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dependence,” as it is sometimes termed. On this point, we should speak with caution. Lord Normanby, the head of the colonial department, in his last speeches in the House of Lords, has expressed himself in more favorable terms, than were used by Lord John Russell, in the Commons. The ministry, it would seem, are tolerably ready to concede the point in practice, so soon as it shall be asked in earnest. Their objection seems to be to the bonâ fide avowal of the principle, in a Parliament, where their political antagonists are so powerful, and so inveterate against them.

The fate of the union project is not altogether so certain. The union of the six provinces, recommended by Lord Durham, has not been much discussed; for the reason, no doubt, that the ministerial measure contemplates only a union of the Canadas. To this latter measure, there are some most serious objections, on the score of policy; and several parties in the Canadas are altogether hostile to it. The ministerial bill, as a whole, we believe almost all parties condemn, on one account or other. It is clear, that it must undergo essential changes, to make it generally acceptable. The question is, whether any plan for a mere union of the Canadas can be made so.

While the proof sheet of the above remarks is before us, we hear, by the arrival of the British Queen steam-ship, of the exchange of departments between Lord Normanby and Lord John Russell. We do not suppose this change, of itself, is likely to have much effect as regards the character of the ministerial measures. But, as leader of the House of Commons, Lord John has long been the most prominent member of the present Cabinet ; indeed, he has always been understood to be in every way the most effective man in it. So that his assumption of the duties of the Colonial department, must be regarded as a declaration on the part of the ministry, of their sense of the paramount importance, at the present crisis, of the Colonial politics of the Empire. It holds out to the provinces the proinise of having their affairs effectively attended to. A new Governor-general, too, is on his way to Quebec ; a civil, in place of a military, governor. This is well. The difficulty is one which needs a statesman's hand to remove it, not a soldier's ; and as Mr. Poulett Thompson leaves the Cabinet to undertake his present mission, it is to be presumed he comes out with a full understanding, on his part, of their views, and full confidence, on their side, in his.


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This tasteful little volume is brought out in good time. It is well known how favorite a resort Mount Auburn is, during the summer months, both for great numbers of those who reside in its vicinity, and for multitudes who visit us transiently from almost every part of the United States, as well as from other countries. To all these, and to other parties who might be mentioned, (including those persons now interested in establishing Cemeteries more or less after the model of this, in most of our cities and large towns,) such a book has been a desideratum.

Among other matters, we have here a complete history of Mount Auburn, an article of considerable interest at present, but likely to be valued still

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