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第 291 頁 - Soon after the explosion commenced a number of meteorites fell to the ground over an area a mile and a half in length and half a mile in breadth. The following masses have been collected : — 1.
第 368 頁 - As slow our ship her foamy track Against the wind was cleaving, Her trembling pennant still look'd back To that dear isle 'twas leaving. So loth we part from all we love, From all the links that bind us ; So turn our hearts, as on we rove, To those we've left behind us...
第 264 頁 - ... to your savage gods ; and I also know that it is useless for me to beg for mercy, for you will not spare my life. You may kill my body ; but you cannot hurt my soul ; for I have begun to pray to Jesus, the knowledge of whom the Missionaries have brought to our island : you may kill my body, but you cannot hurt my soul.
第 376 頁 - Tonnere, the lead ran out to eleven hundred and forty-five fathoms (six thousand eight hundred and seventy feet) without reaching bottom. Within three-quarters of a mile of the southern point of this island, the lead at another throw, after running out for a while, brought up in an instant at three hundred and fifty fathoms, and then dropped off again and descended to six hundred fathoms without reaching bottom. The lagoons are generally shallow, though in the larger islands soundings gave twenty...
第 386 頁 - Then ascend the ladder of God, And pass within the glorious walls of Jerusalem ; And enter into the peace of God's kingdom. Thou art singing hymns with good angels ; A never-ceasing employment is thy employment there. O Gerrita ! Gerrita ! Deeply we mourn that we cannot behold thee ; Forever hast thou gone from our sight, And wilt return hither no more.
第 366 頁 - ... that the institutions of the Sabbath and of Christian marriage had been firmly established ; government had been rendered comparatively just and stable ; a good written constitution and laws had been enacted ; life and property were rendered secure ; the country's industry and resources were beginning to be developed. The Hawaiian nation's independence 'had been acknowledged by other nations, and it was admitted into the fraternity of Christian States. The commerce of the Islands, that is, the...
第 380 頁 - Spectator" many years since; also to the attentions of several members of the mission.* The letters of the Hawaiian alphabet are twelve: A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, and W, the vowels having the sound peculiar to the Spanish or Italian languages, while the consonants retain the English accent. Two classes of nouns have been recognized, having reference, for the sake of euphony, to the defmite article the, which, according to the nature of the case, is signified by ke or ka.
第 265 頁 - ... human sacrifices, sailed with me in my last voyage, and not only confirmed the foregoing statement, but detailed many other transactions equally tragical, in which he had been engaged. But painful as the incident is, it is a relief to know that this was the very last sacrifice ever offered to the gods of Tahiti ; for, soon after it occurred, Christianity was embraced, and the altars of the " savage gods" ceased to be stained with human blood.
第 321 頁 - At my request her husband inquired whether she recollected either of the persons mentioned. She could call to mind Long Ghost, who lived upon Mr. Bell's plantation, but all recollection of the other had escaped her. Poor Mrs. Bell's fate was tragical ; the family having removed to the Navigator Islands, she was drowned in one of the streams of Upolu. Long Ghost led a free-and-easy life for some time, and afterwards took his departure. The carpenter was disposed to be vexed at the position he had...
第 385 頁 - All the flowers bowed their head, smelling the fragrance , They stood around in great sorrow. Alas ! alas ! O my blossom that has fallen ! The chief tenant inquired of his landlord, ' What thinkest thou concerning this flower Which thou did'st plant in my border ? The Lord replied, ' I have taken away the image of all its glory ; Its bud has fallen and is mingled with the dust.