As being at their first entrance thither unclean. God provided to be an help to the weakness of his Ex. xii. 15. In which their land was also a figure of people of old was one thing, and what they inanother thing, even as heaven was a type of sin vented without his commandment was another, and grace. Le. vi. 17; xxiii. 17.

For though they had his blessing when they worAgain, the very land itself was said to keep Sab- shipped him with such types, shadows, and figures, bath, and so to rest a holy rest, even then when which he had enjoined on them for that purpose, she lay desolate, and not possessed of those to whom yet he sorely punished and plagued them when she was given for them to dwell in. Le. xxvi. 34, 35. they would add to these inventions of their own.

Yea, many of the features of the then church of Ex. xxxii. 35. 2 Ki. xvii. 16–18. Ac. vii. 38–43. Yea, he, in the God were set forth, as in figures and shadows, so very act of instituting their way of worshipping by places and things, in that land. 1. In general, him, forbade their giving, in any thing, way to she is said to be beautiful as Tirzah, and to be their own humours or fancies, and bound them comely as Jerusalem. Ca. vi. 4. 2. In particular, strictly to the orders of heaven. 'Look,' said God her neck is compared to the tower of David, builded to Moses, their first great legislator, 'that thou for an armoury. Ca. iv. 4. Her eyes to the fish-pools make all things according to the pattern showed of Heshbon, by the gate of Bethrabbim. Her nose to thee in the mount.' Ex. XXV. 40. Ile. viii. 5. Nor doth is compared to the tower of Lebanon, which look. our apostle but take the same measures, when he eth towards Damascus. Ca. vii. 4. Yea, the hair of saith, “If any man think himself to be a prophet, her head is compared to a flock of goats, which or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things come up from mount Gilead; and the smell of her that I write unto you are the commandments of garments to the smell of Lebanon. Ca. iv. 1, 11. the Lord.' 1 Co. xiv. 37.

Nor was this land altogether void of shadows, When Solomon also, was to build this temple even of her Lord and Saviour. Hence he says of for the worship of God, though he was wiser than himself, “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of all men, yet God neither trusted to his wisdom nor the valleys.' Ca. ii. 1. Also, she, his beloved, saith memory, nor to any immediate dictates from heaven of him, . His countenance is as Lebanon, excellent to him, as to how he would have bim build it. as the cedars.' Ca. v. 15. What shall I say? The No; he was to receive the whole platform thereof two cities Sion and Jerusalem, were such as some in writing, by the inspiration of God. Nor would times set forth the two churches, the true and the God give this platform of the temple, and of its false, and their seed Isaac and Ishmael. Ga. iv. utensils, immediately to this wise man, lest per

I might also here show you, that even the gifts haps by others his wisdom should be idolized, or and graces of the true church were set forth by the that some should object, that the whole fashion spices, nuts, grapes, and pomegranates, that the thereof proceeded of his fancy, only he made preland of Canaan brought forth; yea, that hell itself tensions of Divine revelation, as a cover for his was set forth by the valley of the sons of Hinnom doings. and Tophet, places in this country. Indeed, the Therefore, I say, not to him, but to his father whole, in a manner, was a typical and a figurative David, was the whole pattern of it given from thing.

heaven, and so by David to Solomon his son, in But I have, in the ensuing discourse, confined writing. Then David,' says the text, 'gave to

• myself to the temple, that immediate place of God's Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of worship; of whose utensils, in particular, as I have the houses thereof, and of the treasuries thereof, said, I have spoken, though to each with what and of the upper chambers thereof, and of the brevity I could, for that none of them are without inner parlours thereof, and of the place of the a spiritual, and so a profitable signification to us. mercy-seat, and the pattern of all that he had And here we may behold much of the richness of by the spirit, of the courts of the house of the the wisdom and grace of God; namely, that he, Lord, and of all the chambers round about, of the even in the very place of worship of old, should treasuries of the house of God, and of the treaordain visible forms and representations for the suries of the dedicated things: also for the courses worshippers to learn to worship him by; yea, the of the priests and the Levites, and for all the work temple itself was, as to this, to them a good in- of the service of the house of the Lord, and for all struction.

the vessels of service in the house of the Lord.' But in my thus saying, I give no encourage- 1 Ch. xxviii, 11–13. ment to any now, to fetch out of their own fancies Yea, moreover, he had from heaven, or by Divine figures or similitudes to worship God by. What revelation, what the candlesticks must be made of,

and also how much was to go to each; the same 1 Heaven is a type of sin and grace. Had there been no order and commandment he also gave for the sin, we should have been limited to an earthly paradise; but sin and the grace of a Saviour's purchase opeus heaven to our

making of the tables, flesh-hooks, cups, basons, wondering hearts.- (ED.)

altar of incense, with the pattern for the chariot


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of the cherubims, &c. ver. 14–19. * All this, said to the spiritualness of the worship, was as one and David, the Lord made me understand in writing the same; only the old was clouded with shadows, by his hand upon me, even all the work of this but ours is with more open face. pattern.' ver. 19. So, I say, he gave David the Features to the life, as we say, set out by a pattern of the temple, so David gave Solomon the picture, do crcellently show the skill of the artist. pattern of the temple; and according to that pat- The Old Testament had the shadow, nor have we tern did Solomon build the temple, and no other but the very image; both then are but emblems of wise.

what is yet behind. We may find our gospel True, all these were but figures, patterns, and clouded in their ceremonies, and our spiritual shadows of things in the heavens, and not the very worship set out somewhat by their carnal ordiimage of the things; but, as was said afore, if God nances. was so circumspect and exact in these, as not to Now, because, as I said, there lies, as wrapt leave any thing to the dictates of the godly and up in a mantle, much of the glory of our gospel wisest of men, what! can we suppose he will now matters in this temple which Solomon builded; admit of the wit and contrivance of men in those therefore I have made, as well as I could, by comthings that are, in comparison to them, the paring spiritual things with spiritual, this book heavenly things themselves? He. viii. 5; ix. 8–10, 23; 2. 1. upon this subject.

It is also to be concluded, that since those I dare not presume to say that I know I have shadows of things in the heavens are already com- hit right in every thing; but this I can say, I mitted by God to sacred story; and since that have endeavoured so to do. True, I have not for sacred story is said to be able to make the man of these things fished in other men's waters; my God perfect in all things—2 Ti. iii. 15–17.—it is duty Bible and Concordance are my only library in my to us to leave off to lean to common understand writings. Wherefore, courteous reader, if thou ings, and to inquire and search out by that very findest any thing, either in word or matter, that holy writ, and nought else, by what and how we thou shalt judge doth vary from God's truth, let should worship God. David was for inquiring in it be counted no man's else but mine. Pray God, his temple.' Ps. xxvii. 4.

also, to pardon my fault. Do thou, also, lovingly And, although the old church-way of worship is pass it by, and receive what thou findest will do laid aside as to us in New Testament times, yet thee good. since those very ordinances were figures of things And for the easier finding of any particular in and methods of worship now; we may, yea, we the book, I have in the leaves following set before ought to search out the spiritual meaning of them, thee the chief heads, one by one; and also in what because they serve to confirm and illustrate matters page of the book thou mayest find them. to our understandings. Yea, they show us the Thy servant in the gospel, inore exactly how the New and Old Testament, as






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1. Where the temple was buildei,

465 14. Of the chapiters of the pillars of the temple, 471 2. Who built the temple,

15. Of the pomegranates adjoining to the nets on the 3. How the temple was built, . 466 chapiters,

472 4. Of what the temple was built,.

16. Of the chains that were upon these pillars that stood 5. Who was to fell the trees, and to dig the stones with

before the temple, which the temple was built,

17. Of the lily-work which was upon the chapiters that 6. In what condition the timber and stones were when

were upon these pillars of the temple, brought to be laid in the building of the temple, 467 | 18. Of the fashion of the temple,

473 7. Of the foundation of the temple,

19. Of the outward glory of the temple,

474 8. Of the richness of the stones which were laid for the 20. Of the porch of the temple, foundation of the temple, . 468 21. Of the ornaments of the porch of the temple,

475 9. Which way the face of the front of the temple stood, 22. Of the ascent by which they went up into the porch 10. Of the courts of the temple,


of the temple, 11. Of the great brazen altar that stood in the inner 23. Of the gate of the porch of the temple,

476 conrt of the temple, .

24. Of the pinnacles of the temple, 12. Of the pillars which were before the porch of the 25. Of the porters of the temple,

477 temple,

470 26. Of the charge of the porters of the temple more 13. Of the height of these pillars that thus stood before

the porch of the door of the temple,
471 | 27. Of the doors of the ternple,


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23. Of the leaves of this gate of the temple,

478 49. Of the golden spoons of the temple,
29. What the doors of the temple were made of, 479 50. Of the bowls and basons belonging to the temple,

493 30. How the doors of the temple were adorned, .

51. Of the flagops and cups of the temple, 31. Of the wall of the temple,

480 52. Of the chargers of the temple, 32. Of the garnishing of the temple with precious stones, 481 53. Of the goings out of the temple,

495 33. Of the windows of the temple,

54. Of the singers belonging to the temple,

496 34. Of the chambers of the temple,

482 55. Of the union of the holy and most holy temple, 35. Of the stairs by which they went up into the cham- 56. Of the holiest or inner temple, bers of the temple 57. Of the vail of the temple,

498 36. Of the molten sca which was in the temple, 483 58. Of the doors of the inner temple, 37. Upon what the molten sea stood in the temple,

59. Of the golden nails of the inner temple,

499 38. Of the lavers of the temple,

484 60. Of the floors and walls of the inner temple, . 500 39. Of the tables in the temple,

485 61. Of the ark of the covenant, which was placed in the 40. Of the instruments wherewith the sacrifices were

inner temple,

501 slain, and of the four tables they were laid on in 62. Of the placing of the ark in the holicst or inner the temple,


502 41. Of the candlesticks of the temple,

486 63. Of the mercy-seat, and how it was placed in the holy 42. Of the lamps belonging to the candlesticks of the


503 temple, 487 | 64. Of the living waters of the inner temple,

504 43. Of the shew-bread on the golden table in the 65. Of the chains which were in the oracle or inner temple,

temple, 44. Of the snuffers belonging to the candlesticks and 66. Of the high-priest, and of his office in the inner lamps of the temple, 488 temple,

505 45. Of the snuff dishes that were with the snuffers of the 67. Of the high-priest's going into the holiest alone, 506 temple,

489 68. Of the high-priest's going in thither but once a year, 507 46. Of the golden tongs belonging to the temple,

69. Of the cherubims, and of their being placed over the 47. Of the altar of incense in the temple,

mercy-seat in the inner temple,

508 48. Of the golden censers belonging to the temple, 491 | 70. Of the figures that were upon the walls,

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the Son of God, the mountain of the Lord's house, OF ISRAEL, SHEW THEM THE FORM OF THE HOUSE, the rock against which the gates of hell cannot


II. Who built the Temple.

The temple was builded by Solomon, a man THE LAWS' THEREOF.'—EZEK. XLIII. 10, 11.

peaceable and quiet; and that in name, by nature,

and in governing. For so God had before told 1. Where the Temple was built.

David, namely, that such a one the builder of the

temple should be. “Behold,' saith he, 'a son shall The temple was built at Jerusalem, on Mount be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest; and Moriah, in the threshing-floor of Arnon the Jebu- I will give him rest from all his enemies round site; whereabout Abraham offered up Isaac; there about; for his name shall be Solomon, and I will where David met the angel of the Lord, when he give peace and quietness unto Israel in his days. came with his drawn sword in his hand, to cut off He shall build an house for my name, and he shall the people at Jerusalem, for the sin which David be my son, and I will be his father.' 1 Ch. xxii. 9, 10. committed in his disorderly numbering the people. Ps. lxxii

. 1-4. Ge. Axit. 3–5. 1 Ch. xxi. lã; xxi. 12. Ch. iii. 1.

As, therefore, Mount Moriahı was a type of There Abraham received his Isaac from the Christ, as the foundation, so Solomon was a type dead; there the Lord was entreated by David to of him, as the builder of his church. The mount take

away the plague, and to return to Israel again was signal," for that thereon the Lord God, before in mercy; from whence, also, David gathered that Abraham and David, did display his mercy. And there God's temple must be built. This,' saith as Solomon built this temple, so Christ doth build he, is the house of the Lord God, and this is the his house ; yea, he shall build the everlasting altar of the burnt-offering for Israel. 1 Ch. xxi. 28; temple, "and he shall bear the glory.' Zec. vi. 12, 13. xxii. 1; iii. 1. This Mount Moriah, therefore, was a type of

One of the types or signs.- (ED.) VOL. III.

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Mar. ii. 17.

he gave


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He. iii. 3, 4. And in that Solomon was called peace- and leaves behind. • Are we better than they? able, it was to show with what peaceable doctrine No, in no wise. Ro. iii. 9. Nay, I think, if any be and ways Christ's house and church should be best, it is they which are left behind. •He came built. Is. ix. 6. Mi. iv. 2-4.

not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.'

And, indeed, in this he doth show both III. How the Temple was built.

the greatness of his grace and workmanship; his The temple was built, not merely by the dictates grace in taking such; and his workmanship in of Solomon, though he was wiser than Ethen, and that he makes them meet for his holy habitation." Heman, and Chalcol, and Darda, and all men. This the current of Scripture maketh manifest ; 1 Ki. iv. 31. But it was built by rules prescribed by, wherefore it is needless now to cite particulars: or in a written word, and as so delivered to him only we must remember, that none are laid in this by his father David.

building as they come out of the wood or pit, but For when David gave to Solomon his son a as they first pass under the hand and rule of this charge to build the temple of God, with that charge great builder of the temple of God.

him also the pattern of all in writing; eren a pattern of the porch, house, chambers, treasuries, V. Who was to fell those trees, and to dig those parlours, &c., and of the place for the mercy-seat;

stones, with which Solomon built the Temple. which pattern David had of God; nor would God As the trees were to be felled, and stones to be trust his memory with it. • The Lord made me,' digged, so there was for that matter select worksaid he, understand in writing, by his hand upon men appointed. me, even all the works of this pattern.' Thus, These were not of the sons of Jacob nor of the therefore, David gave to Solomon his son the pat- house of Israel; they were the servants of Hiram, tern of all; and thus Solomon his son built the king of Tyre, and the Gibeonites, namely, their house of God. 1 Ch. xxviii. 8–20.

children that made a league with Joshua, in the And answerable to this, Christ Jesus, the builder day that God gave the land of Canaan to his of his own house, WHOSE HOUSE ARE WE, doth build people. Jos. ix. 22–27. 1 Ki. v. 1 Ch. xxviii ; xxix. his holy habitation for him to dwell in ; even ac- And these were types of our gospel ministers, cording to the commandment of God the Father. who are the men appointed by Jesus Christ to For, saith he, 'I have not spoken of myself, but make sinners, by their preaching, meet for the the Father which sent me. He gave me a com- house of God. Wherefore, as he was famous of mandment what I should speak.' And hence it is old who was strong to lift up his axe upon the said, God gave him the revelation ; and again, thick boughs to square wood for the building of that he took the book out of the hand of him that the temple ; so a minister of the gospel now is also sat on the throne; and so acted, as to the building famous, if much used by Christ for the converting up of his church. Ju. xii. 49, 50. Re. i. 1; v. 5.

of sinners to himself, that he may build him a

temple with them. Ps. vii. 4–6. Ro. xvi. IV. Of what the Temple was built.

But why, may some say, do you make so homely The materials with which the temple was built, a comparison? I answer, because I believe it is were such as were in their own nature common to true; for it is grace, not gifts, that makes us sons, that which was left behind; things that naturally and the beloved of God. Gifts make a minister; were not fit, without art, to be laid on so holy a and as a minister, one is but a servant to hew wood house. And this shows that those of whom Christ and draw water for the house of my God. Yea, Jesus designs to build his church, are by nature Paul, though a son, yet counted himself not a son no better than others. But as the trees and stones but a servant, purely as he was a minister. A of which the temple was built, were first hewed servant of God, a servant of Christ, a servant of and squared before they were fit to be laid in that the church, and your servants for Jesus' sake. Tit. house, so sinners, of which the church is to be 1.1. Ro. i. 1. Co. iv. 5. built, must first be fitted by the word and doctrine, A man then is a son, as he is begotten and born and then fitly laid in their place in the church. of God to himself, and a servant as he is gifted for

For though, as to nature, there is no difference work in the house of his Father; and though it is betwixt those made use of to build God's house truth the servant may be a son, yet he is not a with, yet by grace they differ from others ; even son because he is a servant. Nor doth it follow, as those trees and stones that are hewed and that because all sons may be servants, that theresquared for building, by art are made to differ from those which abide in the wood or pit.

1 How universal is this feeling among Christians! Why The Lord Jesus, therefore, while he seeketh was I made to hear thy voice, while so many more amiable materials wherewith to build his house, he findeth and less guilty · make a wretched choice ?' All are equally

enconraged — Whosoever will, let him take the water of life them the clay of the same lump that he rejecteth | freely:-(Ed.)

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fore all servants are sons; no, all the servants of wood, for beams and rafters in his house; nor God are not sons ; and therefore when time shall stones, as digged, in the walls. No; the stones come, he that is only a servant here, shall certainly must be hewed and squared, and the trees sawn be put out of the house, even out of that house and made fit, and so be laid in the house. Yea, himself did help to build. The servant abideth they must be so sawn, and so squared, that in not in the house for ever,' the servant, that is, he coupling they may be joined exactly; else the that is only so. Eze. xlvi. 16, 17. Ja viii. 95.

building will not be good, nor the workman have So then, as a son, thou art an Israelite; ás a credit of his doings. servant, a Gibeonite. The consideration of this Hence our gospel-church, of which the temple made Paul start; he knew that gifts made him was a type, is said to be fitly framed, and that not a son. 1 Co. xii. 28–31 ; xiii. 1, 2.

there is a fit supply of every joint for the securing The sum then is, a man may be a servant and of the whole. 1 Pe. il 6. Ep. ii, 20, 21 ; iv. 16. Col. ii. 19. As a son; a servant as he is employed by Christ in they therefore build like children, that build with his house for the good of others; and a son, as he wood as it comes from the wood or forest, and is a partaker of the grace of adoption. But all with stones as they come from the pit, even so do servants are not sons; and let this be for a cau- they who pretend to build God a house of uncontion, and a call to ministers, to do all acts of ser- verted sinners, unhewed, unsquared, unpolished. vice for God, and in his house with reverence and Wherefore God's workmen, according to God's godly fearand with all humility let us desire to advice, prepare their work without, and make it be partakers ourselves of that grace we preach to fit for themselves in the field, and afterwards build others. 1 Co. ix. 25.

the house. Pr. xxiv. 27. This is a great saying, and written perhaps to Let ministers therefore look to this, and take keep ministers humble: And strangers shall stand heed, lest instead of making their notions stoop to and feed your flocks, and the sons of the alien shall the Word, they make the Scriptures stoop to their be your ploughmen, and your vine-dressers.' Is. Ixi. 6. notions. To be a ploughman here is to be a preacher; and to be a vine-dresser here is to be a preacher. La. ix.

VII. Of the foundation of the Temple. 59–62. 1 Co. ix. 27. Mat. XI. 1-4,8; xxi. 28. 1 Co. ix. 7. And The foundation of the temple is that upon which if he does this work willingly, he has a reward; if it stood; and it was twofold: First, the hill Moriah, not, a dispensation of the gospel was committed to and then those great stones upon which it was him, and that is all. 1 Co. ix. 17.

erected. This hill Moriah, as was said afore, did VI. In what condition the timber and stones were, called The Mountain of the house,' it being the

more properly typify Christ. Hence Moriah is when brought to be laid in the building of the temple. rock on which it was built. Those great stones,

The timber and stones with which the temple called foundation-stones, were types of the prophets was built, were squared and hewed at the wood or and apostles. Mat. xvi. 18. Ep. ii. 20, 21. Ile. xi. 10. Wherepit; and so there made every way fit for that work, fore these stones were stones of the biggest size, even before they were brought to the place where stones of eight cubits, and stones of ten cubits. the house should be set up: “So that there was 1 Ki. vii. 10. neither hammer, nor axe, nor any tvol of iron heard Now, as the temple had this double foundation, in the house while it was in building.' 1 Ki. vi. 7. so we must consider it respectively and distinctly;

And this shows, as was said before, that the for Christ is the foundation one way, the prophets materials of which the house was built were, be- and apostles a foundation another. Christ is the fore the hand of the workman touched them, as foundation personally and meritoriously; but the unfit to be laid in the building as were those that prophets and apostles, by doctrine, ministerially. were left behind; consequently that themselves, The church then, which is God's New Testament none otherwise but by the art of others, were made temple, as it is said to be built on Christ the foundfit to be laid in this building.

ation; so none other is the foundation but he. 1 Co. To this our New Testament temple answers. ii. 11, 12. But as it is said to be built upon the For those of the sons of Adam who are counted apostles, so it is said to have twelve foundations, worthy to be laid in this building, are not by na- and must have none but they. Re. xxi. 14. ture, but by grace, made meet for it; not by their What is it then? Why, we must be builded own wisdom, but by the Word of God. Hence be upon Christ, as he is our priest, sacrifice, prophet, saith, “I have hewed them by the prophets.' And king, and advocate; and upon the other, as they again, ministers are called God's builders and are infallible instructors and preachers of him; not labourers, even as to this work. Ho. vi. 5. 1 Co. ii. 10; that any may be an apostle that so shall esteem of 2 Co. vi. 1. Col. i. 28.

himself, nor that any other doctrine he administered No man will lay trees, as they come from the l but what is the doctrine of the twelve; for they are

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