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The pilgrim's progress from
this world to that which is to come

John Bunyan

Bishop Coverdale's First English Bible, quarto. Price 30s. in cloth. With a portrait and facsimile title.

This is a careful reprint of the scarce original edition of MDXXXV. in its own orthography. It is interesting not only as the first English Bible issued by royal authority, but on account of the homely simplicity with which the translation is throughout made. The following extract of a well-known passage will show the style of the rendering?

As for vs, we go all astraye (like shepe), euery one turneth his owne waye. But thorow him, the LORDE pardoneth all oure synnes. He shal be payned ! troubled, ād shal not opē his mouth. He shalbe led as a shepe to be slayne, yet shal he be as still as a lambe before the shearer, ( not open his mouth. He Bhal be had awaye, his cause not herde, and without eny iudgment: Whose generacion yet no man maye nombre, when he shalbe cut of fro the grounde of the lyvinge: Which punysh. ment shal go vpon him, for the transgression of my people. His graue shalbe genē him with the cödemned, I his crucifienge with the theues, Where as he dyd neuer violence ner varight, nether

hath there bene eny disceatfulnesse in his mouth. The sale of one entire impression of this

modern edition atteste the abiding interest of the work as a faithful translation,



This Edition of the Scriptures offers the following advantages som

I.-A Paragraph arrangement of the Texto **

II.-The publication of the Books as distinct volumos, which renders them convenient for separate perusal, --for use in travelling --for parochial visiting, and for the aged and enfeebled.

III.-A very large Type, which adapts the volumes for the obscurely lighted chamber and for weakened vision.

IV.--Completeness ; the series includes the entire Scriptures, and will bind up into four moderate volumes when the whole of the Books are publiebed.


Samuel Bagster and Sons.

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The Codex Montfortianus : a Collation of this

celebrated MS., with the text of Wetstein, and with certain MSS. in the University of Oxford. By the Rev. Orlando T. Dobbin, LL.D. T.C.D.,

M.R.I.A. One volume, octavo, price 145. Bound in antique cloth. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. With a Portrait,

and two hundred and seventy wood-cuts. 12mo, price 2s. 6d. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, a Library edition.

Illustrated with numerous wood engravings Octavo, price 78. 6cm Hayter's Introduction to Perspective, Drawing,

and Painting : illustrated throughout with Wood engravings and coloured Plates, Sixth edition, octavo, cloth, price 158.

Wo cordially agree with the Author of this elegant work, that multitudes of persons have been deterred from studying the principles of Perspeetive, by the repulsiveness of the mode in which the necesBary information has been presented. The whole of these very instruc tive lessons are lavishly illustrated, and the dialogues are replete with

admirable and just observations on ancient and modern art. Glimpses of the Old World; or, Excursions on

the Continent, and in Great Britain, by Dr. J. A. Olark, an American

Olergyman. Two volumes, 108. 6ch. Pourth Edition.
The Six Days of Creation. Illustrated with Eight

Steel Engravings: Six of which exhibit pictorially the progress of the
World's creation, a Seventh Plate represents a Hemisphere of the
World's surface at the horizon of London, exhibiting tho remarkable
fact that England is the centre of the habitable portion of the globe,
the Eighth Plate presents a moveable Astronomical and Geographical
Dial, on a new and improved plan. By W. G. Rhind. Now and Third
Edition, Ono volume, square 12mo., cloth lettered, price 6s
Geneste's Parallel Histories of Judah and Israel.

The History as contained in the Sacred Text, in the words of tho Authorised Version, has been carefully separated into two distinct series, which are printed in parallel columns; and with the Historical Narratives are combined the Prophetio Writings of the respective periods. The whole is illustrated by Notes. A Summary of the Events embraces synchronous profane events also. Indexes, oto Two volumes,

royal octayo, 258. The Proper Names of the Old Testament Scrip

tnres, Expounded and Illustrated. By the Rev. ALFRED JONES, Dedicated to the Council of King's College, London. One elegant volume,

quarto, price 258. The Liturgy revised by the Royal Commission

of 1889, printed with the Liturgy at present in use, page opposite page. By John Taylor. Antique cloth, price 6s, 6d.


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The Sunday Polyglot--Biblia Ecclesiæ Polyglotta.

Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English Proper Lessons for Sundays, from the Scriptures of the Old Testament; with a sixfold Book of Psalme, in parallel columns. Edited by Frederick Iliff, D.D., of Trinity College, Cambridge. One volume, crowo quarto, 328. Large Paper Copies, royal quarto, 458. The Treasury of Scripture Parallels. Price 10s. cloth. The Holy Vessels and Furniture of the Tabernacle

of Israel, on a uniform scale, executed in the most elaborate style of colour-printing, with illumination of Gold, Silver, Brass,

etc. The Greek New Testament, edited from Ancient

Authorities, with Various Readings, and the Latin Version of Jerome. By S. P. Tregelles, LLD. (In the Press.) Subseribers' Names are respectfully requested. Prospectuses, with specimens, may be obtained

at 15, Paternoster Row, or by post, free. A New Greek Harmony of the Four Gospels. By William Stroud, M.D. One volume, 4to, price 248.

In the hope of supplying in some degree the deficiency which still Beems to exist in this department of biblical literature, a new Har mony is proposed. Its leading objects are, to set before the reader the Four Gospels, arranged in such a manner as to facilitate the closest investigation of their contents; and to satisfy him that their com. bination into a Harmony is accomplished on sound principles faith. fully executed. Besides the large amount of elucidation furnished by the Harmony itself, full explanations are premised, and suitable tables

and indexes subjoined. Inspiration. "It is Written;" or, Every Word of

Scripture proved to be from God. By Professor Gaussen. With Notes.

Post octavo, price 4s. New edition. Potter on Church Government. Discourses on

Church Government. By Archbishop Potter. Fifth edition, octavo,

price 78 The Epistles of Paul, a New Translation, with

Critical Notes, and on Introduction. By Dr. J. Turnbull. Octavo,

price 78. A Memoir of Oberlin and of Louisa Schepler.

With Portraits, Facsimiles, and Illustrations. Tenth edition, 18mo., price 4s. Memoirs of Lavater, with brief Memoir of his

Widow. Lavater's Correspondence with the Oberlins, by P. Heisch, Esq, Portrait and Illustrations, lomo., price 48., cloth,

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