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considering the easy possibilities, Sierra Madre Range for its pronot half enough has been attempted tecting deity. Santa Barbara, or carried through. But every very similar in situation to Menseason makes a difference now: tone, is specially attractive, greener people who love beauty and will than most places in Southern Calihave it, are finding their way fornia, a very fairyland of flowers, to San Diego and raising their and with foothills which in springstandard there, and before very time are covered with a scented long the rose - gardens of pretty mantle of the yellow wild-mustard. sleepy Santa Barbara will find And certainly one must not forget some dangerous rivals. Before the Ojai valley, and the still more very long, too, pride and public beautiful Santa Paula valley, which spirit will surely conquer hinder- is apt to remind one of bits of ing circumstances, and then we England and Wales. may look for cooling fountains and

So we

can take our choice green resting places and plenty of and move on until the right reshade, and a generous supply of quirements are found. Visitors easy benches either for invalids and invalids with ample means do or for the indolent, and perhaps a not need any words of warning; beautiful boulevard sweeping round it is easy enough for them to change the whole extent of the bay, and their plans. But people who are making a noble drive such as few coming from older countries to cities in the world could command. settle in Southern California can

With regard to the choice of not be too strongly urged to pause any special part of Southern Cali- awhile before pitching their tents fornia for permanent residence anywhere. The conditions of life or lengthened stay, the climates in the West are so utterly differof the different counties are ent from those found in the Old different themselves

themselves that the World, that it is quite impossible wisest plan is to give a fair trial to realise what one is giving up, to several of the neighbourhoods. and whether one is likely to get a Probably San Diego county would sufficient compensation in climate be found to be the most satis- and circumstance and chances of factory for an all-the-year-round success. These remarks do not, home. The climate and beautiful of course, apply to the so-called position of Coronado Island at- labouring classes of Europe or the tract visitors from all parts of Eastern States of America ; they the world. The hotel looks right lose nothing and gain everything

. down on the splendid rollers of by coming out to a new country. the Pacific, and the air from that Southern California is a paradise pure summer sea is particularly for them, and means good living, soft and caressing. Los Angeles good wages, and good opportunihas all the advantages of being a ties of rising as high as they go-ahead ambitious town within choose. But for the gently nurreach of delightful scenery. River- tured, and for those who have side is a town of old-established been within reach of artistic and ranches, with plenty of social life intellectual satisfaction, it is aland outdoor sport.

Pasadena is together a different matter. These a charming suburb of Los Angeles wants will make themselves felt, spreading along the San Gabriel however gallantly one may contend valley, and having the stately with them, and there is a starva

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tion of the soul just as possible as words, “Drink out of a bottle, the starvation of the body. These bottle !" We shall find blue-jays, are the people who will probably and orioles, and finches, and suffer from that sad illness, home butcher birds, canaries and groundsickness, and it is for them that owls, and yellow - hammers, and these words are specially written. mocking-birds, and robins, and From all that one can gather doves, and thrushes, and woodabout the subject, it would seem peckers, and many kinds of sparto be a mistake for middle-aged rows, and a few wrens. The most folk to uproot themselves from characteristic bird of California is their old surroundings, and venture the chaparral cock, or paisano, or into these new pastures. It goes road-runner, which can be made much better if intending settlers into a great pet, and is seldom shot come when they are young enough at. The turkey buzzard, majestic to leave no regrets behind, and in its flight, is a well-known feature bringing only the brightest and of the landscape. Quail are plentifreshest of hopes untarnished by ful both in the valleys and on the old memories. And there is no hills, and are delicious food if doubt whatsoever that it is a properly cooked.

Ants of many mistake, if not a cruelty, to bring varieties hold possession of the delicate women out to ranch life, land, and may be seen busy at unless there are ample means to work all the day long, out of the pay the very large sums asked and house and inside too, unless one given for household help. It is keeps a ruthless look-out. The absurd to talk of the advantages of tarantula spider is an any climate from Dan to Beer- creature, and is said to give as sheba itself, if a woman is to be poisonous a bite as the rattlesnake. weighed down by hard physical Centipedes and scorpions are found, work, such as house-cleaning and and of course lizards. The pretty washing and baking, for which she little horned toads are quite harmhas not been trained, and which less. The snakes are for the most hitherto has probably never come part harmless, except the rattleinto her horizon. As a woman her- snakes, of which there are two self, the writer of these few pages kinds, a dark grey and black, and may be pardoned for laying particu- a red. They are not aggressive, lar stress on the dangers and suf- and desire only to be left alone. ferings liable to arise through ignor- When once the ground has been ance of these really important facts. cleared, they disappear, creeping

It is pleasant to turn away from up to the hot rocky barren hillsombre thoughts, and briefly en- tops, their favourite dwellingumerate some of the more famil- places. But we cannot be too iar animals and birds and insects cautious how we tread when once found in Southern California. the main road has been abandoned, The humming bird is one of our for their colour harmonises both most welcome friends in the coun- with the sage-brush and the dry try. A quarrelsome little fellow earth, and it is quite easy to step with his own kind, and very on them unawares. Still they are masterful, he is nevertheless easily very easily killed; in fact, the bare

, tamed. Meadow - larks abound footed children running to school everywhere, cheerfully singing, ac- kill them with a well-aimed stone

a cording to reliable authority, the or a long stick or whip, and think


nothing of the matter. Bounding tainly, and inspire one with the all over the country may be seen enthusiasm of Izaak Walton, but the jack-rabbit and the cotton- they are not specially dainty or tail; and, alas! there is no mis- delicate. The barracuda is the taking the passage of the skunk! best; the Spanish mackerel is Coyotes disturb the peace of the passable, and the yellow-tail is night, and eat as many chickens rather like a solid beefsteak of as they can capture. Wild cats

coarse fibre.

The best one are found in some of the cañons, say of them is that they are not and now and again a mountain- worthy to come out of such a lion descends from its solitary beautiful ocean. For time after heights and prowls round the time our thoughts return gratebarns. Deer are found in the fully to the memory of the Pacific, mountains, and are said to be very its blueness, its freshness, and all good eating. Speaking of food its indescribable charm. It may reminds one of the fish of the well stand for our ideal of perPacific. They are abundant cer- fection in nature.



Southern California is the very curing of olives and lemons, and land for outdoor life, and, apart see after the packing and defrom riding and driving, and spatching of the fruit. bicycling and camping, there are One girl who came from the many occupations and interests East from a busy life, and had which come well within the scope more leisure than she needed of even delicate women. In fact, here, conceived the excellent idea a year of healthy country life in of starting a strawberry-ranch, Southern California would prob- and has made such a capital sucably do far more to restore many cess out of it, and brought such ailing people to health than several beautiful fruit to the market, that seasons spent in sanitoriums and others have been only too glad to cure-resorts. To begin with, one follow her example. Another lady learns to do without pampering has turned her attention to the luxuries, learning also to make culture of pampas - grass, and is the best of everything, and above reported to have won good returns all, being generally at a consider for her labour and outlay. Then able distance from a doctor. These one hears of tired-out teachers are immense advantages for some giving up their school work and invalids, especially for rich ones, taking to nursery gardening with who have never known what it all its various developments. was "to have

a single wish Amateur gardening is a great denied.”

resource in itself, and the satisA woman, however, can do a faction of seeing such quick and great deal of satisfactory and use- rich results from one's efforts is ful work on a ranch. She can quite indescribable. Given a fair pick the lemons, oranges, olives, supply of water, one may soon have apricots, or peaches; she the pleasure of a beautiful garden, sucker the trees; she can under- with every variety of rose and take the anxious task of prun- carnation : wistaria, honeysuckle, ing She can superintend the plumbago, and stephanotis will



grow almost like weeds; in fact, can, however, make a very fair anything and everything will grow and characteristic collection by as though in fairyland. So that merely gathering what grows by gardening in Southern California the roadside, or by just taking a does not

" hope deferred few steps up the slopes and laying making the heart sick”; it means hands on anything which strikes something quite unusual in the the fancy there. But there is no way of comfort and encourage- strolling about amongst shady trees ment, together with the knowledge and by the side of running brooks, that one is creating picturesque and many people will find this a surroundings for the homestead. great deprivation, which it un

With regard to camping, a few doubtedly is. Driving is a necessity words of caution may not be out as well as a pleasure of everyday of place.

Delicate women are life; and one soon becomes accuslikely to come back worse than tomed to going for miles and miles they were when they started out, over roads which after a dry season unless their men.folk are willing to are full of “chuck-boles." Nothing take upon themselves the whole could be more enjoyable than startburden of the work, or unless they ing out on a typical Californian can afford to have a Chinaman day, with a nice little team and all with them or some other kind of the dogs scampering along joyously, servant, thus giving them the and plenty of provisions, and the chance to rest, and get the good fierce determination not to return from the open-air life. Otherwise until you feel inclined. The sense they are always over-fatigued and of freedom is delightful; and, morecan enjoy nothing, and would be over, the most delicate invalid far wiser if they remained at need not be afraid of these expedihome.

tions, and will find that the more Walking is not one of the plea- she drives, the more she can drive, sures of outdoor life in Southern for there is some curious life-giving California. Neither the climate power in the air which prevents nor the country is suitable for it, over - exhaustion and aids quick although botanists who are strong recovery from ordinary fatigue. enough for the exertion scramble On account of the many interests about everywhere, searching for and occupations inseparable from treasures and fighting determinedly country life in Southern Calithrough the thickly-grown brush; fornia, all of them enticing us but most of them take a horse into the open air, we feel more or pony when possible, for no than justified in urging visitors to one would choose to walk here if give themselves the best chances other means of getting about were of recovering their health in the within reach. Lovers of flowers country rather than in the towns.





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WHAT is called “the Celtic had a great, or at all events a Movement,” in recent literature, copious, literature. M. Renan is, no doubt, part of the general praised Owen Jones's collection, agitation in Celtdom. But the the Myvyrian Arcbæology,' and form, and aims, and ideas of the the delightful . Mabinogion' trans" Celtic Renascence come from lated by Lady Charlotte Guest. He the influence of two men – M. expatiated on the secular distressRenan, who may be called the fulness of the Gael and Cymry : Moses of the proceedings, and Mr de la vient sa tristesse. Infinite Matthew Arnold, who was the delicacy, a thirst for the ideal not eloquent Aaron. We shall briefly to be quenched by whisky,—these examine their part, mainly pro- are other Celtic qualities. “Call phetic, before criticising the con- not their taste for intoxication a quering legions who now march gross indulgence; never under Mr William Sharp, Miss more sober people”! The Celt, Fiona Macleod (who may be being ideal, must get drunk: it aptly likened to the inspired is part of the pleasant unconscious Miriam), Professor Geddes, and poetry of his nature, as Harold other leaders, through the Pro- Skimpole says; whereas your beery mised Land of New Celtic Litera- Teuton—German, Scotch, or Engture.

lish-is a mere sensual lout. Monsieur Renan was the original Bretons sought in hydromel what conductor of the march. After St Brandan and Peredur pursued Macpherson's Ossian' took its in their own manner, the vision present lowly place in critical of the world invisible.” We opinion, after Scott's Highlanders “drink for drinkee," they "drink

made their final charge

for drunkee,” as the negro said.

In this comparative psychology “ And cast the useless targe aside, And with both hands the claymore

of liquor we may, perhaps, detect plied”

a slight national bias. The Cel

tic genius, on the whole, is "neither Celtic studies were mainly left to glad nor sad”-ni triste, ni gaie. Celtic scholars in Ireland, Eng. There is in the Celt no Teutonic land, France, Germany, and Wales. enivrement de carnage, as in the But Monsieur Renan, a Breton and Norse or German sagas, or the a scholar, was also a vulgarisateur, works of Mr Haggard, — which a populariser of many things. In opinion of M. Renan's we conceive his Essais de Morale et de Crit- to be incorrect. The Celtic blood ique' (1859) he republished (the is responsible for Jeanne d'Arc piece has recently been translated (of whose Celtic origin nothing by Mr Hutchison) bis “La Poésie can even be conjectured). " Withdes Races Celtiques," also a study out knowing it, she was more Celof “The Poetry of the Exhibi- tic than Christian.” This is a very tion." In the latter work he fair specimen of Neo-Celtic asblamed those who "limit their sumption. It is based sympathies to forms of the past”; Fairies of Domremy: now fairies in the former he dwelt on the are not specially Celtic, and Poetic Past of the Celts. They Jeanne professed her entire dis


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