The Law of Distresses and Replevins, Delineated: Wherein the Whole Law Under Those Heads is Considered : what Things May, Or May Not be Distrained : and the Regular Method to be Pursued in Suing Out Replevins, &c. Agreeable to the Present Practice : with Many References to the Best Authorities

Henry Lintot, 1757 - 358 頁

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第 302 頁 - Land obliged, to anfwer : And this he is ready to verify : Wherefore for want of a fufficient Plea in this Behalf, the fame W.
第 332 頁 - Court to ascertain the amount of the expense of the doing the same, we command you that, by the oath of twelve good and lawful men of your bailiwick, you diligently inquire what is the amount of the expenses incurred by the said AB [or
第 274 頁 - Manner to anfwer: And this they are ready to -verify : Wherefore for want of a fufficient Plea in this Behalf, the...
第 318 頁 - AB hath sustained, as well by means of the premises aforesaid, as for his costs and charges by him about his suit in this behalf expended ; and that you send to us [or in CP
第 254 頁 - Nicholas above thereof complains : and this he prays may be inquired of by the country, and the faid Samuel like wife, &c.
第 331 頁 - John was ready to verify and prove, as the court, &c, And becaufe the faid...
第 184 頁 - Conuzance generally, that the Plaintiff in Replevin, or other Tenant of the Lands and Tenements whereon such Distress was made, enjoyed the same under a Grant or Demise at such a certain Rent, during the Time wherein the Rent distrained for incurred, which Rent was then and still remains due...
第 292 頁 - Edward, to which he the faid lfillijm hath no neceffity, neither is he bound by the law of the land in any manner to anfwer; and this he is ready to verify: wherefore for want of a fufficient plea in this behalf...
第 294 頁 - Sheriff is commanded, that by the Oath of good and lawful Men of the County aforefaid he diligently inquire what Damages the faid Sylas hath fuftained, as well by Reafon of the Taking and unjuft Detention of...
第 251 頁 - The king, &c. We command you, that justly and without delay you cause to be replevied the cattle of B. which D. took and unjustly detains, as it is said, and afterwards thereupon cause him justly to be removed, that we may hear no more clamour thereupon for want of justice, &C.1 DECLARATION IN REPLEVIN.