And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.'-Rev. xxii. 17.

Loudon: Printed for Nathanael Ponder, at the Peacock in the Poultry, 1683.


Ofrey, and in every age, the children of God have pared for the press, and afterwards published by dared to doubt the sufficiency of Divine grace; Mr. Doe. It is called, The Saint's Privilege and whether it was vast enough to reach their condi- Profit. The way in which he alludes to this, as if tion—to cleanse them from the guilt of all their it had been printed, shows that he had fully detersins—and to fit their souls to dwell with infinite mined to publish it shortly, and this, if it was needed, holiness in the mansions of the blessed. To solve would confirm our confidence in those treatises. these doubts—to answer these anxious inquiries, lle thus refers to it: Because I have spoken of Bunyan wrote many of his works; for although this thing, more particularly upon that text, “Let be was a Boanerges, or son of thunder, to awaken us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace," the impenitent, he was cminently a Barnabas—a I shall therefore here say no more.' son of consolation-an evangelist to direct the Two things are rather extraordinary with regard trembling inquirer to Christ the way, the truth, to this valuable treatise on the Water of Life. and the life. He proclaims first, from his own ex- One is, that although inserted in every list of perience, that there is ‘Grace abounding to the our author's works, both published by himself and Chief of Sinners;' then he proclaims Good News by his friends after his decease, it cscaped tho for the Vilest of Men, the Jerusalem Sinner is researches of Doe, Wilson, Chandler, Whitfield, and Saved'-'Christ is an Advocate'- Christ is a others who collected and published Bunyan's works, complete Saviour.' Every one is invited with a excepting only the edition with Mason’s notes, •Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.' There is printed for A. Hogg about 1785.

The other *Justification by his Righteousness'—'Salvation sivgular circumstance is, that although the separato by his Grace.' *Ile is a 'Throne of Grace' to which treatises of Bunyan were all most wretchedly and all are freely invited. Even • The Broken Heart inaccurately printed, the Water of Life has in is an acceptable sacrifice.' There is “The Holy this respect suffered more than any other of his City, New Jerusalem,'to receive such at the end works. A modern edition of this book, published of their pilgrimage, and directions amply given to at Derby by Thomas Richardson, is, without exthe pilgrim to guide him in his progress to the ception, the most erroneously printed of all books celestial city; and he now introduces us to a that have come under my notice. The Scriptures majestic overflowing river, The Water of Life,' are misquoted—words are altered so as to pervert sufficient for the refreshment and solace of the the sense—whole sentences and paragraphs, and myriads of God's saints who have lived from the even whole pages in three or four places, and, in crcation, and will live until the final consummation one instance, four consecutive pages, are left out!!! of all things, when the prophet in holy vision saw I should be grieved if more penal enactments were ' a great multitude which no man could number, of added to our statutes, but surely there should be all nations, and kindreds, and people, stand before some punishment for such a crime as this. The the throne, and before the Lamb. This work was other editions are more reputable, but very incorthe result of the author's maturo experience, being rect. One of them bears the imprint of London, published by him during the last year of his event for James Bunyan, 1760.' Another has ‘London, ful life. In it he refers to one of those ten excel-sold by Baxter, Doolittle, & Burkit,' evidently lont manuscripts left by him at his decease, pro. fictitious names, adopted from those three great

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authors. The Pilgrim's Progress was twice pub- hood, and then 'grace ran but slowly because Jesus lished by D. Bunyan, in Fleet Street, 1763 and was not glorified.' p. 546.

Now it flows like a ma1768; and the Heavenly Footman, London, sold by jestic river from the throne of God, open to all, J. Bunyan, above the Monument.' All these are without limit of family or nation, revealed to every wretchedly printed, and with cuts that would dis- creature by the volume of inspiration. This water grace an old Christmas carol. Thus the public have admits no mixture—it is pure and perfect as its been imposed upon, and thus the revered name of origin-free as the air we breathe to sustain life. Bunyan has been sacrificed to the cupidity of unprin- "There is no grudge, or a piece of an upbraiding cipled men. Ilad his works been respectably printed speech heard therein. Any attempt to mix with they would have all been very popular and useful, it human merits destroys all its efficacy. In it, and and his memory have been still more venerated. in it only, spiritual life, exciting to works of mercy,

To attract his readers to come personally, and and giving sure hopes of immortal bliss, is to be partake the blessings imparted by the water of found. God's children can no more live separated life, Bunyan shows that, as a medicine, it alone from this river than fish can live out of water. As is the specific to cure the sin-sick soul-all other a fish, by natural instinct, avoids foul and unwholeapplications must fail most fatally—all other some water, so a Christian has spiritual powers to remedies come from and return to the Dead Sea'- judge of the purity of doctrine. Like the manna while the water of life issues from, and leads the from heaven, and our daily bread, it must be supsoul to, the throne of God. It cleanseth from the plied day by day. No church cistern of works of old leaven. The Divine Physician is ever ready to supererogation can supply this pure water. All administer to the wearied soul. Be not misled by such pretended supplies are poisonous. It must worldly-wisemen to take advice of the doctor's boy, come direct from heaven without human interferbut go direct to Jesus; he is ready-he is willing ence. Those only who spiritually thirst will seek

; to cure and save to the uttermost. His medicine it. Some prefer wine that perisheth in the using, may be sharp, but merely so as to effect the cure while this water, once received, becomes a well•where bad humours are tough and churlish.' 'It spring of living waters, springing up into everlastrevives where life is, and gives life where it is not. ing life. How marvellous that river which swalTake man from this river, and nothing can make lows up all the impurities of the myriads of the him live: let him have this water and nothing can redeemed, so that they are seen no more for ever. make him die.' The river of water of life allegori. These are the truths pressed upon our attention in cally represents the Spirit and grace of God; thus this treatise. Well may our venerated Bunyan the truth is mercifully set before us, for what is say, while richly enjoying the blessings of this more free than water, and what more beneficial river of grace, just before he waded through the and more desirable than life?' Vast and majestic black river which absorbs our earthly bodies—0 rivers convey but a faint idea of the immensity of grace! O happy church of God! all things that Divine grace; in comparison with which the most happen to thee are, for Christ's sake, turned into mighty mountain dwindles into the least ant's egg grace!' p. 550. It is a river that so reflects the or atom in the world.' p. 553. A stream of grace splendour of God, that the first sight of it was to issued from the same source during the patriarchal Paul above the brightness of the sun; a light that dispensation, and then mankind were directed to it did, by the glory of it, make dark to him all the by immediate revelation, or by the tradition of their things in the world. fathers. It extended under the Jewish or Levitical Reader, may your soul and mine be abundantly law, in its course passing through the temple, issu- refreshed from this inexhaustible river, the streams ing from under the threshold of God's house, re. whereof make glad the city of God. vealed by types, and shadows, and an earthly priest

Geo. Ofror.


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tongue of men or angels. Yet this I have sail, COURTEOUS READER,

and so saying, said truly, that whosoever shall drink I have now presented thee with something of a dis- of this water shall find it in him a well of water; course of the water of life and its virtues; therefore, and not only so, but a well springing up in him to thou mayest, if thou wilt, call this book Bunyan's everlasting life, let his disease be what it will. Bill of his Master's Water of Life. True, I have And as men, in their bills for conviction to readers, not set forth at large the excellent nature and qua- do give an account to the country of the persons lity thereof, nor can that so be done by the pen or cured, and the discases that have been removed by

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liquors and preparations, they have made for that and that which will certainly make thee well, let end, so could I, were it not already * done by an thy disease, or trouble, or pain, or malady, be what

infallible pen to my hand, give you it will. For the price, care not for that, it is cheap Dy Holy Writo

accounts of numberless numbers that enough, this is to be had without money or price. have not only been made to live, but to live for ever, “I will give,' saith God and the Lamb, ‘unto him by drinking of this water, this pure water of life. that is athirst, of the fountain of the water of life Many of them indeed are removed from hence, and freely.' Re. xxi. 6. Hence he says again, Whosolive where they cannot be spoken with as yet; but ever will, let him take the water of life freely.' Re. abundance of them do still remain here, and have xxii. 17. So that thou hast no ground to keep back their abode yet with men.

because of thy poverty; nay, for the poor it is Only, if thou wouldst drink it, drink it by itself, prepared and set open, to the poor it is offered, and that thou mayest not be deceived by that which the poor and needy may have it of free cost." is counterfeit, know it is as it comes from the hand Is. xli. 17, 18. of our Lord, without mixture, pure and clear as But let it not be slighted because it is offered to crystal. I know there are many mountebanks in thee upon terms so full, so free. For thou art the world, and every of them pretend they have sick, and sick unto death, if thou drinkest not of it, this water to sell; but my advice is, that thou go nor is there any other than this that can heal thee, directly to the throne thyself, Ile. iv. 16; or as thon and make thee well. Farewell. The Lord be thy art bidden come to the waters, Is.lv.1; and there thou physician! So prays thy friend, shalt be s' re to have that which is right and good,


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THE WATER OF LIFE. ' AND DE SIIOWED ME A PURE RIVER Of water of text, which is, THIE WATER OF LIFE. These words,

water of life, are metaphorical, or words by which LIFE, CLEAR AS CRYSTAL, PROCEEDING OUT OF TIIE Throne of God and OF THE LAMB.' Re. XXII. 1. fied before our faces; and that thing is the Spirit of

a thing most excellent is presented to and ampliThese words are part of that description that one grace, the Spirit and grace of God. And the words, of the seven angels, which had the seven vials full water of life, are words most apt to present it to of the seven last plagues, gave unto John of the us by; for what is more free than water, and what New Jerusalem, or of the state of that gospel church, more beneficial and more desirable than life? that shall be in the latter days. Re. xxi. 9. Wherefore Therefore I say it is compared to, or called, the he saith, ‘And he showed me; He, the angel, showed water of life. lle showed me the water of life. me it.

That it is the Spirit of grace, or the Spirit and In the text we have these things to consider of, grace of God, that is here intended: consider, First,

First. The matter, the subject matter of the the Spirit of grace is in other places compared to text, and that is the water of life. He showed water: and, SECOND, it is also called the Spirit of me the water of life. Second. We have also here life. Just as here it is presented unto us, · IIe the quantity of this water showed to him, and that showed me the water of life.' is under the notion of a river: ‘lle showed me a First. The spirit of grace is compared to water. river of water of life.' THIRD. He shows liim also Whosoever,' saith the Lamb, drinketh of the the head, or well.spring, from whence this river of water that I shall give him, shall never thirst; but water of life proceeds, and that is, the throne of the water that I shall give him shall be in him a God and of the Lamb.' • He showed me a river of well of water springing up into everlasting life.' Jo. water of life, proceeding out of the throne of God, iv. 14. What can here by water be intended, but and of the Lamb.' Fourth. We have also here the Spirit of grace that this poor harlot, the woman the nature and quality of this water; it is pure, it of Samaria, wanted, although she was ignorant of is clear as crystal: · And he showed me a pure her want, as also of the excellency thereof? Which river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding water also is here said to be such as will spring out of the throne of God and of the Lanıb.

As God gave us existence, so, in his munificence and royal

bounty, he gives us his rich grace. We have nothing to give (THE WATER OF LIFE.]

in return but grateful love. He redeems us from the captivity

of sin, and death, and hell. 'Every beast of the forest is mine, [FIRST.) We will begin with the first of these, the Almighty, with the fulness thereof. O to grace how great

and the cattle upon a thousand hills: the world is mine, saith to wit, with the matter, the subject matter of the l a debtor; freely bestowed to the poor and needy.—(Ed.)


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of grace.


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ur, in them that have it, as a well into everlasting is cooling: the curse doth burn with hell-fire; coollife.

ing is by the grace of the holy gospel: but they Again, “In the last day, that great day of the that overstand the day of grace, shall not obtain feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man to cool their tongues so much of this water as will thirst, let him come unto me and drink.' But of lang on the tip of one's finger. La xvi. 24, 25. what? Why of his rivers of living waters. But 3. Water is also of a spreading nature, and so what are they? Why he answers, “This spake he is sin; wherefore sin may for this also be compared of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should to water. It overspreads the whole man, and inreceive.' Jn. vii. 37–3).

fects every member; it covereth all as doth water, Yes, the prophets and servants of God in the Old Grace for this cause may be also compared to water; Testament, did take this water of life for the Spirit for that it is of a spreading nature, and can, if God of grace that should in the latter days be poured | will, cover the face of the whole earth; of body and out into the church. Hence, Isaiah calls water soul. God's Spirit and blessing, and Zechariah, the Spirit 4. Sin is of a fouling, defiling nature; and grace

• I will pour water upon him that is is of a washing, cleansing nature; therefore grace, thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour and the Spirit of grace, is compared to water. I my Spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine will,' saith God, .sprinkle clean water upon you, offspring.' Is. xliv. 3. And Zechariah saith, • I will (my Spirit, ver. 27) and ye shall be clean: from all pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabi- your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse tants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of sup- you.' Eze. xxxvi. 25. plication, - and they shall mourn,' &c. Zec. xii. 10. 5. Water; the element of water naturally deBehold, in all these places the Spirit of grace is in- scends to and abides in low places, in valleys and tended, and for our better understanding it is c places which are undermost; and the grace of God pared to water, to a well of water, to springs of and the Spirit of grace is of that nature also; the water, and to floods of water.

hills and lofty mountains have not the rivers runSecond. It is also called the Spirit of life, (either) ning over the tops of them; no, though they may more closely, [or] more openly.

run 'among them.'

But they run among the More closely, where it is called • living water,' valleys: and God resisteth the proud, and giveth • that living water,' and 'water springing up into grace unto the humble,’ to the lowly.' Ja, iv. 6. 1 Pe. everlasting life.' Jn. iv. 10, 11, 14; vii. 38.

Then more openly or expressly it is called the 6. The grace of God is compared to water, for Spirit of life.' * And after three days and an half, that it is it which causeth fruitfulness; water the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and causeth fruitfulness, want of water is the cause of they stood upon their feet.' Re. xi. 11.

barrenness; and this is the reason why the wholo From hence, therefore, I conclude, that by these world is so empty of fruit to Godward, even because terms, water of life, is meant the Spirit of grace, or

so few of the children of men have the Spirit of grace the Spirit and grace of the gospel. And the terms in their hearts. But, are such as are most apt to set forth the Spirit and (Second. The term LIFE.] grace of the gospel by: for,

As there is a great special signification in [First. The term WATER.)

this term WATER, so there is in this term LIFE, 1. By this term, WATER, an opposition to sin is pre-water of life. • He showed me the water of life.' sented unto us. Sin is compared to water, to In that, therefore, there is added to this word deadly waters, and man is said to drink it, as one water, that of life, it is, in the general, to show that drinketh waters. • How much more abomin- what excellent virtue and operation there is in this able and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water. It is aquæ vitæ, water of life, or water water?' Job xv. 16. So, then, that grace and the Spirit that hath a health and life in it. And this term of grace

is compared to water, it is to show what shows us, an antidote grace is against sin ; it is, as I may 1. That the world of graceless men are dead; call it, counter poison to it. It is that only thing dead in trespasses and sins. Jn. v. 21, 25. Ep. ii. 1. Col. by the virtue of wbich sin can be forgiven, van- Dead, that is, without life and motion Godquished, and overcome.

ward, in the way of the testament of his Son. 2. By this term WATER, you have an opposition 2. It also shows us that there is not any thing also to the curse, that is due to sin, presented unto you. The curse, is compared to water; the remedy

? Water is a curse, as in the dropsy, but essential to life is compared to water. Let the curse come into the with our food. Oil is veluable

, properly taken, but an irribowels of the damned, saith the psalmist, like water, tating oil to consume the bones is destructive. How awful I's. civ. 18. The grace of God also, as you see, is the case of the rich man when refused a drop of water to cool

that fire which he had created while living, and into which he compared to water. The curse is burning; water had irretrievably plunged himself.--(ED.)

v. 5. Pr. iii. 34.

ii. 13.


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Eze. xxxii, 14.

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in the world, or in the doctrine of the world, the law, that can make them live. Life is only in this (THE GREATNESS AND ABUNDANCE OF THE WATER OP

LIFE.) water, death is in all other things. The law, I say, which is that that would, if anything in the [SECOND.) We come now to discourse of the whole world, give life unto the world, but that yet second thing with which we are presented by the killeth, condemneth, and was added that the offence text, and that is, the quantity that there is of this might abound; wherefore there is no life either in water of life. It is a Rivek—He showed me a the world or in the doctrine of the world. It is river of water of life.' Waters that are cordial, only in this water, in this grace of God, which is and that have in them a faculty to give life to here called the water of life, or God's aquæ vitce. them that want it, and to maintain life where it

3. It is also called the water of life to show that is, are rare and scarce, and to be found only in by the grace of God men may live, how dead soever close places and little quantities; but here you their sins have made them. When God will say to see there is abundance, a great deal, a RIVER, & a sinner, • live,' though he be dead in his sins, he river of water of life. In my handling of this shall live.' • When thou wast in thy blood, I said point I will show you, unto thee, Live; yea, when thou wast in thy blood, Finst. What a river of water of life this is. I said, Live. Eze. xvi. 6. And again, “The dead shall Second. And then draw some inferences therehear the voice of the Son of God; and they that from. hear shall live.' Jn. V. 25. That is, when he speaks First. What a river this is, this river of water of words of grace, and mixeth those words with the life.* Spirit and grace of the gospel, then men shall live; First. It is a deep river. It is a river that is for such words so attended, and such words only, not shallow, but deep, with an •0 the depth!' No. are spirit and life.

• The words that I speak unto xi. 33. • I will make their waters deep, saith God.' you,' saith Christ, they are spirit, and they are

And again, they have drunk of the life.' Jn. vi. 63.

deep waters.' Eze. xxxiv. 18. A river of water of life 4. In that this grace of God is here presented is much, but a deep river is more. Why, soulunto us under the terms of water of life, it is to sick sinner, sin-sick sinner, thou tliat art sick of show that some are sick of that disease that no that disease that nothing can cure but a potion of thing can cure but that. There are many diseases this river of the water of life, here is a river for in the world, and there are also remedies for those thee, a deep river for thee. These that at first discases; but there is a disease that nothing will, are coming to God by Christ for life, are of nocan, or shall cure, but a dram of this bottle, a thing so inquisitive as of whether there is grace draught of this aquc vitce, this water of life. This enough in him to save them. But, for their comis intimated by the invitation, let him take the fort, here is abundance, abundance of grace, a water of life freely.' Re. xxii. 17. And again, ‘I will river, a deep river of the water of life, for them to give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the drink of. water of life freely.' Re. xxi. 6.

This is spoken Second. As this river is deep, so it is wide and to the sick, to them that are sick of the disease broad. Ep. ii. 18. Job. xi. 9. Wherefore, as thou art to that only Christ, as a physician, with his water of know the depth, that is, that it is deep, so thou life, can cure. Mar. ii, 17. But few are sick of this art to know its breadth, that is, that it is broad; disease, but few know what it is to be made sick it is broader than the sea, a river that cannot be of this disease. There is nothing can make sick passed over. Eze. xlvii. 5.

Never did man yet go of this disease but the law and sin, and nothing from one side of this river to the other when the can cure but the grace of God by the gospel, called waters indeed were risen; and now they are risen, here the water of life.

even now they proceed out of the throne of God

and of the Lamb too. Hence this grace is called Reliance upon an imperfect obedience to God's holy law,

• the unsearchable riches of Christ.' Ep. iii. 8. Sinunited with a hope, through Christ or some other means, of forgiveness for not having kept some parts of that law, is ner, sick sinner, what sayest thou to this? Wouldst the doctrine of the world,' and of devils. It is a refuge of thou wade? wouldst thou swim? here thou mayest lies, which death will fearfully sweep away. We must rely swim, it is deep, yet fordable at first entrance. wholly upon Christ, or perish.-(Ev.)

Aqua Vita was a cordial-water well known in Bauyan's And when thou thinkest that thou hast gono time, and much used in compounding medicines, but now al. through and through it, yet turn again and try most forgotten. It was distilled from brewed beer, strongly hopped, and well fermented. The French have an intoxicating liquour called eau de vie ; this is distilled from the refuse of * A river inexhaustible, to supply the pure and unmised the grapes after the wine is made.-(ED.)

joys of heaven to all the myriads of happy glorified souls, and Alihough all mankind are fatally diseased, they only feel applied by the Spirit of grace to quench the thirst of the soul it that are made sick of sin; this is the law work, and when on earth. This grace is fixed and permanent, 'springing up it takes place, then comes the new birth and salvation by the into everlasting life. Blessed Jesus, 'give me this water, that eflicacy of this water of life.-(Ed.)

I thirst not ever.'-- (Ed.)





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