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Thus having complied with the duties of the morning, You may refresh yourself with a temperate and cheerful ineal, and thankfully enjoy the good things of this lile, which God hath blessed thee with. As to the afternoon of this, and all other Lord's days, you are piously and prudently to divide it between the public service, tamily duties, private devo:ions, and offices of charity, if they present ihemselves; and,, I will add, your own necessary refreshmen!: for I am not so sliict, as totally to forbid you some time upon that day, to unbend your mind, and relax your thoughts, by any company and conversation that is instructive, and innocently diverting: but I absolutely fusewarn you against all places of public resort, all gaming, and sportlul exercises, as giving offence to some, and bad examples to othe:s; for they are unsuitable to the serious ! ness and solemnity of the day, and indeed savouring 100, much of levity and profaneness: and for the further inprovement of thy soul, read a lesson out of the New ATHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 2. Section III.

N. B. After these good instructions and derotions, is thou woudt, my devout Christian! persevere in thy duty, and de sirest to lead an holy and godiy life for the future, I would all ise thee, by all means, (after you have enced the foregoing nieditation) to make the second part of this New Werk's fu Preparation to be thy companion for the week ensuing; for beginning with the devotions for this Sunday's evening, it will finish thee, through the course of another week, with such devotions, medinu ions, and hymns, as will be acceptable to Almighty God, after thou hast been a woitby parlio ter of the Lord's Supper.

Those servants and others who bare not the command of their own time, and therefore cannot employ as much of it in these exercises as they could wish and desire ; they may rest assured that God approves and accepts their willing inind, provided they go in a sincere resolution to asoid and forsake sin, and live in the fear of GOD; and behare themselves with conscience and honesty in those several stations of life which lis providence has appointed them.



A MORNING PRAYER !o be used any day in the week.

O let me hear thy loving.kindness betimes in the mor:)ing, fur in thee is iny trusi : show thou me the way that I should walk in, for I lift up my soul unto thee. Psalm cxlii. 8.

Most mighty and gracious God, to

whom I am indebted for all the good things I enjoy ; for in thee I live, i and move, and have my being; I dere

to adore and bless thy glorious name, huinbly beleeching thee to accept this my morning facrifice of praise and thankigiving for the comfortable refreshment of the night past, for thy prefervation of me (and my family and all that belongs to me from fire, robbery, and tempeít, and froin all perils and dangers, and especially for bringing me in health and safety to the beginning of this day; in which I beseech thee, O Lord, to keep me without fin.

Give me awful thoughts of thy Divine Majesty, and such an humble, ferious, and devout frame of inind, that my adoration may not rest in a mere outward forin of godlinefs, but that I may always offer unto thee a lively facrifice, holy and acceptable in thy fight.

Be with me, O Lord, this day, in all places and upon all occalions ; direct and

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Lord, in a me, o corow in me

guide me, sanctify and preserve me: keep ine both outwardly in my body, and inwardly in my foul : defend me from the power and malice of the devil, from the corruptions of my own sinful nature, and froin those fins especially that seem most habitual to me. Pardon, I beseech thee, all the iins I have at any time committed. Grant that I may die unto sin, and rise again unto righteousness : that henceforth being freed from fin, all things belonging to the Spirit may live and grow in me.

(Direct me, O On Sunday morne Lord, in all my af- ing instead of the opposite

pararaph, say, Tairs, bieis my..1a-1 [And now I am going bours and studies, to the place of thy public and give me grace to worship, I beseech thee do my duty in that let thy Holy Spirit acfate of life where company me, and make

me devout, serious, and unto thou hast been attenire. Raile mois pleased to call me, from the thoughts of this and make me there-world to the confidera. vietcontent contition of the next; that I

may je,in fervently in the nue to me the bler-lo

prayers and praises of sings I enjoy ; fup-ihy church, and listen ply me with thole lo my duty with an howant; and turn frominest leart, in order 10

practise is. And give ine all those eviison

me grace to dedicate this which I have moil day, as ihou hast appointrightcoully deserv-ed me to thy service and ed ;


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ed; or which either the care of the souli Di. the malice of the devrect me in all my ways,. vil, or the wicked

and guide my feet in thy.

pails, that I may, at the nefs or misfortunes luft, from a life of righteof the world, may oufness be translated to bring upon me.] a life of eternal glory;}

I resign, O God, and give myself to thy providence; I submit myself to all the events which it shall please thee to bring upon me; and grant me always those things, whether prosperous or adverse, that may best conduce, and be ino! prohtable to my eternal falvation. So, my God, do with me what thou seest good, and let thy holy will be done in me, and by me, for the fake of Jesus Christ our Lord. And for this end,

Teach me to direct iny conversation as becoinęth the gospel; and grant that I may this day, and for ever, endeavour to mortify my corrupt inclinations, to-cleanle myself from all filthine's of fieih ard: fpirit, and to bring every inordinare desire: to the obedience of thy will.

Fill my heart with such honest and up. right affections for truth and juitice, that: no worldly interest or advantage, how promising or great foever, may be able to: Thake any integrity, which I beg: may be always supported by thy providence, and that in the use of honest and lawfuk


N 3;

incans I may improve that talent, which ihy infinite wisdom and goodness has committed to my charge.

“ Be gracious, o moft merciful God, "to the whole race of mankind; pity the "Teplorable state of those that know thee "1901, and have never heard of thy name: "reform the wicked and impenitent; and “let all that name the name of Christ de. "part from iniquity.

"Let every one of my friends and re"lations, o God, be of the number of "sthose whom thou lovest and delighteit "in. Defend them from the evils and "temptations of this world ; and grant "them whatever thou feest neediul both os for their foals and bodies."'?

And now, O my God! relying firmly on thy gracious promises, I commend into thy hands myself, and all that thou haft given or blefied me with, my foul and body, and all my relations; keep us from all evil, lead us into all good, carry us fafely through the dangers and ternptavions of this wicked world, to that place of everlasting rest and peace, which thou haft prepared for those that die in the Lord, through the merits of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, in whole words I sum up and recomInend the wants of all mankind, toge


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