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And I always considered vegetables, if we other half-hour or more reading quietly to except green corn, green peas, and aspara- one's self, and at nine-thirty lights out, finishgus, as a sort of necessary evil to be endured ing a busy day. in moderation for the good of the system. Providing amusement for yourself from Of course there is as great a variety from within yourself is much more satisfying than day to day as the out-in-the-world markets amusement sold to you on the basis of two will furnish. If you have followed me thus dollars for an orchestra chair. far, I am going to tell you, in all honesty, So the days go on. In another month the that a dinner of vegetables is good, mighty enforced vacation will be over. good.

The heavy walking-stick, a very necessary From four-thirty till seven is fly-fishing time. aid up to ten weeks ago, has been thrown Usually our canoe and two boats are all in aside, and now I can follow any pace the boys use in different parts of the lake or drifting want to set through the woods, and can along within calling distance, and at supper jump the bad holes in the "corduroy" or time there is animated conversation about the clear mud-holes at a jump as well as they. “ big one” that rose alongside the canoe, The great outdoors ; hard work mixed and the "old sockdolager" that was just with real fun; one, sometimes two, dips in hooked lightly through the lip and got away the lake a day-each has done its work. It before he could be brought to net.

was a wise doctor who prescribed it, and After supper there is reading aloud from would prescribe nothing else. some of the books brought into camp until the Don't be foolish, as I was, and wait till boys' bedtime at eight-thirty—before this year you are forced to take a vacation. It is apt I have thought reading aloud or being read to be a long one. Make a regular vacation to was an unmitigated nuisance—then an- a part of your year's business.






CLOUD hung over the earth. A going at it hard, nurse. On with your masks, fierce onslaught had been repulsed. boys—the clouds—look, they are going to

We were all dazed, and worked as give us the gas. Well, let them try !" people in a trance trying to get together the Suddenly he Aung his arms around my neck men and nurses of our unit, so as to send as and whispered, “Mother, water, please." I many of the wounded as we could to shelter ; gave him a little, and he smiled and quieted. and the dead—they lay where they had fallen. " Nurse, you don't mind, do you? You

I bent over the body of a little Scotchman, see "-he grew wistful—“I like to think a brave, sturdy young fellow. His curly hair

at home-and mother-you'll tell was stained with blood, the deep-blue eyes her ?" were fiery. He was talking fast, though the “Cheer up, my laddie,” I said. “You'll failing strength made his voice very low, and be well before long. To-night you are going I had difficulty in hearing what he said. His to the ambulance, and in a week or so you'll exhausted mind could find no rest. Each be home.” incident of the battle was being lived over. He scarcely listened. The faint ficker of

* Boys, it looks like business." He got a smile passed over his face. excited. “D-n them! This place is like a What's that light over there ?" he cried. plowed field ; there is hardly a place to “It's a French fuse éclairante ; and that stand. My ears! why are they buzzing so? light there—it gets bigger and bigger and Oh, yes, I know; the big shells. They are


I could not see it. I The author of this sketch of actual life and death is a “It's lonely, you know, nurse ; and the young American volunteer who has been working for the wounded and dying in a French military hospital.

music and the flowers and the birds."




Then I knew what he meant. The delirium had set in.

A cool wind was sweeping away the clouds on the horizon and the golden streaks were fast fading into silver. The moon and stars came out, and night hid the horrors of the day. Suddenly, out of the night, came the voice of the little soldier:

“ Your hand, nurse ; it will help me take the stride."

His eyes glowed and he held me fast. " I died that they might live again.” And then, as if transported, “Yes, I am going to live.'* And, raising himself with a strength I had thought long since gone, he cried in a clear, strong voice, "Long live England 1"

The living heard, and it justified the smiles on the faces of the dead. He fell back into my arms and I laid him on the ground that he had conquered.


CRIMINAL LAW: A SUGGESTED CHANGE account of the use and origin of the song, I have read with great interest the article on

John Brown's Body Lies Mouldering in the page 942 of The Outlook of August 23 on the Grave.' The John Brown named in the song subject “ Abolish Modern Torture."

was not the John Brown of Harper's Ferry It is certainly scandalous that the police

fame, but a John Brown in a regiment of Boston should be allowed to interrogate in private a

Light Infantry, stationed at Fort Warren person whom they suspect of crime, and the (South Boston, Massachusetts), at the beginning sooner it is done away with the better for the

of the Civil War. James E. Greenleaf (my innocent and the guilty and for society at large.

father) was captain of one of the companies, There is, however, one other improvement

and John Brown was a member of it. which ought to go hand in hand with this re

“On the night the song originated the men form, and that is the abolishment of the absurd were trying to pass a cheerful evening before the rule which allows a prisoner on his trial to re

company was to start next day for active service fuse to go on the stand to testify, and prevents

in the South. One of their number, as they the prosecuting attorney from using that refusal

were joking John Brown, said, “ John Brown's in summing up the case to the jury. When a

body lies moldering in the grave,' then other man is implicated by circumstantial evidence,

men added inore lines, and at last some one it is his duty to go on the stand and explain

said, 'Greenleaf, you give us a tune to sing it those circumstances, and, from an ordinary,

by.' Father said he thought of the old Methodist common-sense point of view, if he refuses to

tune which seemed to fit the words, so they all explain incriminating circumstances, everybody

sang it, marching around their tents. understands that it is because he cannot explain

"P. T. Gilmore, the famous bandmaster, was them and it is a sign of guilt. That is the

at Fort Warren that night and heard it. He rule on which every one goes in ordinary life,

was jubilant over the swing of it all, father said; and it is the rule which prevails in the courts

and he came to him and said, ' Captain Greenleaf, in the trial of civil cases. As it is now, a man

I must have that to play going up State Street accused of crime can remain silent in the face

(Boston) to-morrow morning; can you give it of the most incriminating circumstances, and

to me?' And then, though it was after eleven unless there is direct evidence of his guilt, the

o'clock, he sat down on an old box and by the jury can very properly acquit him.

light of a candle wrote entirely from memory ALBERT H. ATTERBURY,

the score for the band, and gave it to Mr. New York City.

Attorney at Law.

Gilmore by midnight.

“As they marched up State Street that next

morning the air was first publicly played as a THE ORIGIN OF " JOHN BROWN'S BODY"

war song, and that old Methodist tune has stirred The following is a copy of part of a letter from men's souls to marching on 'ever since. My Miss Mary W. Greenleaf, of 36 Oak Street, father never claimed authorship of the tune, Belmont, Massachusetts, dated August 4, 1913, and was always much annoyed at the articles to Miss Alice A. Gray, of Languoit, New York. appearing from time to time in connection Miss Greenleaf is a daughter of James E. . with the famous song, and almost always incorGreenleaf, who was a son of the Rev. Patrick rectly reported. Several times he tried to give Henry Greenleaf, an Episcopalian clergyman of the press the correct story, but the idea that Charlestown, Massachusetts:

the great John Brown was the John Brown of “You are right in supposing that the James the song was so firmly fixed in the public mind Greenleaf mentioned in the newspaper article that it was hard to contradict it." was my father, and I will give you a faithful

“ (Signed) MARY W. GREENLEAF."

An advertisement of an aviation school says, sands of people, it says, are finding out that A short course will fit you to fly any type of meat is not essential as an article of diet, and machine. Pupil fies the first lesson.” The that one may maintain health, strength, and aeroplane, at this rate, may yet overtake the vigor without meat far better than with it. The automobile in popularity as a pleasure vehicle. majority, however, it may be observed, are not Another indication of the future of the flying- invalids, and are not troubled about maintaining machine is seen in the erection of a huge build- health, strength, and vigor—they have these; ing in Brooklyn, New York, for the manufacture but they are vitally interested in having “a good of gyroscopes and other adjuncts to the aero- table"--and vegetarianism certainly does not plane; it is said that it will employ two thousand help in this respect. workers.

An article called " Putting Punch in Salesman“Our present idea of beautiful hands in ship” in the “Automobile Trade Journal” women differs from that of the M ddle Ages," discriminates carefully between "noise" and says a writer in “ Good Health.” The old “punch.” “Don't get the idea that noise bas idea was that portrayed in sacred pictures of anything to do with punch," it says. “We all the old masters-long, slim hands with delicate have met salesmen who seemed to think that, tapering fingers that suggest sainthood.” The the louder they talked, the deeper the impresfirm, muscular hand that is the ideal at present,

sion they would make. Noise may represent a according to this writer, has been developed certain kind of force, but it is not the kind that through the use of golf clubs, tennis racquets, will get by with a buyer." canoe paddles, etc.

"Signs were put up in hotel rooms notifying Notwithstanding Great Britain's absorption guests that no one could sleep more than eight in the war, she is building more merchant ships hours without being charged another dollar for than a year ago. Among the 432 steam vessels his couch.” This three-shift rule for sleepers on the ways at present in British shipyards is said to have been adopted in Nederland, there are some large liners. Two vessels of be- Colorado, during the recent boom in the tungtween 30,000 and 40,000 tons burden are under sten industry. Tungsten is found in but few construction, and more than a score of over places in this country, and Nederland is one of 10,000 tons. The Mauretania, it will be remem- them. The boom has quieted down now, but bered, is of 32,000 tonnage, while the New York, for a time the memories of '49 were revived in of the American Line, has a tonnage of about the experiences of this district. 10,000.

The Los Angeles “Examiner " has a home As an example of made-to-order “funny" that is probably unique architecturally. It is stuff, with a certain edge of wit, this extract built on the lines of the Spanish architecture of from the “Chaparral ” has its appeal: “ Downan the early days of southern California, but the Out.-Jo Cose: 'Is Mr. Downan in?' Ima material is steel and reinforced concrete. ExStenog: 'No, he went out to lunch.' Jo Cose: cepting a central tower, the building is only two "Will he be in after lunch ?' Ima Stenog: stories high, thus presenting a radical departure 'No, that's what he went out after.'

from the “sky-scraper” style of newspaper Sometimes there are profits in the insurance

building business, even when run by a Government. Who owns Spitzbergen ? Nobody, accord. Since the United States Bureau of War Risk ing to “Shipping Illustrated.” “ The conditions Insurance was started, two years ago, it has at Spitzbergen are unique," it says, “in that this received $2,950,377 in premiums and suffered is probably the only inhabited and promising net losses of only $712,518, leaving a balance of part of the world that is under the sovereignty $2,237,859 on the right side of the ledger. of no country, has no government of any kind, “Waste Land Boy Contest.” The heading

and no police force, courts, laws, or regulainvites further reading: " The idea of the con

tions." There are valuable coal deposits on the test is for a farmer to look over his land, pick principal island, all above sea-level, and after out the bad spots, turn over one acre of it to his

the war is over no doubt a government will be son and let him improve it. Money prizes of organized to care for the four hundred persons $100 are offered in each of six sections of the

who are engaged in developing these mines. United States. For entry blanks and further The future historian of New York City may information about the contest write to E. I.. find space for this side-light on the infant Du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, paralysis epidemic of 1916. It is in the form Delaware.”

of an advertisement in a daily paper: A vegetarian magazine starts an article on

WANTED--In order to save lives and limbs of chil

dren, a small amount of blood from any child or adult who “ The High Price of Meat " with the discon- has had infant paralysis. It can be taken by a needle certing remark, “It is encouraging to see the puncture. Expenses of volunteers will paid and those

in need will be recompensed. Apply any day... to the price of meat continually going higher.” Thou- New York State Board of Health at, etc., etc.

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