The Bothie of Toper-na-fuosich: A Long-vacation Pastoral

Francis Macpherson, 1848 - 55 頁

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第 51 頁 - O that the armies indeed were arrayed ! O joy of the onset ! Sound, thou Trumpet of God, come forth, Great Cause, to array us, King and leader appear, thy soldiers sorrowing seek thee. Would that the armies indeed were arrayed...
第 20 頁 - ... birch boughs, Here it lies, unthought of above at the bridge and pathway, Still more enclosed from below by wood and rocky projection. You are shut in, left alone with yourself and perfection of water, Hid on all sides, left alone with yourself and the goddess of bathing.
第 52 頁 - But as the light of day enters some populous city, Shaming away, ere it come, by the chilly day-streak signal, High and low, the misusers of night, shaming out the gas-lamps— All the great empty streets are flooded with broadening clearness, Which, withal, by inscrutable simultaneous access Permeates far and pierces to the very cellars lying in Narrow high back-lane, and court, and alley of alleys:— He that goes forth to his walks, while speeding to the suburb...
第 41 頁 - Close to me, coming to join me : and then I sometimes fancy, — Sometimes I find myself dreaming at nights about arches and bridges,— Sometimes I dream of a great invisible hand coming down, and Dropping the great key-stone in the middle : there in my dreaming, There I felt the great key-stone coming in, and through it Feel the other part — all the other stones of the archway, Joined into mine with a strange happy sense of completeness. But, dear me, This is confusion and nonsense. I mix all...
第 44 頁 - Taking and joining, right welcome, that delicate rill in the valley, Filling it, making it strong, and still descending, seeking, With a blind forefeeling descending ever, and seeking, With a delicious forefeeling, the great still sea before it ; There deep into it, far, to carry, and lose in its bosom, Waters that still from their sources exhaustless are fain to be added.
第 20 頁 - Eyeing through eddying green waters the greentinting floor underneath them, Eyeing the bead on the surface, the bead, like a cloud rising to it, Drinking- in, deep in his soul, the beautiful hue and the clearness, Arthur, the shapely, the brave, the unboasting, the Glory of headers...
第 16 頁 - Holding it, not for enjoyment, but simply because we are in it. Ah ! replied Philip, Alas ! the noted phrase of the Prayer-book, Doing our duty in that state of life to which God has called us...
第 35 頁 - tis ours with a slight variation; Every Woman is, or ought to be, a Cathedral, Built on the ancient plan, a Cathedral pure and perfect, Built by that only law, that Use be suggester of Beauty, Nothing concealed that is done, but all things done to adornment, Meanest utilities seized as occasions to grace and embellish.
第 35 頁 - And I find myself saying, and what I am saying, discern not, Dig in thy deep dark prison, O miner! and finding be thankful; Though unpolished by thee, unto thee unseen in perfection, While thou art eating black bread in the poisonous air of thy cavern, Far away glitters the gem on the peerless neck of a Princess, Dig, and starve, and be thankful; it is so, and thou hast been aiding.