The Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature and Art, 第 28 卷

Henry Colburn, 1830

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第 118 頁 - Their gestures were frightful ; those who were completely under the influence of the opium talked incoherently ; their features were flushed, their eyes had an unnatural brilliancy, and the general expression of their countenances was horribly wild. The effect is usually produced in two hours, and lasts four or five : the dose varies from three grains to a drachm.
第 118 頁 - After two hours and a half from the first dose, my spirits became sensibly excited ; the pleasure of the sensation seemed to depend on a universal expansion of mind and matter. My faculties appeared enlarged ; everything I looked at seemed increased in volume ; I had no longer the same pleasure when I closed my eyes which I had when they were open ; it appeared to me as if it was only external objects which were acted on by the...
第 150 頁 - Lecture ; an Account of some new analytical Researches on the Nature of certain Bodies, particularly the Alkalies, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Carbonaceous Matter, and the Acids hitherto undecompounded ; with some general Observations on Chemical Theory.
第 131 頁 - I swam a considerable distance from the shore ; and about four yards from the beach I was beyond my depth : the water was the coldest I ever felt, and the taste of it most detestable; it was that of a solution of nitre, mixed with an infusion of quassia. Its buoyancy...
第 160 頁 - A finite and exact Expression for the Refraction of an Atmosphere nearly resembling that of the Earth.
第 103 頁 - ... the fire, by smearing over its surface with a moistened mixture of equal parts by measure of crystallized borax and common salt of tartar, which, when in fusion, is a ready solvent of such impurities*, and then exposing it, upon a platina tray, under an inverted pot, to the heat of a wind-furnace. The ingot on being taken out of the furnace, is immediately to be plunged into dilute sulphuric acid, which in the course of a few hours will entirely dissolve the flux adhering to the surface.
第 163 頁 - On the same occasion, the current tore away, from the abutment of a mill-dam, a large block of greenstone porphyry, weighing nearly two tons, and transported the same to the distance of a quarter of a mile. Instances are related, as occurring repeatedly, in which from one to three thousand tons of gravel are in like manner removed to great distances in one day...
第 119 頁 - I looked on seemed increased in volume ; I had no longer the same pleasure when I closed my eyes which I had when they were open ; it appeared to me as if it was only external objects, whicli were acted on by the imagination, and magnified into images of pleasure : in short, it was ' the faint exquisite music of a dream
第 100 頁 - I have used for casting is a brass barrel, 6£- inches long, turned rather taper within, with a view to facilitate the extraction of the ingot to be formed, being 1.12 inches in diameter at top, and 1.23 inches at a quarter of an inch from the bottom, and plugged at its larger extremity with a stopper of steel, that, enters the barrel to the depth of a quarter of an inch. The inside of the mould being now well greased with a little lard, and the stopper being fitted tight into the barrel by surrounding...
第 155 頁 - Fresnal, for having applied it, with some modifications, to the most intricate phenomena of polarised light. 17- A Bakerian Lecture on the Theory of Light and Colours ; Phil. Trans. 1802, p. 12 ; developing the law of interference, and entering into all the details of the theory to which it leads ; dwelling, at the same time, upon the difficult points, with somewhat more of candour than might have been consistent with his object, had he been anxious to obtain proselytes.