Japan: A Documentary History, 第 2 卷

M.E. Sharpe, 1997 - 668 頁
Unification by Toyotomi Hideyoshi -- Japan's Christian century -- VIII. Tokugawa: Era of Peace -- Control of vassals -- Methods of rural control -- Control of theurban areas -- Control of Buddhist temples -- Closing of the country -- Growth of commerce -- Managing the economy -- Commerce as a calling -- IX. Intellectual Currents in Tokugawa Japan -- Variety of Tokugawa Confucianism -- Confucianism and political action -- Confucian justice -- Education of the young -- Death and a samurai -- Knowledge of the West -- National learning and Shintō revival -- X. The End of the Tokugawa Rule -- Decay of the Tokugawa system -- Debates over the opening of Japan -- The Harris Treaty of 1858 -- The succession disputes -- Toward restoration -- XI. Early Meiji Political Development -- Foundation of early Meiji govenunent -- Centralization and state power -- The Iwakura mission and rejection of Seikanron -- Political equality and people's rights -- Constitution in the making -- Rescript on Education -- XII. Social and Economic Development in the Meiji Era -- Japanese enlightenment and saying good-bye to Asia -- Meiji entrepreneurs -- Christianity and the nonchurch movement -- Socialism-Christianity and Marxism -- XIII. Taishō Democracy -- Yoshino Sakuzō's minpon shugi -- The twenty-one demands -- Rice riots and emergence of Hara Cabinet -- Labor movement -- Universal suffrage and peace preservation laws -- Liberation of women -- Elite and social consciousness -- Early Marxist movement -- Nishida philosophy -- XIV. Rise of Ultranationalism and the Pacific War -- Agitation for military Fascism -- China and Greater East Asia -- The Axis alliance -- Decision for war -- Doctrinal basis for the war -- Imperial Rule Assistance Association -- Students in war -- Life in wartime Tokyo -- Decision to surrender -- XV. Japan under Occupation -- Basic occupation policy

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Dawn of Japanese History
The Impact of Chinese Civilization
The Early Heian Period
Age of Uncertainty
Bridging the Past and Present

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關於作者 (1997)

David J. Lu is professor emeritus of history and Japanese studies at Bucknell University.