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lo Mal. 3. 1. Riedad debe th

Christ's entry MARK XI. into Jerusalem. And immediately he A. D. 33. ed: and they let them received his sight,


go. and followed Jesus in a Ma. 21. 1. 7 And they brought the way.

Lu. 19.29. the colt to Jesus, and

Juo, 12.14. cast their garments CHAP. XI.

b 2 Ki.9.13 on him; and he sat 1 AND a when they Ma. 21.8. upon him. came nigh to Jerusa Lu. 19. 36. 8b And many lem, unto Bethphage

Jno. 12.12, spread their gar

13. and Bethany, at the

ments in the way : mount of Olives, hec Ps.118.26. and others cut down sendeth forth two of

ofl Ma. 21. 9. branches off the trees, his disciples,

1 & 23. 39. En

z and strawed them in 2 And saith unto Jno. 12.13. the way. them, Go your way

9 And they that into the village over

a Ps. 148. 1. Iwont before and they

Lu. 2. 14.) against you: and as

that followed, cried, soon as ye be entered

saying, c Hosanna; into it, ye shall find

Blessed is he that

Ma. 21. 12. a colt tied, whereon

cometh in the name never man sat; loose Lu. 19. 41. of the Lord : him, and bring him.

45. 10 Blessed be the 3 And if any man f Ma. 21. 18. kingdom of our father say unto you, Why. w ig Ma, 21. 19.

David,* that cometh do ye this? say ye say, ye Lu,

in the name of the that the Lord hath

Lord : d Hosanna in need of him; and ver. 10—

the highest. straightway he will * Whitby 11 e And Jesus ensend him hither. observas tered into Jerusalem, 4 And they went

hey went " Let the land into the temple : their way, and found

kingdom be

and when he had the colt tied by the gun, and

happily be

looked round about door without in a bourish, upon all things, and place where two ways which God now the eventide was met; and they loose

is to erect,

come, he went out

according to him.

his promise

unto Bethany with in of to our father the twelve. them that stood there David. Let 12 f And on the said unto them, What prosperity morrow, when they do ye, loosing the ven to the

the be from hea- I were come from Becolt?

king Messiah thany, he was hun. 6 And they said and to his gry: unto them even as kingdom." 13 & And seeing a Jesus had command

Ifig tree afar off har.

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He purgeth

the temple. ing leaves, he came, A. D. 33. |all the people was if haply he might

h Ma. 21.19 astonished



at his find any thing there- Lu. 19.45: doctrine. on : * and when he Jno. 2, 14. 19 And when even came to it, he found i Is. 56. 7. was come, he went nothing but leaves ; + Or, an

out of the city. for the time of figs house of L20 n And in the was not yet.*

prayer for morning, as they 14 And Jesus an- all nations ? passed by, they saw swered and said unto k Je. 7. 11. the fig tree dried up it, No man eat fruit I Ma. 21. 45, from the roots. of thee hereafter for

46 21 And Peter callever. And his disci. Lu. 19. 47.ing to remembrance ples heard it.

mch. 1. 22. saith unto him, Mas15 h And they come!

Ma. 7. 28.7

ter, behold, the fig

Lu. 4. 32. to Jerusalem : and

tree which thou Jesus went into the

n Ma. 21.19.

cursedst is withered temple, and began tol, cast out them that God.

22 And Jesus an. sold and bought in od and bouşntino Ma. 17. 20.


swering saith unto the temple, and over- & 21. 21.

them, Have faith in threw the tables of La. 17.6. God. the moneychangers, Ip Ma. 7.7. 123 Foro verily I and the seats of them Lu. 11. 9. say unto you, That that sold doves; Jno, 14.13. whosoever shall say 16 And would not

& 15.7.

unto this mountain, suffer that any man Ja. 1.5, 6.

5.Be thou removed, should carry any

and be thou cast intó vessel through the ver. 13- the sea, and shall not temple.

* The fruit I doubt in his heart,

of the fig-treek 17 And he taught,

shall believe the 17 And he taught, appears first,

but shall believe that saying unto them, and then the those things which Is it not written, iMy leaves. he saith shall come house shall be called i.e. The to pass ; he shall of + all nations the season for have whatsoever he house of prayer ? but gathering saith, yek have made it a called in

figs; what is 94 Therefore I say den of thieves.

Ma. 21. 34.

unto you, p What 19 And 'the Scribes kaupos

things soever ye deand Chief Priests TWY kaptor : sire, when ye pray, heard it, and sounfruit bud notceive them, and ye and songht so that the believe that ye re

* been taken stroy him: for they off the tree. shall have them. feared him, mbecause

I 25 And when ye


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Lu. 20. 1.

Wereu du bare Un

Parable of

MARK XII. the vineyard. stand praying, a for- A. D. 33. Why then did ye not give, if ye have ought

believe him? against any : that 9 Ma. 6. 14. 32 But if we shall vour Father also Eph. 4. 32.

say, Of men ; they which is in heaven Col. 3. 13. I reared

feared the people :

the may forgive you your Ja. 2. 13. for t all men counted trespasses."

Ma. 18. 35. John, that he was a 26 But r if ye do

prophet indeed. not forgive, neither

s Mal. 3. 1.1

33 And they an

Ma. 21.23. will your Father

swered and said unto which is in heaven Jno. 10.23. Jesus, We cannot tell. forgive your tres- & 18. 20. JAnd Jesus answering passes.

Or, thing. saith unto them, Nei27 And they comeltch. 6. 20.

ther do I tell you by again to Jerusalem : 1 Ma's what authority I do and s as he was walk

these things. ing in the temple, Lu. 7. 26. there come to him

29. CHAP. XII. the Chief Priests,

& 20. 6.8. 1 AND a he began and the Scribes, and

Jno. 10.41.

to speak unto them

a Ma. 21.33. the elders,

Lu. 20.9. by parables. A cer. 28 And say unto

tain map planted a him, By what autho

vineyard, and set an rity doest thou these

ver. 25things? and who gave

hedge about it, and • Standing

digged a place for the thee this authority to

uthority to tomary pos- winefat, and built a do these things? ture of the tower, and let it out

99 And Jesus an- Jews while to husbandmen, an swered and said unto in the act of went into af them, I will also ask here

prayer ;

try. of you one + question, kneeling 2 And at the seaand answer me, and appears ge- son he sent to the I will tell you by nerally to husbandmen a serwhat authority I do

have been
o adopted by

vant, that he might these things.

receive from the hus30 The baptism of his apostles. bandmen of the fruit John. was it from. We are

of the vineyard. heaven, or of men ? not hence to,.

13 And they caught answer me.

him, and beat him, 31 And they rea-forgiveness and sent him away soned with them- of injuries


will entitle selves, saying, If we

4 And again he sball say, From hea- &c.

sent unto them anaven; he will say,'

'ther servant; and at

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Tribute due MARK XII.

to Cesar. him they cast stones, A. D. 33. 12And they and wounded him in

sought to lay hold on the head, and sent b Ps. 118.22. hi him away shamefully

Is. 28. 16.
Ma. 21. 42.

people; for they knew handled. 5 And again he

c ch. U. 13. Chat he had spoken

Ma. 21.45. the parable against sent another; and

46them: and they left him they killed, and La. 20. 6. him, and went their many others; beat

way. ing some, and killing Jno. 7.

30. 44.,

13 d And they send some.

anto him certain of 6 Having yet there

h a Ma. 22. 15.
La. 20.20.

the Pharisees and of fore one son, his well

the Herodians, to

It Valuing of beloved, he sent him

our money


him in his also last unto them, sevenpence words. saying, They will halfpenny,as 14 And when they reverence my son.

Ma. 18. 28. were come, they say 7 But those hus

unto him, Master,

ver. 9 bandmen said among the land we know that thou themselves, This is of Judaea art true, and carest the heir; come, let us abounded for no man : for thou kill him, and the inhe- with vine regardest not the ritance shall be our's. yards, and

Jperson of men, but 8. And they 8 And they took therefore the took spiritual in

teachest the way of him, and killed him, struction in God in truth: is it and cast him out of tended by lawful to give tribute the vineyard.

this parable to Cæsar, or not? 9 What shall there would ap:

pear obvious

15 Shall we give, fore the lord of the and natural: or shall we not give? vineyard do? he will it strikingly But he, knowing come and destroy the exhibited to their hypocrisy, said husbandmen, and the Jews unto

their impe

them, Why will give the vine

nitency,their lempt ye me? bring. vard unto others. Teruelty to me a t penny, that I

10 And have ye not God's sor- may see it. read this Scripture : vants, and to 16 And they The b stone which the his wellbo- brought it. And he builders rejected is with the

loved Son,

saith unto them, become the head of righteous Whose is this image the corner :

judgments and superscription ? 11 This was the of God that And they said unto Lord's doing, and it

him, Cæsar's. is marvellous in our See Isa. 6.1. 17 And Jesus aneyes?

lewering said unto

kine heir; sm This

Question of

MARK XII. the Sadducees. them, Render to Cæ-1 A. D. 33. therefore err, because sar the things that are

ye know not the Cæsar's, and to Gode Ma.22. 23. Scriptures, Lu. 20. 27. the power of God?

neither the things that are God's. And they|f Ac. 4. 1. 125 For when they marvelled at him.

& 23. S. shall rise from the 18 e Then come unto

1 Cor. 15. dead **

dead, they neither him the Sadducees, 2 Ti. 2. 18. marry, nor are given which f say there is

in marriage; but hare no resurrection : and 8 Ge. 38.8.

as the angels which

De. 25. 5. they asked him, say

are in heaven. ing,

h Ma. 22.30. 26 And as touching 19 Master, 8 Moses

Lu. 20. 35. the dead, that they

11 Co.15.42. wrote unto us, If a

rise : have ye not man's brother die, He. 12.22. read in the book of and leave his wife iJno. 3.2. Moses, how in the behind him, and leaveli Ge. 17. 7.

bush God spake unto no children, that his & 26. 24. him, saying, i I am brother should take & 28. 13. the God of Abraham, his wife, and raise up

& 31. 42, and the God of Isaac,

& 32. 9. seed unto his brother.

and the God of

& 33. 20. 20 Now there were seven brethren: and Is. 41. 8. 27 He is not the the first took a wife,

10. God of the dead, but and dying left not Ma. 22. 35. the God of the liv. seed.

ing: ye therefore do 21 And the second De.

Ma.10. 37

greatly err. took her, and died,

Lu. 10. 27.

128 k And one of neither left he apyli Ti. 1. 6. the Scribes * came. seed: and the third

and having heard likewise.

them reasoning toge

ver. 28 2 And the seven * St. Mat

ther, and perceiving had her, and left no thew in the that he had answered seed: last of all the parallel pas-them well, asked woman died also. sage calls

him, Which is the

hin a law23 In the resurrec-lyer. Both

first commandment tion therefore, when names were of a

of all ? they shall rise, whose applied to 29 And Jesus anwife shall she be of the same swered him, The first them for the seven persons; be of all the command.

euing tranhad her to wife.

scribers and ments is, Hear, o 24 And Jesus an- teachers of Israel; The Lord our swering said unto the law. God is one Lord : them, Do ye not

- 30 And thou shalt

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