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第 50 頁 - King, she hastened to England to claim the honours due to a Queen. On the 6th of July 1820, a " Bill of Pains and Penalties " was brought into the House of Lords, charging her with flagrant misconduct.
第 108 頁 - Emperor has put the Turkish system to the proof, and His Majesty has found it to possess a commencement of physical and moral organization which it hitherto had not. If the Sultan has been enabled to offer us a more determined and regular resistance, whilst he had scarcely assembled together the elements of his new plan of reform and ameliorations, how formidable should we have found him, had he had time to give it more solidity, and to render that barrier impenetrable which we find so much difficulty...
第 41 頁 - By a son a man obtains victory over all people; by a son's son he enjoys immortality; and afterwards by the son of that grandson he reaches the solar abode.
第 22 頁 - Distinctions of colour are of his ordination. It is he who gives existence. In your temples, to his name the voice is raised in prayer ; in a house of images, where the bell is shaken, still he is the object of adoration.
第 15 頁 - your Guards, your corps d'elite, the pride of your hearts, the delight of your eyes, these Anakim, whose stature, strength, and massive bulk you exhibit to kingly visitors as no inapt symbols of your nation, have been so reduced by sickness, disease, and a depressing climate, that it was judged inexpedient to allow them to carry their own packs, or to permit them to march more than five miles a day...
第 10 頁 - Contracting parties wish not only to effect a "particular object," but also to establish a "general principle," but a general principle limited to inter-communication between the Atlantic and Pacific. There were other considerations besides those of mere statistics which one would have supposed likely to influence the British Cabinet — the relative exposure of the two channels in case of war to a coup de main. Any European or Transatlantic enemy of England might send an expedition, to the Isthmus...
第 37 頁 - Behold, to-morrow is the new moon, and I should not fail to sit with the king at meat: but let me go, that I may hide myself in the field unto the third day at even.
第 11 頁 - That, — for the purpose of conveying entire conviction to the minds of the native princes, that to commence hostilities, without just provocation, against them, and to pursue schemes of conquest and extent of dominion, are measures, repugnant to the wish, the honour, and the policy of this nation...
第 20 頁 - It is composed of seven square enclosures, one within the other, the walls of which are twenty-five feet high, and four thick. These enclosures are three hundred and fifty feet distant from one another, and each has four large gates, with a high tower ; which are placed one in the middle of each side of the enclosure, and opposite to the four cardinal points.
第 15 頁 - This festival, known as the Yue-Ping (loaves of the moon), dates from the remotest antiquity. Its original purpose was to honour the moon with superstitious rites. On this solemn day, all labour is suspended; the workmen receive from their employers a present of money, every person puts on his best clothes; and there is merry-making in every family. Relations and friends interchange cakes of various sizes, on which is stamped the image of the moon; that is to say, a hare crouching amid a small group...