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the wildernes, for his mercyj, 6 If I do not remember thee. enderrib for ever.

fire my lungne cleuve tu the rooi 17 Who smole great kings : { my muih. yea, if I forefer not for his mercy endureth for ever. Jerúsalem in my mirth.

18 l'en, und slew miglity kings! 7 Rrutenber the children of for his inercy endureth for ever: Edom. U Lord, in the day of Je

19 Sehon. king of the amo- rusaiem; luw they said, Down rites; for his mercy endureth fur with il, clown with it, even to the

spol. 20 And Og, the king of Basanı ; 8 O daughter of Babylon, wastfor his mercy endurech fror ever;led uitli misery; yen, happy sliall

I and gave away their ianul lor live chat renardeth thee as thou for an heritage ; for his mercy last servidus. endurtil for ever;

9 Blessed shall be he that tak. 22 Even for an heritage onto oslo thy children, and throwell Israel, his servant, for his mercy them against the stones. endurotle for eser.

Psalm 136. Confitebor tibi. 23 Who remembered 18 when I will give thanks unto thee. we were in trouble; for his mercy O Lord, with my whole heart; endureib for ever;

**virus before the gods will I sing 24 And hall delivered us for praise unto thee. our enemies; for his mercy en. ? I will worship toward thy gurelli for ever

iwly remple, and praise thy name, 23 Wlio giveth food 10 all Reshiradise ofily loving kindness and for his inercy endureila for ever.jimub : tow thou hast magnilied thy

26 U give ihanks into the God vane and thy word above all of heaven; for his mercy endur-things. eth for ever.

3. When I called upon thee, 27 () give thanks unto the Lord hou lierre!est me; and enduedst of lords; for his mercy eudureih my soul with much strength. for ever.

of A!l the kings of the earth. ''salın 137. Super Junina.

slail praise thee, O Lord ; for By the waters of Babylon we they hare ficard the words of thy

sat down and wept. when ne mouth. remembered thee, O Sioni. 5 Yea, they shall sing in the

2 As for our harps, we hanged ways of the Lord. That great is them up upon the trees that are the glory of the Lord. therein.

6 Forihongli the Lord be high, 3 For they that led us away yet hath he respect to the lou. captive, required of us then ay; as for the proud, lie besiold. song, and ineiody in our leavi- cih thein afar vift. ness: Sing us one of the songs of 7 Though I walk in the midst Sivxn.

of trouble, yet shalt thou refresh 4 How stall wc sing the Lord's me ; thou shalt stretch forth thy song in a strange land? hand upon the furiousness of

5.11 I forget thee, O Jerusalem. mine enemies, and thy right hand let my right band forgue ber skal save me. cunning

The Lord shall make good his loving-kindness toward me; made : marvellous are thy works, yea, thy mercy, O Lord, endureth and that my soul knoweth right for ever; despise not then the weil. works of thine own hands.

14 My bones are not hid from

thee, though I be made secretly, The twenty-ninth Day.

and fashioned beneath in the MORNING PRAYER. Psalm 139. Domine, probasti.

earth. O Lord, thou hast searched me

15 Thine eyes did see my subout, and known me; thou stance, yet being imperfect; and knowest my down-sitting, and in thy book were all my mem mine up-rising ; thou understand-bers writien; cst my thoughts long before. 16 Which day by day were ta

2 Thou art about my path, and shioned, when as yet there was about my bed; and spiest out all uone of them. my ways.

17 How dear are thy counsels 3 For lo, there is not a word unto me, I God; O how great is in my tongue, but thou, O Lord, the cum of them! knowest it altogether.

18 If I tell them, they are more 4. Thou hast fashioned me he- i number than the sand; when kind and before, and laid thine wake up, I am present with thee. hand upon me.

19 Wilt thou not slay the wick 5 Such knowledge is too won-ed, O God? Depart from me, ye derful and excellent for me; I blood-thirsty men. , cannot attain unto it.

20 For they speak unrighte6 \Vhither shall I go then from ously against thee; and thine ene. thy Spirit, or whither shall I go mies take thy name in vaill. then from thy presence?

21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, 9 If I climb up into heaven, that hate thee? and am not i thou art therc; if I go down to grieved with those that rise up hell, thou art there also.

against thee? 8 If I take the wings of the

22 Yea, I bate them right sore; morning, and remain in the utter- even as though they were mirió most parts of the sea;

enemies. 9 Éven there also shall thy 23 Try mne, O God, and seek the hand lead me, and thy right hand ground of my heart; prove me, shall hold me,

and examine my thoughts. 10 If I say, peradventure the 24 Look well if there be any darkness shall cover me; then way of wickedness in me; and shall my night be turned to day.lead me in the way everlast

11 Yea, the darkness is no dark- ing. ness with thee, but the night is Psalm 140. Eripe me, Domine. as clear as the day; the darkness DELIVER me, O Lord, from and light to thee are both alike. the evil man; and preserve

12 For my reins are thine; me from the wicked man; thou hast covered me in my mo- 2 Who imagine mischief in ther's womb.

their hearts, and stir up strife all 13 I will give thanks unto thee, the day long." for l'am fearfully and wonderfullyl 3 They have sharpened their my lips.


longues like a serpent; adder's my mouth, and keep the door of poison is under their lips.

4 Keep me, O Lord, from the 4 0 let not mine heart be inhands of the ungodly; preserve clined to any evil thing; let me me from the wicked men, who not be occupied in ungodly works are purposed to overthrow my with the men that work wickedgoings.

ness, lest I eat of such things as 5 The proud have laid a snare please them. for me, and spread a net abroad 5 Let the righteous rather with cords; yea, and set traps smite me friendly, and reprove in my way.

o i said unto the Lord, Thou 6 But let not their precious art my God, hear the voice of balms break my head; yea, I my prayers, O Lord.

will pray yet against their wick70 Lord God, thou strength edness. of my health; thou hast covered 7 Let their judges be over my head in the day of battle. thrown in the stony places, thal

18. Let not the ungodly have they may hear my words; for bis desire, O Lord; let not his they are sweet. mischievous imagination prosper,

8 Our bones lie scattered be. lest they be too proud. fore the pit, like as when one

I Let the mischief of their own breaketh and heweth wood upon lips fall upon the head of them the earth. that compass me about.

9 But mine eyes look unto 10 Let hot burning coals fall thee, O Lord God; in thee is my upou them; let them be cast into trust; 0 cast not out my soul. the fire, and into the pit, that they 10 Keep me from the snare nerer rise up again.

that they have laid for one, and 11 A man full of words shall from the traps of the wicked not prosper upon the earth: evil doers. sball hunt the wicked persori, to 11 Let the ungodly fall into overthrow him.

their own nets together, and let 12 Sure I am that the Lord me ever escape then. will avenge the

and main-

EVENING PRAYER. tain the cause of the helpless. Pealm 142. Voce meu ad Dominum.

13. The righteous also shal I Cried unto the Lord with my give thanks unto thy name; and voice;yea, even unto the Lord the just shall continue in thy did I make my supplication. sight.

2 1 poured out my complaints Psalm 141. Domine, clamadı. before him, and showed him of LORD, I call upon thee; haste my tronble.

thee unto me, and consider 3 When my spirit was in heavi. my voiee, when I cry unto thee. ness, thou knowest my path; in

% Let my prayer be set forth the way wherein I walked, have in thy sight as the incense; and they privily laid a snare for me. let the lifting up of my hands be 4 I looked also upon my right an evening sacrifice.

hand, and saw there was no man Set watch, O Lord, before that would know me.

5 I had no place to flee ano, walk in; for I lift up my soul une and no man cared for my soul. to thee,

& I cried into thee, O Lord, g Deliver me, O Lord, from and said, Thou art my hope, and, mine enemies: fur I tice unio my portion in the land of the thee in lide me. living

10 Teacli me to do the thing 7 Consider my complaint; for that plenseth thee; for thou art I am brought very low'. my God: let they living Spirit

8 deliver me from my per lead me forth into the land of secutors, for they are loo strong righteousness for ine:

Il Quicken me, O Lord, foxx 9 Bring my soul ont of prison, thy name's sake; and for thy that I may give thanks unto thiy righteousness' sake bring my soul name; which thing if thou will we us trouble. grant me, then shall the righile- 12 And of thy goodness slay ous resort into my company.

imine enemies. and destroy all Psalm 143. Domine, crundi. thein that vex my soul; for I am HEAR mi prayer. U Lord, thy servant. and consider my desire;

T'he thirti th Lay. heaiken unto me for thy truth

MORNIN.. PRAYER. and righteousness' sxke.

Psalm 141. 6 nedictus Dominus. Anderer not into judgmen: BLESSED be the Lord, my with ly servar:1; for in thy sight sirengilı. who teachella my eball no man living be justified. hands to war, and my fingers to

3 For the enemy latlı perse-j figli. cuted my soul; he hath smillen 9. My hope and my fortress, my my life down in the ground; he castle and deliveres, my de hath laid me in the darkness, as fender. in whom I trust; who the men that have been long dead. subidueih my people thul is un.

4 Therefore is my spirit vexed der me. within me, and my buurt within 3 Lord, what is man, that thing ine is desolate.

host such respect unto him? or 5 Yet do I remember the time the son of man, that thou so re. past; ! mise upon all thy works : gurdesi fiiin? yea, ! exercise Nysef in the 4 Man is like a thing of naught; works of thy hands.

his time passeth away like a sha6 I stretch forth my hands unio dow. thee; my soul gaspeih unto thee 5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, as a thirsty land.

and come down : touch the moun 7 Hear me, O Lord, and that ains, and they shall smoke. boon; for my spirit waxeth saint: 6 Cast forth !liy lighuning. and hide not thy face from me, lest fear them; shoot out thine ar. I be like ontw idein that go down row's, and consume thrm. into the pil.

7 Send down thine band from 8 0 let me hear thy loving. ahore: deliver nic, and take ino kindness belimes in the morning out of he grint safpes, írund the for in one is ny frust: show hard of strange olulisen; bow we the way that I should! 8 Wause mouth ialkon of va

nity, and their right hand is a night of thy marvellous acts; and right land of wickedness,

I will also fell of thy greatness. 9 1 will sing a new song unto

7 The memorial of thine abun. thee, O God; and sing praises dant kindness shall be showed unto thee upon a ten-stringed lute. and men shall sing of thy righte.

10 Thou hast given victory in-ousness. to kings, and bast delivered Da. 9 The Lord is gracious and vid, ily servant, from the peril merciful ; long-suffering, and of of the sword.

great gondness. 11 Save me, and deliver me 9 The Lord is loving unto eve. from the hand of strange chil. ry man; and his mercy is overall dren, whose mouih Lalketh of his works. vanity, and their right hand is a 10 All thy works praise thee, riglit hand of iniquity;

O Lord; and thy saiuts give thanks 12 That our sons may grow upjunto thee. as the young plants, and that our 11 They show the glory of thy daughiers may be as the polished kingdom, and laik of thy power: corners of the temple ;

12 That thy power, thy glory, 13 Thai our garner's may bejand mightiness of thy kingdoin, full and plenteous with all man- might be known into men. ner of store ; that our sleep inay 13 Thy kingdom is an everlastbring forth thousands, and ten ing kingdom, and thy dominion thousands in our streets ; erdure!h throughout all ages.

'14 That ouroxeni iny be strong 14 The Lord upholdeth all such to labour; that there be no de las fall, and listeth up all those that cay, no leading into captivity.jare down. and no complaining in ourstreeis. 15 The eyes of all wait upon

15 Happy are the people that thee, O Lord; and thou givest are in such a case; yea, blessed them their meat in due season. are the people who have the Lord 16 Thou openest thine hand, for their God.

and fillest all things living with Psalın 145. Exaltabo te, Deus. plenteousness. I Will magnify thee, O God, my

17 The Lord is righteous in King; and I will poraise thy all liis ways, and holy in all his dame for ever and ever.

works. 2 Every day will I give thanks 18 The Lord is nigh unlo all unto thee, and praise thy name then that call upon hiin; yea, all for ever and ever.

such as call upon him faithfully. 3 Great is the Lord, and inar- 19 He will fulfil the desire of vellons, wortly to be praised ; them that fear him ; he also will there is no end of bis greatness.shear theircry, and will help them.

4 One generation shall praise 20 The Lord preservelh all ihy works into another, and de-them that love him ; but scalier. clare thy power.

eth abroad all the ungodly. 5 As for me, I will he talking 21 My mouib shall speak the of thy worship, thy glory, thy praise of the Lord; and let all praire, and wondrouis works ; Besh give inanks unto his boly G So that men shall speak of the name for ever and ever.

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