Legends and traditionary stories

E. Lumley, 1843 - 270页


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第152页 - Sigh no more, lady, sigh no more, Men were deceivers ever : One foot on sea and one on land, To one thing constant never. Hadst thou been fond, he had been false, And left thee sad and heavy ; For young men ever were fickle found, Since summer trees were leafy.
第151页 - O, do not, do not, holy friar, My sorrow now reprove; For I have lost the sweetest youth That e'er won lady's love. "And now, alas! for thy sad loss I 'll evermore weep and sigh ; For thee I only wished to live, For thee I wish to die.
第150页 - plaining of her pride. "Here bore him barefaced on his bier Six proper youths and tall, And many a tear bedewed his grave Within yon kirkyard wall.
第152页 - Yet stay, fair lady, turn again, And dry those pearly tears; For see, beneath this gown of gray Thy own true-love appears. "Here forced by grief and hopeless love, These holy weeds I sought; And here, amid these lonely walls, To end my days I thought. "But haply, for my year of grace Is not yet passed away, Might I still hope to win thy love, No longer would I stay.
第150页 - Now Christ thee save, thou reverend friar, I pray thee tell to me, If ever at yon holy shrine My true love thou didst see. " And how should I know your true love, From many another one?
第1页 - THE Wildgrave winds his bugle horn, To horse, to horse ! halloo, halloo ! His fiery courser snuffs the morn, And thronging serfs their lord pursue. The eager pack, from couples freed, Dash through the bush, the briar, the brake ; While answering hound, and horn, and steed, The mountain echoes startling wake.
第104页 - Haste, haste ! ply swift and strong the oar ! Haste, haste across the stream ! " Again Lord William heard a cry Like Edmund's drowning scream. " I heard a child's distressful scream," The boatman cried again. " Nay, hasten on— the night is dark, And we should search in vain.
第103页 - When lo ! the voice of loud alarm His inmost soul appals ; " What ho ! Lord William, rise in haste ! The water saps thy walls !" He rose in haste, beneath the walls He saw the flood appear ; It hemm'd him round, 'twas midnight now, No human aid was near. He heard the shout of joy, for now A boat approach'd the wall, And eager to the welcome aid They crowd for safety all. " My boat is small," the boatman cried, " 'Twill bear but one away ; Come in, Lord William, and do ye In God's protection stay.
第89页 - His wishes in this also were answered ; he still dreamed of the same pan of money, in the very same place.
第2页 - The right-hand horseman, young and fair, His smile was like the morn of May ; The left, from eye of tawny glare, Shot midnight lightning's lurid ray. He waved his huntsman's cap on high, Cried, " Welcome, welcome, noble lord ! What sport can earth, or sea, or sky, To match the princely chase, afford ?" — " Cease thy loud bugle's clanging knell," Cried the Fair Youth, with silver voice ; " And for devotion's choral swell, Exchange the rude unhallow'd noise.