what tyrant, what devil is there that may not con- even to recover mine own inheritance out of thine quer after this sort? But I can make it appear, 0 hand. He. i. 2; Jn. xvi. 15. Diabolus, that thou, in all thy pretences to a con- • 2. But further, as I have a right and title to quest of Mansoul, hast nothing of truth to say. Mansoul, by being my Father's heir, so I have Thinkest thou this to be right, that thou didst put also by my Father's donation. His it was, and he the lie upon my Father, and madest him, to Man- gave it me (Jn. xvii.); nor have I at any time offended soul, the greatest deluder in the world. And what my Father, that he should take it from me and sayest thou to thy perverting, knowingly, the right give it to thee. Nor have I been forced by playpurport and intent of the law? Was it good also ing the bankrupt to sell, or set to sale to thee, my that thou madest a prey of the innocency and sim- beloved town of Mansoul. Is. 1. 1. Mansoul is my plicity of the now miserable town of Mansoul? desire, my delight, and the joy of my heart. But, Yea, thou didst overcome Mansoul by promising to *3. Mansoul is mine by right of purchase. I them happiness in their transgressions against my have bought it, O Diabolus, I have bought it to Father's law, when thou knewest, and couldest myself. Now, since it was my Father's and mine, not but know, hadst thou consulted nothing but as I was his heir; and since also I have made it thine own experience, that that was the way to mine by virtue of a great purchase, it followeth, undo them. Thou hast also thyself—0 thou that by all lawful right the town of Mansoul is master of enmity, of despite-defaced my Father's mine, and that thou art an usurper, a tyrant, and image in Mansoul, and set up thy own in its place, traitor, in thy holding possession thereof. Now, to the great contempt of my Father, the heighten- the cause of my purchasing of it was this: Maning of thy sin, and to the intolerable damage of the soul had trespassed against my Father; now my perishing town of Mansoul. Thou bast, moreover Father had said, that in the day that they broke -as if all these were but little things with thee— his law they should die. Now it is more possible not only deluded and undone this place, but, by thy for heaven and earth to pass away, than for my lies and fraudulent carriage hast set them against Father to break his word. Mat. v. 18. Wherefore, their own deliverance. How hast thou stirred them when Mansoul had sinned indeed by hearkening to up against my Father's captains, and made them to thy lie, I put in and became a surety to my Father, fight against those that were sent of him to deliver body for body, and soul for soul, that I would them from their bondage! All these things and make amends for Mansoul's transgressions; and my very many more thou hast done against thy light, Father did accept thereof. So when Osweet Prince, and in contempt of my Father and of his law; yea, the time appointed was come, I

gave and with design to bring under his displeasure for body for body, soul for soul, life for life, blood ever the miserable town of Mansoul. I am there for blood, and so redeemed my beloved Mansoul. fore come to avenge the wrong that thou hast done •4. Nor did I do this to the halves; my Father's to my Father, and to deal with thee for the blas- law and justice that were both concerned in the phemies wherewith thou hast made poor Mansoul threatening upon transgression, are both now satisblaspheme his name. Yea, upon thy head, thou fied, and very well content that Mansoul should be prince of the infernal cave, will I require it. delivered,

• As for myself, O Diabolus, I am come against 5. Nor am I come out this day against thee thiee by lawful power, and to take, by strength of but by commandment of my Father; it was he that hand, this town of Mansoul out of thy burning said unto me, Go down and deliver Mansoul. lingers. For this town of Mansoul is mine, 0 • Wherefore, be it known unto thee, 0 thou Diabolus, and that by undoubted right, as all shall fountain of deceit, and be it also known to the see that will diligently search the most ancient foolish town of Mansoul, that I am not come and most authentic records, and I will plead my against thee this day without my Father. title to it, to the confusion of thy face.

. And now,' said the golden-headed Prince, ‘I First. For the town of Mansoul, my Father have a word to the town of Mansoul;' built and did fashion it with his hand. The palace but as soon as mention was made that also that is in the midst of that town, he built it he had a word to speak to the besotted Mansoul. for his own delight. This town of Mansoul there town of Mansoul, the gates were double guarded, fure is my Father's, and that by the best of titles; and all men commanded not to give him audience, and he that gainsays the truth of this must lie so he proceeded, and said, “O unhappy town of against his soul.

Mansoul, I cannot but be touched with pity and Second. O thou master of the lie, this town of compassion for thee. Thou hast accepted of DiaMansoul is mine.

bolus for thy king, and art become a nurse and • 1. For that I am my Father's heir, his first- minister of Diabolonians against thy Sovereign born, and the only delight of his heart. I am Lord. Thy gates thou hast opened to him, but therefore come up against thee in mine own right, l hast shut them fast against me; thou hast given


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A word from
Emmanuel to


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stroy thee?

Ca. 1. 2.

army to.


prepares to make war upon Man.

liim a lcaring, but last stopped thine ears at my | They shut up Eargate, they barricaded it up, cry; he brought to thee thy destruction, and thou they kept it locked and bolted; they set a guard didst receive both him and it: I am come to thee thereat, and commanded that no Mansoulonian bringing salvation, but thou regardest me not. should go out to him, nor that any from the camp Besides, thou hast, as with sacrilegious hands, should be admitted into the town; all this they taken thyself with all that was mine in thee, and did, so' horribly had Diabolus enchanted them to hast given all to my foe, and to the greatest enemy do, and seek to do for him, against their rightful my Father has. You have bowed and subjected Lord and Prince; wherefore no man, nor voice, nor yourselves to him; you have vowed and sworn sound of man that belonged to the glorious host, yourselves to be his. Poor Mansoul! what shall was to come into the town.3 I do' unto thee? Shall I save thee? shall I de

What shall I do unto thee? shall I fall upon thee and grind thee to powder, or make

[Chapter VII.) thee a monument of the richest grace? What [CONTENTS:-- Emmanuel prepares to make war upon Mansoul shall I do unto thee? Ilearken, therefore, thou -Diabolus sends Mr. Loth-to-stoop with proposals for town of Mansoul, hearken to my word, and thou peace—These proposals being dishonourable to Emmannel, shalt live. I am merciful, Mansoul, and thou

are all rejected - Again Diabolus proposes to patch up a shalt find me so; shut me not out of thy gates.

peace by reformation, offering to become Emmanuel's deputy in that business— This proposal also rejected—

New preparations made for battie-Diabolus, expecting O Mansoul, neither is my commission, nor in- to be obliged to abandon the town, does much mischief clination, at all to do thee any hurt; why fliest -Eargate, violently assaulted by the battering-rams, at thou so fast from thy friend, and stickest so close length gives way, and is broken to pieces—Emmanuel's to thine enemy? Indeed, I would have thee, be

forces enter the town, and take possession of the Recorder's cause it becomes thee, to be sorry for thy sin; but

house-Several mischievous Diabolonians are killed.] do not despair of life, this great force is not to So when Emmanuel saw that Mansoul was thus hurt thee, but to deliver thee from thy bondage, involved in sin, he calls his and to reduce thee to thy obedience. Lu. ix. 56. Jn. xii. 47. gether, since now also his words were My commission, indeed, is to make a war upon despised, and gave out a command- soul

. Diabolus thy king, and upon all Diabolonians with ment throughout all his host to be ready against him; for he is the strong man armed that keeps the time appointed. Now, forasmuch as there was the house, and I will have him out; his spoils I no way lawfully to take the town of Mansoul, but must divide,' his armour I must take from him, to get in by the gates, and at Eargate as the liis hold I must cast him out of, and must make chief, therefore he commanded his captains and it an habitation for myself. And this, 0 Mansoul, commanders to bring their rams, their slings, and shall Diabolus know, when he shall be made to their men, and place them at Eyegate and Earfollow me in chains, and when Mansoul shall re- gate, in order to his taking the town. joice to see it so.

When Emmanuel had put all things in readiness 'I could, would I now put forth my might, cause to give Diabolus battle, he sent again to know of that forth with he should leave you and depart; the town of Mansoul if in peaceable manner they but I have it in my heart so to deal with him, as would yield themselves, or whether they were yet that the justice of the war that I shall make upon resolved to put him to try the utmost extremity. him may be seen and acknowledged by all. He Then they together, with Diabolus

Diabolus sends hath taken Mansoul by fraud, and keeps it by their king, called a council of war, by the hand violence and deceit; and I will make him bare and and resolved upon certain propositions naked in the eyes of all observers. All my words that should be offered to Emmanuel

, stoop, and by are true, I am mighty to save, and will deliver my if he will accept thereof, so they agreed; pounds condi.

of Mansoul out of his hand.' ?

and then the next was who should be This speech was intended chiefly for Mansoul, sent on this errand. Now there was in the town but Mansoul would not have the hearing of it. of Mansoul an old man, a Diabolonian, and bis 1 This reference to Is. liii. 12 must not be misunderstood

name was Mr. Loth-to-stoop, a stiff man in his by our youthful readers. It does not mean that Emmanuel way, and a great doer for Diabolus; him therewould divide the spoil with Diabolus, but that he would take it all from him, and divide it at his (Emmanuel's) pleasure.- 3 Infatuated sinners! rejecting the couasel of God against (Ed.)

themselves. Reader, is this thy case ? Pause and examine. ? Here Emmanuel discovers the true character of Satan—a Remeinber ‘faith cometh by hearing.' Hear, then, and your liar, a deceiver, a blaspherner, an usurper, the malicious evemy soul shall live.—(Burder.) of God and man.

Emmanuel claims the human soul as his 4 These terms may be found in Grace Abounding, No. 16. own, his workmanship, his delight, his inheritance, his pur- Desires to reform my vicious life; to go to church twice chase. How well does this gracious address deserve the most a day, and say and sing with the foremost ; yet retaining icy cordial acceptation !--(Burder.)

vicious life.'-(ED.) VOL. III.


of his servant, Mr. Loth-to

him he pro

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Mark this.

i. 16.

Mark this.

Mark this.

Mark this.

fore they sent, and put into his mouth what he | to enjoy their present dwellings; may not that be should

say. So he went, and came to the camp to granted, Sir?' Emmanuel; and when he was come, a time was Then said Emmanuel, • No: that is contrary to appointed to give him audience. So at the time my Father's will; for all, and all manner of Diahe came, and after a Diabolonian ceremony or two, bolonians that now are, or that at any time shall he thus began, and said, “Great Sir, that it may be found in Mansoul, shall not only lose their be known unto all men how good-natured a prince lands and liberties, but also their lives.' fo. vi. 13. my master is, he hath sent me to tell your Lord. Ga. V. 24. Col. iii. 5. ship that he is very willing, rather than to go to Then said Mr. Loth-to-stoop again, Lut, Sir,

war, to deliver up into your hands may not my master, and great lord, Mark this. 2

one-half of the town of Mansoul. Tit. by letters, by passengers, by accidental I am therefore to know if your Mightiness opportunities, and the like, maintain, if he shall will accept of this proposition.'

deliver up all unto thee, some kind of old friendThen said Emmanuel, «The whole is mine by gift ship with Mansoul.' Jn. I. 8. and purchase, wherefore I will never lose one-half.' Emmanuel answe

wered, “No, by no means ; forasThen said Mr. Loth-to-stoop, 'Sir, my master much as any such fellowship, friendship, intimacy,

hath said, that he will be content that or acquaintance in what way, sort or mode soever

you shall be the nominal and titular maintained, will tend to the corrupting of Mansoul, Lord of all, if he may possess but a part.' Lu xii. 25. the alienating of their affections from me, and the

Then Emmanuel answered, “The whole is mine endangering of their peace with my Father.' ' really; not in name and word only: wherefore I Mr. Loth-to-stoop yet added further; saying, will be the sole Lord and possessor of all, or of But, great Sir, since my master hath none at all of Mansoul.'

many friends, and those that are dear Then Mr. Loth-to-stoop said again, 'Sir, be- to him in Mansoul, may he not, if he shall depart

hold the condescension of my master! from them, even of his bounty and good nature,

He says that he will be content, if he bestow upon them, as he sees fit, some tokens of may but have assigned to him some place in Man- his love and kindness, that he had for them, to soul as a place to live privately in, and you shall the end that Mansoul, when he is gone, may look be Lord of all the rest.' Ac. v. 1-5.

upon such tokens of kindness once received from Then said the golden Prince, “All that the their old friend, and remember him who was once Father giveth me, shall come to me; and of all their King, and the merry times that they somethat he hath given me I will lose nothing, no, not times enjoyed one with another, while he and they a hoof, nor a hair. I will not therefore grant him, lived in peace together.' no, not the least corner in Mansoul to dwell in, I Then said Emmanuel, “No; for if Mansoul como will have all to myself.'

to be mine, I shall not admit of, nor consent that Then Loth-to-stoop said again, ‘But, Sir, sup- there should be the least scrap, shred, or dust of

pose that my lord should resign the Diabolus left behind, as tokens or gifts bestowed

whole town to you, only with this pro- upon any in Mansoul, thereby to call to rememviso, that he sometimes, when he comes into this brance the horrible communion that was betwixt country, may, for old acquaintance sake, be enter- them and him.' Ro. vi. 12, 13. tained as a way-faring man for two days, or ten *Well Sir,' said Mr. Loth-to-stoop, 'I have one days, or a month, or so; may not this small matter thing more to propound, and then I am got to the be granted?'

end of my commission. Suppose that Then said Emmanuel, • No: he came as a way when my master is gone from Manfaring man to David, nor did he stay long with soul, any that yet shall live in the town should him, and yet it had like to have cost David his have such business of high concerns to do, that soul. 2 Sa. xii, 1–5. I will not consent that he ever if they be neglected the party shall be undone ; should have any harbour more there.'

and suppose, Sir, that nobody can help in that Then said Mr. Loth-to-stoop, 'Sir, you seem to case so well as my master and lord ; may not now be very hard. Suppose my master should yield to my master be sent for upon so urgent an occasion all that your Lordship hath said, provided that his as this? Or if he may not be admitted into the Sins and carnal friends and kindred in Mansoul may town, may not he and the person concerned meet

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Mark this,

Mark this.

have liberty to trade in the town, and in some of the villages near Mansoul, and there Mark this. A cold, lifeless profession, without possessing lay their heads together, and there consult of Christ, the hope of glory, is not Christianity; an almost matters ?" 2 Ki. i. 3, 6, 7. Christian is a very infidel. We cannot serve two masters, God and Mammon, Jesus is worthy of all our love and service; 2 The proud heart of man is loth to stoop to that absolute in him are treasured up every needful blessing for tiine and submission and entire obedience to Christ which he justly reeternity.-(Mason.)

quires. They will allow him to be a lord in name, but not ia


to the battle,

This was the last of those ensnaring propositions, Captain Judgment, and Captain Execution, should that Mr. Loth-to-stoop had to propound to Em-forthwith march up to Eargate with

They must fight. manuel on behalf of his master Diabolus ; but trumpets sounding, colours flying, and Emmanuel would not grant it, for he said, “There with shouting for the battle. Also he would that can be no case, or thing, or matter, fall out in Captain Credence should join himself

Preparations Mansoul, when thy master shall be gone, that may with them. Emmanuel, moreover, gave not be salved? by my Father ; besides, it will be a order that Captain Goodhope and Captain Charity great disparagement to my Father's wisdom and should draw themselves up before Eyegato. Ho skill to admit any from Mansoul to go out to Dia- bid also that the rest of his Captains, and their bolus for advice, when they are bid before, in every- men, should place themselves for the best of their thing, by prayer and supplication, to let their re- advantage against the enemy, round about the quest be made known to my Father. 1 Sa. xxviii. 15; | town, and all was done as he had commanded. 2 Ki. 1. 2, 8. Further, this, should it be granted, Then he bid that the word should be given forth, would be to grant that a door should be set open and the word was at that time 'Emmanuel. Then for Diabolus and the Diabolonians in Mansoul, to was an alarm sounded, and the battering-rams were batch, and plot, and bring to pass treasonable played, and the slings did whirl stones into the designs, to the grief of my Father and me, and to town amain, and thus the battle began. Now the utter destruction of Mansoul.'?

Diabolus himself did manage the townsmen in the When Mr. Loth-to-stoop had heard this answer, war, and that at every gate; wherefore their resistLoth-to-stoop

he took his leave of Emmanuel and ance was the more forcible, hellish, and offensivo departs. departed, saying, that he would do to Emmanuel. Thus was the good Prince engaged word to his master concerning this whole affair. and entertained by Diabolus and Mansoul for So he departed and came to Diabolus to Mansoul, several days together. And a sight worth seeing and told him the whole of the matter, and how it was, to behold how the captains of Shaddai bcEmmanuel would not admit, no, not by any means, haved themselves in this war. that he, when he was once gone out, should for And first for Captain Boanerges, not to underever have anything more to do, either in, or with value the rest, he made three most Boanerges plays any that are of, the town of Mansoul. When fierce assaults, one after another, upon Mansoul and Diabolus had heard this relation of Eargate, to the shaking of the posts thereof. things, they with one consent concluded to use Captain Conviction, he also made up as fast with their best endeavour to keep Emmanuel out of Boanerges as possibly he could, and both discernMansoul, and sent old Illpause, of whom you have ing that the gate began to yield, they commanded heard before, to tell the Prince and his captains so. that the rams should still be played against it. So the old gentleman came up to the top of Ear- Now Captain Conviction going up very near to gate, and called to the camp for a hearing ; who, the gate, was with great force driven

when they gave audience, he said, back, and received three wounds in the Il pause to the 'I have in commandment from my mouth. And those that rode Refor

Angels. high Lord to bid you to tell it to your mades, they went about to encourage Prince Emmanuel, that Mansoul and their King the captains. are resolved to stand and fall together, and that For the valour of the two captains made mention it is in vain for your Prince to think of ever having of before, the Prince sent for them to his pavilion, of Mansoul in his hand, unless he can take it by and commanded that a while they should rest themforce.' So some went and told to Emmanuel what selves, and that with somewhat they should be old Illpause, a Diabolonian in Mansoul, had said. refreshed. Care also was taken for Captain ConThen said the Prince, 'I must try the power of my viction, that he should be healed of his wounds. sword, for I will not, for all the rebellions and re- The Prince also gave to each of them a chain of pulses that Mansoul has made against me, raise gold, and bid them yet be of good courage. Nor my siege and depart, but will assuredly take my did Captain Goodhope nor Captain Goodhope and Mansoul, and deliver it from the hand of her enemy.' | Charity come behind in this most Ep. ri. 17. And with that he gave out a command- desperate fight, for they so well did Eyegate. ment that Captain Boanerges, Captain Conviction, behave themselves at Eyegate, that they had

the man.


A speech of Ola


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Charity play the men at

authority. They would serve Jesus in gencral, if permitted babbles about, instead of a sufficient salve to, so weighty a ques. to indulge in sin occasionally; all such partial subinission is tion. Now, the word solved would be used.—(Ed.) rejected. To be only almost a Christian' is to be no Chris- ? Reader, ‘mark'these proposals of Loth-to-stoop. All the tian at all. To show the importance of this, the author re- unconverted cherish this evil spirit; call to mind, with shame, peatedly gives a marginal note, Mark this.'—(Burder.) the time when you felt its influences in keeping your soul from

The word “salved,' as used in Bunyau's time, means helped, Christ; nor would you ever have overcome your pride and remedied, saved, healed, rescued. Thus, in his Come and your love of sin, but that the Holy Spirit conquered you by Welcome, he says, 'Such questions would have been, but fools' ! his love and mercy.--(Ed.)


ing slain.


man slain,

almost broken it quite open.' These also had a the golden slings into the midst of the town of reward from their Prince, as also had the rest of Mansoul.4 the captains, because they did valiantly round Of the townsmen there was one Love-no-goal, about the town.?

he was a townsman, but a Diabolonian, Lore-no-gonil In this engagement several of the officers of he also received his mortal wound in

woundeu. Diabolus were slain, and some of the townsmen Mansoul, but he died not very soon. Mr. Illpause wounded. For the officers, there was one Captain also, who was the man that came along with DiaCaptain Bunst- Boasting slain. This Boasting thought bolus when at first he attempted the taking of

that nobody could have shaken the Mansoul, he also received a grievous Illpause posts of Eargate, nor have shaken the heart of wound in the head, some say that his

wounded Diabolus. Next to him there was one Captain brain-pan was cracked ; this I have taken notice Captain Secure Secure slain ; this Secure used to say of, that he was never after this able to do that

that the blind and lame in Mansoul mischief to Mansoul as he had done in times past. were able to keep the gates of the town against Also old Prejudice and Mr. Anything fled." Einmanuel's army. 2 Sa, v. 6. This Captain Secure Now when the battle was over, the Prince comdid Captain Conviction cleave down the head with manded that yet once more the white The white flag a two-handed sword, when he received himself flag should be set upon Mount Gra- bung out again. three wounds in his mouth. Besides these, there cious, in sight of the town of Mansoul; to show Captain Brag.

was one Captain Bragman, a very des- that yet Emmanuel had grace for the wretched

perate fellow, and he was captain over town of Mansoul. a band of those that threw fire-brands, arrows, and When Diabolus saw the white flag hanging out death; he also received, by the land of Captain again, and knowing that it was not Diabolus's new Goodhope at Eyegate, a mortal wound in the for him, but Mansoul, he cast in his prank. breast.

mind to play another prank, to wit, to see if There was, moreover, one Mr. Feeling, but he Emmanuel would raise his siege and be gone, was no captain, but a great stickler to encourage upon promise of a reformation. So he comes Mr. Feeling

Mansoul to rebellion, he received a down to the gate one evening, a good while after

wound in the eye by the hand of one the sun was gone down, and calls to speak with of Boanerges' soldiers, and had by the captain Emmanuel, who presently came down to the gate, himself been slain, but that he made a sudden and Diabolus saith unto him : retreat.

• Forasmuch as thou makest it appear by thy But I never saw Will-be-will so daunted in all white flag, that thou art wholly given llis speech to

Emmanuel. my life : he was not able to do as he was wont; to peace and quiet ; I thought meet Will-be-will and some


that he also received a to acquaint thee that we are ready to accept hurt. wound in the leg, and that some of thereof upon terms which thou mayest admit. the men in the Prince's army have certainly scen •I know that thou art given to devotion, and that bim limp, as he afterwards walked on the wall.3 holiness pleases thee; yea, that thy great end in

I shall not give you a particular account of the making a war upon Mansoul is that it may names of the soldiers that were slain in the town, holy habitation. Well, draw off thy forces from

for many were maimed and wounded, the town, and I will bend Mansoul to thy bow. Many of the sol

and slain ; for when they saw that *[Thus] I will lay down all acts of hostility

the posts of Eargate did shake, and against thee, and will be willing to Eyegate was well nigh broken quite open ; and become thy deputy, and will, as I have be Emmanuel's

deputy, and he also that their captains were slain, this took away formerly been against thee, now serve the hearts of many of the Diabolonians ; they fell thee in the town of Mansoul. And also by the force of the shot that were sent by more particularly1. I will persuade Mansoul to



be an

diers in Mun. suul slain.

Diabolus would


would reformer.

\ 'The serpents that bit the people of old were types of gailt that the soul, yea, the whole man, is carried hither and thither, and sin. Now these were fiery serpents, and such as, I think, or else held back, and kept from moving. While my Lord could fly. Is. xiv. 29. Wherefore, in my judgment, they stung Will-be-will was so active in the service of Diabolus, he is, the people about their faces, and so swelled up their eyes, which very properly, 'wounded in the leg.'—(ED.) made it the more dislicult for them to look up to the brazen 4 Portions of the Word, probably from the sacred epistles of serpent, which was the type of Christ.' Jn. ii 14.—(Bunyan the New Testainent.—(Ed.) on Justification, vol. i. p. 320.) How fitly are Goodhope and • Prejudice and Anything have fled; Illpause has his brain. Charity qualified to gain such a post.-(Ed.)

pan cracked—there can be no more procrastination ; Love-no. * It is worthy of notice, that, while warnings and convictions good is slain-the will is wounded; the feeling is painfully attack the ear, hope and love are exhibited to the eye. This wounded ; Bragman and carnal security are slain; Mansou was Bunyan’s mode of proclaiming the gospel, and it is well trembles; and in great mercy the white tlag is hung out in worthy of universal imitation by preachers of all denomina- token of grace, but the heart does not yet surrender.—(Ed.) tious—(ED.)

6 This is exemplified by Bunyan's experieure, in Grace * The will may be called the sect of the soul; because by | Abounding, Nos. 30–36.

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