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the market-cross seems to have prevailed in Bed- And he has thus shown the value of its sacred fordshire almost to the present time, and to have pages, to guide the benighted travellers: “Greatbeen merely a mode of advertisement to the public, heart struck a light, and took a view of his book that the husband would not pay the debts of his or map.' wife, contracted subsequent to the time when it *The Bible! That's the book. The book indeed, occurred.'

The book of books! The character of Mr. Brisk is wittily drawn in

On which who looks,

As he should do aright, shall never need Bunyan's Emblems :

Wish for a better light - Candles that do blink within the socket,

To guide him in the night.'? And saints whose eyes are always in their pocket,

The Christian reader can scarcely know, after Are much alike; such candies make us fumble;

having read the whole volume, which gave the And at such saints, good men and bad do stumble.'

greatest enjoyment—whether travelling in comBunyan enjoyed the beauties of nature, espe- pany with Christian and his bosom friend, or the cially the singing of birds; thus when Christiana delightful feelings excited by witnessing the maleaves the Palace Beautiful, the songs of the birds tronly conduct of Christiana ; seeing her modest are reduced to poetry, to comfort the pilgrims. A friend, Mercy, a lovely companion, or the excellent bird furnished him with one of his Divine Emblems. picture of child-like behaviour in the four boys: It is upon the lark:

retracing the road, every step becomes delightfully * This pretty bird, oh! how she flies and sings

interesting, and the Valley of Humiliation the most But could she do so if she had not wings?

lovely picture of the whole. The courtship of Her wings bespeak my faith, her songs my peace; Mr. Brisk—the additions to their company—the When I believe and sing, my doubtings cease.'

weddings, and the happy close —this, with the Mercy longs for that mirror which flatters not, final perseverance of the whole party, leads every and the shepherds give her a Bible. Modern reader earnestly to wish for a Third Part, more Christians may

wonder that she had not previously adventures, more of the Divine goodness, more furnished herself with one; doubtless she had the proofs that in this world, with all its bitterness, use of one, and all her pocket-money went to re- the gospel of Jesus Christ makes its possessors lieve the distresses of the poor of Christ's flock. happy; yes, 'we have the promise of the life that Think of the thousands of pious men and women now is, as well as of that which is to come.' But incarcerated in dungeons, because they loved death, probably from the latent effects of his imChrist, and dared not violate conscience. What prisonment, cut short the valuable life of the pila charge upon those saints who possessed the grim's friend. And now, after long neglect, his means of rendering them assistance! The re-country is teeming with his name as a national venues of the Church by law established were honour, and scarcely knows how sufficiently to never used for the distribution of Bibles. The show respect and admiration to his memory. MagChurch had obtained a most enormous and in- nificent merchant-ships bear that name to oriental jurious privilege, for the sole printing of Bibles in and transatlantic countries. Several thousand all languages, to withhold altogether, or give a pounds have been subscribed to adorn the scene supply as they chose. The natural consequence of his labours at Bedford, with a BUNYAN CHAPEL, of this was, a high price for books printed on bad capable of seating about twelve hundred worshippaper, and miserably incorrect. Of late years, pers—a more appropriate monument to his memory part of the wealth she derived from her monopoly than a statue or a splendid tomb.

The pens of in printing incorrect Bibles has been wrung from our greatest literary men have been employed to her, and the Word of life now flows all pure as a exhibit his singular piety, his extraordinary talent, mighty river, to refresh the earth. All honour be and his extensive usefulness, and his image is to paid to those who fought that battle, and obtained be placed with those of Milton, Shakspeare, Hampthat important victory. In Bunyan's time, the den, and the giant men who have shed glory upon Church allowed it only in a niggard stream, and this nation, in the splendid new house in which the that polluted.' Herbert has well expressed the Commons of England are to hold their sittings. value of the mirror which Mercy longed for:

HACKNEY, Sept. 1850.

Geo. Ofror. 'The Bible is the looking-glass of souls, wherein All men may see

2 flerbert's Synagogue, p. 15. Whether they be

3 The last words of Christiana were- - I come, Lord, to be Still as by nature they are, deformed with sin; Or in a better case,

with thee, and bless thee.'

How my heart
As new adorned with grace.'1

Longs, JESUS, for thy coming! to set free,
Th' imprison'd pilgrim from frail flesh and sin,

From evil and from death, to wing her way,
· Jlerbert's Synagogue, p. 1.

Her joyful way, to liberty and thee !'

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This edition is prepared from a careful collation of the twelve elitions published by the author during his life. It embraces the whole allegory in its native simplicity and beauty; illustrated 'with appropriate engravings ; and VARIORUM Notes ; being extracts from Bunyan's various treatises which illustrate the Pilgrim's Progress,' together with the most striking and valuable Notes by Cheever, Macaulay, Newton, Mason, Scott, Ivimey, Burder, M.Nicoll, Dr. Dodd, and other Commentators, with a few by the Editor. To preserve the uniformity of the text, the fac-similes of all the original woodcuts, with the verse under each, are placed together in the order in which they first appeared ; presenting a short pictorial outline of the principal scenes of this spiritual pilgrimage, in those rude representations which so delighted and interested us in our childhood.



Apollyon; comes to the Valley of the Shadow of Death; FIRST PART.

terrified by the spies; assaulted with foes who care Tue Author's Apology, a poem. Graceless becomes not for his sword; betakes himself to another weapon, a Christian ; alarmed for the safety of his soul; is All-prayer;' comes out of the Valley, and passes the treated by his family as one diseased; guided by Evan- old giants, Pagan and Pope; overtakes Faithful, a gelist; runs towards the Wicket-gate; is overtaken fellow-pilgrim; hold communion with each other; conby Obstinate and Pliable; persuades Pliable to fly with verse with Talkative; Evangelist forewarns them of him; fall into the Slough of Despond; Pliable returns; persecution; enter Vanity Fair ; are maltreated; imChristian, assisted by Help, goes on; meets Worldly- prisoned ; Faithful is tried and burned; Christian purwiseman; complains of his burden, and is sent out sues his journey, and is joined by Hopeful; By-ends of his way to the house of Legality; terrified at Mount wishes to join them; the sophistry of Hold-the-world Sinai ; Evangelist appears and puts him again into the detected; Demas tempts them to the hill Lucre, but right road; arrives at the Wicket-gate; is admitted they refuse; arrive at the River of the Water of Life; by Good-will, and sent to the Interpreter's house ; is they go into By-path Meadow; follow Vain-Confidence; shown a picture; a dusty room; Passion and Patience; are taken by Giant Despair, and imprisoned in Doubtthe fire of grace; the valiant man; the man in de- ing Castle; arguments for and against suicide; escape spair; the trembler; proceeds to the cross ; loses his by the Key of Promise; erect a pillar to caution burden ; angels give him a pardon, new clothing, a others; arrive at the Delectable Mountains; entermark, and a roll; tries to alarm three men asleep, but tained by the shepherds; are shown Mounts Error, in vain ; meets Formalist and Hypocrisy; ascends the Caution, and Clear; see the Celestial Gate; receive hill Difficulty; sleeps in the Arbour, and drops his roll; some cautions; fail in attempting to convert Ignois awakened, and pursues his journey į meets Mistrust rance; robbery of Little-faith; meet the Flatterer, and Timorous; misses his roll; returns in grief, and and are caught in his net; released by a Shining recovers it; goes on to the Palace Beautiful; encour- One; meet Atheist; adventures on the Enchanted aged by Watchful, he passes the lions, and, after exam. Ground; mcans of watchfulness ; enter the Land ination, is admitted according to the laws of the house; of Beulah; are sick with lore; approach the River entertained ; sleeps in the Chamber of Peace; sees the of Death; no bridge; full of fear and dread, but study; the armoury; the Delectable Mountains; enters get safely over; received by angels; admitted to the Valley of Humiliation; fights with and overcomes glory.

singular sect in the author's time; are entertained at SECOND PART.

the house of Gaius; pilgrims the descendants of the The Author's way of sending it forth, a poem. martyrs; Matthew and Mercy betrothed; riddles in Sagacity narrates how Christiana, the widow of Chris- verse; Slay-good, a giant, slain; Feeble-mind rescued; tian, reflects upon her former conduct, feels her danger, proves to be related to Mr. Fearing; Not-right killed and agrees with her children to follow her late husband with a thunder-bolt; Matthew and Mercy, and James in pilgrimage; is enconraged by a secret influence on and Phebe, married; Feeble-mind and Ready-to-halt join her mind that she would be received; her neighbours the pilgrims; profitable converse between Honest and dissuade her, but she prevails upon one of them, Mercy, Great-heart; Vanity Fair ; the death of Faithful had to go with her; she is reviled by her acquaintance; planted a little colony of pilgrims there; pleasant comget over the Slough of Despond, and are admitted at munion; courage and an unspotted life essential to the Wicket-gate, and rejoice together. They are fed, pilgrims; Samuel and Grace, and Joseph and Martha, washed, and sent on their way; the children eat the married. The Monster [state religion] assaulted and enemies' fruit; are assaulted, but rescued by the Re-wounded; believed by some that he will die of his liever; arrive at the Interpreter's house; shown the wounds ; pass the place where Faithful was martyred; significant rooms, the man who prefers a muck-rake to the silver mine ; Lot's wife ; arrive at the river near a celestial crown, the spider in the best room, the hen the Delectable Mountains ; By-path Meadow; slay and chickens, butcher and sheep, the garden, the field, Giant Despair, and Diffidence, his wife, and destroy the robin ; the Interpreter's proverbs ; tree rotten at Doubting Castle ; release Mr. Despondency and Miss heart; they relate their experience; Mercy is sleepless Much-afraid; Great-heart addresses the shepherds in for joy; they are washed, which enlivens and strengthens rhyme; Mounts Marvel, Innocent, and Charity; see them; sealed and clothed ; Great-heart guards them to the hole in the side of the Hill; Mercy longs for a the house called Beautiful; pass the sepulchre where curious mirror; the pilgrims are adorned; story of Christian lost his burden; pardon by word and deed, Turn-away; find Valiant-for-truth wounded by thieves ; an important distinction ; see Simple, Sloth, and Pre-account of his conversion ; the question debated, that sumption hanging ; names of those that they had if we shall know ourselves, shall we know others in ruined; Hill Difficulty; By-ways, although stopped the future state ? arguments used by relatives to preand cautioned, still entered; rest in the Arbour, but vent pilgrimage; the Enchanted Ground; an arbour are afraid to sleep; still suffer by forgetfulness; called the Slothful's Friend ; in doubt as to the way, punishment of Timorous and Mistrust; Giant Grim the book or map is examined; Heedless and Bold in a slain ; pilgrims arrive at the Palace Beautiful; Great- fatal sleep; surprised by a solemn noise, they are led heart returns; they are entertained for a month; the to Mr. Stand-fast in prayer, he having been assailed children catechised; Mr. Brisk makes love to Mercy; by Madam Bubble; arrive in the Land of Beulah, and her sister Bountiful's unhappy marriage; Matthew are delighted with celestial visions on the borders of sick with the enemies' fruit; is healed by Dr. Skill; the River of Death ; Christiana summoned, addresses his prescriptions ; instructive questions; they are her guide, and blesses her children and her fellowgreatly strengthened; Mr. Great-heart sent to guard pilgrims; her last words; Mr. Ready-to-halt passes them; enter the Valley of Humiliation, and are pleased the River; Feeble-mind is called, will make no with it; shepherd boy's song; see the place where will, and goes up to the Celestial City; Despond. Christian and Apollyon fought; come into the Valley ency and Much-afraid die singing; Honest dies singof the Shadow of Death ; are greatly terrified ; Giant ing Grace reigns; Valiant-for-truth and Stand-fast Maul slain; find Old Honest, a pilgrim, sleeping; he joyfully pass the river, leaving a solemn message joins them; story of Mr. Fearing; good men some. to relatives. Joy in heaven on the arrival of the times much in the dark; he fears no difficulties, only pilgrims. . Christiana's children a blessing to the lest he should deceive himself; case of Self-will; a church.


Christian no sooner lcaies the World but meets Erungelist, who lovingly him greets With tidings of another: and doth show Him how to mount to that from this below.

When Christians unto carnal men give ear, Out of their way they go, and pay for 't dear, For master Worlully-Wiseman can but show A Saint the way to Bondage and to woc.

He that will enter in must first witho'nt Stand knocking at the Gate, nor need he doubt That is a knocker but to enter in; For God can love him, and forgive his sin.

This cut was introduced after the 10th edition. It is copied from the 13th edition, 1692.

Copied from the edition of 1692.

Copied from the edition of 1692.

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