wishing to improve his property, course of the foregoing trial, a complaint let it to Major Forbes at Melness; and to was brought by Mr Henry Cockburn, as clear the ground, gave orders to warn out counsel for M‘Leod, against the Editor the tenants, consisting of about 80 families. of the Edinburgh Correspondent, for hav- The officer who was sent to serve the reing inserted in that paper on Monday the movings was met by nearly 200 zvine, 14th February, certain observations on the who took from him and destroyed all the charges against M‘Leod, previous to the warrants. This being reported to the shecase having been brought before a jury: riff, a precognition was taken and sent to calculated, said the learned gentleman, to the Lord Advocate, who ordered the staff interfere with the administration of jus- of the Ross-shire militia to repair to the tice, and to prejudice his client's case in spot, and assist in serving the summonses. the minds of the jury and the witnesses. On the 1st instant, twenty-two of the staff, The article complained of stated, that “ the provided with ball cartridges, and accome indictment charged him (M‘Leod) with panied by the sheriff-depute, his substitute, various acts of a seditious nature, in what a number of country gentlemen, and a he had published in the paper called the posse of special constables, proceeded to the Spirit of the Union, of which he is editor, west, and were met at the march between but particularly with an article of the 30th Invercarron and Culrain by at least 200 October, purporting to be an address to the women, who were collected by the sound citizens of Glasgow, the language of which of horns placed on different eminences to is disgrace to the country, though give the alarm, and ordered the sheriff 's

party to return, as they were determined, rabble.--Too much praise cannot be given at all hazards, to prevent their going far to Geanies for his conduct on this occa. ther; but this being declined, the women sion ; he headed the staff, and though his let fly several showers of stones, which did life was in the greatest danger, he could some injury. The skull of one of the staff not be got to retire, until he was actually was nearly fractured, and several others forced from the ground by two of his party ; were seriously hurt ; the sheriff-depute re his carriage, and two others, were almost ceived stones on the breast. The women literally dashed to pieces by the mob. I do rushed on the bayonets, and a few slug- not hear that any lives are lost. The mob shots being fired, several men (some of was quite infuriated, and determined, at them from Sutherland) marie their appear the risk of their lives, to maintain their ance to support the women, and so desper post. A report of the whole was preately determined were they, that it was pared by Geanies, and sent to the Lord with difficulty, and at the risk of their lives, Advocate." the party escaped, closely pursued by the


I. CIVIL. Feb. 9. William Jackson Hooker, Esq. to be Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow.

25. Thomas Jackson, LL. D. to be Professor of Mathematics in the University of St Andrew's.

Lord Blantyre, to be Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. Feb. 14. Mr George Barlas, to be minister of the Associate Congregation of Dunfermline.

15. Rev. W. Bryce, to be one of his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary in Scotland.

Mi William D. Swan, to the church and parish of Ferry-port-on-Craig, Fifeshire.

March 6. George Davidson, missionary at Berridale, Caithness, to the church of Latheron, county of Caithness,

9. Rev. John Wilson, A. M. to the church and parish of Irvine, Ayrshire.

II. MILITARY. 4 Dr. Lieut. Alp to be Captain by purch. vice Wright, ret.

13th Jan. 1820. Cornet Townshend, Lieut. by purch.

do. G. T. Hooker, Cornet by purch. do. 10 Lieut. Gen. Lord Stewart, G. C. B. Colonel

3d Feb. 3P. G. Lt. and Capt. Wigston, Capt. and Lt. Col. by purch. vice Stewart, ret.

31st Dec, 1819. Lieut. Anson, Lt. and Capt, by purch.

20th Jan. 1820, Gent. Cadet Dixon, from R. Mil. Col.

Ensign and Lieut. by purch. do. 1 F. Gen. Marquis of Huntly, Colonel

29th do. 27 Lieut. Maclean, Captain by purch. vice Molloy, ret.

20th do. General Earl of Hopetoun, G. C. B. Colonel

29th do. Lieut. Gen. Gore Browne, Colonel do. 50 N. Power, Ensign by purch. vice Cuppage, cancelled

20th do, 67 W. M. P. Sweedland, Ensign, vice M Daniel

do. 92

Lieut. Gen. John Hope, formerly of 60
F. Colonel

29th do. Royal Art. Gent. Cadet R. Luard, 2d Lieut.

8th Dec. 1819. H. G. Teesdale, 2d Lieut.

do. J. Gore, 2d Lieut. do. Garrisons. General Earl of Chatham, K. G. Go

vernor of Gibraltar 29th Jan. 1820. Lieut. Gen. Lord Beresford, G. C. B. Governor of Jersey

do. Sir Brent Spencer, G, C. B. Governor of Cork

do. Hart, from 73 F. Governor of Londonderry and Culmore do.

Medical Department.
Hospital Assist. Teovan, from h. p.

Hosp. Assist. 10th Dec. 1819.

Hospital Assist. Kemble, M. D. from h. p. Hosp. Assist. 16th Dec. 1819.

Exchanges. Major Buck, from 8 F. with Major Browne, h. p.

98 F. Bt. Major Milner, from 18 Dr. with Capt. De Montmoorency, 4 F.

Wilkie, from 38 F. with Capt. Franklyn, h. p. 40 F.

Lane, from 84 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Lynch, h. p. R. W. I. Ran. Lieut. Ivers, froin 8 F. with Lieut. Lord Bingham, h. p. 3 F. G.

Usher, from 62 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Macrionell, h. p.

Sadleir, from 65 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Campbell, h. p. 1 F. G.

O'Connor, from 88 F. rec. diff. with Lieut,
Follett, h. p. 97 F.

Resignations and Retirements.
Lieut, Col. Stewart, 3 F. G.
Major Molloy, 27 F.
Captain Wright, 1 Dr.

Appointment Cancclloch
Ensign Cuppage, 50 F.

Deaths. Gen. Hon. Sir A. Maitland, Bt. 19 F. Feb. 1920.

Sir D. Dundas, G. C. B. 1 Dr. G. and Rifle Brig. at Chelsea College

18th Feb. Maj. Gen. John Lindescy, formerly Lt. Col. 5 F. Brighton

16th Feb. D. Dewar

9th Oct, 1819. Lieut. Col. Sir J. Bontein, h. p. Kelso Reg:

25th Dec, Major Owen, 61 F. Up Park Camp, Jamaica

8th Nov. Vallance, 73 F. Batticola, Ceylon 8th Aug. St Leger, 89 F.

11th May Gomersall, h. p. late 2 Gar. Bn. Capt, Butler, 1 F.

Duport, Royal Art. Demerara 25th Dec. Lieut, Cameron, Adj. 1 F. A. Macpherson, 59 F. Isle of France

lith May Innes, 92 E. Up Park Camp, Jamaica

19th Nov.
Jones, 67 F. Mullingham 17th July
Hunt, Royal Eogineers
Crouchley, h. p. 85 F.

29th Dec. D'Arcy, h. p. 91 F.

7th do, Beecher, 6 R. V. Bn.

25th do. Ensign Tottenham, 1 F. Chambers, 6 F. Pisa

20th Dec. Chamberlain, 24 F. Ghazepore, Bengal

21st June Lowe, 2 W. I. R. Gambia

12th Aug. Young, h. p. Europ. Gar. Comp. Fredericks, h. p. German Legion, Hanover

10th Jan, 1820. Paymaster Boyes, h. p. 26 F. Dec. 1819. Quart. Mast. Parke, I f. Wallyahbad, Madras

28th Aug. 6

Assist. Surg. Swindell, h. p. 1 Dr. Gas. Amherts 85 Lieut. Thomson, fm. h. y. Paym. vice burgh, Upper Canada

1st Sept, 1819.

Biggard, cashiered

27th Jan, 1820. Commissariat Department.

90 Capt. Holmes, fın. h. p: 78 F. Capt. Assist. Com. Gen. Belson, Deinerara 27th Nov.

vice Holland, 1 R. V. Bn. 9th Feb. Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Howie, Jamaica 7th do.

Lieut. Maclean, fin. h. p. 5 F. G. Lt.

vice Grant, exch. rec. diff. 27th Jan. Medical Department.

91 Hosp. Assist. Cusins, Jamaica

1 1th Nov.

Ensign M·Intyre, fm. h. p. 3 W. 1. R.
Ensign, vice Campbell, exch.

10th Feb. Alterations and Additions.

92 Lieut. Madelen, fm. 43 F. Capt. vice Innes, dead

do. Army. Lt. Col. Hon. John Ramsay, of h. p. Rifle Br. Capt. Stewart, fin. h. p. Capt. Becklate Clanalpine Fen. Inf. Colonel

wood, exch.

7th Jan. 12th Aug. 1819.

Gent. Cadet G. V. Creagh, fm. R. Mil. 3 D. G. Assist. Surg. Williamson, from h. 7

Col. 2d Lieut, sice Peel 6th do. Dr. G. Assist. Surg. vice Coleman, 1 W. I. R. Lt. Chads, Capt. by purch, vice Isles, exch. 3d Feb. 1820. ret.

27th do. 5 Assist. Surg. Foster, from h, P.


Ensigo Myers, Lt. by purch. 3d Feb. Surg. vice Maginn, exch.


Hosp. Mate B. O'Brien, As. Surg. více 1 Dr. Lieut. Fendall, Capt. by purch. vice

Dunn, Staff

do. Fayer, ret.

do. Cape Co. Lt. Stockenstroom, fm.h. p. of the late Cornet Hawkins, Lieut. by purch. do.

Regt, vice Stockenstroom, exch.
R. de Lisle, Cornet by purch.

10th do. 8 Troop Quar. Mast. M. T. Donahoo, 1 R.V.Bn. Bt. Maj. Holland, fm. 90 F. Capt. vice Reg. Quar. Mast. více Masters, dead

Chapman, cane.

3d do. do.

Lieut. Dean, fm. h. p. R. Wagg. Tr. 14 Lieut. Gage, from 31 F. Lieut. vice

Lieut. vice Gilbert, cancelled do. Hamond, exch.


Fothergill, fm. h. p. 97 F. Lieut. Lieut. Foster, from h. p. 25 Dr. Lieut.

vicc Fuller, cancelled

do. vice Ormsby, exch.

10th do.

Ensign Mackenzie, fm. h. p. 8 W. I. R. 15 Lieut. Dixon, Captain by purch. vice

Erisign, vice Gordon, 7 V. Bn. do. Bellairs ret.


Paym. Briggs, fm. h. p. 58 F. Paym. Cornet Elton, Lieut. by purch. do.

do. Gren. G. Ens. and Lt. Erskine, Lt. and Capt, by

Lt. Bainbrick, fm. h. p. 43 F. Lieut. purch. vice Lord C. Fitzroy, 55 F.do.

vice Waller, cancelled

do. Ens. and Lt. Glanville, from h. p. Ens.

Young, fm. h. p. 25 F. Lieut. vice and Lieut.

Dickenson, cancelled

do. Coldst. G. Capt. H. J. W. Bentinck, Adj. vice C.

O'Connell, fm. h. p. 82 F. Lieut.
Bentinck, res. Adj. only

vice Green, cancelled

do. F. Ensign Stephens, Lieut. vice Vaughan,

Ensign Elar, fm. h. p. 35 F. Ensign dead do.

do. E. Muller, Ensign

do, 3 Bt. Maj. Wood, fm. 90 F. to be Capt. 0 J. W. Stuart, Ensign, vice Chambers,

vice Mansfield, cancelled

do. dead


Lt. Stewart, fm. h. p. 2 G. Bn. Lieut, Ensign Cotter, from h. p. Ensign, vice

vice Atkinson, cancelled

do. Wainright, exch. rec. diff. 27th Jan,

Lynch, from h. p. 99 F. Lieut. Capt. Barnwell, from h. p. 88 F. Capt.

vice Challis, cancelled

do vice Stirling, exch. 10th Feb

Fleming, fm. 90 F. Lieut. vice Ensign Beauclerk, from 62 F. Lieut.

Goslett, cancelled

do. by purch. vice M Lean, prom. 3d do.

Black, fm. h. p. 50 F. Lieut. vice 81 Lieut. Hamond, from 14 Dr. Lieut.

Elliott, cancelled

do. vice Gage, exch.


M'Caul, fm. h. p. 1 G. Bn. Lieul. 37 Captain Pereys from.h. p. 56 F. Capo:

vice Baternan, cancelled


Qua, Mast. Buchanan, fm. h. p. 5 Gar. 88 Capt. Hardman, from h. p.:83 F. Capt.

Bn. Qua. Mast.

10th do. vice Gallie, exch. rec. dift.


Lt. Stobie, h. p. Sicilian Reg. Lieut. Ensign Campbell, Lieut. by purch. vice

vice Pigott, cancelled

3d do. Vir.cent, 89 F


Cavendish, from h. p. 3 Gar. Bn. C. L. Leslie, Ensign


Lieut, vice Groves, cancelled do.
Major Poo, from h. p. 99 F. Major 7 Bt. Maj. Ross, from h. p. 6 W. I. R.
Wemyss, exch.

10th do.
Capt. vice Gordon, cancelled

do. Captain Baldwin, from 83 F. Captain,

Lt. Warren, fm. 4 R. V. Bn. Lt. rice vice Poitier, 61 F.


Perry, cancelled 1 Nov, 1819. Lieut. Seward, from h. p. Lieut, vice

Ens. Gordon, from 1 R. V. Bn. Ensign, Douglas, cancelled 27th Jan.

vice Alexander, cancelled do. Bt. Lt. Col. Lord C. Fitzroy, from

Gardner, fm. 5 R. V, Bn. Ensign, Gren. G. Major by purch. vice Hogg,

vice Johnston, cancelled

do. ret.

do. 8 Lt. and Adj. Crawford, fm. 90 F. Lieut. 57 Lieut. Dix, Captain, vice Montgome

3d Feb. 1820. rie, dead

10th Feb.

Ensign Skinner, from h. p. 13 F. Ens Ensign Montgomerie, Lieut. do.

vice Martin, cancelled

do. J. W. Taylor, Ensign


Troop. Q. Mast. Jackson, from h. p. 55 38 Ensign Hebden, from h. p. 2 Gar. Br.

Dr. Ensign, vice Mac Math, cancelled Ensign, vice Baynes, exch. 97th Jan.

do. 61 Bt. Lt. Col. Poitier, fm. 50 F. Major,

Lieut. Burke, from h. p. 13 F. Lieat. vice Owen, dead 10th Feb.

do, 02 R. Power, Ensign by purch. vice Beau.

Stewart, Adj.

do. clerk, 27 F.

3d do.

Qua. Mast. Hogan, fm. h. p. 14 F. Ens. 88 Lieut. Stretton, from h. p. vice Sloan,

vice Nickson, cancelled

do, exch. rec. diff.


Ensign Maclean, fm, late 6 R, V. Bn.
Lieut. Lloyd, Capt. by purch. vice

Ens, vice Fraser, cancelled
Coane, ret.

1st Nov. 1819. Ensign Monck, Lieut. vice "Murphy,

Qua. Mast, Sloane, from b. p. 2 W. I. dead


R. Ensign, vice Komareck, cancelled Ensign Williamson, fm. 15 F. Lieut. by

3d Feb. 1820. purch. vice Lloyd

3d do. P: Primrose, Ensign, vice Monck do. Store-keeper General's Department, 79 Lieut, Cameron, fm. h. p. Lieut. vice

As, Store-Keeper Gena J. Hare, Der Thomson, exch. rec. diff. 27th Jan,

Store-Keeper Gen. 20th Dec. 1819. 86 Lieut. Westby, fm. h. p. Lieut. vice St

Tho, Broadbank Parr, Assist. Store Clare, exch. rec. dift. 3d Feb,

Keeper Gen.

do. Lieut. Brockman, fm. h. p. 84 F. Lieut.

Amos Lister, Assist. Store Keeper Gen. vice Bowsar, rec. dift. 10th do.


and Adj.

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