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Richard Norris Williams 2d (at the left), of Philadelphia, the new champion, is being congratulated on his

victory by the loser, William M. Johnston, of San Francisco

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“ LET THE BUYER BEWARE” The New York City Bureau of Weights and Measures has unearthed many ingenious frauds practiced on unsuspecting buyers. The picture at the top of the page shows a pail with false sides, designed to deceive the customer into thinking she is going to get a large quantity of spinach at a bargain price. Below is an ingenious deception used by a shopkeeper who sold five pounds" of vegetables and allowed the purchaser to weigh them herself. The five-pound weight was up to standard, but as it remained constantly on the scales the woman could not see that the scales did not really balance. The weights attached to the scoop

end of the scales were effectually hidden




Kenyon added, "I want to say that if the the President's hands. Its bad features are price of holding my seat in the Senate is to the doubling of the personal income tax (thus vote for bills of this kind, the seat may go." emphasizing the evils both of class legislation

The Eight-Hour Law. While many friends and a tax on industry, not property); a Fedof the eight-hour day are glad that Congress eral inheritance tax, involving conflict with has sanctioned it in such a quasi-public indus- the States and double taxation ; and, finally, try as transportation, they resent the fact that a tax on war munitions, thus discriminating action was taken under duress, believing that against single industries. The whole bill repit does not represent the real sentiments of resents an unscientific way of raising money. many Congressmen who voted for it. It The Philippines Law is commendable in decides by legislation questions of wages and spirit, but has, we think, the tendency to hours in a single industry which ought to weaken the authority of the United States have been decided by a commission after in- without any proportionate lessening of our vestigation. Perhaps the most vicious thing responsibility, about it is that it does not include provisions for making future general railway strikes

INACTION impossible.

We commend certain inaction by Congress ;

for instance : MIXED GOOD AND BAD ACTS

The Colombian Treaty has not been and The Army Reorganization Law, generally ought never to be ratified. known as the Hay Bill. Its good features The Immigration Bill has not become and are its provisions for enlistment and transfer- ought never to become law if it contains the ence, for the payment of the expenses of literacy clause which has caused President the citizens' training camps, and for the Taft and President Wilson to veto previous creation of an officers' reserve corps. A immigration bills. questionable feature is the appropriation of But we disapprove certain inaction at this $20,000,000 to establish - a Government session ; for instance : nitrate plant in the interest of war munitions. The Corrupt Practices Bill, prohibiting the The bad features are, first, an insufficient in- buying of votes by direct or indirect means crease of the regular army; and, second, the and the contribution by corporations for poFederalizing of the militia, which makes the litical purposes, and limiting individual and militia officers professional soldiers without campaign committee contributions. subjecting them to the restrictions which The Conservation Bills, providing for the apply to the regular army, gives them a use of water power on public lands and on financial interest in Federal politics because of navigable streams anywhere, and for the their Federal pay, and encumbers the regular exploration and disposition of coal, oil, gas, army with civilian interference. Finally, the and phosphate lands. bill wholly fails to provide for the country's The Labor Bills, particularly the Canadian greatest need, universal military training and Industrial Disputes Act, recommended by universal military service.

the President. It is to be regretted that The Naval Appropriation Law, carrying an the session could not have legislated concernappropriation of no less than $313,000,000, ing such matters as the enlargement of the the largest ever made. The law provides for Inter-State Commerce Commission, increase the construction of sixteen capital ships and of freight rates, and the lodgment in the a proportionate number of other necessary hands of the Executive of the power, in case craft in three years; and it increases the of military necessity, to take control of such navy's enlisted strength. It is a pity, how- portions and rolling stock of the railways as ever, that so splendid a measure should be may be required and to operate them for marred by the appropriation of $11,000.000 military purposes. for an unnecessary Government armor plant. The Vocational Education Bill, giving ex

The Revenue Law. Its good features are pert advice to the States by Federal specialists the incidental establishment of a Tariff Com- in vocational, agricultural, industrial, and commission and the imposition of a duty on dye- mercial education, and in home economics. stuffs. Its questionable features are the re- The Waterway Commission Bill, establishtaliatory provisions for the unwise blacklists ing a National River and Harbor Commission and the mail hold-ups by Great Britain, pro- to be as responsible and effective a body as visions which lodge unprecedented power in is the Inter-State Commerce Commission.




“Whose day shall this day be?" I heard one cry
At dawn, this morning, through the gray sea mist
That hid the towers and tenements, as if
The city were again the huddled town ;
“ Who'll win for aye this precious bit of time,
Which, ere it ends, will make earth's habitants
(Or such of them as stay in their clay huts)
Older by some two thousand thousand years,
But richer by a thousand million deeds ?-
What am I offered for this autumn day?
Who'll make a bid ? Ere morrow it must go
To him who bids the most. Time cannot wait,
Though he would fain · bid in ’ its growing light
That soon will turn to warm and golden noon,
And paint the earth against the misty skies,
As if Corot had come again to life ;-
Fain keep its genial heat to warm the heart
And hearth when snows are deep on Vosges and Alp.
“Wake, men, and bid ! See how its conquering glow
Makes all the circling rivers amulets
Of argent, cities varicolored gems,
And land and sea a tranquil tapestry!
What am I bid ?"

And one, ere others could,
Cried out: “ I fling unnumbered lives of men
To buy it in the planet's calendar;
To crush a planet-capital and make
A holiday for millions. This, my bid !”

" • Unnumbered lives of others' am I bid,

Thousands of human skulls and skeletons-
Does any one bid more ?

“I give my own,”
Je donne ma vie !" As many thousands cried
In answering deed of self-forgetfulness,
Or, choking, gasped in death, beside the Marne.

Then rose a loud confusion, as when men
Bid in a stock exchange; one off'ring this,
One that--an epaulet, a bag of gold,
A name, a serum, or a victory.
All day the bidding ran, on into hours,
When labor, knocking at the doors of dawn,
Was silent, and the captains ceased command,
When only scholars bid, bent o’er their books,
Mothers o'er babes, or nurses o'er the sick ;
Till late, there rose the ghost of one long dead,

Our first “ Immortal,” who for millions spoke : "Read by Mr. Finley at the Lafayette Day celebration, in the City Hall of New York, on September 6, at the conclusion of his address. See editorial comment elsewhere.

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