Historic Survey of German Poetry: Interspersed with Various Translations, 第 1 卷

Treuttel and Würtz, Treuttel jun. and Richter, 1830
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第 338 頁 - The limits of the sphere of dream, The bounds of true and false, are past. Lead us on, thou wandering Gleam, Lead us onward, far and fast, To the wide, the desert waste. But see, how swift advance and shift Trees behind trees, row by row, — How, clift by clift, rocks bend and lift Their frowning foreheads as we go. The giant-snouted crags, ho ! ho ! How they snort, and how they blow...
第 340 頁 - And through the ruins of the shaken mountain The airs hiss and howl. It is not the voice of the fountain, Nor the wolf in his midnight prowl. Dost thou not hear ? Strange accents are ringing Aloft, afar, anear; The witches are singing ! The torrent of a raging wizard song Streams the whole mountain along.
第 225 頁 - I'll fully satisfy you, — Alas ! had you vouchsaf'd to hear me then, When I so earnest sought to meet your eye, It never would have come to this, nor would, Here in this mournful place, have happen'd now This so distressful, this so mournful meeting.
第 347 頁 - Quid sum, miser ! tune dicturus ? Quern patronum rogaturus ? Cum vix Justus sit securus.
第 228 頁 - I've supported What human nature can support : farewell, Lamb-hearted resignation, passive patience, Fly to thy native heaven; burst at length Thy bonds, come forward from thy dreary cave, In all thy fury, long-suppressed rancour! And thou, who to the anger'd basilisk Impart'st the murd'rous glance, O, arm my tongue With poison'd darts ! SHREWSBURY She is beside herself!
第 249 頁 - He used to tell us what you suffered, and your grief at being disabled for your profession of arms; till you...
第 222 頁 - ELIZABETH (tO SHREWSBURY) My Lord, send back our retinue to London; The people crowd too eager in the roads, We'll seek a refuge in this quiet park. (TALBOT sends the train away. She looks steadfastly at MARY, as she speaks further with PAULET.) My honest people love me overmuch.
第 218 頁 - Unburthen'cl by the load of care, In thought with mighty strides I ran To scenes that Fancy painted fair; Already would my wishes fly To many a great and arduous height, Nought was too distant, nought too high, To tempt my fancy's daring flight. How easy thence to snatch the prize It seem'd amid the glorious strife, While danced before my dazzled eyes The forms that glitter in the morn of life. Methought, obedient to my call, That Love his roses in my path had strown ; That Fortune, with her golden...
第 339 頁 - And now it glides like tender colors spreading ; And now bursts forth in fountains from the earth ; And now it winds, one torrent of broad light, Through the far valley, with a hundred veins ; And now once more within that narrow corner Masses itself into intensest splendor.
第 283 頁 - On earth a salutation foreran murder among the sons of ancient Tantalus; after the night of death their joys begin. Ye welcome me, receive me in your band, now guide me to the venerable form of him, who sat in council with the gods.