Irish Life and Character

Hodder & Stoughton, 1898 - 382 頁

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第 86 頁 - Though the question is not a very easy one, we shall venture to say, that a bull is an apparent congruity, and real incongruity of ideas, suddenly discovered. And, if this account of bulls be just, they are (as might have been supposed) the very reverse of wit ; for, as wit discovers real relations, that are not apparent, bulls admit apparent relations, that are not real.
第 63 頁 - The beauty of the women is very remarkable, and struck us much ; such beautiful dark eyes and hair, and such fine teeth ; almost every third woman was pretty, and some remarkably so. They wear no bonnets, and generally long blue cloaks ; the men are very poorly, often raggedly dressed; and many wear blue coats and short breeches with blue stockings.
第 39 頁 - I say, he is one who has abused the privilege of parliament, and freedom of debate, by uttering language, which, if spoken out of the house, I should answer only with a blow. I care not how high his situation, how low his character, how contemptible his speech ; whether a privy counselor or a parasite, my answer would be a blow.
第 36 頁 - I am obnoxious to a party, and they adopt a false pretence to cut me off. I shall not submit to it. They have reckoned without their host, I promise you. I am one of the best shots in Ireland at a mark, having, as a public man, considered it a duty to prepare, for my own protection, against such unprovoked aggression as the present.
第 334 頁 - There is honey in the trees where her misty vales expand, And her forest paths in summer are by falling waters fanned; There is dew at high noontide there, and springs i' the yellow sand, On the fair hills of holy Ireland.
第 81 頁 - I am gone to the Elephant and Castle, where you shall find me ; and if you can't read this note, carry it down to the stationer's, and he will read it for you.
第 365 頁 - ... IRISH REASONING. A POOR Irishman who was on his death-bed, and who did not seem quite reconciled to the long journey he was going to take, was kindly consoled by a good-natured friend with the common-place reflection, that we must all die once. " Why, my dear, now," answered the sick man, " that is the very thing that vexes me ; if I could die half a dozen times, I should not mind it.
第 117 頁 - I stoop to acquire it by servility and corruption. If I rise not to rank, I shall at least be honest; and should I ever cease to be so, many an example shows...
第 169 頁 - Commons for five hours, on the Nabob of Oude, and never felt in the least thirsty." " It is very remarkable, indeed," replied Curran, " for every one agrees that was the driest speech of the session.
第 325 頁 - A white cow was brought forth, which the king must kill, and seeth in water whole, and bathe himself therein stark naked. Then sitting in the same caldron, his people about him, together with them he must eat the flesh, and drink the broth wherein he sitteth, without cup or dish or use of his hand.