The Law Times, 第 50 卷

Office of The Law times, 1871

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第 53 頁 - As to any claim arising out of any agreement " made in relation to the use or hire of any " ship, or in relation to the carriage of goods
第 102 頁 - S, share and share alike, if more than one, and if but one then to such one child, and the child or children of such of the children of S.
第 31 頁 - ... or property so acquired by her through the exercise of any literary, artistic, or scientific skill, and all investments of such wages, earnings, money, or property, shall be deemed and taken to be property held and settled to her separate use, independent of any husband to whom she may be married, and her receipts alone shall be a good discharge for such wages, earnings, money, and property.
第 180 頁 - ... shall, within three days after receiving such case, transmit the same to the court named in his application, first giving notice in writing of such appeal, with a copy of the case so stated and signed, to the other party to the proceeding in which the determination was given, hereinafter called ' the respondent («).'
第 75 頁 - ... no such company shall make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to or in favour of any particular person or company, or any particular description of traffic, in any respect whatsoever...
第 123 頁 - Any settlement of property not being a settlement made before and in consideration of marriage, or made in favour of a purchaser or mcnmbrancer in good faith and for valuable consideration, or a settlement made on or for the wife or children of the settlor of property which has accrued to the settlor after marriage in right of his wife, shall, if the settlor becomes bankrupt within two years after the date of the...
第 158 頁 - Act of 1869), and of every other power enabling them in this behalf, do order, and it is hereby ordered, as follows : — 1.
第 81 頁 - Every master shall, not less than twenty-four hours before paying off or discharging any seaman, deliver to him, or, if he is to be discharged before a shipping master, to such shipping master a full and true account, in a form sanctioned by the board of trade, of his wages and of all deductions to be made therefrom...
第 123 頁 - ... settlement can prove that the settlor was at the time of making the settlement able to pay all his debts without the aid of the property comprised in the settlement, and that the interest of the settlor in such property had passed to the trustee of such settlement on the execution thereof.
第 19 頁 - Ought this inconvenience to be considered in fact as more than fanciful, more than one of mere delicacy or fastidiousness, as an inconvenience materially interfering with the ordinary comfort, physically, of human existence, not merely according to elegant or dainty modes and habits of living, but according to plain and sober and simple notions among the English people?