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he had gone to see Gen. Zollicoffer and had secured the promise of a detail of Lieutenant with twenty men, but Mr. Branner, President of the East Tennessee railroad, induced the General to suppose that Mr. Butler and his friends were unduly alarmed, and he had failed to furnish the guard as promised.

Soon after the tragic event Mr. Butler secured subscriptions amounting to $1,600, bought a good farm of ninety acres in the country, but Keelan was not satisfied there. He became very fearful that his life was in jeopardy and he staid with Maj. Stringfield's command in the army for a year or so. Subsequently, his little farm was sold and a smaller place was purchased near Bristol, where he died a few months ago.

Comrade A. S. McNeil, of Bristol, has acknowledged gratitude of the VETERAN for his zeal in behalf of honor due the faithful Keelan.

No wonder Keelan's courage went down after the awful night when, with his own blood and brain flowing over his face and mouth, he felt he had given his life for the South. He had no negroes to fight for, he afterward realized himself a cripple, almost helpless, and that the bridge did not remain "saved."

Tennessee and Virginia might well unite in building a monument to his heroism and locate it at Bristol on the state line.




The unfortunate and desolated Confederacy did not have a more faithful and consecrated soldier. Distinguished and merited honors fell to his lot, and were freely bestowed by his admiring comrades. His time, his money, his influence, and the martial spirit that was in him, all went for the support and defense of that which seemed a righteous and sacred cause in his sight, and in the sight of the people whom he served. After the war his manly, civic virtues shone as resplendent as his deeds on the fiuld of battle.

One of the most popular veterans in the western part of Dixie was the late Gen. Henry McCulloch, of Texas, who died March 12, 1895.

He was a native of Rutherford county, Tenn. His father, Major Alexander McCulloch, who was Aid de Camp to Gen. Coffee, under “Old Hickory, was a Virginian.

Gen. McCulloch was educated in Tennessee, but in his young manhood went to Texas (1837). He was elected Sheriff of Gaudalupe county in 1843; a inem ber of the Texas Legislature in 1353, and two years later, a State Senator. He served as United States Marshal from 1859, until Texas seceded from the Union. In the war with Mexico, 1846-8, he was Captain of a company of Texas Rangers.

In 1861, he was made Colonel by the Texas Legislature, and by the Confederate Government. He promptly secured the surrender of fortifications in Northwest Texas. In August of that year, he was made Brigadier-General, and organized troops for a campaign in Arkansas and Missouri. He served in important capacities throughout the war. The Seguin Anchor pays this tribute to him:

Away back, when defenseless women and children in the primitive homes of Texas called for protection, Henry McCulloch was found on horseback facing the red man. Before our cities were built, before our railroads and telegraph wires were stretched, when the line of advancing civilization was east of the Mississippi, the McCullochs were fighting in defense of the homes of the western pioneers, and the impress of their strong characters was upon hundreds of young men who grew up at that period.

* *

Judge W. M. Ives, Lake City, Fla., makes the following correction in his recent article :

The Fourth Florida was made up of companies from every section of Florida-and not alone from East Florida, as is printed in the April VETERAX.

I see that Capt. Robert Knickmeper, is Commander of Camp Thomas Moore, at Apalachicola. He was Captain of Company B, and served gallantly in (I believe) every battle in which that regiment fought. PUBLICATION DAY-ANNOUNCEMENT!

The VETERAN will be mailed the 20th of July. The VETERAN will be mailed the 15th of Jugust. The VETERAN will be mailed the 10th of September, and not later afterzard than the 10th of the month. Much in type and plate is held over. Send advertisements five days ahead.


Ladies' Delight

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The “White City” in Chicago is an indelible_memory to the millions who saw it. The lady Secretary of United Confederate Veterans, on ihe way out to Oakwoods dedication day of the Monument, could not be persuaded to look in that direction even to see the superb

"A year ago my hair began turning gray and skeleton of Government building. It

falling out, and though I tried ever so many things was considered well worth a visit to

to prevent it, I obtained no satisfaction until I the great Exposition, without going

used Ayer's Hair Vigor. After using one bottle of into a building, so completely did the

this preparation my hair ceased falling out and was vision of buildings, lakes and swards, satisfy. Expressing these sentiments,

restored to its natural color.”-Mrs. HERZMANN, 359 some weeks ago, the Editor of the VET

East 68th st., New York City. ERAN, was amazed at the reply of a young lady from Georgia, who said she had the history from Mr. D. H. Burn

HAIR ham, Mr. Roots partner, and one of the four men who did the work.

She sent him a clipping which stated that, “It was from the brain of Mr. Root of Georgia, that the vision of the


ADMITTED AT "White City' had sprung" Mr. Burn

THE WORLD'S FAIR. ham's concise account is as follows:

“At the end of July, or the first of August 1890, Mr. Frederick Law Olmsted, the eminent landscape arcbitect, of Brookline, Massachusetts, ar

faces of the the system, thereby destroying the rived in Chicago, having been retained 'oped the main idea, I feel that the dis

.foundation of the disease, and giving the paby the local corporation to examine the position of the buildings about it was

tient strength by building up the constitution sites offered for the Exposition, and quite as essential to what may be called and assisticg nature in doing its work. The

proprietors have so much faith in its curative make a report upon them. He reported the general design as was the first idea,

powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars in favor of Jackson Park, where the disclosed by Olmsted's little map.

for any case that it fails to cure. Send for a list Fair was finally held. His report also

It was not until the Architects from of testimonials, Address. contained a detailed suggestion conthe East, visited Chicago, on my invi

F.J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.

Sold by Druggists, 75c. cerning the manner in which the ground tation, that we settled upon the charmight be made available for an Exposiacter architectural of the building.

Danville Military Institute, tion. It also contained a small scale- These gentlemen arrived in Chicago, map, which disclosed the lagoons and on January 10th, 1891, and met Mr.

DANVILLE, TA. the Wooded Island, almost exnctly as Root for a few moments in the afterthey were carried out. The report also noon, and again at dinner that even

Session opens September, 18, 1895. showed a narrow body of water where ing. On Monday, January 12th, we had The North Canal, leading from the a meeting in our office in Chicago, but

J. H. SAUNDERS, Sapt. basin was, and a basin of water, where

Mr. Root was too ill to be present, and the basin now is. At this time, Mr.

on the Thursday following, he died. Olmsted was acting independently of

The conception of the plans belongs as Burnham and Root, and had not met

much to him as to either of the four men us for any conference.

who were employed upon il. The talent About the 20th of August, his firm, displayed by him, was that of bringing was elected as the regular consulting together the various suggestions of landscape architects. On September those who were with him. 1st, Mr. Root and myself, that is, the

The laying off of the bridges, the bal

ARE ALWAYS SEEN firm of Burnham & Root, were elected ustrades, the stairways to the terraces,

WHEN LADIES USE consulting architects. We then took

the rostral columns, the work about the up, with Mr. Olmsted, the study of a

fountain, and in fact, all the purely proper plan for an Exposition in Jack architectural details, apart from the son Park. Mr. Olmsted's partner, Mr. buildings themselves, was the work of Henry Sargent Codman, had been em

Chas. B. Atwood, who not only dictated ployed under Monsieur Alphaud, who how these things should be managed in

A TOILET LUXURY was Director of Works of the last 'Paris a large way, but who also made the deExposition. Mr. Codman was a man

signs for them. highly trained regarding the adapta

The spirit of Mr. Root's life, however, ATTAR OF ROSES tion of landscape gardening to archi. pervaded the work! What was accomtectural needs so as to give ihe highest plished through him seems to me to Thousands of women have used it with expression to buildings, and the plant- eminently justify the pride of the State marked success in all skin troubles. Use ing in the waters about them.

in which he was born, and I strongly it and have a face fair as the lily. Not Mr. Olmsted, Mr. Codman, Mr. Root, hope that you will be able to carry forand I, worked together on uic plan. It

ward the scheme of a monument to his a drop of oil in it. Will not stain the was drawn by a pencil in the band of memory. His fame did not rest en- clothes. Unsurpassed for Heat Rash in Mr. Root.

tirely upon the Exposition. He was an Children. The main idea of a great basin u! eminent man before that.

PRICE 35 CENTS. water, surrounded by formal buildings,

Get it of your Drugwhere the Court of Honor was placed,

$100 REWARD $100 belonged to Codman, and its location fol- The readers of this paper will be pleased to

gist, or sent by mail lowed Olmsted's scheme of crude di- learn that there is at least one dreaded disease

apon receipt of price vision of land and water. The concep

that science has been able to cure in all its
stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh

by the manufacturers tion of the plan, in its brorlest features, Cure is the only positive cure knoon to the wr18, therefore, the work of th' landscape medical fraternity: Catarrh being a constitu

THE LIVURA MFG. CO. architects, but this was only in part of

cional disease, requires a constitutionai treat

ment. Hill's Catarr! Cure is taken internally, the plan, of course, and while it devel- actiug directly upon the blood and mucuus sur

111 Duane Street, NEW YORK.







Linville, Western N.C.



OPEN TO OCTOBER. "The most beautiful mountain region of the continent is still but little known.”—Prof. Asa GRAY.

"The only roads I have seen in America which resemble the great Swiss roads."- PROF. W. JAMES, of Harvard.

[graphic][ocr errors][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

Four miles from the summit of Grandfather

Mountain, 6.000 feet above sea. Center of a great forest and trout reserve, Fall wraps in summer.

No Mosquitoes. Near by-blue-Sky, and what Twilights! The balsam tngic furnishes the appetite and we do the rest. Forty-eight hours entertainment of any Divine to see this beautiful region will be charged to the Kingdom of Heaven Satisfactory term. luducuments to early

patrong. Perfect appointments. Send for circular.

J. T. SKILES, Prop.,

Formerly of Luray Inn.

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Jones' College for Young Ladies,

COLLEGE. Fall Session begins September

4, 1895. Nineteen Officers and Teachers. Every-
thing new. Kvery department of female edú-
cation taught. New ihapel and Music Con-
servatory. We own the electric plant and water.
works. One of the most delightful places for a
school in the South. You cannot fail to be
pleased with the government. Free wagonettes
to the College, 114 miles from tl.e cicy. Charges
reasonable. Seni for catalogur,

A. B. JONES, President.

Twenty-third consecutive season under proprietorship and personal management of



Bellewood Seminary,



(A Suburb of Louisville.) A thoroughly equipped school for young ladies. Thorough A arst-class school for girls and young ladie ;

authorized to confer degrees; also prepares for mental and physical training. A genuine home. Three sys- colleg or university. Unsurpassed advantages

in Music, Art and Elocution. Expenses modtematic courses of study offered. Regular course, leading to

erate. For catalogue address w. G. LORD

A.M., Principal. the degree of Bachelor of Arts; scientific course, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science; an elective course, superior facili

R. W. JENNINGS. ties in Music, Art, Elocution, Stenography, and Book-keeping. ment befennings Business College. The

On page iii will be found an advertiseSpecial stress laid upon the cultivation of courteous deportment, Veteran cannot add anything to the al.

ready stroug indorsements this standard and the .graces of person and manner that should characterize school has. "It fits men for business. I

is thorough. We know this, becaus. a woman. Teaching in Literary department done by faculty our head book-keeper, Mr. G.C. Aycock

for the Southwestern Publishing House of the University. Not co-educational.

came to us five yea s ago from Jeni ings,'

That he has held his position and given. ADDRESS

entire satisfaction, is proof of the high B. S. FOSTER, Lebanon, Tenn. standard of this schoo".

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UNIVERSITY PRESS, Nashville, Tenn., Engravers.

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I feel very thak

The Largest Manufacturers of ful for wt lloo's

Sars:parilla has dcne

Rev. Charles Taylor Talks About
for me. I have taken
three bottles and the
Protection of Health.

On this Continent, have received medicine has made a

great change. I was
All Run Down
One of the Distinguished Divines in At.

from the great
from trouble and
tendance at the Methodist Jubilee

Industrial and Food
overwork, and had
Praises the Electropoise.

EXPOSITIONS other complaints com

IN EUROPE AND AMERICA. mon to my sex at my

The celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of age, 44 years. Now

Caution: In view of the the M. E. Church, South, brought many distin

many imitations Mrs. G. W. Warnock since taking Hood's

of the labels and wrappers on our guished divines to Louisville, Ky., among them

goods, consumers should make sure Sarsaparilla I am much stronger and am gain- Rev. Charles Taylor, who was the first mission

that our place of manufacture, sionary sent by this church to China, and the

namely, Dorchester, Mash, ing in flesh. I would advise all overworked, Rev. 1. Meek, Éditor of the Central Methodist,

is printed on each package. tired, weak mothers to take Hood's Sarsa- Catlettsburg, Ky. parilla to build them up.” MRS. G. W. WAR- It might be interesting to note what some of SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE. NOCK, Reverly, Nebraska.

Remember, these distinguished men have to say about the
"temporal" man as well as the "spiritual” man,

and to listen to their advice about the cure and
protection of our health.


COVINGTON, KY., April 21, 1895.
Hood's Pills act easily. yet promptly and Gentlemen: A year ngo, and for years before,
nfliciently on the liver and bowels. 260.
I was a sufferer from a complication of diseases

Wanted : for office work, on galary, in - not so severe as to disqualify me from my min- most every county in the south and

isterial duties, but such, nevertheless, as to give
me almost constant annoyance and pain. Among

west, a young lady or gentleman. these were urinary troubles, muscular neuralgia

Those from the country also accepted. But "How to get there?" is the ques

in my right shoulder, varicose veins and several Experience not necessary: in fact, pre

minor ailments. tion that thousands of people are now After using the Electropoise patiently and per

fer beginners at a small salary, at first, determining. All such should know serveringly for some eight months, the mosi se

say to begin, from $30 00 to $60.00 a that the Great Southern Pacific have

rious of these diseases have entirely disappeared month. just put a solid vestibuled Ayer upon

and the others are greatly relieved and will Chances for rapid promotion GooD.

in time, I urmly believe, be entirely removed if its road, which so far excels other I faithfu.ly follow the directions.

Must deposit in bauk cash, about $100.00. through-to-the-Pacific trains that it n

Yours gratefully,

No loan asked; no investment required.

CÉARLES TAYLOR, longer leaves the question of route an

It is a salaried and permanent position. open one to those who have learned of or the Kentucky Conference, M. E. Church, (Strictly office work: The enterprise

South. the special advantages this magnificent Mr. Meck, after getting an Electropoise for a

is strongly endorsed by bankers. “Adflyer, “Sunset Limited," offers to the friend, said: “I know of quite a number of my

dress P. O. Box 433, Nashville, Tenn. traveler, the tourist and to the invalid friends and acquaintances who use this wonder

(Mention this paper.) seeking a California climate, and to

ful rernedy, and not one of them but has received

striking benefit. My own experience dates whom a comfortable journey with back about 1l ve years, when, after using treat

proper climatic conditioris is absolute- ment for a while, I felt rejuvenated and like run-
ly indispensable. This train leaves

ning and jumping as when a boy, a delightful

NOT A SIXGLE GRADUATE FAILS. New Orleans at 8 a. m. every Thursday “A most remarkable case came under my obmorning on and after Nov. 1 and com

servation a short while ago. A lady of high soprises every form of car and conven

Prof. J. F. Draughon, President of cial standing became a slave of opium, and together with other tronbles, bad brought her to

Draughon’s Business College, Nashville, ience requisite to an absolutely com- such a state of mind that she attempted suicide; Tenn., will board at a hotel, at his exfortable journey. It makes Los Ange- this, however, was prevented. For more than pense until he finds them employment, les in a two and one-half day run, and

two years she was unable to sleep scarcely any
at all. Other remedies baving failed to do any

any and all of his former students comSan Francisco in three and cne-forth good, the Electropoise was used with almost petent to hold a position as stenogdays. You cannot afford to visit Cali- magical results. She slept like a babe all night rapher and out of employment, providfornia and you cannot afford to make

the first time treatment was applied (now over
a month ago), has improved wonderfully, sleeps

ed they have not been offered a posithe trip by any other conveyance than well and has a good appetite. Has not taken a

tion. This College paid cash, $15, past “Sunset Limited."

particle of morphine or any other drug. It is week for positions reported to in

wonderful." For full particulars, address S. F. B. These and all other statements regarding the

Nashville. Five dollars is the amount MORSE, General Passenger Agent, Electropoise are vouched for by good man. Mr. it pays for each vacancy reported, proSouthern Pacific Co., New Orleans. La. Meek will verify this and has written and said vided it fills the same. If you desire a

a great deal more.
Ten thousand dollars will be donated to any

good business education, write for cataThe splendid photograph from which one disproving any testimony published by us. logue. Address J. F. Draughon, Nashthe engraving of Wade Hampton was Full partilars on application.

ville, Tenn.- Daily American, May 5, 1895.

Cash price, $25. Rental terms, $10 cash for made is the work of W. A. Reckling, of four months, with privilege to purchase by payColumbia, 8. C.

ing $17.50 additional at the expiration of four The Walter A. Wood Mower and
Pocket Electropoise book of particulars free

Reaping Machine Co., through their to any address.

agents. Messrs. L. H. Hitchcock & Son,

, . the Trustees of the Tennessee Confeder

ate Soldiers Home & mower of their We Buy, Sell and Exchange. Chamber of Commerce Building,

most improved make. In return for Confederate and Other War Books.

NASHVILLE, TENN. this kindness, the VETERAN is pleased

to commend the celebrated W. A. Wood Historical and War Romances.

machines. Messrs. L. H. Hitchcock &

Little Giant Cider Mill Son have been the agents at Nashville We keep the largest stock of all kinds (both new and second hand) in the South, History, Biog

Smallest, Lightest,

the past eighteen years. By such gener

Cheapest, Strong, raphy, Travel, Fiction, Economic, Political, 80

osity the Trustees have saved a large

Durable, Handy: cial, Science, Religious, Agricultural, Scientific, Industrial, Art, Poetry, etc., etc. Write us for

Entirely new process of: Soldiers that would otherwise bave

amount of money to the Confederate price on any kind of book you want. Mail or

grinding, and pressing: ders solicited. Enquiries answered promptly.

If your dealer hasn't it come out of the state's appropriation. Wo refer to THE VETERAN. Address,

send to the Factory, Other firms who may likewise anticipate

Write for leaflet.


the needs of Confederate Soldiers in CHURCH ST., NASHVILLE, TENN.

CO., NASHVILLE, TENN. any state will deserve remembrance.



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