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the mean time the Jesuits, in whose

church this scene of throat-cutting began, With respect to POLAND, we give the have demanded 3000 marks of álver for


this pollution of their fan&uary: for, in " Hague, Feb. 20. By letters from War- the opinion of these Holy Fathers, nothing fuw, dated the 9th ult. we learn, that so effectually effaces the stain of iniquity the election of a King of Poland will not and bloodshed as pecuniary penance. If take place till the month of August next. this reasonable deinand is satisfied, they According to the Polila constitution, intend to offer their church to Prince Jathere mult be an extraordinary diet held blonowski and bis Tartars for the aniifarkt; and the Primate, for his own ad- cable meeting of the same good company, vintage, will prolong the interregnum as In the diets that have been aflimbled. pruch as he can. If the election be made in other parts of the kingdom, there have within twelve months from the King's also been great divisions; and the cona death, it is all the patta conventa require." tending parties have chosen separately de" London, March 6. The Russian mini- puties for the general diet; but the Prifler at Warsaw has received a letter from mate has declared, that none of these dethe Czarina's resident at Constantinople, puties shall be admitted, such factious eimporting, that the Grand Signior had le&tions being contrary to the laws and declared, that he had adopted the views constitutions of the republic. The canof the courts of Petersburg and Berlin, didates whose pretencions occasion these relative to the affairs of Poland; that is divisions are, Prince Poniatowski, whose to lay

, to leave the Poles at full liberty interest is elpoused by the Czartorinski to cinule a King from among themselves. party, and 'Count Braniki, the Grand There is reason, however, to believe, General of the Crown. This latter menthere is a party in that kingdom which tains obstinately his claim to royalty; farcurs the house of Saxony. Prepara- and instead of obeying the orders that tians are making at Warsaw, as if a Saxon have been sent him, to march with the prince were expected there soon." army under his command towards the *** London, March 10. They write from frontiers of the kingdom, persists, it is Great Poland, of the 20th ult. that an said, in his resolution to assemble these action had happened near Posen, between troops at Bialistock, his ordinary residence. Count de Poniatowski's party, and a party This obstinacy has induced the regency attached to the house of Saxony, in which to have recourse to the allistance of foreign about 400 men were killed

on both sides.” troops to force this nobleman to obe"Warsaw, March 10. The provincial dience; and it is affirmed, that the King diets begin to grow tumultuous, and the of Prussia has ordered a body of troops to for procedure of reason and 'argument march into Silesia, to be at hand to suphuis already given place, in several of port the Poniatowski and Czartorinski these allemblies, to fabre-logic. At the interest'; which gathers strength daily, diet of Braclaw, this latter method of and will probably triumph over all oppoTeasoning has fo prevailed, that a cont. lition. Count Poniatowiki gave last week derable number of noblemen have been a splendid ball, which cost him near 3000 argued out of their

eyes and noses, and ducats, and at which no cymetars were beveral out of their lives. To speak with drawn, although the ladies and gentleout a figure, there has been a violent men had emptied above 800 bottles of kene of bloodshed in the city of Braclaw, choice tokay to warm their imaginations in which the Prince Palatine Jablonowski in the good cause.” would have been infallibly cut to pieces, From London we have the following had not one of the Czartorinski party article, of March 22. “ By letters from made an extraordinary and successful effort Hamburg we learn, that the court of to save his life. Had this prince fallen PETERSBURG, though under the external in the fray, his untimely fate would have aspect of union and tranquillity, is not been the consequence of his own violent exempt from division and discord; and the and irregular proceedings: for under the political system of her Imperial Majesty is pretext of a public entry, he disguised not determined with such evidence, as to so noblemen in the habit of soldiers, to prevent a multitude of conjectures, fcunde whom he joined 300 Tartars, who were ed on striking appearances. After the to execute a project of a very different death of Peter III. the Empress, whether lature from that of a public entry. In from inclination or fear, leemed not to


depart from the system of that prince, man Barons, have had the utmost diffithough the followed it with more mode: culty to procure lodgings there. One may ration than he had done, and perhaps judge of the price of lodgings in that city with less zeal than was consistent with a during the conferences, ele&ion, and sincere attachment to it. At present, consequent ceremonies, from being told the friends of France at that court are that the French amballador pays 600 extremely active in strengthening their Florins (1000 l. Sterling] a-inonth for tb party; and they have certainly gained a house he has hired; and in case of fire new accession of strength by the promo- of other accidents, has deposited 100,00 tion of Count Panin, who is now to per- more to make good any damages. form the functions of vice-chancellor The great diminution of the Pope's in jointly with Prince Gallitzin. This no- Huence appears from the following article mination surprises many. Some consider “ Frankfort, March 1. M, Oddi, th it as designed to form a counterbalance Pope's nuncio, has not the enjoymen to the prince last mentioned, whose mi. here which his chara&ter seemed to pro nistry in England is supposed to have at- wise bim; but is obliged to be in a mar tached him to that nation : others alledge, ner incognito. He did indeed notify ha that the pronotion of Count Panin is arrival to the Emperor's cominissaries, an only designed to alleviate the burden of to the Electoral ambassadors; but non thai laborious employment to Prince Gal- of them complimented him upon it. H litzin, whose long absence from his na can therefore weither pay nor receive vi tire country renders it impoflible for hiin sits, unless he condescends to a cerem to acquire, all at once, the routine that is nial very much inferior to what was bert necefiary in that high office. Mons. Du- tofore attached to the character he bear pleix, who is charged with the education of Besides, the Electoral ambassadors do ne ihe young Eirperor, is not only a French approve of the court of Rome's interfi man, ard particularly recommended by the ring in any atfair relative to the election. French mipistry to that important office; On the 12th of March, the Empert but is, moreover, a man of uncommon set out from Vienna for Frankfort, wit address, of insinuating manners, and a very grand retinue. The Elector uruch more versed in politics than in li- college of this latter city had previoufl terature. This is certainly an advantage relolved to proceed to the election of to the French system. French learning, King of the Romans, and there was a and French manners, are a natural in- doubt but that the choice would fall up troduction to French politics, a3 an at on the Archduke Foseph.- -The two al tentive observation of what has palied in ticles following are from the London ga Europe these last twenty years abundant- zette. ly proves."

Ratisbon, March 18. Yesterday, a From COPENHAGEN we hare what bout one o'clock, the Emperor, accompa follows, dated Feb. 13. “ Among the nied by the Archdukes Joseph and Leo many machines lately invented for the pold, with a numerous retinue, palle discovery of the longitude, Mr Henry close to the walls of this city. His Im Scliultz, a celebrated mechanic, has con: perial Majesty had lain the night before a trived a clock, by means of which the Straubing, where he was most magnifi Jongitude may be discovered at sea. This cently entertained by the Elector of Ba clock thews at all times, either in the varia, who waited on him there in per day or night, what the hour is at Lon- son. The Elector has caused fevera don, Paris, Copenhagen, and Petersburg, new roads to be out across the country together with the increase and decrease and ordered detachments of cavalry, nen of the moon, to the seconds of a minute, cloathed on purpole, to parade at every The ingenious inventor designs to offer station." bimself a candidate for the reward allign Frankfort, March 27. The Elector ed, by ihe several courts of Europe, for of Cologne arrived here the 25th, at three this important discovery."

in the afternoon, amidit a vast concourse As to affairs in GERMANY, the con- of people, of all ranks, that went to course of foreigners of distinction at neet bis Electoral Highness. About four Fiatkfort, on occasion of electing a King o'clock the Ele&tor of Treves visited bis of the Romans, is so great, that according Highness without ceremony; and, foon to advices received, fourteen British after he was gone, the Elector of Mentz Lords, several Italian Marquisses, some came in the fame manner.. French Cavaliers, and about twenty Gere


Yesterday morning the Electoral am. of February, at the city of that name, balladors went in ceremony to wait on where they were received with the great is Electoral Highness, which emploved. est demonstrations of joy. mim till dinner. After which, the Fleet. O, the 5th of March arrived at Long of waited on the Emperor at Heisen- don Baron Scheele, from OSNABURG, tamm; and an bis return, he repaid the whom the States and Noble Chapter bad vifits of the Ele&ors of Mentz and sent with advice, that, agreeably to his Treres.

Britannic Majesty's conge d'eliro, the eThis day the Archduke Joseph has been leation of a Bishop and sovereign of that manimoully elected King of the Romans. fee was fallen upon his second fon Prince The Emperor, with the King of the Ro. Frederick [xxv. 527.]. According to tradis

, will make their entry into this.city Busching's geographical and historical acthe 29th; and the coronation is fixed to count, the revenues of that bishoprick are the 3d of April.

100,008 l per annun It is said the Emperor will set out hence In regard to the DUTCH we give the the roth of next month ; arrive at Molck three following articles. the Thursday in the holy week; and Hague, March 2. It is assured, the make his public entry into Vienna on reiterated reprefentations made by the Esther Tuesday."

Count de Welderen, our minister at LonThe mystery of the fraternity of the don, relative to the oppreslions to which Hlack Rosé, in BƏHEMIA [98.], has been our merchant-thips were subjected by the cleared up. At the head of it was a English privateers, have at last produced piekleman; and the rest were persons em. some effect, and that the King has given ployed in search of the philosophers stone. orders, that the complaints of the subAn oficer, who had given 52 ducats to jects of the republic Thall be examined, be admitted an adept, finding himself and entire justice be rendered to them.”. bubbled, wanted his money again ; and " London, March 13. It is said our being put off from time to time with frie ambaslådor at the Hague has received but volous excuses, he betrayed the fraterni. a very lame account, with regard to the

great naval and military force of the The Ruffian minister at the court of Dutch in the East Indies, attended with Berlin lately received express orders an altercation, which plainly indieates from his court to inform the King, that their opinion of being superior to all the her Imperial Majesty could not behold earth in those seas.” with indifference the negotiations actual Hague, March 9. The Prince of 0. ly carried on between him and the Ot. range entered yesterday into the 17th Loman Porte; and that the demanded a year of his age. His Serene Highnels categorical answer to the two following received, upon this occasion, the compliquestions. 1. Whether these negotia- ments of all the colleges of the republie tions have any part of her dominions for resident here, of the foreign ministers, their obje&? 2. Whether they are de- and a prodigious number of persons of the Sgoed against the house of Austria ? in first rank from all parts of the United which latter case she will consider them Provinces.” a pointed against herself. To these What relates to FRANCE we Mall also gestions the following general answer give from the public papers, as follows. has been given : That the negotiations Paris, Feb. 27. The several parlia, su question bave merely a commercial ob ments of this kingdom have again 'enterjed, and are defigned to extend the trade ed on the exercise of their functions, and suf bis Majesty's subjects. This answer, the disorders occasioned by the two edicts which does not seem to have entirely fa. and the declaration of April last, have lified the Russian ambassador, has been given place to order, concord, and tranfent to Petersburg by an extraordinary quillity. courier.-In order to promote the im. When the parliament of Grenoble had portant purpose of population [7.], his their last audience at Versailles, the King Prullian Majesty has established a lottery, told them, That he had fent for them to de profits of which are to be divided in- communicate to them bis intentions; that to marriage-portions for single young wo- he had been inforined of their resolution ikn in bis dominions.

to present remonftrances; and that they The Hereditary Prince and Princess of were at liberty to explain themselves. BxUNSWICK (511) arrived fafe, the 211t The first president, wbeu le presented,

said, That the parliament of Dauphiny, pensions. Father Desmarets, the King's penetrated with the highest gratitude for confeffor, retires to Switzerland, with his Majesty's condescension, now prelent. penfion of 4000 livres." ed their inost humble remonstrances on a London, March 15. On the oth init

, point which regarded his Majesty's ser- the parliament of Paris ilued an arrey vice in their jurifdi&tion ; that they con- which is the coup de grace to the Jesuiti, fided in his paternal goodness, that he in France. It injoins all who call themwould grant them allistance proportioned selves Jefuits, and who refuse to take the to their necessity; and they had equal oath prescribed by the arret of the 22de hopes that he would avenge the honour of February last, to quit the kingdom in a magistrates, who had been actuated only month from the oth instant, unless him by the desire of maintaining his authori- dered by age or infirmities; which they tj.-To which the King replied, That are to represent to the parliament." he wished he could have granted his peo London, March 15. The proceedingt pie greater reliefs than that contained in of the supreme council at Martinico : the declaration of November 21. ; that gainst the Jesuits, dated in December laft

, the necellity of providing for the discharge are just published at Paris. It appears of the detts of the state did not permit that the Jesuits there are to be treated it; that he expected from the fidelity of exactly in the same manner as in the ju« the parliament, that they would proceed risdiction of the parliament of Paris." to the registering of it, and that they London, March 29. The Jesuits wie would concur with him in ordering the were confeffors to the royal family being administration of the finances; that he difmifled, the French King has nominawas sincerely occupied in re-establishing ted the Abbé Thierry, canon of Nott tranquillity; and that he should issue new Dame, to be confeffor to himself, and to Jetters-patent, instead of those of Nov. the Dauphin ; and the Abbé de Solingby, 29. that every obstacle to pacific views almoner of the grand commune, to be might be obviated.”

confessor to the Dauphiness and the grande “ London, March 1. The parliament children of France." of Paris have had so much trouble Jately London, March 8 They write from with examining, and condemning to the Paris, that, on the 181h past, the princes flames, by means of the common hang- and peers met in parliament, to confider man, a number of pamphlets, written in further of what relates to the Archbilho favour of the Jesuits, that, on the 22d of Paris, and the remonftrances to be past, they paried an arret, injoining all presented to the King, in regard to the within their jurisdiction, who belonged message sent to stop all further proceedto the society on the 6th of August 1761, ings against that prelate. While they to take au oail, within the space of eight were debating this affair, an edia frate days froin the date of the arret, “ That his Majesty was brought to be registered

. they will no longer live, either in com- It was immediatelv obferved, that it had mon, or feparately, under the govern- no other mark of authenticity, than a nient of the institute and constitutions of bare visa of the vice-chancellor; confe the late fociety calling itself the society of quently that it was not in the form ree Feliis; that they will hold no corresponda quired, that office not having been acence, direâly or indirectly, by letters, knowledged by the parliament. The or by the intervention of any person, or house going immediately upon this bufiu otherwise, in any form or manner what: nels, the first president, who is fon to the ever, with the general, the governors, vice-chancellor, quitted his feat, and or superiors, of the late society, or other went out. The parliament then refer persons by thein inverted with power over red it to a committee." the reft, nor with any member of the fo Paris, March 15. The Bishop of Aciety residing in foreign parts; and will miens having published a mandate, coun-hold as impious the doctrine contained in tenancing the pastoral instruction of the The colle&tion of asertions, tending to en- Archbishop of Paris, the court has orderdanger tlie safety of the sacred persons of ed it to be burnt by the hangman." Kings.” The parliament of Aix had a little London, March 8. Notice being before passed an arret to the same effect.” taken in the parliament of Paris, on the

" Paris, Morch 9. Eighteen Jesuits 3d instant, by one of the members, of bare taken the oath of the 22d of Fe- the great number of bilhops in that capibruary; and it is thought they will all get tal, it was ordered, that the King's af


torocy.general should see the ordinances and a husband committed under the form and arrets touching the non-residence of of law), hoped to fee fatisfaction made to uchbishops and bishops carried into execu. the memory of Calas, and thereby fome tion, and report to the chambers in a fort. comfort administred to his afflicted family. right what he had done in the matter." It was at least imagined, that the parlia

"Paris, March 6. The affair of the ment of Thoulouse would have been call-
kirtuous and unfortunate Protestant, Johned to justify their conduct before the tri-
Calas, who was broken upon the wheel at bunal of their fovereign, and to clear
Thoulouse [xxiv. 428.] about two years themselves in the eyes of Europe, and of
989, in consequence of the suicide of one the human race, who are all interested in
of his fons, whom he was falsely accused this unparallelled cause. It was hoped
of having put to death himself, was some that the members of this parliament, who
months ago brought before the council condemned, without proof, to the rack
of late at Versailles, at which were pre- and wheel, a father for murdering his
feet the ministers of state, the chancel- fon, and the infamous sheriff David, who

, c. The case was reported by insulted upon the wheel this aged and in-
. de Crosne, master of requests

, with nocent father expiring under the rage of the impartiality of an upright judge, the monkish bigotry, would have been obtocuracy of one perfealy well informed, liged to acknowledge their temerity and sad that affe&ting eloquence that the precipitation at least, and to make hodreadful circumstances of this unparallel- nourable amends to the afflicted fanily, led flory so naturally dietate to a humane by confesling, that they were deceived by brator. After a long examination of this monks and falle witnesfes, and by grantkerrid affair, it appeared with the clear. ing their protection (if it would be acdt evidence, that the son of John Calas cepted) to the children they have renderhad never formed the most distant notion ed fatherless by an unjust judgment. of tuming Roman Catholic; that he had All this was expected. Several pamphlets hanged himself in a fit of melancholy ; have been publithed at Paris, demanding that the aged father and mother knew justice, and yet hitherto justice has been Dorling of the matter until they found suspended, and the voice of humanity has him dead, to their inexprellible surprise pleaded in vain for innocent blood. The and forrots; that they had been remark- insinuations of inonks and bigots have, it able for the excellence of their charac. is to be feared, stopped the execution of ters, during the space of forty years and justice, and been employed to persuade a apsards that they had lived at Thoulouse, humane monarchi, that it was more expeand bad beeu peculiarly eminent for their dient to abandon the cause of an innocent parental tenderness; and that besides the Calvinist who had been unjustly brokeri didates of natural affection, (which forms on the wheel, than expose eight counselfach a strong prelunaption of the inno- lors of Thoulouse to the shame of acGence of this aged and worthy father), knowledging, that they had been miltaesery circumstance concurred to clear ken. A new instance this of the fpirit of him of the horrid crime for which he was a Popish government, and its horrid influe pot to death in the most painful and igno. ence, even in a country whole inhabitants minious manner by the parliament of (excepting those of Thoujoule) are natuThioulouse

. In consequence of this, the rally inclined to humanity and clemency. members of the council unanimously a I except Thoulouse, because the dark, Freed in forming a resolution, by which gloomy, and cruel effects of fuperftition de parliainent of Thoulouse was ordered and bigotry reign there in a particular to lend them an account of the proceed- manner, and have given a barbarous and ings against John Calas, and the realons fanguinary call to the temper of its inhaof their levere and bloody fentence. The bitants, naturally tinged with Spanilh seKing gave his royal approbation to this verity. Voltaire telis, in luis ialt producizbolution of the council, and all those tion*, that the inhabitants of Tuoulouie who were not deaf to the voice of buma. thanked God publicly for the afjallination nity and justice, (and who had behield of Henry IV.; and it is well known pith just lentiments of horror, in the par- they have an annual festival, on which hiament of Thoulouse, falsehood and cruel. they celebrate, in the molt pompaus manty, armed and set on by bigotry, to ia- ner, (by procellions, bontires, and other Polve a widow and five children in the demonárations of jor, the anniverfàry of deepest diftels, by the murder of a father • Traite sur la tol.CC.


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