Friendship's Offering and Winter's Wreath


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第 347 頁 - The tear, down Childhood's cheek that flows, Is like the dew-drop on the rose ; When next the summer breeze comes by, And waves the bush, the flower is dry.
第 264 頁 - Unlike Byron's daughter Allegra, born the same year only a few miles away, who died young and for whose grave at Harrow the poet had carved the touching line, "I shall go to her, but she will not return to me...
第 81 頁 - ... (Within.) He who yon lordly feast enjoyeth, He who doth rest on his couch of down, He it was, who threw the forsaken Under the feet of the trampling town : Liar — betrayer — false as cruel, — What is the doom for his dastard sin ? His peers, they scorn ? — high dames, they shun him ? — Unbar yon palace, and gaze within. There, — yet his deeds are all trumpet-sounded, There, upon silken seats recline Maidens as fair as the summer morning, Watching him rise from the sparkling wine....
第 80 頁 - Christian land]" (Within.) The skies are wild, and the blast is cold : Yet Riot and Luxury brawl within : Slaves are waiting, in crimson and gold, — Waiting the nod of a child of sin.
第 172 頁 - O, let its memory, like a chain about thee, Gently compel and hasten thy return! Linger not long. Though crowds should woo thy staying, Bethink thee, can the mirth of thy friends, though dear, Compensate for the grief thy long delaying Costs the fond heart that sighs to have thee here?
第 80 頁 - What dost Thou in a Christian land ? " (WITHIN.) The skies are wild, and the blast is cold ; Yet riot and luxury brawl within : Slaves are waiting, in crimson and gold, Waiting the nod of a child of sin. The fire is crackling, wine is bubbling Up in each glass to its beaded brim : The jesters are laughing, the parasites quaffing
第 307 頁 - Zfirud and the koran to the sheikh, at the same time relating the request of his sister. Edebali, though young in years, was old in piety and wisdom ; he invited Ertogrul to share his hospitality, and prepared the best chamber for his reception. In this chamber the sheikh deposited the koran, placing it aloft on the highest piece of furniture in the room, to shew his reverence for the word which God had spoken to his prophet. While all in the house slept, Ertogrul reverently took the koran, and spent...
第 82 頁 - IT was a dark dreary morning in the December of 178 — . The ground was covered with snow, and the bleak wind was howling in terrific gusts through the streets. Yet despite the inclemency of the weather, crowds of persons of all classes, and, amongst them, many of the weaker sex, might be seen hurrying towards the Place de Greve. It was the morning appointed for the execution of Victor d'Aubigny. The...
第 83 頁 - The strong and feverish excitement of the gambling table too well suited the eager temperament of Victor. He who, in the midst of the most profligate capital of the world, had strength to resist all other allurements, fell a ready prey to that vice, whose fatal indulgence has often paved the way for the commission of almost every crime. Auguste, on the other hand, shunning the dazzling...
第 85 頁 - The time flew onward, — tie day for his marriage arrived. The bridal solemnity was over, when, as the party were leaving the church, D'Aubigny was arrested on a charge of forgery ! The trial and condemnation rapidly succeeded, and the day of execution dawned too soon. Victor met his death calmly and resignedly. But it is not with him our tale has to do, — it is with her, the beautiful, the bereaved one, — with Isabelle d'Aubigny the convict's bride.