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discrace. There are upwards of 20,000 monks, of the diet towards the first constitutional king of their whom he is nearly the absolute chief.


London poper. Several monks are stated to have joined the arm

PRUSSIA. ed bands on the Sierra Morena.

Considerable commotions have been excited It is said that don Pedro Cevallos will, for the among the Catholics of Westphalia by the suppres. sixth or seventh time, be recalled to the ministry for sion of the Catholic university at Paderborn, and foreign affairs.

other schools, under the authority of the present Some disturbances have taken place at Valencia. sovereign, the king of Prussia. But the royal authority prevailed, and several per.

DENMARK. sons were arrested and executed. They died with A loan has been negociated at Hamburg for heroic fortitude.

Denmark—the terms are said to be unfavorable. It was said in London that the ambassadors of all

SWEDEX. the European powers at the court of Madrid, have The widow of marshal Moreau has presented to represented to the king of Spain, the horror every the king of Sweden the sword of her late husband, where inspired by that court's declaration of putting the account about the cession of St. Bartholo. to death all foreigners who might be taken in arms mew's, is contradicted. aiding the insurgents.

Christiana, Jun. 6-We learn from Gottenburg, Madrid is said to be tranquil, but Spain is filled that there were never so many whales seen on the with hordes of banditti.

coast, as at this moinent. Their appearance is atPaeras Guerrillas has beaten the Royalists on tributed to a revolution of the polar ices. three different points. Cedeno had dislodged the

RUSSIA. Spaniards from Torralva, where they had 400 men. In the year 1817 the number of births at St. Pe

Ferdinand is trying very hard to borrow three tersburgh were 8303; deaths 9256. Among the millions of dollars, to fit out the expedition which deaths were 112 drowned, 16 suicides, and 192 is pisared to sail for America. He offers 8 per of the small por. In the course of last year no less cent. but probably, would not get the money for than 6,793,050 pens or quills were exported from 50.

St. Petersbergh; being thrice as many as in 1817. BONAPARTE.

TURKEY. It appears that the allies have permitted M. Smyrva. Nor. 20.--A water spout which broke at Beauregard, formerly physician to Napoleon, to be | Tscherclune, in this neighborhood, has done im. his medical attendant at St. Helena, for which pur- mense damage. Tlouses were thrown down, trees pose he was soon to leave England.

Trooted up, 13 men and 50 cattle washed into the sea, NETIERLANDS.

the gardens and fields were laid waste, and the pro. The government of the Netherlands is erecting a mise of the vineyards wholly destroyed. The laa number of frontier fortresses.

Images is reckoned at 3000 purses.

An association has been formed at Treves, for the The papers relative to the negociations which took
establishment of a settlement in the United States. place at Aix la Chapelle, relative to the slave trade,
Great numbers are ready to embark.

have been laid before the the British parliament. It Kotzebue has lost his reputation in Germany, for appears, that the allied sovereigns agreed to write a having performed the dirty office of a spy, hired by joint letter to the king of Portugal pressing him to Russia, to watch his own countrymen. The fact has discontinue it-Spain, by treaty, is to stop it in May been proved, and he seems to be as universally exe- 1820. Lord Castlereagh proposed, that this trade crated-as he ought to be.

should be considered as a crime gainst the laws of The late queen of Wurtemberg has bequeathed nations-The proposal lies over for negociation, with to the king, her husband, a million of roubles and a probability of its being to agreed to. two services of plate, one of wh ch is gold, and still

EAST INDIES. continues in the cliests in which it was transported During the late sickly season, 220,000 persons from Petersburgh. She has also granted to him died of the cholera morbus, in the provinces dependthe use of two millions of roubles, which she has be-lent on Bengal. queathed to her daughters, until they come of age.

THE ARCHBISHOP OF JERUSALEM. The diet of Bavaria was solemnly opened on the The Syrian archbishop of Jerusalem, Gregorio 4th Feb, by the king in person who delivered on the Pieto Gireve, has lately arrived in this country says occasion an address, full of patrioticand liberal senti- a London paper) and taken up his residence in ments, as honorable to his own character as they Frith-street, Sohó. He is in the dress of the Apos. must be gratifying to the people under bis sway. Itle St. James, with the blue turban, a loose robe, &c. “You will see in all my governinent (he says) a per- His long beard, and venerable and apostolic appearsevering tendency towards the common good; you ance, attract great notice, and excite much curiosity. will recognize in it this constant and irrevocable We learn, that the archbishop's object in visiting principle-to grant to agriculture, to the arts, to England is to solicit assistance and obtain some of the commerce, to conscience, and to opinions, every machinery, to establish a printing press at Mount Lefreedom of action and developement, compatible banon, for the purpose of preparing, and there diswith the rights of individuals, and with the perma- tributing, córrect cditions of the sacred Scriptures in nent object of all society. You will find the coun- the Syriac language. Although Mount Lebanon is untry, (lie aulds) laboring under burdens, caused by der the doininion of a Christian prince, nearly all the those extraordinary efforts which imperious circum. rest of Syria's governed by, and composed of 'urks. stances rendered necessary; but you will be consoled Not a few of these have lately become Christians, for by finding that these burdens are diminishing every the fanatic fury of their faith seems to be every day vear; and I hope, that by our united. efforts we 'abating. To gain many, very mant, from Mahome. shall, ere long, sueceed in re-establishing the equili- tanism orcr to Christianity, little more seems want. brium of our finances.” The queen and the whole ing than to distribute copies of the bible amongst court were present at this august ceremony, and the Syrian Turks, in their own language; but to prenothing could exceed the in: nifcstations of devo- pare such workslias been found herctofore generaltion and attachment exhibited by the members of ly impracticable. The editions of the bible printed

in this country, for most parts of the east, have, from ousiy insulted Mr. Sherwood, esq. one of the memtheir total inaccuracy, been utterly useless. We be. bers of this house, making use of the expressions lieve, we may venture to say, without any offence to following, respecting him, “clear, clear the gallethe learned, that none but a native ought to attempt ries, we will admit the people again when that fel. to be the corrector of a Syriac press. A single mis- low speaks:" that the said J. L. Borgia also applied take in the placing of a point, may make the same to the same member the words “Toad,” and a moword convey a meaning the most ludicrous, for what ment afterwards be said “there is no need of simplethe author intended to be of a precisely opposite tons here;" that the said J. L. Borgia looking at the character. As the archbishop undertakes to be him said Mr. Sherwood, made threatening grimaces at self the corrector of the press about to be establish- him, and then crossed the floor, shewing the said ed; and as the learned prelate has travelled far, re- Samuel Sherwood his fist, and went and sat down lying on the liberality and Christian feeling of Eng- beside him; that the said S. Sherwood, calling on the land, we sincerely trust, that the stranger's recep-house to protect him, withdrew from his place and tion here may be such as his sacred mission and cha- took his seat on another bench; that the said J. L. racter eminently deserve. in

Borgia followed him thither with theatening gestures; OWYHEE. HAWAII!

that the said S. Sherwood again withdrew and crosA piratical ship, of 20 guns, taken by the crew sed the floor, and that the said J. L. Borgia again from the officers, putinto Owyhee, in August last. followed him. The king took her into cus:ody. A patriot vessel of It was moved that Joseph L. Borgia hath, by his 34 gins had arrived and claimed her, and obtained conduct this evening, been guilty of a contempt of possession of the ship and pirates.

this house and a breach of the privileges thereof, This flourishing island is frequented by many trade and resolved accordingly, ing vessels, for supplies of provisions and cargoes of Ordered, That the said Joseph L. Borgia, esq. be, sandal wood, &c.

for the same offence, taken into the custody of the AFRICA.

sergeant at arms attending this house, or one of his Accounts from Sierra Leone inform that the slavele

m that the slave deputies, and that the speaker do issue his warrant trade was prosperous on the coast.

accordingly. A French traveller now in Egypt has discovered, at a distance of about nine hours journey from the

MEXICO. Red Sea, an ancient city built in the mountains, be

This country is becoming tranquil. The rich tween the 24th and 25th degree of latitude. There mines are working with more vigor than ever. A are still 800 houses in existence. Among the ruins few armed bands were still in mountains, but the are found temples, dedicated to various divinities. I roads were generally safe. There are eleven statues, and various ruins of others

BRAZIL. -He has also discovered the ancient stations that The Portuguese at St. Salvador regard all Amewere appointed on the route through the desert, ricans with much distrust, on account of the priva. going from the Red Sea to the valley of the Nile. teers said to be fitted out in our ports under the These stations are at regular distances of nine hours lag of Artigas. between each. This route is undoubtedly one of The following is related by a person who said those traversed by the commerce of India-a com- he was an eye witness to the transaction at Rio Jamerce which was so flourishing at the time of La- neiro.--His majesty, the reigning king of Portugal grides, and under the first emperors. The situation and Brazil, it appears, was induced to visit the Poris now ascertained of the Emerald mine, of which tuguese admiral's ship, a 74, then anchored in the no certain knowledge was had for several ages. habour, which is al ind of natural basin, never scarce.

A young French traveller, nephew of count Mol. ly ruffled by the winds. His Portuguese majesty, lien, ex-minister, has succeeded in reaching Tom who has a remarkable dread of drowning, got alarmbuctoo, by way of Scncgal. His family has just re-ed on his return in the admiral's large pinnace to ceived a letter from him, in which he announces his the shore. As soon as the royal cartege landed on safe arrival in that celebrated town, hitherto un- the quay, his majesty grew outrageous, and seizing known to Europeans, and which the unfortunate a cane, belabored the admiral over the head and Mungo Park twice vainly attempted to reach.. shoulders until the blood ran. This outrage occur

We are happy to learn that Belzoni, the celebrat. red in the presence of several thousand spectators, ed trarcller in Africa, is not dead, as has been re- and ended in the admiral's being conducted to pri. ported. His discoveries, together with the re- son. searches of lord Belmore and others, we expect will

SOUTH AMERICA. make valuable additions to our little stock of know- Lord Cochrane, and his family, in a vessel of 600 ledge of the interior of Africa.

tons, has arrived at Valparaiso. All the vessels in THE PLAGUE.

port saluted him, and he was received by the civil At our last accounts, from 4 to 600 persons died and military authorities with distinguished marks of daily at Tunis!--whole number of deaths in the respect. month of November, as official returned, 12,117.- Three Spanish frigates, six gun brigs, and five This terrible disease had also broken out a-fresh at transports, with 1200 royal troops on board, for Algiers.

Lima, and an immense quantity of good., had been CAXADA.

captured by the patriots-so ending the expedition Among the articles transmitted to Montreal, down to the Pacific. the St. Lawrence, for the year 1818, were about The Buenos Ayrean, or Artigas privateer, now 55,000 barrels of four, 17,500 do. ashes and 1,700 called the Fortuna, late the Fourth of July, recently do. of pork.

captured a large Portuguese ship, and the neat day, Legislative contempt! In the house of representa- after a smart action, took a Portuguese man of war tive, March 9-Philip Panet, esq. a member of this brig of 20 guns, killing 10 and wounding 20 of her house, rose in his place, and informed the house that crew. The guns, &c. of the brig were thrown Joseph Levasseur Borgia, esq.one of the members overboard, and she was given up to the prisoners representing the county of Cornwallis, hath grier. made in the two captures:


1 Mr. Adams' letter in reply to the Spanish notes Bank of the U.S. Proposals are published at Phi- respecting Jackson's campaign in the Floridas, has ladelphia for furnishing materials to erect a bank- been published entire in many English papers, to ing house in that city.

the great satisfaction of most, if not all of the AmeLieut. James B. Taylor, of the United States navy, ricans in that country. was drowned by the upsetting of a vessel in which Boundaries with Spain, It is stated by the Nash. he was passing from Amelia Island to St. Mary's. ville Clarion, that “about two hundred families of as

Montezuma bridge, between the village of that brave Americans as the United States can produce," name and the town of Mentz, in the state of are settled west of Red River on the land given up New York, over the Seneca river and marshes, ex- to Spain by the late treaty. We are sorry to hear tends about three miles! It is said to be the longest this. bridge in the world. This is the third bridge over The Floridas. An opinion held by many that the the waters of the Cayuga lake and Seneca river, in Floridas alone, are capable of furnishing a supply of the space of seven miles, and remarkably shews sugar and coffee equal to the whole consumption of the progress of improvement in this part of our the United States, is repeated in the Washington country.

City Gazette, on the authority of a gentleman wel Dayton bridge. A bridge has been built over the acquainted with the soil and climate of the country. Miami, at Dayton, Ohio-which is described as a These may become articles of export in less than 20 very fine structure. It consists of two arches of years. Witness, what has been done in cotton. timber, each 100 feet long, resting upon two stone Mr. Spencer, of N. Y. has been highly complimentabutments and one stone pier in the middle of the ed by an address from a large meeting of his late river- the latter was sunk 12 feet below low water constituents, for his faithful services in congress; and mark. The whole length of the bridge is 250 feet, his zeal and industry deserve it. ' and 26 feet wide-weather boarded and roofed. 1 Execution. The Alabama Republican of the 8th

The Carthage bridge, over the Gennessee river, ult. says-On Friday the fifth instant, was executed N. Y. is of one entire arch, 713 feet long, 30 wide, near this place a negro man, who, a short time since and 196 feet above the surface of the water! Loaded attempted to kill his overseer by shooting at him. teams of more than 13 tons, have passed over it. By the laws of this territory, an attempt to commit «The bridge contains 69,513 feet of timber, running any capital crime, subjects a slave to the punishment measure, besides 64,620 feet of board measure, in of death!! addition to 20,806 feet of timber contained in the Mr. Gallatin, it is said will remain another year in false bridge or supporter. All this has been effect. France. ed by the labor of somewhat less (upon an average) China and India trade. Within one week, three than twenty two workmen, within the short space vessels arrived at New York, two at Boston and one of nine months.”

at Baltimore, from China and India, with cargoes ese Literature. By a report of the comptroller of timated to be worth three million of dollars! Here New York, it appears that the grants made by that is the drain of the precious metals. state for literary and charitable purposes, in the Specie. We notice the arrival of several lots of whole amounts to the sum of $1,602,472 16–of specie--enough, perhaps, in two months past, to fit which two thirds had centered in the city of New-out a couple of Indiamen! York. The above is exclusive of the funds set Baltimore- 93,597 bbls. wheat flour and 5,268 apart for common schools, &c.

half do, and 10,758 casks of domestic liquors, were * From the N. Y. Daily Advertiser. A case touch. among the articles inspected in Baltimore during ing the validity of our state insolvent laws was this the quarter ending on the 31st ult. day tried before Mr Justice Herring in the marine Mr. Breckenridge, late secretary to the commis. court. It was an action brought on a judgment ob- sioners, is about to publish a new work entitled, “A tained previous to a discharge under the 9th section voyage to South America.” We have no doubt of the insolvent law of 1813. The counsel for the but this will be the most interesting publication that plantiffs, I understand, said that the statute was void, has ever appeared about this quarter of the world, except so far as it discharged the person of the debt. Mr. B's collection of authentic books and papers is or. It appeared in evidence that the plantiff's had very extensive, and his knowledge of the Spanish signed off for the defendant under the act, and that language, in addition to his other good qualities for the defendant had obtained his discharge in the a work of this kind, will enable him to make the best usual way. After hearing counsel on both sides, use of them. the court held the discharge good, and gave judg- Internal improvements. The late general assembly ment for the defendant.

of Virginia, have given honorable proofs of their li. Mahometanism. It is stated, says a London paper, berality and public spirit which entitle them to the on the authority of letters from a missionary at Mal- (thanks of their constituents They have establishta, that nine men, belonging to the different British ed an university-they have loaned to the Dismal vessels lying at Smyrna, had publicly denied Jesus Swamp canal company 950,000-to the Swift Run Christ the Saviour of the world, and had embraced Gap turnpike company, 940,000--They have sub. Mahometanism !!!' This practice among the Eng- scribed 850,000 to the Richmond Dock-they have lish sailors, the same letter adds, was becoming appropriated $23,000 to the finishing of the publie quite customary at Smyrna. we

square and capitol- besides contributing to several Virginia. The corporation of the new Virginia turnpikes. They have taken some necessary preuniversity are-Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, liminary steps towards the western navigation:Chapman Johnson, Josepk C. Cabell, Robert B. Tay. road from the Appamattox to the Roanokerin Lor, James Breckenridge, and John H. Cocke. fact, (says the Enquirer) it is impossible to calcula-e

Alabama. A western paper states that the tract of the patience with which they have encountered the land granted by congress for the support of a col.labor of revising the laws, or the public works which lege in Alabama territory, designated by the secre- they have assisted, without a deep sentiment of gra. tary of the treasury, contains 20,000 acres, adjoin- titude and respect.” ing the Tennessee river, and is moderately calculat- Coasting trade on lake Ontario.-The Sackett's ed as being worth half a million of dollars,

Harbor Gazette of March 16, has given a list of the vessels (exclusive of open boats) employed in the ble that 900 or 1000 men will be stationed at the coasting trade on the American side of lake Ontario. upper posts on the Missouri; a large steam boat has The editor is indebted to Mr. E. Ford, for this in- been launched to supply them with stores, &c. and teresting view, which we find, in the aggregate to be a small steam boat, called the "Western Engineers as follows:

built by the United States, to draw only nineteen in.

stons. ches water with all her machinery, &c. on board, is Owned at Sacket's Harbor 19 vessels making, 1198/ready at Pittsburg, if not already left that city, to Henderson

57 take out maj. Long and an exploring party, conSalmon river

sisting of several learned gentlemen, whose busiOgdensburg

ness it is to collect authentic information of all Oswego

720 things relating to the great river Missouri and the Sodus

147 parts adjacent. Pultneyville

75| At St. Peters, also, on the Mississippi, a strong Gennesee river

152 post is to be established during the present spring. Niagara

25 The 6th reg. U. S. infantry, is now on its march

from Plattsburg, under the command of col. AtkinTotal

2621 son, for St. Louis-with a supposed destination for New Hampshire election. Gov. Plumer having de- the Yellow Stone river. clined a re-election, Mr. Bell, (rep.) has been cho- John Randolph, esq. is a candidate for congress,from, sen governor of New Hampshire, by a great majo- Virginia. So far as the returns are received there. rity. The senate is almost unanimously republican was but little opposition to him. and there is a large republican majority in the lower Our Mediterranean squadron--the Franklin 74. house. Messrs. Butler, Upham, Claggett, Buffum, United States and Guerriere, frigates, Erie, sloop, Livermore and Plumer, jr. all republicans, are elect- and Spark, brig, were at Messina on the 6th Jan. ed to the 16th congress.

. ult. all well. The United States was soon expected Massachusetts election. Mr. Brooks is re-elected to sail for home. governor by a diminished majority, and there will! The Ontario. The American ship Beaver, ille, be a reduced federal majority in each branch of the gally seized by the Spaniards, in Peru, has been relegislature. The election in this great state, which stored through the interference of capt. Biddle. It used to excite so much interest throughout the is believed that this meritorious officer has saved United States, is now as of no political importance at or caused to be restored, American property to the all, except to the people of the state. Such is the amount of $400,000 during his cruise." fruit of the Hartfort convention.

The legislature of New York has adjourned. The Connecticut election. Mr. Wolcot is re-elected go-following notices of two very interesting acts pass.. vernor, by a large majority, There was no settled ed is copied from the Albany Argus: federal opposition to him. The chief contest was “The canal bill authorises the completion of the about the senate the following is a recapitulation western section of the Erie canal, from Seneca to Bufof the votes:

falo, and the nothern canal from Fort Edward to the

Fed. tide waters of the Hudson. $600,000, in addition Hartford


3,445 to the loans and revenue hitherto authorised, are aniNew Haven , 2,694

2,370 nually allowed to be borrowed for this purpose. Windham


The three acting commissioners are allowed an an-


2,476 nual salary of $2,500. The commissioners are reNew London


quired to make an annual expose of all their doings Pairfield

2,595 1,404 and expenses. Middlesex 1,496


The bill for the promotion of agriculture approTolland 1,028 1,120 priates 810,000, for two years, to be divided among

the different counties, according to their population, 17,073 15,539 to be awarded in premiumsin agriculture and domes15,539

tic manufactures. No county to receive its quota

unless it has an agricultural society organised, and 1,534 repub, majority. raises an equal sum by subscription. The state soFour of the 5 towns from which no returns have ciety to be composed of the president, or a delegate been received are republican. The whole number of from each county society, who is required to be a votes will exceed thirty three thousand, about six practical farmer. This society to meet at the capitol thousand more than ever before given.

in this city, the first Monday after the meeting of the The republicans have a majority of about 35 in the legislature, and to receive no compensation for their house of representatives.

services. $1500 are also appropriated for the pub. The steam ship Savannah," has arrived at that ci-lication of agricultural treatises, and $1000 annually ty in seven days from New York, after a very bois. for the purchase and distribution of seeds. terous passage. She is intended for a packet be. A bill has also passed for constructing a harbour at tween Savannah and Liverpool. In her passage Buffalo. from New York, she was several times compelled to We are very glad to find that the people are take in her wheels and rely upon her sails—which now united in sentiment as to completing the great was done with all the promptiiude and safety anti-canais, and that the prospect of speedily accomplish. cipated. No doubt appears to be entertained of hering these magnificent works is truly encouraging. sticcessful accomplishment of the purposes for which the numerous difficulties that presented them. she is intended. ;

selves, are rapidly retiring, and every thing belongGen. Gaines and suite, arrived at Savannah the ing to these giant purposes looks well. 5th inst. from Amelia. He was very handsomely re- Brokers. The legislature of Maryland, at the late vived by the civil authorities and the company of session, imposed a tax of 500 dollars per annum, light artillery, &c.

upon every person exercising the employment of a The Yellow Stone expedition is to be of the most re- broker, in buying and selling bank notes and lottery sfeetable and imposing character. It seems proba- tickets.

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Judge Johnson remains on the bench of the su- tioned affidavits (agreeably to the form published preme court-he declines the appointment of col- by the hon, the secretary of war, under date of 23d lector of the revenue for the port of Charleston. inst.) will be required to accompany the applica.

AGRICULTURAL. Messrs. H. and E. Hosford of Al. tions for all pensions to which they apply, falling bany, are about to publish, an history of the rise, due on the 4th day of September next. progress and existing state of the Berkshire agricul

RICHARD CUTTS, Second comptroller. tural suciety, in the state of Massachusetts, with prac- English seeds. I. Cobbett has just imported in tical directions for societies for ning on the same mo- to New York, for sale, no less than one hundred and del. Also, proceedings of societies in New York who fifty-four barrels of field and gardens seeds. What an have adopted that system. By Elkanuh Watson, extensive benefit to the country must this prove, if late president of said society.

the seeds are selected with the same judgment This will, doubtless, be a very interesting little and care that we are warranted in believing is the work. The profits of the publication are to be ap- case, from former importations by the same person? plied to the Berkshire premum fund.

N. Y. Eve. Pest. This society, it will be recollected, must be con- Shad.-\he day before yesterday two fine shad sidered as the parent of all the associations which at were taken in North river opposite this city-and present so happily abound, and Mr. Watson was as this morning seven more were caught which sold the father of it.

in our market for three dollars each.

ib. · Vice president Tompkins. A long report has been Died-On the 15th of March, WONDER, a negro made to the legislature of New York, (through the m n, belonging to George Booker, of Prince Ed. comptroller) by the commissioner appoinied to set- ward county. From an old register found in the tle with Mr. Tompkins, as late gvernor of that family, it appears that he was born in April, 1693; state. The Albany Argus very properly observes and the cause of his being named Wonder, was that - It is difficult to give an analysis to the report.- his mother was in her 581h year when he was born. The commissioners did not conceive that they had He was strictly honest, had great strength of body, the power or time to make a settlement within the and a mind far superior to people of his color gene. period allowed in the resolution by which they rally, which he retained in a surprising degree. were appointed. The report reflects credit upon He labored without compulsion, and it is not more the gentlemen who made it. It bestows merited than eight or ten years ago since he was a coneulogium upon the late governor's services during stant laborer in the garden of his master, without the war, and, in our mind, exculpates the excellent being required, he was a constant attendant on reliand worthy officer who is the subject of it, from the gious worship; and it is believed he exchanged a suspicion and blame with which envy and ignorance long life of servitude for one of everlasting bliss, have attempted to slur the brilliancy and usefulness

Richmond Compiler. of his official acts.'!.

SCICINES. Mail Robbers. The three persons who robbed A London paper publishes the following to shew the mail in New Jersey some time ago, have been that people kill themselves as frequently in other convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment countries as they do in England:

-it was not proved that they had perpetrated the “A very general notion is entertained, that more robbery by putting the life of the driver in "jeopar- suicides are committed in England than in other dy." The jury, when they retired went to prayers, countries; and day after day the newspapers are fillthat they might be enlightened to decide justly.--, ed with communications, in which this is always as. When the criminals learnt that they were acquitted sumed as an undoubted fact. The late publication of of a design to kill, they embraced one another, em- Mr. Kamptz, of Berlin, founded on official returns braced their counsel, and even the attorney general. proves that, in the towns of Prussia, the suicides · Mauric, one of those robbers, has published a ve- are inore numerous than they are in England. For ry interesting statement of the transaction. “His instance: poverty, but not his will consented”--he once re.

- Popula. Suicides tired from the business, and appears to have been

tion. in 1817. very miserable after he participated in it.


160,584 57 The mails between Wilkesbarre and Easton, | Potsdam, not including the mi. Penn. to Philadelphia, have been several times pil. litary,

15,426 77 fered, or robbed. The offender is believed to be Frankfort on the Oder

12,500 caught.


63,020 The western waters. Since the year 1812, forty Legnitz

10000 steam boats have been built upon the western wa. Reichanbach

3,500 ters-7 have been wrecked, burnt or abandoned, 33 Magsleburgh

27,869 50 are plying from place to place, and 28 more áre Mersburg

6,000 30 building.


15,050 24 Treasury department, second comptroller's office, We do not believe that in any one town of the

March 25th, 1819. British dominions, the capital not excepted, the sui. Whereas, by the act entitled “An act regulating cides amount to one tenth of the rate of Reichenthe payments to invalid pensioners,” passed the 3d bach, which is no less than 1 to 62.” of the present month, an affidavit of two surgeons TRE “BELT Saw." The editor of the “Ameri. for physicians, as to the continuance and rate of alis. can Farmer," J. 8. Skinner, esq. has favored us with ability of the several applicants must accompany a sight of a translation from a French work, which their respective applications for the first payment he intends to publish in his next paper. From this, which fails due after the 4th of March neri, and at the we have no doubt but that the Belt Saw, as describend of every two years thereafter: And whereas ed in the REGISTE!, Wits discovered in France in some misunderstanding may arise as to the time when 1815. The description in its principle, is precisely the above mentioned rule shall go into operation: the same as that we spoke of being the invention

This is to notify all whom it may concern, that, of Mr. Stewart-anl which no doubt, Mr.S. believed by the construction given to the said act by the was entirely his own, We shall copy from the same. second comptroller of the treasury, the before men-rican Farmer" the article alluded to.' .

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