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377, 379, 382, 567, 577, 702—Dread lest it had passed, 1 * Destruction, the city of, iii. 90, &c.
i. 14- Ishmael's day-Cain's day-Signs that it is not Devil. See Angels, fallen–His touching doctrines to be
passed, i. 100, 102—-Illustrated by the labourers in the watched and carefully avoided, ii. 169.
vineyard and the thief on the cross, i. 253–Sometimes sin- Diabolonians who lurked about Mausoul (the lord Fornica-
ners have not heaven's gates open to them so long as they tion, Murder, Deceit, &c.) all to be crucified, iii. 322, 330.
suppose, iii. 382—Or the accepted time, iii. 456—Signs of Dialogue between Christ and a wounded sinner, i. 280.
being past grace, iii. 519– Instances, iii. 583.

* Difficulty, the hill, iii. 104, 193, 214, 222.
Dead, five Scriptural meanings of the word, ii. 86.

Difficulties in closing with Christ, ii. 252.
Dead man's bell rung for joy, iii. 331.

* Diffidence the wife of Despair, iii. 140—Slain, iii. 229.
Dead body prepared for burial by tying toes and thumbs, iii. Diseases under Captain Consumption kill Badman, iii. 655.

Dissembling before God, what it is, ii. 682.
Dealing, what constitutes fair dealing; a comforting note for Dissent, not justified by the evil lives of the clergy, ii. 323
booksellers, iii. 639.

- The Christian's duty, proved by the fiery furnace and
Death swallowing sinners, i. 74– Better to die before death den of lions, ii. 553.

comes—God's sergeant or bailiff, i. 221–Hath no domi- * Ditch, dangerous, in the Shadow of Death, iii. 115—"A
nion over the saints, i. 305—Day of death time to pack up pitfall of Mrs. Wanton's, iii. 118.
and be gone, i. 678--Christians ready to die, i. 727, 728 | Divine love, a sweet disease, i. 282.
-Duty and wisdom of being ready, i. 728-A trying hour * Divorce between a man and his sin, i. 758–From a wise
even to the Christian, i. 730—Communion with Christ con- by crying at the cross, iii. 201, and note.
quers death, i. 760-Death takes the sinner by the throat, Doctrines to be all alike received, not to pick and choose,
and hauls him down stairs, i. 764—Spirits depart at death i. 217—Receive and preserve souls in the church, üi. 419
to heaven or hell, ii. 677—*Quagmire in Valley of Death, -Of the apostles not common stuff raked out of the dung.
iii. 114-Enoch and Elijah carried over-An object of hills and muck-heaps of this world or of antichrist, iii. 435
dread, iii. 163, 243—* The river without a bridge, iii. 163, -Govern our notions and dispositions, iii. 555.
175-214, 222, 234—Crossing it bravely no proof of safety, * Dog of Satan near the wicket-gate, iii. 179, 181.
iii. 166—To the fearful less trying, iii. 214, 242-The Dogs loved and cherished more than the children of God, iii.
black river, iii. 235—*bitter to palate, but sweet when 677.
down; more terrible to some than others, iii. 240-Cove- * Doubting Castle and its horrors, iii. 139–*One key opens all
nant with death and hell, iii. 267— The axe with which its gates, iii. 142—Many prisoners perish there, iii. 144-
God cuts down the hypocrite, iii. 584-Without terror, no *Invisible from Beulah, iii. 161–* Destroyed, but sin can
proof of godliness, but sometimes of hardness of heart, iïi. rebuild it, iii. 229.
660—Equally visits the godly and ungodly, iii. 678_Both Doubters of election—Their misery, i. 332– Stand under

go to judgment, iii. 679-A deliverer to the saint, iii. 707. Cain's gibbet, and think they have the halter of Judas
Death-bed-Trials of the Christian, i. 340; iii. 163–Peculiar about their necks, i. 595—Vocation and salvation by grace

temptations at the dark entry, i. 679—Scenes, i. 729, 742 -condemned, iii. 368.
-Longing to depart, pray that I may be gone, ii. 15–1 Doubts forbidden, i. 289—Their operation, i. 352— Some come
sinful life and a quiet death the high road to hell, iii. 166, from Satan, i. 590—Hotter than fire-a mountain-clouds
663, 682—Awful sick-bed scene, iii. 580, 585—An awful that darken the sun, i. 595—Formed into a vast army-
account of one, iii. 650--Lovely one of a pious woman, The officers' names, iii. 341-Curiously arranged under

iii. 652—Music heard at the death-bed of a Puritan, iii. 564. their captains—Slain and buried, iii. 361– To be destroy-
* Deceit, towers of, iii. 118.

ed, while Bloodmen or Persecutors are left to the day of
Dejected souls should study grace--A cordial for, i. 357. judgment, iii. 365.
* Delectable mountains, distant view, iii, 110, 143, 230. Dreams, Bunyan subject to fearful, i. 6, 12-Sleeping or
* Demas and his silver mine, iii. 136, 228.

waking, if filthy, defile the flesh-Not relied upon by God's
Departing from iniquity-From what sins, ii. 531-Six mo- fearers, i. 476—* Dream, awful, iii. 101, 107—*Warning

tives to leave sins, ii. 532—Iniquitous opinions, ii. 537. to Christiana, iii. 173, 188—*Mercy's sweet dream, iii. 195
Desire of righteous contrasted with the fear of the wicked, — They may be useful, iii. 190.

i. 744-Has a long neck to look into the next world, i. 750 | Drum, Diabolus makes a hideous noise with his drum, iii.
-Grapples with the king of terrors, i. 759—To be with 342.
Christ-Why? i. 759—After Christ fainter in some than Drunkards, God's judgments on, iii. 648.
in otliers, i. 760—Of the Christian, how granted, i. 761— Drunkenness of Noah, the blot in his scutcheon, ii. 493–
Essential to happiness, The life of prayer, i. 762—Rises Wretchedness, and misery allied, iii. 609.
to God through all opposition, i. 763—Carries us away Dry-eyed Christians and their duties, i. 82.
after God, even if opposed by ten thousand men-Of the Duns Scotus and his duncish sophistry, i. 408.
wicked uuheeded, and why, i. 764—Of the hypocrite come Dust, a bit of, conquers principalities, i. 80.
to naught, i. 765—Granted not always a token for good, Duty. See Rel ive Duties.
i. 767—Sometimes unlawful, i. 768—Sometimes answer Dying bed: Bunyan's dying sayings, i. 63--How it is made

received, although unknown, i. 769.
* Desire of Vain-GloryMy Lord, iii. 130.
Despair: It tends to sin, i. 9—It is unreasonable-A sin if

this side of hell gates, i. 91–The devil's master-Makes
a man flounce like a wild bull in a net, i.92—Arguments * Ease, a delicate plain, iii. 136.
against it, i. 279—Quaint dialogue against Despair between | East. All worshippers entering Solomon's temple had their
Christ and the sinner-Scriptural instances and consent of BACK to the east, in contempt of sun-worship, iii. 463.
all saints against despair, i. 280-Its source, i. 352— Ten Ebal and Gerizim, the blessing and cursing, i. 742; iii. 727
antidotes to despairing thoughts—Grace the great remedy - A voice from mount Ebal, iii. 743.
against, i. 358-Soul struggling with it like a fly in a spi- | Eber, a godly man, after whom the Hebrews were called, ii.
der's web, i. 435; ii. 754— It shuts the mouth and hardens 500.
the heart, ii. 263—*It cages a man in iron, iii. 100, 184 Election-Fearful doubts of, i. 13, 284-Known by calling,
*The giant, iii. 139—*Shuts him in a dungeon, iii. 142, i. 102—They whom the Father gives the Son receives, i.
229-Slain, but may live again, iii. 229.

241---ALL Israel the children of the promise, i. 242, 243,
Desperate words of one H. S., iii. 607.

262—Of the church, what it is, i. 336-Legions of devils
Despond, Slough of-Christian in the slough, literally, i. 16 cannot kill one of the elect, even before he is called, i. 318

-* Allegorically, iii. 92—*Christiana escapes, iii. 178, - An act of the Father, i. 344; ii. 598—Election and i1.
188—*Fearing detained a month at it, iii. 213.

probation cannot be pleaded at the day of judgment, ii,
* Despondency and Much-afraid, iii. 229-His happy death, 122-Christ the fore-ordained Saviour before creation, in.
iii. 242.

140— Not only of persons, but of gifts and graces, ii. 341
Desponding ones comforted, i. 37.

--Illustrated by the animals saved in the ark, ii. 467-

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easy, i. 741.

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And departing from iniquity inseparable, ii. 511 — To Must be living faith - Justifying fai:h, ii. 314-Come
holiness of life, ii. 512, and note--As Jacob or one of a before and produces good works, ii. 310-Five of its fruits,
thousand, ii. 551-Aud reprobatiou in juxtaposition—See ii. 3264-Invisible, only to be seen in its fruits, ii. 317–
Map of salvation, iii. 336.

And in all good works, ii. 550— Produces hope ani re
Emmanuel visited, iii. 143, 230—Engages to re-conquer Man- pentance, ii. 600-In Christ a part of God's worship, či

soul, iii. 266, 285—llis livery to be worn daily, iii. 323– 682-Objects of, must be believed- Thou must be ton
Departs from Mansoul, his four warnings, iii. 326--Gra- twice before thou canst truly believe once, ii. 683–0
cious speech to Mausoul-Ilis charge to keep their liveries faiths that are unprofitable, ii. 684—*Its nature, iii. 155
white and clean, iii. 370.

*Difference between false and justifying faith- The
* Emmanuel's land seen from palace called Beautiful, iii, 111. faith of Ignorance, iii. 158--The Loru-Lieutenant for
Emblems: The world an emblem of hell-The church of Emmanuel over Mansoul, iii. 355.

heaven, ii. 431-By Bunyan in verse first published as a * Faithful, the pilgrim, passes palace called Beautiful without
book for boys and girls, iii. 746.

entering, iii. 111-Christian overtakes hin, ii. 116–Be
*Enchanted ground, pilgrims warned of, iii. 145-Pass it, guiled by Talkative, iii. 122–Forewarned of liis martyr
iii. 153, 214, 235.

dom, iii. 126--His sufferings and death, iii. 128.
Enemies to the soul's salvation, i. 340.

Faithful reproof, exciting malice and hatred, iii. 591.
Entrances to Mansoul, Ear-gate, Eye-gate, Mouth-gate, Nose- Fall of man: Nature and grace at variance, ii. 14—Spri.
gate, and Feel gate, iii. 256.

tualized, ii. 428-Allegorically represented, iii. 25.–
Envy, parent of hideous and prodigious wickednesses, iii. 617. Satan's mode of fortifying Mansoul for himself, iii. 200mm
* Error', the hill and its fearful sight, iii. 144.

Gradations from incredulity to atheism, iii. 261.
Errors and delusions, why permitted, ii. 177.

Falling from knowledge, how, and why, i. 392.
Eternal life: Who may have it, and mpon what terms, i. 292 False Christs, how to be known, ii. 169.

- Not for wages or money, i. 292--In Christ promised Famine-Hunger making his last meal of a man, i. 249.
before creation, i. 584.

Fasting and fast days, i. 41 ; iii. 328, 340—Pharisees fast
Ethiopicin, attempt to wash him white by Fool and Want- twice a-week [query, Wednesday and Friday), ii. 224.
wit, iii. 231.

Fathers--Bible preferred to them and to all authors, iii. 3R
* Evangelist instructs Christian, iii. 90, 94—And Faithful, Fear of God: Works reverence and union to God, i. 14–
iii. 126.

As a father, how distinguished from his fear as the judge,
Erangelists inferior to apostles, but above pastors, ii. 511. i. 437– The salt that seasons every duty, i. 438, 477–
Erilences for heaven forfeited by foul offences, i. 188.

Divers kinds-- Called anguish, i. 415–Ungodly fear of
Eril conscience the messenger of death, ii. 434-Overcome God, how known, i. 446, 451, 452, 483—Prevents a simplu
with good, instances of, ii. 719.

reliance on Christ, i. 447—Godly fear which lasteth má
Evil thoughts, significant names of Diabolonians, who infested -Tends to cursed additions to the Bible, i. 413-- From

Mansoul and were convicted, iii. 369-Live-by-feeling and Satan, by groundless confidence and ungrounded fears--
Legal-life; they die in prison, but Unbelief, a nimble jack, The Devil's paws to be seen in it; leads men to hide
escapes, iii. 370.

their Lord's talent, i. 452—Devil's faith produces the
* Examination at the wicket-gate, iii. 96, 179—At the inter- Devil's fear, i. 460—What it flows from, and what flows

preter's house, iii. 98, 181-At the house called Beautiful, from it, i. 462—However small or young, greatly blessed
iii. 107, 197— At heaven's gate, iii. 165.

i. 472– The darling grace- Motives to fear God, i. 475-
Example of a godly man, if evil, causes awful mischief, i. 740. Gives a princely, mighty, invincible spirit, i. 480—Years
Erorcism, singular mode of, iii. 605.

of growth, i. 483-Hinderances, i. 485—Degrees—The
*Erperience, a shepherd, iii. 144, 232.

pulse of the soul, i. 489-Encouragements to it, most ho-
Experience, or the internal conflict, i. 252--Infidel thoughts, nourable and rich, i. 490 – Teaches to pray without banken

i. 353--of saints sometimes dark in the dying hour, i. 455 i. 628—Described, iii. 105, 159, 215, 741.
-Happy experience of the Christian, i. 548—Lightning Fear of man where there is no fear of God-Although ra
without thunder in some cases tends to wantonness, i. 655 minded of death and judgment, i. 705-llow it works,
-Soul's conflict with Satan, i. 661–Rich and deep, ii. 6, i. 726_*Ungodly fear of man, üi. 160.
7-Divers, ii. 12, and note—To be carefully examined, * Fearing, a timid pilgrim, his troubles, iii. 212—Afraid to
ii. 480—* Narrated by Christian, iii. 107-Narrated by knock at the gate, iii. 213—His noble bearing at Vanity
Faithful, iii. 117– By Hopeful, iii. 153_*Comfort may Fair; his triumphant death, iii. 214.
depend upon false hopes, iii. 157 — Narrated by Mercy, iii. Fears of the wicked, i. 745.

188-Of Mr. Fearing, iii. 212—By Feeblemind, iii. 221 * Feeble-mind rescued from Slay-good, iii. 221–His hapi
-By Valiant-for-truth, iii. 233—By Standfast, iii. 238. death, iii. 242.
Extortion, or making a prey of others, its wickedness, iii. 637. Feel-gate, the weakest part of Mansoul, iii. 350.
Ezekiel's vision explained, iii. 407.

Filth, Mr., an odious, nasty, lascivious piece of beastliness

iii. 267.

Final perseverance of the saints, i. 22 [No. 134], 539, 552–

If one of his sheep be lost, Christ and his Father are overs
* Faint-heart, Mistrust, and Guilt, three robbers, iii. 147. thrown, i. 234-Proved from the book of life, iii. 419.
Faith not shown by working miracles, i. 12–And repent. * Fire burning, although water is thrown on it, iii. 100.

ance essential, i. 70— Wild faith is presumption, i. 92– Flaming sword kills all who attempt to re-enter Paradise by
It helps at a pinch-The eye, the mouth, the hand of the Adam's holiness, ii. 299.
soni, i. 97–At times a sore labour, i. 189—A duty, i. 230 * Flatterer-Pilgrims warned of him, iii. 145—They fall iuto

- Power of hell bent against it, i. 231—And doubting may his net, iii. 151.
live together, i. 288—Opposed by unbelief in twenty-five Flood brought on by mixing the world and the chureh.
ways, i. 293-Sets the crown upon the head of grace, i. ii. 460, 463—Typical of the day of judgment, ii. 471-
310— With its neck turned behind, i. 326, and note- To Spiritualized, ii. 473-A type of persecuting times, ii. 476.
be sought, i. 328—To be lived by, i. 329–To be made a Flowers in God's garden, all double, i. 596.
matter of conscience, i. 330—Three things in faith dis- Fully of sinners; man danceth about Hell's month, ii. 111.
pleasing to the wicked one--And unbelief curiously con- Fool: The greatest is he who neglects salvation, i. 141-
trasted, i. 331-Essential to every step to salvation, i. 339; Six signs of a, i. 142.
ii. 154—Ten signs of saving faith, i. 385—The source of Forehead, name of God in the ; its meaning, iii. 459, 103.
gospel obedience, i. 518—Faith is not the Saviour, i. 519 Forget-good, the recorder, put in Mansoul by Diabolus, zi.
--A variety of faiths, i. 510--The mother grace, from her

261, 276.
comes hope, and charity from both, i. 578—A source of * Forgetful-green, the battle-ground with Apollyon, iii. 217.
misery or happiness, ii. 36—Is the gift of God, ii. 134—*Formalist and Hypocrisy before the wicket-gate; enter the
Five advantages, ii. 168--Motive is love to God and the by the gate, iii. 103— To avoid the hill Difficulty, take the
brethren-Leads to Christ for help in the battle, ii. 253— way of Danger and Destruction, and perish, iii. 104.

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Fornication, its awful consequences, iii. 611. 612.

salvation, i. 439—The brightness of his glory covers us
Foster, a persecuting justice of Bedford, i. 52.

with the shadow of death, i. 439--His Name expresses his
Pour Last Things. See vol. iii., p. 726 :

nature, i. 410-How described in Scripture, i. 457-His
DEATH-Death, as a king, overcomes all, iii. 726--Irre- love, what it is, i. 539--The believer's portion and hope,

sistible; we must drink with death-Who it is he can- i. 585--The source of all happiness, i.586-MERCY of, how
not kill, iji. 727-The Christain raised again, wlien it is named, i. 595—Is manifold, there is no single flower
death hath no more power, iii. 728—The second death, in God's garden, i. 596– Its operations, i. 598_Condescen-
iii. 731.-See Death.

sion and love, i. 603-His THRONES, i. 642; in heaven, on
JUDGMENT — Appointed to take place after death-Christ, earth, of judgment, of glory, of grace, upon which only

by God's appointment, to be the Judge, iii. 728—All prayer can be received, i. 643–His Commands imperative,
thoughts, woriis, and actions, will be brought into judg- i. 732-Decrees unalterable and unchangeable, i. 771-
ment--No hiding from the great Judge at that day, iii. Unsearchable, broader than all sins, rage of men, or devils,
729—Great honour to the righteous after the judgment, ii. 4-Arm reaches to the belly of hell, ii. 5--Length, a

but miscry to the wicked, iii. 730. See Judgment-day. long arm to reach all, ii. 5- Deeper than hell, ii. 6—Lower
IIEAVEN-A poetic description of the glory of, iii. 730– than the deepest deep, ii. 6-Higher than all giants or walls,

The presence of the Eternal God there will give life ii. 8--His greatness our safety and glory, ii. 14-Fulness
-Great mysteries will be seen there, iii. 731—Saints filling his saints, who sweeten the churches, ii. 35-Able
there each wear a badge of glory, iii. 732-Eternal dura- to do more than we think, ii. 37-Seen in his works by
tion of, iii. 733. See Heaven.

carnal eyes, ii. 193—Perfections infinite, ii. 414_His com-
IlEll-The state of those that perish, poetically describe), mands, our sole rule in worship, ii. 465-lloly and just,

iii. 733—- A sea of burning brimstone, iii. 75+--Memory yet gracious, through the Redeemer, ii. 594-One to the
one of hell's torments, iii. 735—Eternity of hell's tor- Christian, ii. 676--llis attributes, ii. 676–How known,
ments, iii. 737. See Ilell.

ii. 676–False notions of, ii. 630— The on!y keeper of on?
Fourpence-halfpennies—A silver coin, i. 36; iii. 739, and note. souls, ii. 695- Able to keep us, ii. 699-701 — Will of, his
Fraudulent bankruptcy, how brought about, and its villany, law and order, ii. 704–Our Creator our consolation, ii. 731

iii. 628–Weights, too heavy or too light, tried by the --His faithfulness our preservation, ii. 731 Makes the
Bible, iii. 633, 634.

Christians' bed, i. 741-Christ the Lamb and God, have
Free-will follows after salvation, but not in God's way, ii. 241 one throne, iii. 453.
- Its liberty, ii. 312.

God- THE FATHER--Giveth his elect to the Son, who saveth
Fruitless professor like a blinking candle when God appears them, i. 243---Called “ Our Father," to familiarize his

as a mighty wind, ii. 572- The blinking candle we do children to him, i. 243-Giveth his people to his Son, i.
much despise, iii. 751, 752.

244-Import of this word giving, i. 24+His intent in
Fruits of forgiveness, iii. 305.

giving, i. 245-Gives and Christ saves two distinct per-
Fundamentals and secondary fundamentals, ii. 319.

sons, i. 274.
Future rewards and punishments, ii. 59 t.

GodTHE Sox-His sufficiency incomprehensible, i. 87—

Ilas bags of mercy yet unscaled, i. 98— The only Jacob's

ladder to heaven, i. 103--llis ability our safety, i. 211-

All men must be saved or damned by, i. 231-Son's re-

ception of the Father's gift, i. 246-The extent of his
* Gaius entertains the pilgrims, iii. 218–The curious dishes, riches, i. 341-llow poor he made himself to save sin-

iii. 219--Poetic riddles, iii. 220-Tells a story worth the ners, i. 315-Who he is: the seed of David, by promise ;
hearing, iii. 220.

the Wonderful, i. 393—The promised Messial, i. 393-
(tarılen of Eden-Why Adam was turned out, ii. 441.

Promised to every age, i. 391--A Saviour; what it means,
Gale-Christ the, i. 366--No little pinching wicket, i. 366 i. 395—His names in the promises, i. 395-Promised by

- Wide enough for all the lovers of Christ, i. 366–Of types, i. 396—All fulfilled in him, i. 397; ii. 144—God with
Paradise, wide enough for Adam to go out, but too strait us, i. 405–His name "Jesus,' which the devils hate and
for him to enter in, i. 366-Why strait, i. 367—The guard tremble at, angels and saints bow the head, i. 419— Why
to keep out the polluted in sin, as well profane as professor, he is precious, i. 435--The surety of the Covenant, i. 525
i. 367—The law, i. 367-The angels that guard, i. 367– - The surety being bound, the debtor is free, i. 526-
Porters at the, i. 367–Of Temple wide enough for clean The messenger of the Covenant, i. 526-Ilis message,
beasts, but not for the unclean, i. 376—To turn away i. 527---Must be all our salvation, or we perish, i. 556
from, like being turned off the ladder, i. 376–Of Heaven - The great deliverer, i. 710— The only soul-physician.
wide enough to admit the naked sinner, but not with the i. 711-The rounds of the ladder to heaven: the power of
world upon his back, iii. 475.

God, merits of Christ, help of angels, a good conscience;
Ginesis-An exposition on chapters i. to xi., ii. 414.

every round fitly placed, ii. 9, 10—His divinity, ii. 15, 16,
* Giants—Pagan and Pope, iii. 116-Despair and Difidence, 24 His miracles of mercy, ii. 146-Co-equal with the

iii. 140, 229-Grim or Bloody Man, iii. 195—Jaul the Father, ii. 118— The Creator, ii. 151--- Alone can enable
sophist, iii. 210—Slayrood, iii. 221.

man to call God Father, ii. 192-1lis design more than
Gifford, John, Mr. Bunyan's pastor, † some account of, i. 15, to reproduce man's original righteousness, ii. 291---llis

20; iii. 11-His account of Bunyan's early ministry, iii. holiness imputed to us superior to Adam's, ii. 292, 307,

427-Being infinite and eternal, ii. 300-- The high God
Glory of saints as brides of Christ, ii. 30–*Glimpses of and the Redeemer, ii. 595—– The mountain on which alone
eternal glory, iii. 145, 161.

we sec over mighty enemies, iii. 400— The foundation upon
* Gluttony seldom repented of, i. 474.

which the Church is fitly framed, iii. 434.
God— TRINITY IN UNITY a weighty subject, with prepara- God — Tue HOLY SPIRIT -- Ilis graces, i. 346 — Must

tions or rules for its study, ii. 386, 337, 591--Of persons help our infirmities, or all our prayers are vain, i. 426,
in the Godhead, ii. 415 — Absurdities that flow from 628---All other prayers abominable to God-Alone can
denying the, ii. 416—The foundation of the truth, iij. 520. show us the way to God, i. 629-IIis influence essential
- See Map of salvation, iii. 336.

to ascend, by Christ, to heaven, ii. 10— The Third Person
God—Unchangeable, i. 28—A source of terror,i. 29, 30-No in the Trinity, ii. 30–His comforting influences, iii. 133
respecter of persons, i. 30–Our thoughts known to, i. 37 _*His proverbs by the Interpreter, iii. 187— The Holy

— Riding post with his gospel, i. 84-His goodness, his Spirit and conscience the ministers in Mansoul, iii. 320.
glory, i. 210–His patience to sinners, i. 351– To approach Godly-man ill used by Prejudice, iii. 230.
him boldly, what it is, i. 360—Omniscience of, i. 438–Godly men may, by their conduct, send many to everlast-
His Presence dreadful, i. 438-Even when in his robes of ing burnings, i. 740-Afraid of their own righteousness,

ii. 242-Instances, ii. 243.
† Supposed to be represented by Evangelist, in the Pilgrim. Godly sorrow, its operation, i. 693.


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Gods or objects of worship many, but to the Christian ono 692-By rature, described in ten particulars, i. 693–
only, ii. 676.

God's mode of breaking, i. 693, 694, 787–God only can
Goll, pure, a figure of spiritual riches, beauty, and health, break, by His hammer and fire, i. 693, 707—How it is

iii. 430—Made pure by heat, so the saints by persecution, made contented, i. 694_Contrite, its meanings and signs,

iii. 431-As it were transparent glass, its meaning, iii. 438. i. 695, 696-Broken, feels its poverty, and depends on
*Good-confidence, the town of Great Grace, iii. 147.

Christ-To what it is compared, i. 700—Broken, the no-
Good-deed rejected, and Wet-eyes and Desires-awake chosen cessity of a--Trembles at the word, i. 702-Unbroken,
to be messengers for peace to Emmanuel, iii. 300.

the devil's fortress, i. 703— Must be ripped up by contie-
Good news for the vilest of men, i. 67.

tions, i. 701-Nothing will break but violence, i. 705–
Good thoughts compared to blossoms, iii. 756.

Reasons why it must be broken- Why God esteems it,
* Good-will, keeper of the wicket-gate, iii. 96, 179, 213, 222. nine reasons, i. 709-How to keep it tender, i. 713—Must
Good works, motives to, i. 731; ii. 555—The most durable be broken, to break its league with hell-Broken, sorror-

riches, i. 735-rewarded in heaven, i. 737—The fruits of ful on earth, but joyful in heaven, i. 715—How to judge
righteousness by Jesus Christ, ii. 250-Flowing from whether it is broken, i. 716—Better than all sacrific, i.
faith, ii. 315, 549—Some costly, others cost nothing, ii. 720-Of the wicked, widest downward, i. 767-Searched
508-David, Nathan, Uzza, and Peter, deceived as to, by God, who cannot be deceived, iii. 570.
ii. 553--Authorized by the Word-Martha misplaced Ileaven-Soul, in heaven, will be filled with all the bliss it
them, ii. 554- In the family, ii. 555—To be carefully can hold, i. 341-Its seven names, its joys, and company,
maintained, ii. 570.

i. 342, 527— The kingdom of Its entrance a gate; open
Gospel, the, à savour of life or of death, i. 242—Why so to the wise, but shut to the foolish virgins; two gates,
apparently unsuccessful, ii. 313.

one of faith to heaven on earth, and another to the very
Gospellers, meaning of the term, i. 106, 233, 507, and note heavens above, i. 365-Christ's house, into which Paul

-Carnal, crawling like locusts and maggots, ii. 429. was caught, i. 366-Heavenly things more glorious than
Grace, larger than sin, i. 24-Slighted, an intolerable recol- the types, i. 375, 644—Pleas to enter heaven that will be

lection in eternity, i. 69-In a great sinner shines, i. 83-- rejected, i. 376—All will think it desirable at the end of
What it is, i. 342-Essential to salvation, as it is in the the world, i. 378–Few will possess it, i. 379– The eternal
Father, i. 313--In the Son, i. 314-And in the Spirit, i. inheritance of saints in Christ, i. 428-On earth-first-
316-Flows from the Father in ten, from the Son in thirty- fruits of that above - Divine nature communicated on
six, and from the Holy Ghost in fifteen respects, i. 313- earth-human received into heaven, i. 553–Some there
317- Its unspeakable riches, that make angels wonder, glorious harpers who were worse than thyself, i. 65t-
and devils astonished, i. 316--Breaks the heart with joy, Aud as they suffered for Christ, the greater the crowil,
i. 352, 358— The only means of salvation, i. 351-No i. 725— Four sorts of people desire heaven, i. 761–
respecter of persons, i. 356-Saved Lot, but not his wife; Heaven, high, Christ can reach it, Elijah by his chariot,
for Peter, but not for Judas, i. 357, 374-An antidoto but how shall poor I? ii. 9-A sight of, dazed Saul,
against all delusions—A sin-killing doctrine, i. 359-Seek rejoiced Stephen, ii. 12– The believer in heaven, while
to advance it in the heart and life-A sea, a never-failing on earth, ii. 22.-A sense of pardon will swallow
fountain, i. 359– To be sought at a God of grace, upon the soul in love, ii. 100—In proportion to having enjoyed
a throne of grace, in the name of a gracious Christ, aided heaven upon earth, ii. 102- Eternity of heaven's jors
by the Spirit of grace, i. 360—Dangerous to the graceless, and hell's torments, ii. 127, 138; iii. 733—Not to be
i. 423-Meaning of the word, i. 644—Reigns over the earned at our fingers' ends, ii. 132_*Its enjoyments,
devil, death, sin, hell, and the grave, for ever, i. 616– iii. 164—*Personal identity in, iii. 165, 234– Wishin:
Pure and clear as crystal, i. 653— New supplies essential and praying for it useless, unless it is run for-run means
in every time of need, i. 679- What it should teach us, i. to fly, to press, to persevere, iïi. 391–Race long and
680—Its tendency to bring forth fruit, i. 730—Can never wearisome; many run, but few obtain, iii. 382—Provoca
be destroyed, i. 769-Humbles-Does not exempt from tions to run with the foremost, iii. 394-Heaven and hell
temptations—The more grace the more trials, i. 770—A separated by a great gulf, iii. 693— What this gulf is,
dram of it worth all the world, ii. 15— When improved, ii. 694.
increases, ii. 517—How nourished, iii. 100—- In the heart, Heavenly footman, the, or a description of the man that gets
how discovered, iii. 124-Must be improved, as well as to heaven, iii. 375—Nine directions how to run, iii. 303-
received, iii. 325-Growth in, imperceptible at times, iii. Nine motives to urge our speed, iii. 389–Many run who
452, and note-Never makes man proud, wanton, or care- never entered the way, iii. 391.
less, iii. 554—How to be obtained, iii. 741.

Hebrew names, and their meanings, ii. 496.
* Graceless-Christian's name before conversion, iii. 105-A * Heedless and Mr. Too bold in a fatal sleep, iii. 237.
town, two miles from Honesty, iii. 160.

Heights of fallen angels, and heights in us to plague us, ii

. 8.
Craces-How to try, i. 371.

Heights and depths between the convert and heaven, i. 340.
Gradations in piety and wickedness, i. 744.

Hei: One hour there burns out all the enjoyments of sin in
Grave—The house and bed for all living, i. 221.

the world, i. 14—Torments described, i. 120, 136, 137,
* Great Grace-The king's champion, iii. 147 --His mighty 148, 220, 520, 575; ii. 108, 126-Its great sting, i. 130
Son, iii. 230.

-Drink tears mixed with burning brimstone, i. 230 - How
* Great Heart, the pilgrims' guide and protector, iii. 190, &c. called, i. 272 -An awful reality, i. 375; iii. 592—Pre
Greek, knowledge of, not essential, i. 53.

pared of old, ii. 106-Death ever feeding on the soul, ii.
* Gripeman, a schoolmaster at Love-gain, in the north, iii. 107-Emblems or types of, ii. 111—Recollection of lost

means of grace, ii. 123–Degrees of torment, the smallesi

insupportable, ii. 128–*Hell's mouth, iii. 115—* Byway

to hell, iii. 145, 166, 231, 235–Eternity of hell torments

awfully described, iii. 379, 684, 694, 702, 723—Torments
Hard commands of God must be obeyed, i. 731.

increased by reflection, iii. 596-A few sighs from, or the
Heart, seven advantages of a tender, i. 7, 12—Corrupt, i. 50 groans of a damned soul, iii. 666-Receives the wicked at

--Unweldable, but by Christ, 216—Evil, i. 316—Six death-Hell not in this life, iii. 681-Awful description,
reasons why it rejecteth the gospel, i. 333-Exceedingly iii. 682-Nature of hell torments, iii. 683—The dami.ed
sinful-Wanderings of that of the saints, daily, require earnest for deliverance, but in vain, iii. 687—Why the
millions of pardons, i. 353—Teuder, a fit place for grace tongue to be cooled more than other members, iii. 689
to thrive in-How to soften it, i. 486-Broken, God will Scalding-hot memory—A scalding-hot remembrance of
not despise, known by sighs, tears, and groans, i. 689- thy sins, iii. 690—Sins press like blood-hounds, iii. 694–
Rightly broken, proved to be an excellent heart-God's Swimming in burning brimstone, iii. 703–Its aggrusz
jewel --Entitled to the cordial of heaven-An object of tions, iii. 704.
salvation-liod bindeth it up--What it is, i. 690, 191, *Ileman and Hezekiah, their conflict iii. 149.



* Ilen and chickens illustrate the Christian's call, iii. 186. boy and his song, iii. 206-Our Lord's country-house, iii.
Herbert's (George) poems quoted, ij. 390.

207- Forgetful Green, where Christian fought Apollyon,
Heresy, reason why it is permitted, ii. 131.

iii. 207, 208.
Heretics : Christians called, ini. 700.

Humility, a sign of a contrite heart, i. 698—The convinced
High priest and his office, iji. 505.

sinner sees himself a filthy, leprous, polluted, sinful bit of
* Hold-the- World, Mr., iii. 133--His sophistry exposed, iii. carrion, ii. 269––To see God a consuming fire, man stubble

fully dry ; stands afar off; ii. 269, 272—Leaves room for
Holiday saints shut out of the strait gate, i. 377.

the Mediator, ii. 270-Four remarkable instances of, ii.
Holiness, gospel, flows from faith and tends to prayer, i. 613, 524-Arising from seeing the beauty of fellow-pilgrims,

614-Importance of seeing its beauty, i. 732—Three iii. 190—There is dirt in tears, and filthiness in prayers,
things essential--the Holy Ghost, faith, and a new heart, iii. 301.
ii. 282–And liberty are joined together, ii. 705.

Hunger making his last meal of the lepers, i. 248.
Holy City, the, or New Jerusalem unfolded, iii. 395-A | Husband, wife, or child, little in comparison with salvation,

heavenly mystery, hid from the wise and prudent, iii. 397 i. 16.
-Dedicated to the godly, the learned, the captious, and to Hymeneus and Philetus, fatal error of, as to the resurrection
the Mother of Harlots, iii. 397, 398, 399—The vision of, of the body, iii. 144.
to John--The gospel church released from captivity, iii. Hypocrisy made Bunyan tremble even when unconverted, i.
401– Why the church is called a city, iii. 402—It de- 6- To seek justification by the law, i. 315—A spreading
scends out of heaven from God, iii. 403— It has the glory leprosy, ii. 538-Five helps against it, ii. 539—Drawn to
of God, iii. 404–The light of this city, iii. 407-God, its the life, iii. 618.
builder, iii. 408—Its happiness, iii. 409– To call her a * Ilypocrisy and Formality climb over the wall, iii. 103—
rebellious city, are lying words, iii. 410—Its walls and They perish, iii. 104.
defences, iii. 411-The gates of the city, iii. 412–At Hypocrites, although tricked out, and trimmed up with what
the gates twelve angels, iii. 413—Twelve foundations, iii. bravery they can, are hypocrites still, i. 374_Professors,
416— What is meant by the golden reed and measuring line, who want grace, i. 382-Feigned holiness, demure con-
iii. 419– Its glory, a wall of jasper, iii. 427—City, pure duct, and golden names, i. 392--A stumbling-block, i. 482
gold, iii. 430 - The glory of the gates of, iii. 435—Glory -Severely reproved, i. 490—Hope perishes-Many pro-
of the street of, iii. 436-Has no temple, iii. 439–Needs fessors who will come short of heaven, ii. 120-And
no sun por moon, iii. 440— The inhabitants of, iii. 443– Pharisees trust in themselves, ii. 227-See no need of
Secure, with open gates, iii. 446—The glory and honour mercy, ii. 237--Like painted fire, flowers, or trees, ii. 550
of the nations brought into it, iii. 447—None but visible _*To cry out against sin no proof that it is hated, iii. 123
saints shall enter, iii. 448—Its provisions and maintenance -*Religion for the world or the bag, iii. 135—*Tree
--Its drink, the river of life, iii. 450—Pure as crystal, iii. rotten at heart an emblem of--Fit tinder for the devil's
451--Where it goes, iii. 452- Whence it came-Its food, tinder-box, iii. 187 — Satan's brood, creeping things,
Christ, the tree of life, iii. 453—Perfuming tree, no for- wooden and earthen professors, iii. 501-Injure the godly,
bidden tree of knowledge in, iii. 454—Fruits for body, iii. 574-Like a frog, iii. 753.
and soul, babes, and strong men, iii. 455—Abundance of
food, iii. 456—The ease, peace, and tranquillity of, iii. 457
-Every face shall shine, and all be known--Blessed is

he that shall see the golden world, iii. 459.
Foly life, the beauty of Christianity, ii. 511.

I say unto you," words of solein in port, i. 373— From
Holy walking yields blessed fruits in this life, i. 739.

God, i. 374.
Holy war, a relation of the, iii. 254.

*Idle life, one of the slanders on professors, iii. 700.
Iloly water, the real, as distinguished from the Popish Idleness, dangerous; watchfulness profitable, i. 736.
quackery, iii. 558, and note.

Idolatry, what it is, i. 586.
* Honest, Mr., an old pilgrim, iii. 211.

* Ignorance born in the country of Conceit-entered not by
Hope, all through grace, i. 357–Of Israel encouraged–To the gate-His hope--Shows himself a fool-Method of

hope without faith, is to see without eyes, i. 577—The dealing with, iii. 146–Comes to the river-Ferried over
cable to our anchor-Nine distinctions between the work by Vain-hope-Wants a certificate-His end, iii. 166.
of faith and hope, i. 578_Objects of, unutterably great, * Ill-favoured ones of Christiana's dream, iii. 173--Assault
i. 579—Hope against hope — Bears up the sufferer and her, iii. 182- Make her cautious, iii. 183.
martyr-Encouragements to, i. 582—Ènsures the enjoy- * Ill-will pelts Godly-ınan, iii. 230.
ment of the thing hoped for-Its motive, faith; its means, Nlpause, his stinking breath kills Innocency, iii. 260.
the Word ; its earnest, Christ in us, i. 583-Who it is that Image of God, defaced in the heart, and that of the Devil
has hope, i. 586—Prisoners of, i. 588-Requires daily set up in its place, ii. 110; iii. 263.
exercise, i. 590-A head and governing grace - Instances, *Immanuci's land seen from Mount Beautiful, iii. 111.
i. 591—Only that of Israel glad, i. 592_* A golden an. Immorality produces misery here and hereafter, iii. 756.
chor given to Christiana, iii. 204.

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Immortality of soul and body, iii. 726.
* Hopeful joins Christian, iii. 132—Led by him to Doubting Impenitent, their awful state, i. 429.
Castle, iii. 139— Dissuades Christian from suicide, iii. 141 Impiety living in Drunkard's-row, at Rascal-lane, iii. 311.

- Narrates his experience, iii. 153—Assists Christian in Imputed righteousness, justification by, or no way to heaven
passing the river, iii. 164.

but by Jesus Christ-A clear, quit, free, and saved condi-
* House for the lambs and babes, iii. 228.

tion, in the approbation of God's holy law, i. 301-As
House of the Forest of Lebanon, iii. 510-Distinct from the actions flow from faith, they are justified-Strictly limited,

temple, iii. 512—I'he liouse in the forest a type of the to that of Christ-By Christ's obedience to the law, the
church under persecution, iii. 513, 522—0f the largeness saints stand spotless in God's sight; He is our righteous.
of this house, iii. 515-A castle or stronghold, iii. 316—Its ness, i. 302—Importance of the doctrine-Men are justi-
doors, posts, and windows, iii. 522— Military material, iii. fied while sinners in themselves, i. 303, 314, 326-By the
525—Only defensive armonr, 526-Cups of bitterness resurrection Christ, i. 305--All our works, tainted by
--Of sweetness, and holy enjoyment, iii. 530.

sin, justify not, i. 308—Justification requires perfect
ITucksters, injurious to the poor, iii. 638.

righteousness-Illustrated by the types, i. 311-Adam's
llumble self-abasement aspires to the highest blessings—Par- fig-leaf soon fades—Abel's sacrifice, a fruit of, i. 311-

don of sin, ii. 266-Station more blessed than the world is Joshua, accompanied by the non-imputation of sin, i. 312
aware of, iii. 631.

-Without the law-Essential, i. 324, 514, 618; ii. 308,
Humiliation, of Christ, infinite as His glory, ii. 19.

317; iii. 739, 741-Inherent only in Christ, i. 325-Denied
*Humiliation, Valley of, its difficult descent, iii. 111, 205– by some, i. 326— Alone to be relied on, ii. 229-Is unto

Pillar of warning-Beautitied with lilies—The shepherd- justification, ii. 248— The act of God, ii. 249–Before

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