Wells and Glastonbury, a Historical and Topographical Account

Methuen and Company, 1908 - 307 頁

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第 113 頁 - I, AB, do declare that I hold that there lies no obligation upon me or any other person from the oath commonly called the Solemn League and Covenant, and that the same was in itself an unlawful oath, and imposed upon the subjects of this realm against the known laws and liberties of the kingdom.
第 243 頁 - ... a few of us in our religious habits, till the charity of good people may suffice a greater number...
第 231 頁 - there is nothing notable, the brethren be so straight kept that they cannot offend : but fain they would if they might, as they confess, and so the fault is not with them.
第 188 頁 - Welsh triads, it was once the site of a great monastery. " The three chief perpetual choirs of the Isle of Britain : the choir of Llan Iltud Vawr, in Glamorganshire ; the choir of Ambrosius, in Ambresbury ; and the choir of Glastonbury. In each of these three choirs there were 2400 saints ; that is, there were 100 for every hour of the day and night in rotation, perpetuating the praise of God without rest or intermission.
第 246 頁 - He is writing of the abbey of Glastonbury about the year 1720: " Within a lustrum of years, a presbyterian tenant has made more barbarous havoc there than has been since the dissolution, for every week a pillar, a buttress, a window, or an angle of fine hewn stone is sold to the best bidder. Whilst I was there they were excoriating St. Joseph's chappell for that purpose, and the squared stones were lay'd up in lots in the abbot's kitchen, the rest goes to paving yards and stalls for cattle, or to...
第 235 頁 - God willing, to proceed to the same; whereof we shall ascertain your lordship so shortly as we may. This is also to advertise your lordship, that we have found a fair chalice of gold, and divers other parcels of plate, which the abbot had hid secretly from all such commissioners as have been there in times past; and as yet he knoweth not that we have found the same; whereby we think, that he thought to make his hand, by his untruth to his King's majesty.
第 233 頁 - ... and other hereditaments whatsoever they be, belonging to the same or to any of them, except such thereof which shall happen to come to the King's Highness by attainder or attainders of treason, shall be in the order, survey, and governance of our said sovereign lord the King's Court of Augmentations of the Revenues of his Crown and of the chancellor, officers, and ministers of the same.
第 235 頁 - Councillors to give evidence against the Abbot of Glaston, Richard Pollard, Lewis Forstell, and Thomas Moyle. Item, to see that the evidence be well sorted and the indictments well drawn against the said Abbots and their accomplices.
第 289 頁 - As for the excellent and peculiar quality that it hath some take it as a miraculous remembrance of the birth of Christ, first planted by Joseph of Arimathea...
第 289 頁 - Glastonbury . . . which bringeth forth his floures about Christmas by the report of divers of good credit, who have seen the same; but myselfe have not seen it and therefore leave it to be better examined.