A Biographical History of England, from the Revolution to the End of George I's Reign: Being a Continuation of the Rev. J. Granger's Work ; Consisting of Characters Disposed in Different Classes; and Adapted to a Methodical Catalogue of Engraved British Heads ; Interspersed with a Variety of Anecdotes, and Memoirs of a Great Number of Persons, 第 2 卷

W. Richardson, 1806

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第 292 頁 - The general purpose of this Paper is to expose the false arts of life, to pull off the disguises of cunning, vanity, and affectation, and to recommend a general simplicity in our dress, our discourse, and our behaviour.
第 372 頁 - Bid her be all that cheers or softens life, The tender sister, daughter, friend, and wife ! Bid her be all that makes mankind adore ; Then view this marble, and be vain no more ! Yet still her charms in breathing paint engage : Her modest cheek shall warm a future age.
第 416 頁 - He lived to give a third or fourth edition of it ; and after having passed his hundredth year, died without pain or agony, and like one who falls asleep. The treatise I mention has been taken notice of by several eminent authors, and is written with such a spirit of cheerfulness, religion, and good sense, as are the natural concomitants of temperance and sobriety. The mixture of the old man in it is rather a recommendation than a discredit to it.
第 227 頁 - The gymnastic Doctor was a wit as well as a physician, if he, instead of the reverend wag, Thomas Fuller, BD universally known and admired, wrote these following lines on a left-handed writing-master : Though Nature thee of thy right hand bereft ; Right well thou writest with the hand that's left.
第 91 頁 - The King to Oxford sent his troop of horse, For Tories own no argument but force; With equal care to Cambridge books he sent, For Whigs allow no force but argument.
第 307 頁 - So watchful Bruin forms, with plastic care, Each growing lump, and brings it to a Bear. She saw old Pryn in restless Daniel shine, And Eusden eke out Blackmore's endless line; She saw slow Philips creep like Tate's poor page, And all the mighty Mad in Dennis rage.
第 91 頁 - THE King observing with judicious eyes The state of both his universities, To one he sent a regiment : for why ? That learned body wanted loyalty. To th' other he sent books, as well discerning How much that loyal body wanted learning.
第 386 頁 - To many a Kitty, Love his car Would for a day engage ; But Prior's Kitty, ever fair, Retains it for an age.
第 162 頁 - He is the cunningest, subtle dissembler in the world, with an air of sincerity ; a dangerous enemy, because always hid ; an instance of which was Secretary Johnstoun, to whom he pretended friendship, till the very morning he gave him a blow, though he had been worming him out of the king's favour for many months before...
第 329 頁 - His fate was that of the great Perrault; both were the objects of the petulant sarcasms of factious men of letters; and both have left some of the fairest ornaments which to this day decorate their several countries; the facade of the Louvre, Blenheim, and Castle Howard.