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Shoots lightnings at thee! Hark! in Andreas' name,
Heir of his vengeance! hell-hound! I defy thee.
[They fight, and just as EMERICK is disarmed, in
rush CASIMIR, OLD BATHORY, and attendants.
CASIMIR runs in between the combatants, and
parts them: in the struggle BETHLEN'S sword
is thrown down.


The king disarm'd too by a stranger! Speak!
What may this mean?


Deceived, dishonor'd lord!
Ask thou yon fair adultress! She will tell thee
A tale, which wouldst thou be both dupe and traitor,
Thou wilt believe against thy friend and sovereign!
Thou art present now, und a friend's duty ceases :
To thine own justice leave I thine own wrongs.
Of half thy vengeance, I perforce must rob thee,
For that the sovereign claims. To thy allegiance
I now commit this traitor and assassin.

[Then to the Attendants. Hence with him to the dungeon! and to-morrow, Ere the sun rises,-hark! your heads or his!


Can Hell work miracles to mock Heaven's justice?


[blocks in formation]

As the word proves false or true,

Who speaks to him dies! The traitor that has menaced Will Casimir cross the hunt, or join the huntsmen!

His king, must not pollute the breathing air,
Even with a word!


Hence with him to the dungeon! [Exit BETHLEN, hurried off by BATHORY and



We hunt to-morrow in your upland forest:

Thou (to CASIMIR) wilt attend us: and wilt then explain

This sudden and most fortunate arrival.



My lord! my husband! look whose sword lies yonder!
[Pointing to the sword which BETHLEN had been
disarmed of by the Attendants.

It is Kiuprili's; Casimir, 'tis thy father's!
And wielded by a stripling's arm, it baffled,
Yea, fell like Heaven's own lightnings on that

Hush! hush!


[blocks in formation]

Tar-enter'd as the door was closing on you:
His eye was fix'd, yet seem'd to follow you,
With such a look of hate, and scorn and triumph,

[In an under voice. As if he had you in the toils already,
And were then choosing where to stab you first.
But hush! draw back!

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

That single blast Announces that the tyrant's pawing courser Neighs at the gate [A volley of Trumpets. Hark! now the king comes forth! For ever midst this crash of horns and clarions He mounts his steed, which proudly rears an-end

[blocks in formation]

O he was born to honor! Gallant deeds

While he looks round at ease, and scans the crowd, And perilous hath he wrought since yester-eve.

Vain of his stately form and horsemanship!

I must away! my absence may be noticed.


Oft as thou canst, essay to lead the hunt
Hard by the forest skirts; and ere high noon
Expect our sworn confederates from Temeswar.
I trust, ere yet this clouded sun slopes westward,
That Emerick's death, or Casimir's, will appease
The manes of Zapolya and Kiuprili!
[Exit RUDOLPH and manet CASIMIR.

The traitor, Laska!

And yet Sarolta, simple, inexperienced,
Could see him as he was, and often warn'd me.
Whence learn'd she this?-O she was innocent!
And to be innocent is nature's wisdom!

The fledge-dove knows the prowlers of the air,
Fear'd soon as seen, and flutters back to shelter.
And the young steed recoils upon his haunches,
The never-yet-seen adder's hiss first heard.
O surer than Suspicion's hundred eyes
Is that fine sense, which to the pure in heart,
By mere oppugnancy of their own goodness,
Reveals the approach of evil. Casimir!
O fool! O parricide! through yon wood didst thou,
With fire and sword, pursue a patriot father,
A widow and an orphan. Darest thou then
<Curse-laden wretch), put forth these hands to raise
The ark, all sacred, of thy country's cause?
Look down in pity on thy son, Kiuprili;
And let this deep abhorrence of his crime,

Now from Temeswar (for to him was trusted
A life, save thine, the dearest) he hastes hither-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The shriek came thence.


Was it then

That timid eye, was it those maiden hands
That sped the shaft which saved me and avenged me!
OLD BATHORY (to BETHLEN exultingly).
'Twas a vision blazon'd on a cloud
By lightning, shaped into a passionate scheme
Of life and death! I saw the traitor, Laska,
Stoop and snatch up the javelin of his comrade;
The point was at your back, when her shaft reach d

The coward turn'd, and at the self-same instant
The braver villain fell beneath your sword.


Bethlen! my child! and safe too!


Mother! Queen!

Royal Zapolya! name me Andreas!
Nor blame thy son, if being a king, he yet
Hath made his own arm, minister of his justice
So do the Gods who lanch the thunderbolt!



O Raab Kiuprili! Friend! Protector! Guide!
In vain we trench'd the altar round with waters
A flash from Heaven hath touch'd the hidden incense
BETHLEN (hastily).

And that majestic form that stood beside thee
Was Raab Kiuprili!


It was Raab Kiuprili;

As sure as thou art Andreas, and the king.


[Clash of swords, and BETHLEN's voice heard from Hail Andreas! hail my king!

behind the Scenes; GLYCINE enters alarmed; then, as seeing LASKA's bow and arrows.


Ha! weapons here? Then, Bethlen, thy Glycine Will die with thee or save thee!



Stop, thou revered one!

Lest we offend the jealous destinies
By shouts ere victory. Deem it then thy duty
To pay this homage, when 'tis mine to claim it.


[She seizes them and rushes out. BATHORY following her. Lively and irregular Music, and Peasants with hunting-spears cross the stage, singing cho- Accept thine hand-maid's service!

[blocks in formation]


Hark! sure the hunt approaches.

Re-enter BATHORY, with the dead body of PESTALUTZ.


[Horn without, and afterwards distant thunder. Poor tool and victim of another's guilt!

[blocks in formation]



Thou follow'st heavily:

reluctant weight! Good truth, it is an undeserved honor That in Zapolya and Kiuprili's cave A wretch like thee should find a burial-place. [Then observing KIUPRILI. "Tis he!-in Andreas' and Zapolya's name Follow me, reverend form? Thou needst not speak, For thou canst be no other than Kiuprili!

[blocks in formation]

Is this the place where Emerick's murderers lurk?
Say where is he that, trick'd in this disguise,
Thou must have seen him. Say where is th' assassin?
First lured me on, then scared my dastard followers?
OLD BATHORY (pointing to the body of PESTALUTZ).
There lies the assassin! slain by that same sword
That was descending on his curst employer,
When entering thou beheld'st Sarolta rescued!


You bleeding corse, (pointing to PESTALUTZ's body) Strange providence! what then was he who fled me?

may work us mischief still:

Once seen, 't will rouse alarm and crowd the hunt

[BATHORY points to the Cavern, whence KIUPRILI advances.

From all parts towards this spot. Stript of its armor, Thy looks speak fearful things! Whither, old man! I'll drag it hither.

[Exit BATHORY. After a while several Hunters cross the stage as scattered. Some time after, enter KIUPRILI in his disguise, fainting with fatigue, and as pursued.

RAAB KIUPRILI (throwing off his disguise). Since Heaven alone can save me, Heaven alone Shall be my trust.

[Then speaking as to ZAPOLYA in the Cavern. Haste! haste! Zapolya, flee!

[He enters the Cavern, and then returns in alarm. Gone! Seized perhaps? Oh no, let me not perish Despairing of Heaven's justice! Faint, disarm'd, Each sinew powerless, senseless rock sustain me! Thou art parcel of my native land.

[Then observing the sword.
A sword!

Ha! and my sword! Zapolya hath escaped,
The murderers are baffled, and there lives
An Andreas to avenge Kiuprili's fall!—
There was a time, when this dear sword did flash
As dreadful as the storm-fire from mine arms:
I can scarce raise it now-yet come, fell tyrant!
And bring with thee my shame and bitter anguish,
To end his work and thine! Kiuprili now
Can take the death-blow as a soldier should.

Would thy hand point me?


Casimir, to thy father. CASIMIR (discovering KIUPRILI). The curse! the curse! Open and swallow me, Unsteady earth! Fall, dizzy rocks! and hide me! OLD BATHORY (to KIUPRILI).

Speak, speak, my Lord!

KIUPRILI (holds out the sword to BATHORY).

Bid him fulfil his work!

Thou art Heaven's immediate minister, dread spirit!
O for sweet mercy, take some other form,
And save me from perdition and despair!

He lives!



Lives! A father's curse can never die!
KIUPRILI (in a tone of pity).

O Casimir! Casimir!


Look! he doth forgive you!

Hark! 'tis the tyrant's voice.

[EMERICK'S voice withou


I kneel, I kneel!

Retract thy curse! O, by my mother's ashes,
Have pity on thy self-abhorring child!
If not for me, yet for my innocent wife,
Yet for my country's sake, give my arm strength,
Permitting me again to call thee father!


Son, I forgive thee! Take thy father's sword;
When thou shalt lift it in thy country's cause,
In that same instant doth thy father bless thee!

Thy blessing did indeed descend upon me;
Dislodging the dread curse. It flew forth from me
And lighted on the tyrant!

Enter RUDOLPH, BATHORY, and Attendants.

RUDOLPH and BATHORY (entering).
Friends! friends to Casimir


Rejoice, Illyrians! the usurper's fallen.


[KIUPRILI and CASIMIR embrace; they all retire So perish tyrants! so end usurpation!

to the Cavern supporting KIUPRILI. CASIMIR
as by accident drops his robe, and BATHORY
throws it over the body of PESTALUTZ.

EMERICK (entering).


Bear hence the body, and move slowly on!
One moment-

Devoted to a joy, that bears no witness,

With the two best and fullest gifts of Heaven-
A tyrant fallen, a patriot chief restored!

Fools! Cowards! follow-or by Hell I'll make you I follow you, and we will greet our countrymen
Find reason to fear Emerick, more than all
The mummer-fiends that ever masqueraded
As gods or wood-nymphs!-

Then sees the body of PESTALUTZ, covered by
CASIMIR'S cloak.

Ha! 'tis done then!
Our necessary villain hath proved faithful,
And there lies Casimir, and our last fears!
Well!-Ay, well!-

And is it not well? For though grafted on us,
And fill'd too with our sap, the deadly power
Of the parent poison-tree lurk'd in its fibres:
There was too much of Raab Kiuprili in him:
The old enemy look'd at me in his face,
E'en when his words did flatter me with duty.

[AS EMERICK moves towards the body, enter from
the Cavern CASIMIR and BATHORY.

[Exeunt CASIMIR into the Cavern. The rest on
the opposite side.

Scene changes to a splendid Chamber in CASIMIR'S
Castle. CONFEDERATES discovered.


It cannot but succeed, friends. From this palace
E'en to the wood, our messengers are posted
With such short interspace, that fast as sound
Can travel to us, we shall learn the event!
Enter another CONFEDERATE.

What tidings from Temeswar?


With one voice

OLD BATHORY (pointing to where the noise is, and aside Th' assembled chieftains have deposed the tyrant: to CASIMIR).

[blocks in formation]

He is proclaim'd the public enemy,
And the protection of the law withdrawn.


Just doom for him, who governs without law!
Is it known on whom the sov'reignty will fall?


Nothing is yet decided: but report,
Points to Lord Casimir. The grateful memory
Of his renowned father-


Hail to Sarolta.


Confederate friends! I bring to you a joy
Worthy our noble cause! Kiuprili lives,
And from his obscure exile, hath return'd
To bless our country. More and greater tidings
Might I disclose; but that a woman's voice

Curses on it, and thee! Think'st thou that petty omen Would mar the wondrous tale. Wait we for him Dare whisper fear to Emerick's destiny?

[blocks in formation]
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